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Easy-To-Make, Healthy Recipes

Check out our latest healthy macro and family-friendly recipes created by moms, for moms and their entire family! Have picky eaters? Feeling tired of making multiple dinners each night? Try one of our recipes and you'll experience time-saving, super simple cooking that produces full bellies, happy faces and healthy bodies!

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Learn About Macros and Healthy Food

Want to learn more about healthy foods and macros? We believe in eating healthy and hitting your macro goals (proteins, carbs, healthy fats) so that you get the nutrition your body needs! You don't have to be a macro geek, all you need is a tiny bit of knowledge and we'll show you the way to a healthier you!

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Busy Moms Can Stay Fit Too!

It all starts with a dream and our quick, simple workouts for you to be on your way to your weight and body composition goals! Check out our latest workouts for busy moms created by a busy mom - all you have to do is get started today!

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Meet Tami, Owner, and CEO!

tami smith - fit healthy momma recipe creator

Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Macro Coach, Pre & Post Natal Fitness Expert

Tami is the founder and CEO of Fit Healthy Momma, a macro family-friendly recipe brand whose mission is to help women live fitter, healthier lives through nutrition education, healthy recipes, and effective workouts. As a Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, and mom of two, her goal is to empower other women with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to confidently navigate their own fitness and health journeys throughout all stages of womanhood.

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