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Hiya Bedtime Essentials Review – Three Restless Sleepers Try It

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Being a Mom to three boys isn’t easy! They have tons of energy and seem to never be sleepy for bedtime, but are always groggy when waking up for school in the morning. We’ve struggled for years with a bedtime routine that will calm them down and ensure that they’re getting enough sleep every night. After trying Hiya’s Multivitamin and loving them, I started researching them more and came across their Kids Bedtime Essentials vitamins. My kids and I were so impressed with Hiya already, it was a no brainer to give these a try. The thought of my kids falling asleep easier and staying asleep throughout the night was definitely the end goal here!

In this article, I will be covering our personal experience with Hiya’s Kids Bedtime Essential Vitamins. As a mom, there are a few important points to touch on when it comes to Hiya and I’ve done my research! And make sure to read about Hiya’s special pricing discounts for parents of more than one child. I will also be talking about the creators of these vitamins and why they decided to create them.  Also, let’s see if they really work and what my kids think of them. 

Rating Hiya Vitamins Bedtime Essentials

Product Rating Summary: 4.8/5

Hiya Bedtime Essentials Review

Quality: 5/5 – The ingredients are very high quality. The packaging and glass reusable bottles are also very high quality. 

Taste: 5/5 – My kids and I are extremely impressed with the taste of these. I always try before giving to my kids and I instantly knew they would love these. 

Customer Experience: 5/5 – Hiya makes this whole experience very easy and enjoyable for everyone involved. Nice and easy delivery and the kids are involved right away with decorating their reusable glass bottles with fun stickers. 

Value: 4/5 – Fair pricing with 50% off your first order and discounts for multiple children.

Brand: 5/5 – I’m extremely impressed with this whole brand overall. Natural ingredients and created by two dads who saw a real need for change in this market. 

My Kids' Experience With Hiya Bedtime Essentials

kids holding up hiya nightly bedtime essentials

I’m a mom to three very active boys ages four, seven and almost nine. My boys seem to go a hundred miles an hour all day long, and have energy levels that are higher than I can even explain. The activities that they do would lead me to believe they would be exhausted by bedtime, but our track record for getting to bed easily says otherwise. Even on the nights when we have baseball practice until 7 pm (when I’d think they would lay down and fall asleep instantly) they are very restless and always seem to drag out falling asleep. We are all very used to the “I need water, I’m scared, I’m not tired…” that can drag on for an hour. And lets not even talk about how frustrating it is when our youngest ends up in our bed in the middle of the night a few times a week!

Bedtime has become stressful and anxiety driven for not only them, but for my husband and I! We knew that we needed to make a change and have tried many different charts, plans and bedtime routines in hopes that we could make bedtime a more enjoyable experience. I’ve never felt comfortable with the thought of giving my kids melatonin, so I didn’t think there were any other options out there. It wasn’t until we started giving the boys the Hiya Multivitamin, that I also realized they made a nighttime vitamin. Being overly impressed with the multivitamin (and with Hiya overall), we decided we had nothing to lose and gave them a try!

I told my boys about how their favorite vitamins also came in a nighttime version with a cool blue bottle and they got excited for us to order them. When we got them, they knew exactly what to do and each opened their box and started decorating their glass reusable bottle with stickers. They loved doing this activity and as as a mom, I appreciate that they each have their own with their names so that there is no fighting over them!

kids getting ready for bed with hiya nightly

I always make sure to try what I’m giving my kids, so when I tried the little yellow chewable I was very impressed. It tasted sweet, with a hint of lemon.

The kids ate them without any hesitation and we waited to see if we noticed any changes! After using them for a few days, we were shocked that we were already noticing a difference in their sleep! My middle child is by far the most difficult one to calm down and get to fall asleep once he’s in bed. He is always the one calling out for us with many demands such a water, asking to keep the door open a little and many other needs. Less than a week after taking the bedtime essentials vitamins, we noticed that his body seemed calmer and he wasn’t pushing back as much to get into bed. When I say that we were shocked, I’m not kidding! This has been a battle with him for years and really does stress us out so much. He wasn’t nearly as restless and wasn’t calling out of his room for us.

