From Doubt to Delight: My Equip Prime Protein Review

tami holding equip prime protein powder

This review of EQUIP PRIME PROTEIN powder focuses on their chocolate flavor. Overall, it’s one of the cleanest proteins I’ve come across. The taste is great, it mixes very good, it’s versatile. But, because of all this, it’s pricey. That said, I believe it’s worth the extra money, especially if you’re looking for a clean protein powder that only contains 3 ingredients.

Ritual Women’s Multivitamin Review From A Vitamin Skeptic

ritual womens multivitamin review at fit healthy momma

I’ve never been a huge proponent of supplements and multivitamins, thinking they were unnecessary and peddled by corporations making huge promises. I also used to think that eating Chick-Fil-A after a 90-minute workout was “healthy balance”. But six months ago, it was my dentist who made me take a hard look at my habits, suggesting … Read more