Welcome to my NUOBELL dumbbells review, where I show you the ins and outs of the brand, the dumbbells and if they're worth it.

Ready to stock your home gym with the weights you need but not ready to deal with all the clutter and expense? I hear ya, which is why I love to recommend adjustable dumbbells to my clients and readers. One pair of adjustable dumbbells can replace the need for multiple sets of dumbbells which means that you get to save space while also maintaining your ability to have access to an entire set of weights.

Adjustable dumbbells have come a long way since their introduction, and they continue to evolve and change as technology advances. And it’s a good thing because some options are quite rudimentary and can be very bulky and cumbersome.

NUOBELL adjustable dumbbells, on the other hand, are one of the newest options for folks looking to save money and space in their home gym. Toted as the quickest adjusting dumbbells on the market, I knew I needed to review these the first time I saw them.

So here it is, my full NUOBELL adjustable dumbbell review featuring everything you’d want to know and more so that you can decide if these smart dumbbells are a worthwhile investment for your home gym setup. We’ll even dive into competitive analysis, stacking NUOBELL up against its competitors (more on that later). Let’s dive in!

Quick Summary of NUOBELL Dumbbells Review

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9.8 / 10

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Easy to adjust

Up to 80 lbs

High quality grade

Value for price

rating NÜOBELL dumbbells

NÜOBELL Fitness Brand Overview


NUOBELL is a Swedish-designed smart dumbbell set manufactured by SMRTFT, a brand that understands the importance of efficiency when it comes to home strength and conditioning workouts.

NUOBELL dumbbells feature the convenience of all-in-one adjustability, with weight selections ranging from 5-80lbs. Furthermore, they are extremely easy to use and quick to adjust. And thanks to the machined steel weight plates, they’re incredibly durable, too.

Sold as a set of two, these smart dumbbells will quickly become your favorite, most frequently used piece of gym equipment.

Why Choose Smart, Adjustable Dumbbells

choosing adjustable dumbbells

If you found your way here to this review, then you likely already know that there’s a lot of value to be found in choosing adjustable dumbbells over traditional dumbbells, but let’s run down why they’re a great option just to confirm you’re on the right track.

For anyone who is serious about strength training, you know that you need access to a variety of weights to allow for adaptation to various exercises and to progressively overload your muscles. This need can quickly become a problem when your space and budget are limited. Not only are traditional dumbbells cumbersome and bulky, but they’re also quite expensive when you start to consider how many pairs you’ll need to purchase.

Smart, adjustable dumbbells eliminate the need for multiple sets, saving you a ton of space and making your life more convenient. In fact, Nuobell’s replace 1360+ pounds of normal dumbbells, which is quite impressive for one piece of equipment! Plus, when you price out the cost of dumbbells and the number of sets you would need and compare it to the investment you’d make into NUOBELL, you’ll quickly find that you’ll be saving a lot of money in the long run.

Finally, adjustable dumbbells are very easy to use. Since they’re just one piece of equipment, you can take them anywhere and store them anywhere you’d like. Changing your weight selection is also easy, especially with NUOBELL as they are the quickest adjusting dumbbells on the market right now.

Adjustable Dumbbell Buying Guide: What to be aware of

buying guide adjustable dumbbells

Choosing a pair of adjustable dumbbells is an important decision and there are more choices than you’d think, each with its own designs, weight variations, and mechanisms. There are brands that have been in the game for a while now that you may recognize like PowerBlock, Bowflex, and Iron Master. And then there are brands that are a bit newer, like AtivaFit and NUOBELL.

So how do you decide which pair are the right choice for you? Let’s break down your decision with our brief buying guide, focusing on considerations like price, space needs, max weight, and ease of use.


At first glance, you might be taken aback when pricing out a pair of adjustable dumbbells as pricing ranges from $350-$800. These are definitely an investment, but it’s one that can be incredibly worthwhile. When choosing the right pair for you, consider how much you would need to spend on traditional dumbbells if you were to buy them all separately and use that as a point of comparison.

Space Needs

When compared to a traditional lifting set, adjustable dumbbells are considerably more space-saving, but some options are still quite robust, so it’s important to evaluate your space needs prior to purchasing to ensure you have adequate space for them. Some adjustable dumbbell sets feature a lot of accessories and bulk, which won’t be helpful for limited home gym spaces.

Max Weight

How much weight do you need? Not just right now at your current strength level, but thinking ahead to when you progress and get stronger. For example, let’s say that you’re committed to strength training and building muscle, and at the present time, the thought of a dumbbell weighing more than 15 pounds insults you (been there!). If you’re training properly and with progressive overload in mind, you’ll very quickly realize that you’re stronger and able to lift more weight. Purchase weights with the intention of growth - anticipate your future needs.

Ease of Use

The last very important thing to consider when choosing the right adjustable dumbbells is how easy it is to use them. If you’ve been around the strength training game for a while, maybe you’ve checked out a pair before and discovered that, while convenient, they’re not always easy to use i.e. it’s a pain in the butt every time you need to switch the weight.

There are a few different ways that adjustable weights can function; dial, spin, or selector pins. Each method has its own intricacies, but some are much faster and easier to adjust than others. For example, the ones that use a spinlock with screws are usually quite cumbersome to adjust due to the fact that you’ll be required to take everything apart and put it back together every time you need a weight change. On the other hand, those with dials like NUOBELL allow you to change weights in seconds.

What are NUOBELL Adjustable Dumbbells?

NUOBELL is a set of adjustable dumbbells that come in a couple of different options; 50 lb or 80 lb. Manufactured by SMRTFT, a Swedish company, these are designed to be the smartest, most efficient dumbbells on the market.

