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First Day Teens Vitamins Review

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StatusIn Progress

Reviewer: Amanda Wiggins will be testing First Day Teens Vitamins with her 15 year old. She is also currently testing First Day Kids Vitamins.

Duration of testing: Amanda will give her teen the vitamin for at least 14 days before sharing her thoughts and writing the full review. This complies with our multivitamin testing procedure. However, if more time is needed to evaluate the vitamin, she will take as much as she needs.

Suggestions: If you would like to request a feature to be reviewed, or if you have a question during the testing process, please comment below.

Doctor Recommendations: Yes, Dr. Ed Giovannucci, MD, MPH, ScD Harvard University and Dr. Lei Chen, MD, MHS Yale University.

Verified User Reviews:

First Day Kids Vitamins currently have a 4.86 out of 5 star rating with over 640 reviews via their official website.


Huge Behavior changes

I was struggling with my son's constant meltdowns when I saw an add for these vitamins on social media. It felt like a sign, and I was willing to try anything. Within three weeks I saw noticeable changes in his behavior. I was so impressed I ordered viatmins for the whole family!

Heather H.


Whoop Whoop

I purchased both the teen and child vitamins. Its our second month and I definitely see a difference. Both boys are super active and picky eaters. I definitely noticed a difference in behavior after a month. The teen moon swings and growth spurt mood swings are much improved. In our busy schedule it gives me piece of mind to know they are getting a good start to their day. Thank you First Day!!!

Jacqueline L.


Excellent decision

My son loves his vitamin now. This my best decision about first day vitamins if he loves it I’m Happy

Nora A.


Taste is challenging

Appreciate the benefits however the taste is not the best.

Amy P.


Delivery time

Waited way too long for the vitamins to arrive.

Nardin A.
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Meet The Author: Amanda Wiggins

Amanda Wiggins is an entrepreneur and mom of a teen and a tween. When she's not busy building a literal empire, you’ll catch her on the soccer sidelines, bundled up at football games, or trying to pet all the dogs. She enjoys relaxing with a good book or a yoga mat, and she's constantly in search of unique brands and products so that she can share her unsolicited opinions with her friends.

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