kids chewing hiya bedtime essentials

My youngest was having a hard time staying in his bed all night. This was never an issue for us with our older two, so it had been throwing us for a loop and interrupting our sleep when he’d climb into bed with us and refuse to go back to his bed. Again, shock was setting in when I’d wake up in the morning to not find him in our bed (starting about 6-7 days after starting these vitamins). He has been waking up so proud in the morning telling us how he’s stayed in his bed all night by himself! And all three of them seem to be more rested when I wake them up in the morning for school which is amazing.

kids sleeping with hiya night time essentials

3 Interesting Facts About Hiya

  • Overstimulation in kids can come from screen time, lack of outdoor play time and processed food. The creators of Hiya have found the perfect blend of nutrients to support calm, relaxation and brain restoration for our kids. 
  • In the last decade, poison control centers have reported an increase of over 530 percent for pediatric ingestions of melatonin. Hiya created their bedtime essentials without any melatonin so they are a non habit forming option. 
  • Hiya’s vitamins are not flavored with any added sugars. Instead they use monk fruit extract which is a super fruit that’s even sweeter than sugar (without being harmful) and mannitol, a sweetener that is found in strawberries and pumpkins!

3 Things My Kids and I Learned from Taking Hiya Bedtime Essentials 

  • I’ve learned that when you take the time and effort to explain the benefits to kids, they are interested in trying something new. The way I presented these vitamins to my kids was by talking about how I know it can be hard to fall asleep and to stay in bed all night. Then I showed them how Hiya has created a vitamin to help. They were excited to try them right away. 
  • Although bedtime has been a struggle for a while now, I never wanted to give my kids melatonin for a few reasons. I didn’t think there were any other options that would truly work until we stayed consistent with these Bedtime Essentials.
  • The whole approach to bedtime has changed in our home. Before they have their night time snack, they yell “lemon vitamins” (they are yellow and have a sweet taste to them) and are excited to take them. Bedtime used to be such a stressful time at our house, and we have definitely seen a huge shift. 

What Makes Hiya So Special?

Hiya stands out in the vitamin market in a few different ways. When two dads started doing research on the best vitamins for their own kids, they realized that there weren’t many options out there that were actually healthy!

Most of the ones they were looking at had so much added sugars, dyes and gummy additives that it was as unhealthy as giving their kids a piece of chocolate cake! They have made it their mission to create a healthy and beneficial vitamin that we can give our kids and feel good about.

When it comes specifically to the Bedtime essentials vitamins, they are unique to this market due to the lack of melatonin in them.

As we know, many parents rely on melatonin as a way to get their kids to bed every night, but the more research that has been done, we are learning that melatonin shouldn’t be an ongoing or permanent part of our kids nighttime routine. And as parents what do we love more than no added sugar? Hiya is consistent with being a no added sugar vitamin across the board for all of their products. 


  • Suitable for kids 2+
  • No melatonin chewable vitamin
  • High quality ingredients
  • Delivered to your door monthly
  • Eco friendly packaging & reusable glass container 
  • Gluten, dairy free and vegan
  • Fun stickers for kids to personalize their bottles


  • Price point is slightly higher than other vitamins on the market

How Much Do They Cost?

Hiya Kids Bedtime Essentials vitamins are $35 for a 30 day supply for one child. Hiya does have a special promotion for 50% off your first order bringing the cost for one chid down to $17.50 for the first month. If you’re ordering for two children, the price goes down to $32 ($16 for first month), three children the price drops to $28. The cost for four children would be $26 a month and for five kids would drop to $25. The 50% off promotion applies to all of these scenarios. 

Is Hiya Bedtime Essentials Worth It?

Yes, Hiya Kids Bedtime Essentials are 100% worth the $28 per month price tag for my three children. We saw a big change in their nighttime routine and being able to fall asleep with more ease and less stress. The fact that my son has been staying in his bed for the whole night has also been a big factor in wanting to continue this subscription. For those reasons alone, my husband and I agreed that it was worth it for us. 

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend Hiya Kids Bedtime Essentials to any parents who are struggling during bedtime. These are not only an amazing option for parents like me who are not comfortable giving melatonin, but also for parents who are trying to move away from melatonin and looking for a non habit forming alternative. Also the fact that these are delivered straight to your door makes our lives much easier. 

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