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Fit Healthy Momma Rating: 9.5/10 ⭐

Thorne supplements and health tests offer personalized, scientific wellness designed to extend the duration of one’s lifespan while cultivating a happier and healthier life. With thousands of 5-star reviews and unique products, Thorne is changing the way we approach wellness.

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The supplement industry seems to be exploding these days. Everywhere we turn, there’s a new product with a new promise of solving your health and wellness issues. The problem is that some brands are more integral and trustworthy than others, and as a consumer, it can be hard to determine which brands are legit and which are a waste of time and money.

I was recently introduced to Thorne supplements and health tests, and after browsing through their product offerings, I knew this was a brand that deserved a closer look. Thorne offers highly specialized wellness products and testing kits that are aimed at helping us live longer, fuller, and healthier lives.

Although this brand was new to me, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they have been quietly testing and manufacturing high-quality, fully lab-tested products for over 3 decades. This article will give you an overview of what I learned about the brand as well as my professional opinion as to whether or not you should give them a try for yourself.

Quick Summary of Thorne Review (Supplements and Health Tests)


Supplements and health tests


Thorne Research


Al Czap (founded in 1984, sold company later on)


Paul Jacobson (CEO), Tom McKenna (COO), Will McCamy (President)


Best for:

Those who are looking for supplements with clinically tested ingredients and those who are interested in health tests to see what supplements they need


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Subscription Option:


Avg. User Rating:

4.7/5 ⭐ (Thousands of reviews)

FHM Rating:

9.5/10 ⭐ (Excellent)

thorne supplements health tests review summary

What is Thorne? (A.K.A. Thorne Research)

thorne research and brand logo

Thorne is a cutting-edge supplement and health testing company comprised of experts in the field of human health. Designed for those who seek to optimize their health and fuel their personal resiliency, Thorne offers the supplements and tools to empower their customers to improve their wellbeing.

With one of the largest supplement offerings in the market and health tests powered by the proprietary, multi-omic Onegvity Health Intelligence platform, Thorne is on a mission to redefine what it means to live a healthy, long life.

Thorne Health believes in total label transparency which means that there are no hidden inactive ingredients or fillers inside their supplements. Every ingredient inside any Thorne supplement will be listed clearly on the product label. Furthermore, you can rest assured that every ingredient used to create Thorne’s formulations is high-quality, clean, and free of contaminants so that you’re getting a pure, effective product that you can trust.

Brand Story and Values

thorne brand logo T

Although Thorne might have just come up on your radar, it’s been in the making for over 30 years. Back in 1984, Thore was founded with the mission to create nutritional supplements that were deserving of the respect they deserved. The founding team understood that part of the reason why consumers were dubious of supplements was due to the manufacturers who were making them. They weren’t being made with integrity and transparency.,

Determined to change the landscape of the supplement industry, Thorne set out to create a product that no one else was making. One that even health care practitioners and their patients could feel confident in. They focused on investing in sourcing exemplary ingredients, perfecting their manufacturing processes, and conducting clinical research.

The name Thorne became the definition of the brand: a constant pain in the side of their competition by being so single-mindedly focused on quality and purity that customers couldn’t help but choose them over their competitors. 

So while the brand has been over 30 years in the making, you can rest assured that the products and supplements offered by Thorne today are of the highest quality and manufactured with the intent to help you, the consumer, get the most out of your life. A mission that we can all feel amazing about.

thorne shaker bottles brand logo pros cons


  • Incredibly high-quality products
  • A brand over 30 years in the making
  • Personalized solutions designed to help you live longer and feel better
  • Copious amounts of research and testing go into every product
  • Only the highest quality ingredients are used and nothing artificial
  • 100% transparent labeling
  • A huge selection of supplements and testing kits to choose from
  • Great customer service


  • It’s a newer brand to the general public (although it’s been around for decades)
  • The prices are higher than some alternatives 

How It Works

Getting started with Thorne Supplements is simple, but it can be a tad overwhelming if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. For this reason, I highly recommend taking some time to take Thorne’s supplements quizzes to help determine which supplements are right for you and your specific needs.

The quizzes are quick and easy, but they will help you figure out what options are going to be the most beneficial to you and your health. They also offer a complete library of articles on their Take 5 Daily blog as well as having a podcast, too. There is no shortage of ways to gain information and then take action towards living a healthier life.

Take a quiz


Take a quiz relating to the type of supplement you’re looking for i.e. healthy aging, gut health, multivitamins, etc.

Review results


Review the recommended supplements, health tests, and related articles outlined for you based on the results of your quiz. Keep in mind that if Thorne recommends a health test, participating will help you get even more specialized results and recommendations that are based on your unique biology.

Shop, Choose Subscription (or 1x purchase), Save


Choose which supplements and tests you need and add them to your cart. Choose whether you would like to make a one-time purchase or subscribe and save up to 20%.

This link will give you 20% off supplements (bundles and health tests do not apply)

Whether you chose to do a one-time purchase or subscribe and save, you can expect that Thorne will ship your supplements out promptly and they will be at your doorstep within a few days of ordering.

