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Hiya Kids Vitamins Review By a Mom to Three Picky Boys

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This review of Hiya Kids Vitamins focuses on my experience with my 3 picky boys. Overall we rated it a 4.6/5 stars because of the zero sugar, clean ingredients and the fact that when my kids wake up in the morning, they get the vitamins out on their own! No more forcing them to get their vitamins in - huge win!

As a Mom to three picky eaters, finding a healthy multivitamin has been a top priority of mine for years now. We’ve tried them all, and to be honest, I haven’t been thrilled with any of them. I first heard about Hiya on social media and there were a few things about them that stood out from the rest. I’ve never really liked the idea of gummy vitamins (and all the extra additives), and when I first saw Hiya, I liked that it was a chewable with no added sugars!

In this article, I’ll be covering our personal experience with Hiya’s Multivitamin and what makes them so different than others we’ve tried in the past. I’ll also be touching on who created them and why (the reason to how these came to be was a huge eye opener for me). For parents of more than one child, make sure to pay attention to the special pricing options available! And let’s see what my three kids thought of them!

Ratings Breakdown on Hiya Vitamins

Hiya Kids Multivitamin Review

Overall Rating: 4.6/5

Overall, Hiya kids vitamins will be a staple product in my three boys' nutrition routine. With zero sugar per chewable, along with 15 essential vitamins and minerals, Hiya hit the mark for developing a balanced vitamin that is not only healthy, but also a vitamin that my kids look forward to taking, thanks to their colorful branding and tasty chewable. Although they can be considered on the pricier side, their customer service, quality and taste make it well worth $1 per day.

Quality: 5/5

Everything from the glass reusable container to the vitamins are high quality. The ingredients are also very high quality. 

Value: 4/5

I’m happy to pay $1.00 a day for my kids vitamins that have zero sugar and are considered very healthy in my standards (that’s not including the discount for ordering multiples monthly). 

Taste: 4/5

I had to taste them to review them and I have to say that I’m very impressed with the taste. Very different than the typical gummy vitamin. My kids like the taste enough that they remember to take them on their own every day at breakfast time.

Brand: 5/5

The two dads who created Hiya are doing everything right and have worked very hard to bring us vitamins made form real fruits and vegetables. 

Customer Experience: 5/5

When I heard that you can email the company and ask for certain colors of the vitamins to be left out of future deliveries I was so impressed! I have that one child who refuses anything green for some reason! That’s the kind of customer service I appreciate.


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Our (A Mom and Three Boys) Experience Using Hiya Kids Vitamins

As a mom to not only three boys, but three VERY picky boys, it’s been a huge struggle to find a multivitamin that has worked for us. Most that we have tried in the past have a ton of added sugar and just generally don’t have the best ingredients!

krissy and her kids with hiya health multivitamins

Since my boys (ages 4, 7 and 8)  are so picky and don’t eat a ton of vegetables, I have been checking the ingredients on kids vitamins and looking for words that I could pronounce and understand! When I checked out Hiya, I saw “Organic Apple, Organic Beet, Organic Blueberry, Organic Broccoli, Organic Carrot” just to name a few!

The vitamins that I was giving my kids in the past had so much added sugar that their dentist advised me to stop giving them! As a frustrated mom, I knew there had to be something better out there and started doing a deep dive to find a better solution!

When the box got delivered, I opened it up and they were curious right off the bat. The colorful packaging caught their eye immediately.

I opened the first box to show them, and they saw the cool glass bottle and the stickers. We laid everything out and they got to work decorating their bottles. I think that made them curious about trying the actual vitamin, so we opened the sealed packets (which keep them fresh for delivery) and put the vitamins in their bottles. They each picked a color to try, and ate them right away (even my pickiest son). I could tell they were excited, as they ran to the kitchen to find the perfect spot for their bottles!

kids holding hiya vitamins decorating bottle

Most mornings my boys remember to take them on their own, which is saying a lot because mornings are usually pretty hectic around here!

The thing that has made life much easier is that they each have their own bottle with their names in stickers so no more fighting about who is picking theirs first (an issue we used to have)!

I’ve noticed that they’ve had a bit more energy and don’t seem as sluggish and hard to wake up in the morning, which is a huge plus for us!

The fact that these get delivered to my house and I don’t have to worry about remembering to buy them from the store is a huge plus for me! As a busy mom, I already have enough on my plate, so taking one thing off my to-do list is great.

