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Our Unique UGC Approach For DTC Brands Produces Higher Conversions

We've helped hundreds of Direct-To-Consumer brands find more customers, specifically women and moms. Our unique user generated content (UGC) approach from real women and moms helps shoppers find products that solve their biggest problems. You'll get more targeted customers with a higher conversion rate, period.

Why Work With Us

Hands On Product Reviews And Testing From Real Women And Moms

Our experienced product reviewers use and test products from DTC brands from the perspective of a woman or mom, and we never recommend a product that we wouldn't find useful ourselves.

Our five-years of data has shown that female shoppers want access to real life experiences with the product they are interested in. This not only helps them decide if the product is a good fit for them, but it brings them back for other products they are interested in as well.

See our product review process to learn more.

Strict Content Guidelines

Our strict content guideline process is unmatched. We stay away from the technicalities of the product and focus on the user experience as well as the brand. We curate interesting facts about your brand and highlight them, such as charities the brand is involved in, unique interviews from podcasts and brand stories. Our reviewers then share their experience with the product, highlighting what they liked, what could be improved and rating it across key aspects relevant to the product.

Results Oriented – Targeted Customers, Better Conversions

We've been covering fitness and health DTC brands for over five years and have produced higher conversion rates and higher customer retention for some of the most recognizable brands.

Case Studies

Bonafide Health

Bonafide Health is a menopause and women's wellness brand that sells hormone-free supplements designed to relieve hot flashes, mood swings, and low libido. Their staple products include Revaree, Relizen, Ristela, Serenol, Clairvee and Silvessa.

One of our writers, a mom who is in menopause, decided to give some of their products a try. She shared her experience, pointing out what she appreciated, while also sharing what she thought could be improved. Her honest reviews have driven numbers that you'll see below, all in less than a year:

  • 17.89% Total CVR
  • $17.63 Total EPC
  • 1,917 Total Leads


Viome is an at-home gut test and gut health supplement brand. They provide a testing kit for you to get tested, and then they use that data to give you your biomarkers so that you can figure out what areas you need to improve for optimal gut health.

After going through the process, we wrote numerous articles highlighting what we really liked about it and how it helped us. We also shared constructive criticism so that readers knew exactly what they were purchasing. Our results in less than a year are below:

  • 13.54% Total CVR
  • $13.27 Total EPC
  • 1,470 Total Leads

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