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Autumn DNA is a reputable wellness brand that provides personalized, subscription-based vitamin packs for your DNA and lifestyle based on an at-home Nutrigenomic DNA Test.

Individual daily vitamin packs have grown in popularity over the past couple of years, encouraging people to start a supplement regime that’s designed to improve their health. Unfortunately, these vitamin packs are usually either a one-size-fits-all solution or the “personalization” aspect involves nothing more than a short online questionnaire. Until now.

I recently came across Autumn DNA and was immediately drawn in. A personalized supplement brand that offers true personalization based on your DNA? I needed to know more because if there’s one thing I’ve learned from working with hundreds of people as a Registered Dietitian it’s that we are all incredibly different and that what works for one person may not work for another.

In this article, I’m sharing my thoughts on Autumn DNA. I’ll discuss, in-depth, what it is, how it works, the pros and cons, and finally, give my professional opinion on whether or not it’s worth it.

Quick Summary of Autumn DNA Review


Personalized Vitamin Packs based on DNA test


Try Autumn DNA


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Best for:

Men and women that want to get personalized vitamin packs based on DNA testing results in an effort to optimize overall wellness.


Kit Only: $59.99 or subscribe and save (the more months you subscribe, the more you save)


Subscription Option:


Avg. User Rating:

4.8/5 ⭐ based on 100+ customer reviews via

FHM Rating:

9.7/10 ⭐ (Outstanding)

try autumn dna summary review

What Is Try Autumn DNA?

Autumn DNA is vitamin and supplement packs that are backed by your DNA and lifestyle. Members will submit a DNA sample (saliva) to Autumn via their convenient DNA analysis kit, or if they have already had a DNA test done, like 23 and Me or Ancestry, they can upload those results for analysis.

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Autumn DNA then provides members with a full report with actionable insights about their personal and unique nutritional needs. Then, using high-quality formulations developed by their expert medical team and world-class lab, they put together convenient daily supplement packs that are tailored to your individual health and lifestyle needs.

Try Autumn’s revolutionary vitamin system takes all of the guesswork out of your vitamin and supplement regime and allows you to truly optimize your health and wellbeing. Users get exactly what they need and nothing that they don’t.


  • Vitamin and supplements are recommended based on individual DNA and lifestyle needs
  • Simple, at-home DNA testing using saliva
  • Convenient daily supplement packs are delivered right to your doorstep each month
  • Formulations are backed by science and personalized just for you
  • They use only the highest quality vitamins and supplements available
  • Your information is private and confidential and will never be shared


  • You will need to perform your DNA test first before receiving your report, which can delay getting started (but it’s worth the wait to get science-based formulations!)
  • The cost is higher than some other supplement packs on the market (however, those are not personalized to this degree)
  • You will need to take two vitamin packs per day

How It Works (A Simple Process)

At Autumn DNA, the team believes that balanced health starts with your DNA. As an RD who has worked with hundreds of individuals over the years, I couldn’t agree more. In a world where we’re constantly bombarded with quick fixes and blanket solutions to much more complex problems, it’s not often that we see companies take the time to do things right, but Autumn DNA is.

dna test personalized vitamins autumn dna

The process for getting started with Autumn and taking the guesswork out of supplementation is simple and straightforward. It’s all about science with try autumn and the first step is to get your DNA data.

Order your at-home DNA testing kit

If this is your first time having your DNA tested, your first step is to order your at-home DNA test kit from Autumn which you can expect to arrive at your door within 3-4 days. Inside the kit, you’ll find everything you need to submit your DNA sample for testing at the Autumn Labs.

Take the proprietary DNA test

Once you receive your kit, you’re ready to put your genes to the test. Follow the instructions closely to ensure you get the best, most accurate results possible. Don’t worry, it’s simple, involving only the collection of a saliva sample.

Once collected, you will send it back to the lab using convenient, pre-paid postage. Your DNA sample will be sent directly to Autumn’s licensed lab, where they uphold the highest and most rigorous scientific standards.

Over the course of about 3 days, the scientists at Autumn DNA will analyze your DNA sequencing, using only a small section of your data points. For reference, there are over 100,000 SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms), or variations at a single position in a DNA sequence among individuals, and Autumn analyzes around 500 of the most essential to give you your results. Most other supplement pack companies analyze anywhere from 18-50 SNPs.

Finish your lifestyle quiz

While the Autumn scientists are hard at work analyzing your DNA and creating a customized report for you, you will take their dynamic lifestyle quiz so that the team can provide you with an even deeper level of personalization. This quiz will ask you several questions about your diet, nutrition, movement and exercise habits, sleep patterns, health history, and more.

Receive a text with your genome report and supplement recommendation list

Once the team has both pieces of data (DNA kit + Lifestyle Quiz), they will combine the two to provide in-depth, easy-to-understand recommendations that are custom-tailored to your specific nutritional needs. The results you will receive will be based on nutrigenetics, or the science of the effect of genetic variation on dietary response and the role that nutrients and bioactive food plan in gene expression. We’ll chat more about this and why it’s important later!