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3 Interesting facts About Hiya

#1: Vitamins Come In Different Colors

One thing that I loved about this company is that their vitamins come in three different colors. My boys are very picky like I mentioned before, and I love the fact that Hiya will accommodate your request for only certain vitamin colors in future subscriptions. Perfect for those little ones who refuse anything green!

#2: A Healthy Sugar Alternative

While researching these vitamins, I learned that they are sweetened with monk fruit extract, which is a super-fruit that is sweeter and tastier than sugar (and healthier).

#3: The Hiya Brand Cares

The creators of these vitamins were shocked when they researched that most kids vitamins had as much sugar as a piece of chocolate cake! They brought together a team of nutritionists and pediatricians to bring us a chewable vitamin made with real ingredients (read the label on the back and you’ll be thrilled!)

3 Things My Kids and I Learned from Taking Hiya Vitamins

#1: Hiya Makes It Fun For The Kids To Take Vitamins

My kids love being involved in anything and everything and they were excited about these from the minute they opened the box. The reusable bottles came with stickers to personalize their own bottle and it made them want to try them out immediately.

#2: It Became a (Healthy) Habit for My Kids

I’ve learned that when my kids enjoy something, they make it a priority. Every morning, they make sure to find their bottle and add their vitamin to their breakfast plate. No more fighting them to take them daily.

#3: Healthy Vitamins Matter

I have also learned that doing my research paid off! I was not willing to give up and give my kids something that wasn’t beneficial to their health.

What Makes Hiya So Special?

bottles and chewables from hiya vitamins

Hiya was created by two dads who realized that the vitamins on the market were actually not as beneficial as they were claiming. They were filled with added sugar, dyes and gummy additives (basically candy in disguise), so they took matters into their own hands. That’s how this multivitamin made with 15 essential vitamins and minerals (including a blend of 12 fruits and vegetables) was created.

When comparing Hiya to four other popular kids vitamins, one big thing that I noticed was that they only have to take one multivitamin daily (compared to up to 4 from other brands).

Hiya’s mission is to reimagine children’s health and offer a supercharged vitamin that will most definitely fill in the gaps.

Pros & Cons


  • High quality ingredients
  • No added sugars and gummy junk
  • Delivered to your door monthly
  • Top notch customer service and accommodations
  • Stays fresh in the reusable glass container
  • Fun stickers to have kids personalize their bottles
  • Gluten, dairy free and vegan


  • Price point slightly higher than other vitamins on the market

Visit Hiya Health

Subscription Pricing

Hiya Kids Daily Multivitamins are $30 for a 30 day supply for one child. The cost goes down to $28 if you’re ordering for two children. For three children the cost would be $25, four it would drop to $24 and five children would be $23 each. 

Are Hiya Kids Multivitamins Worth The $1 Per Day Price?

Yes, Hiya Kids Multivitamins are 100% worth the price tag of $30 per month for a few reasons. My children’s health and development is very important to me as a mom, so when I break it down to less than $1.00 per child per day, I think that’s reasonable.

Another reason I think they’re worth it is because the previous sugar coated vitamins I was buying my kids were only slightly lower in price, so by comparison I’d rather spend an extra few dollars a month for something healthier.

Because my children enjoy the vitamins and don’t fight me to take them every morning, I feel as though they are worth the price.

Closing Thoughts

I fully recommend Hiya Multivitamins to any parents of picky eaters or generally for anyone who wants to be more aware of what we’re putting in our kids bodies. I’m not a mom who says no to sugar, but I can tell you that I’m thrilled to have found a vitamin without added sugar (because vitamins shouldn’t give our kids cavities!) And it makes my life much easier that they get delivered to my door monthly, so one less thing for me to forget to buy at the store!

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Krissy is a stay at home mom to three boys, a former Special Education teacher for over ten years and current UGC creator. Her role at Fit Healthy Momma is trying products that fit her personality and lifestyle, while providing her unique experience to help other moms make better buying decisions. In her free time, Krissy likes spending time at the beach, exploring NYC with her kids and thrifting!

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    • Hiya Vitamins cost $30 per month, but you can try it for 50% off on your first purchase, making it $15 for a trial. Everything is subscription-based, so if you end up not thinking it’s worth it, just cancel your subscription. If the value is there for you and your kids, keep the subscription going.


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