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Seed Probiotic Review

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Status: In Progress

Reviewer: Carissa Moore, mom of 3 kids (ages 3, 6 and 9), has been experiencing gut and colon issues for several years is reviewing Seed Daily Synbiotic. Following severe stomach pain and a recent trip to the ER, she was diagnosed with IBS and colitis. She found Seed after doing extensive research, adopted an anti-inflammatory diet, and so far has seen significant reduction in her gut issues. Will Seed give her sustainable results? Come back and find out!

Duration of testing: Carissa will be using Seed for 60 days, which comes out to two bottles of Seed. Carissa and the Fit Healthy Momma team feel it is necessary to use Seed for this amount of time to see if it has long term results and helps her with IBS and Colitis. Will it work?

Suggestions: Come back soon to find out, add a comment to ask Carissa questions!

Doctor Recommendations: Many doctors recommend seed, including their board-certified specialists and extensive research team.

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Verified User Reviews:


Would recommend

Both my GP and my dermatologist recommended that I take a probiotic, and I chose Seed after reading user reviews. I notice a difference in the clarity/tone/hydration of my skin when I stop or forget taking these. Love them as a general health benefit and skin booster.

Mia N. https://thingtesting.com/brands/seed/reviews


Would recommend

I've been taking these for about 2 months or so now and really loving them! I feel like they have helped me become more regular and less bloated which is huge for me! So far I do think they're worth the money. The packaging and everything is nice too which is an added bonus.

Diana R. https://thingtesting.com/brands/seed/reviews


Would recommend

I recommend it everyone. It has completely normalized my digestion and helped many others I know. Gentle and effective.

Kara C. https://thingtesting.com/brands/seed/reviews


Cannot recommend

Unfortunately this did nothing for me. I really wanted it to work but I didn't notice any change! Loved the packaging and website experience though.

Katy D. https://thingtesting.com/brands/seed/reviews
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