What Products Does Thorne Offer?

Thorne offers dozens of supplements and health tests to choose from. I’ll gloss over what’s available here before going more in-depth on their most popular products.


  • Amino Acids
  • Bone & Joint
  • Children’s Health
  • Cognition & Focus
  • Energy
  • Fish Oil & Omegas
  • Gut Health
  • Healthy Aging
  • Heart & Vessels
  • Immune
  • Liver & Detox
  • Men’s Health
  • Metabolism
  • Methylation
  • Mood
  • Multivitamins
  • Probiotics
  • Protein Powders
  • Skin, Hair & Nails
  • Sleep
  • Sports Performance
  • Stress
  • Thyroid
  • Women’s Health

Health Tests

  • Gut Health Test
  • Biological Age Test
  • Fertility Test
  • Menopause Test
  • Sleep Test
  • Stress Test
  • Thyroid Test
  • Vitamin D Test
  • Weight Management Test

Thorne's Best-Selling Supplements

thorne supplements review and best sellers

Although Thorne has dozens of highly specified supplements and health tests to choose from, they have made a name for themselves with the following unique product offerings:


This is an active folate supplement to support mood, heart health, fetal development, and nerve support. It’s an active, tissue-ready form of folate as well as an essential B vitamin that helps to support methylation.

Adrenal Cortex

Helps to stabilize stress hormones to promote a balanced stress response, energy, and healthy adrenal functioning.

Amino Complex

Designed specifically for training and weightlifting, this blend of clinically-validated EAA and BCAAs are there to help you build and maintain muscle mass and support cellular energy production.

Basic B Complex

All 8 B Vitamins together cover the basics of wellness, promoting neurological function and cellular energy production.

Basic Nutrients 2/Day

A daily multivitamin that contains key nutrients to keep your body healthy, strong, and thriving. 

Basic Prenatal

A gentle, safe, and effective prenatal vitamin formula for women who are pregnant, trying to covenant, or nursing. This product is made without the additives and coatings found on most popular mainstream supplements for pregnancy.


A powerful botanical supplement made to support heart health, weight management, immune support, and GI support. 


Designed to help those who deal with occasional indigestion. This supplement helps to digest fats, proteins, and carbohydrates by infusing your body with digestive enzymes that can be depleted from a variety of factors.


This supplement made from Red Yeast Rice is designed to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels as well as to support cardiovascular health. 


This unique blend of botanical and amino acids is designed to help support a healthy intestinal tract, maintaining a healthy inflammatory response in the GI tract.

Q-Best 100

This proprietary formula of CoQ10 helps to promote optimal heart, brain, and immune function while providing antioxidant support, too. 


Support your body’s natural aging process and cellular metabolism with this nicotinamide riboside formula. 

Thorne's Best-Selling Health Tests

thorne health tests review and best sellers

Thorne has been quietly racking up trust from their customers (and gaining more) who take their at-home health tests. They offer a good amount of tests, which I covered earlier, but here are their best-sellers for at-home health and wellness tests:

Stress Test

This at-home stress test can provide you with insights into your stress response, adrenal health, and hormone fluctuations.

See case study here

Biological Age Test

This test analyzes your biological age based on your lifestyle, nutrition, illnesses, and genetics, providing you with key insights and actionable takeaways for optimizing your health.

Gut Health Test

The Thorne gut microbiome test gives you a deep analysis of your current gut health and then creates a tailored wellness plan that will optimize your gut health and eliminate your unwanted GI symptoms.

Weight Management Test

With the Thorne Weight Management Test, you’ll be able to get insights into some key biomarkers that are associated with your metabolism and weight management.

The process of collecting your sample and sending is easier than going to the post office (because you don't have to). All tests are at-home and super simple to collect and send back. What's more is that Thorne will send you an email when your test results are ready to look at, which is very convenient.

Shop all tests here

Are Thorne Supplements Healthy?

thorne research healthy supplements

Yes, Thorne supplements are very healthy and safe. Thorne is committed to ensuring that the products that they offer are clinically safe and effective by dedicating a lot of time and money to their clinical trials program.

Thorne is confident in each product that they offer because they conduct thorough clinical research and have ample medical literature that substantiates the presence of each ingredient in each formula.

Additionally, Thorne is partnered with some of the biggest names in scientific research to help fulfill its mission of solving the biggest and most common challenges in the health, wellness, and fitness worlds.

Are Thorne Health Tests Legit?

Without question Thorne health tests provide valuable insights and actionable steps for those who seek more information to optimize their overall health. It's a fact that their testing kits are legit, having helped change people's lives for the better with in-depth data for the user. What's more is that Thorne continues to dedicate their resources to advances in research, which will help personalize recommendations and improve wellness for those who are serious about enhancing their lifestyle.

thorne health tests legit data

What Makes Them Unique?