With weights ranging from 5-80 lb, these dumbbells cover all your strength needs, growing with you as you increase your strength. Speaking of strength, NUOBELL has superior durability thanks to the machined steel weight plates.

Where to buy?

You can purchase NOUBELL from their official website or Finer Form (we put all 3 on here because they are EXTREMELY LIMITED!

How do they work?

simple adjustable dumbbells

NUOBELL adjustable dumbbells works with a simple twist, allowing you to change your weight in seconds. There’s an easy-to-read dial that lets you know which weight you have switched to. Your weights sit in a portable cradle for easy adjustments and maneuvering.

SMRTFT constructed their dumbbells out of steel, using a pancake plate design that makes them both sleek and durable. Most adjustable dumbbells have a bad rep for being bulky and difficult to handle, however, NUOBELL gives an experience that’s far closer to using a traditional dumbbell than any other competitor that I’ve tried or seen. 

Other Unique Features

high quality knurled handles

Another design aspect that makes NUOBELL stand out is its knurled handle that mimics that of a traditional barbell. Those who train with barbells will feel right at home when using NUOBELL.

The overall look and feel of these smart dumbbells are really what helps set them apart and makes them unique when lined up against their competitors. They’re incredibly simplistic, clean, and aesthetically pleasing, making them perfectly acceptable for storage anywhere in your home. A pair of NUOBELLs won’t stick out like a sore thumb in your living room the way a pair of PowerBlocks might.

Comparison to Alternatives

NÜOBELL vs other adjustable dumbbells

When choosing a product to invest in, especially one as important as equipment for your home gym, it’s always wise to take a look at the competition and see how they size up. I matched up NUOBELL to three of their top competitors, take a look:

Powerblocks vs. NUOBELL

Powerblock dumbbells are basically the OG adjustable dumbbells, and they look the part. They’re big, bulky, and come with the traditional block-style look that’s common with adjustable weights.

Considering Poweblock has been around forever and is a tried and true piece of fitness equipment, it’s safe to say that Powerblock wins for the user-tested and reviewed contest simply because NUOBELL is so new. That said, when comparing the aesthetics and ease of use, NUOBELL is the clear winner here.

Bowflex vs. NUOBELL

When it comes to affordability, it’s tough to beat Bowflex’s SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells. With a price tag that’s below $350, Bowflex appeals to a wide range of people who can’t afford (or don’t want) to spend an arm and a leg on dumbbells.

Style and functionality-wise Bowflex and NUOBELL are somewhat similar, presenting with a similar appearance and operating in a similar fashion. However, NUOBELL is much sleeker and aesthetically pleasing. NUOBELL also has a much sturdier design and more realistic feel over the Bowflex options, which is important for serious lifters.

The last key difference between Bowflex and NUOBELL is that NUOBELL allows you to select weight up to 80 lb and Bowflex maxes out at 52.5 lb. Of course, Bowflex does have an option for heavier weights, if you upgrade to their 1090 model where you will get up to 90 lb of weight, but if you’re going to pay that much for your dumbbells, I recommend going for the better quality that you’ll get with NUOBELL.


ATIVA Fit is another newcomer in the adjustable dumbbell space and this brand is giving everyone a run for their money thanks to their low price point. For less than $300, you can buy a pair of ativafit adjustable dumbbells with a max weight of 74.5 lb, which is 19 lb more than Bowflex, but still 5.5 lb less than NUOBELL. The biggest differences between ATIVA Fit and NUOBELL lie in the construction of the dumbbells (ATIVA Fit uses more plastic pieces to save) and the size of the grips (ATIVA Fit has extended grips which may or may not be an inconvenience for the user.)

Otherwise, these two sets of adjustable dumbbells are very similar. They both use a smart dial system to allow you to change weight easily and are sleek and stylish in design. However, NUOBELL is still the best choice when it comes to the speed of weight change.

Ratings and Real Reviews

NUOBELL is made by SMRTFT but is sold from just a handful of authorized dealers in the US such as Finer Form and Rogue Fitness. I went ahead and pursued the customer reviews on both retailer’s sites to get a feel for what folks are saying about NUOBELL, here’s a summary of what I found:

The overwhelming majority of customers are raving about the quality of the design as well as the ease of use of the NUOBELL dumbbells. Most users have proclaimed that these are the fastest, most efficient adjustable dumbbells they have ever used. Furthermore, users are thrilled with the way that these dumbbells look and feel like traditional weights.

The only complaints that I have seen are regarding the price (no surprise there, they are definitely an investment) and concern that the plastic on the base could break if a lot of force is applied over a long period of time. Unfortunately, since this is a very new product, we will need to report back on their longevity at a later date to really give a complete review.

The Bottom Line: Are NUOBELL Dumbbells Any Good?

Before I wrap up this nuobell review, I want to answer a common question, "are NUOBELL dumbbells good?" The answer is Yes, they're great. The NUOBELL adjustable dumbbells have a better design, faster mechanism for adjusting the weights, and a better overall construction over any other adjustable dumbbell. Although there are increasingly more options available for those seeking adjustable dumbbells, these stick out as one of the best pairs you can buy. With up to 80 lb of weight and a sleek design that will seamlessly blend into your home’s aesthetics, these dumbbells will not only save you time and money, but they will also look great doing so.

Despite the fact that these are the smartest dumbbells available right now, they are definitely not for everyone. The $745 price tag can be a real deterrent for those on a budget. If that’s the case, I highly recommend checking out ATIVA Fit for a more budget-friendly pair. Of course, you’ll be sacrificing a little on design, adjustment speed, and weight (71.5 lb vs 80 lb) but you’re still getting a great pair of adjustable dumbbells that will replace your need for having multiple pairs of traditional ones.

Happy lifting!

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