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Get to know our team of moms who have a passion for testing products and sharing their experience so other moms can shop better! They each bring their unique personality, experience and journey that all relates to the products they review!
Krissy Corti - product reviewer at Fit Healthy Momma
Krissy Corti
Mom, Product Reviewer, UGC Creator, Former Special Education Teacher
Krissy is a former special education teacher and a mom to 3 boys from downstate New York. She loves thrifting and sharing the products she tries on her social accounts!
Amanda Wiggins - product reviewer at Fit Healthy Momma
Amanda Wiggins
Mom, Product Reviewer, Entrepreneur
Amanda currently owns her own clothing boutique shop and is a mom to a teen and a tween from Ohio. She enjoys reading and doing yoga and loves giving her honest opinion on products she reviews!
Rilie Nall - product reviewer at Fit Healthy Momma
Rilie Nall
Mom, Product Reviewer, UGC Creator
Rilie is a 41 year old mom to 3 boys from Kentucky. She loves choosing products to review that is aligned with her personality to give other moms so her authenticity can shine through.
Jelena Susic - product reviewer at Fit Healthy Momma
Jelena Susic
Mom, Product Reviewer, Registered Nurse
Jelena is a Registered Nurse with experience in Critical Care in Portland, Oregon. She is currently experiencing menopause and tried a lot of products to ease the symptoms. She enjoys traveling with her husband and son and loves the outdoors.

Meet The Founder at Fit Healthy Momma

Founder Tami Smith, mom of 2, created Fit Healthy Momma to review direct-to-consumer brands from a mom's perspective, to help other moms shop and find new products that help them live a fit, healthy life!
Tami Smith, founder of Fit Healthy Momma and Fit Healthy Macros
Tami Smith
Founder, Certified Macro Coach, CPT, Certified Nutritionist
Tami founded Fit Healthy Momma in 2019 to fill a void in the direct-to-consumer product review space. Her vision was to set up an online marketplace for moms to read authentic product reviews from real moms. With her passion in nutrition and fitness, she pivoted to macro-friendly recipes and strength training workouts, which you can find over at Fit Healthy Macros. When she's not creating high-protein recipes or workouts, she's managing our team of talented product reviewers and even better moms!

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A zero-sugar chewable vitamin that many dentists recommend over gummy vitamins.

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Online HRT for Menopause. They have it all and a very active facebook group for support.

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Bonafide Revaree is a hormone-free vaginal moisturizer for women in menopause experiencing vaginal dryness.

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