One thing that makes Thorne truly unique in the supplements industry is its world-class scientific collaborations with some of the biggest research organizations in the world. Some of these partnerships include the Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, Columbia University, National Institutes of Health, MD Anderson, Mount Sinai, and more. 

Furthermore, Thorne is unique in that they offer dozens of supplements for customers to choose from, including very unique and highly targeted blends that have very specific uses. For example, instead of offering a one-size-fits-all probiotic supplement, Thorne allows customers to find the right one that their unique body needs so that they can get the most from their supplements.

Lastly, Thorne is committed to being a fully transparent supplement company that discloses every ingredient on each product’s label. This pertains to both the active and the inactive ingredients. This level of transparency is rare to find in the supplements industry and should be regarded highly as many companies try to sweep a lot under the rug which can lead to health concerns for users.

thorne research unique brand

Cost and Where to Buy

Thorne supplements cost anywhere from $16-60 per bottle, depending on the formulations you need. Customers can save up to 20% off each bottle by opting to subscribe and save on monthly automatic deliveries.

Thorne supplements can be purchased directly from its official website, which is the best and most reliable way to safely get your Thorne products. However, you can also purchase them from iHerb or Amazon, however, I always caution folks to be careful buying from a third party.

Brutally Honest Customer Reviews

It's hard to get an overall rating on the brand because they sell so many supplements and health tests. However, I decided to crunch the numbers on their official website only, where people leave brutally honest reviews - kudos to Thorne for allowing those reviews to be seen, read and heard (let the people speak!).

Let's take a look at a few customer reviews of Thorne's health tests and supplements below:

honest user reviews on thorne health tests

Here are two honest reviews from health tests offered by Thorne - the weight management test (left) and gut health test (right).

brutally honest customer review on thorne supplements

There are no wellness brands that are perfect, and there's always someone (or a group of people) who don't like specific supplements. That's why I included this 2-star brutally honest review (see the right side of the image).

Verified Review

verified review holding thorne products

Alternatives Compared to Thorne

The great thing about Thorne is that you can get everything you need in one place, instead of shopping at a few different places. I understand that might not pertain to everyone, however, if you wanted to learn more about your gut health you can take the test and then get the results back on which probiotics are best for you.

That said, there are some very good competitors out there that are doing similar things to Thorne. But, let's break it down into supplements and health tests, shall we?

Top Thorne supplement alternatives

  • 1st Phorm: USA Brand, super high-quality ingredients, outstanding leadership, overall great company
  • ONNIT: Similar to Thorne supplements, ONNIT focuses on supplements for those that live an active (fitness) lifestyle - worth to check out if Thorne isn't for you
  • Primal Harvest: Another USA brand (headquarters in Long Island, NY) with thousands of positive reviews and they offer excellent supplements (we reviewed Primal Harvest collagen supplement)

Top Thorne health tests alternatives:

  • Everlywell Tests: This brand has gained the reputation of "The go-to" at-home testing company. They offer every test you can think of (even sexual health tests)
  • Viome for Gut Health Test: Excellent brand, lots of 5 star reviews, known for gut health tests and they have a personalized approach with supplements to recommend based on lab results
  • Ombre for Gut Health Test: This brand focuses on gut health, and they have supplements (probiotics, prebiotics, postbiotics, etc. based on lab results, so it it personalized)

Is Thorne Worth It? A Dietitian's (Honest) Answer

Thorne Supplements are absolutely worth trying for those who value purity and transparency in their supplements. Additionally, those who seek remedies for highly specified health issues will value and appreciate the obvious time, testing, and intense attention to detail that goes into every single product within Thorne’s generous catalog.

After reviewing this brand, I came away incredibly excited and impressed with the information I gathered. Although this review of Thorne is meant to be a broad-stroke overview of what you can expect, I can tell you that each product is made with integrity and honesty, which is rare to find in the largely unregulated supplement world.

As a Registered Dietitian who is often very dubious of supplement brands, I am happy to put my seal of approval on Thorne Health. This is a brand that’s truly here to make the world a happier and healthier place, and that’s a mission that I can stand behind and I think you will, too.

Tips for Success From the RD

Here are three tips for success if you decide to go with Thorne's supplements and / or health tests:

  1. First and foremost, you should always consult with your physician before starting any new supplements. No amount of research and information on the internet can replace the medical advice of your trusted practitioner.
  2. Be sure to take advantage of Thorne’s supplement quizzes so that you can ensure you’re getting the best formulation for your needs. These are carefully thought out and designed to help give you personalized suggestions, so take a few minutes to give them a try.
  3. Make sure that you have a solid handle on your health before starting any supplements. There is no supplement that can fix or override unhealthy habits, so make sure you are prioritizing sleep, water, and a balanced diet filled with healthy and nutritious foods.
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Courtney D'Angelo is a Registered Dietician Nutritionist at Morrison Healthcare. She earned her Masters Degree in Foods and Nutrition at the University of Georgia. Her passion is to spend time with her 3 children, cook healthy meals and help other women and moms live a happier, healthier life.

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