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You’re a busy momma who’s juggling all the things. We see you, momma. We’re just like you.

And just like you, we’re sick of searching the internet for answers to health and fitness questions and finding a million different conflicting answers. Who are you supposed to trust in a sea of noise and opinions?

Women Led!
Our Team is All Women

It was out of our frustration that we decided to try to put a stop to the nonsense and share our knowledge with our fellow women and moms. Fit Healthy Momma was formed from the idea that good, honest health and fitness information and reviews should be easy for women to find and trust.

The Fit Healthy Momma team includes real moms who understand what women and moms are looking for when it comes to their health and fitness, and it’s our goal to be your go-to resource when it comes to living a healthy and active lifestyle.

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Our Mission

At Fit Healthy Momma, our mission is simple: We’re here to bring the best reviews and information on some of the most popular and trendy health and fitness topics out there.

We review and promote only the things that we either have personal experience with or that we’ve researched intensely. We promise to always be real and never promote products, equipment, or programs that are anything less than the best.

We’re proud to help women and mom’s get healthy, stay healthy, and start living the beautiful, confident life they deserve. You deserve to feel good in your body, and we’re going to help you every step of the way.

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Meet The Fit Healthy Momma Owner

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Fitness & Health Expert

Founder & CEO at Fit Healthy Momma

Hi! I'm Tami, mom of two small children, fitness enthusiast and writer. I started Fit Healthy Momma as a way to help other women and moms on their fitness journey. I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Pre & Post-Natal Fitness expert. I'm on a mission to bring women and moms the health and fitness information they need to succeed and feel great. Thanks for stopping by!