Once your analysis is complete, you will receive a text message and email from Autumn that contains a link to securely review your complete genome report as well as your supplement recommendation list.

Subscribe to optimized wellness with monthly vitamin packs

After reviewing your genome report, you can get started optimizing your health by subscribing to receive your personalized monthly vitamin packs from Autumn. Once subscribed, you’ll get a monthly box containing your supplements. Shipping is included and you will be billed monthly (until you cancel your subscription, which is simple and hassle-free).

Your unique packs will include 8 daily customized high-quality supplements. These will be split into two pouches, one for the morning and one for the evening for optimal results. As you continue on your wellness journey, your needs and goals might change. If so, Autumn recommends that you retake the lifestyle quiz as often as you need so that their team can adjust your personalized vitamins accordingly.

Why Is Nutrigenomics Important?

Nutrigenomics is defined as the scientific study of the interactions between nutrition and genes, particularly in regard to the treatment and prevention of disease. This concept is fairly new in the nutrition world, but it’s essentially the study of how food affects a person’s genres and how their genes affect the way their bodies respond to food.

Nutrigenomics DNA importance

Autumn DNA’s entire process is based on Nutrigenomics. The team has spent years working with renowned nutritionists, geneticists, and functional medicine doctors to create a proprietary algorithm that takes your DNA test results and your lifestyle quiz answers and turns them into the perfect supplement routine for your unique body’s needs.

Optimizing your wellness lies within your DNA

Your DNA tells you so much more about your body than just your ancestry; it holds the key to your overall health and wellness. By revealing information about your nutritional DNA and gene variants, Autumn DNA can help identify and highlight certain deficiencies, vitamin levels, and how exactly your body absorbs vitamins and minerals.

Every individual utilizes nutrients differently. Your body might respond one way to a meal, and someone else could eat that same meal and experience completely different nutrient absorption. This is why relying on your diet for your key nutrients often leaves you feeling off in some way. A healthy diet, while immensely important, can only take you so far.

This is why Autumn took things to the next level and offers DNA test kits to pinpoint exactly what your body needs based on science and your genes. Science-based testing of only 500 actional SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) ensures that you get the vitamins and minders that that will make the most impact on your body based on your body’s ability to absorb certain nutrients.

The result is that you receive custom vitamin packs that allow you to feel like your best self every day. It’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me!

Give your body only what it needs to thrive

Have you ever tried a standard multivitamin or even a “personalized” vitamin pack and wondered if some of the nutrients are just fluff? I know I have and so have many of my clients. Autumn is on a mission to take the fluff and the BS out of your supplement routine, giving you only what your body needs, and nothing that it doesn’t.

Costs and Where to Buy

Autumn DNA costs $59.99 for the DNA test kit, plus the cost of your custom, nutrigenetic-based vitamin packs, which range from $71.99 per month for a one-month subscription to $63.9 for a six-month subscription. If you already have DNA data from Ancestry or 23andMe, the cost for analysis to tailor your supplement regime is $14.99 plus the cost of the monthly vitamin packs.

Autumn DNA testing and vitamin packs are available only through its official website.

holding autumn dna vitamins and costs

Kit Only:


Kit + 1 Month Subscription

$53.99 + $71.99 monthly

Kit + 3 Month Subscription

$50.99 + $67.99 monthly

Kit + 6 Month Subscription

$47.99 + $63.99 monthly

What Vitamins Does Autumn DNA Offer?

Autumn DNA is one of the most integral supplement brands I have seen recently. There’s a major trend in the largely unregulated supplement industry of using “proprietary blends” which does not disclose every ingredient or dosage. This type of labeling and supplement manufacturing is something to pay attention to and more often than not, avoid.

vitamins offered by autumn dna

Instead of gambling with your health by placing your trust in an untrustworthy brand, you can play it safe with Autumn. Every vitamin and supplement subscription that passes through Autumn is made with the highest quality ingredients, is specially chosen for their benefits, and is based on your unique DNA and lifestyle. Essentially, these are supplements that you can trust and feel confident in taking.

All Autumn vitamins and minerals are:

  • Vegan
  • Made with natural colors
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-GMO
  • cGMP Certified
  • CLIA Certified
  • HIPPA Compliant
  • Third-Party Tested 
  • PCI Compliant

Important Ingredients and Nutritional Analysis

The vitamins that Autumn DNA uses are all used with intention. Each plays a role in the betterment of your well-being and has ample research-based evidence to back them up.

Below are the vitamins and supplements that are offered by Autumn and might potentially end up in your personalized vitamin packs:

autumn dna vitamins and ingredients

Ingredients you can expect

  • Ashwagandha
  • Autumn Multivitamin
  • B-Complex
  • Calcium
  • Choline
  • CoQ10
  • Curcumin Blend
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Folate
  • Garlic Extract
  • Ginger Extract
  • Ginseng Blend
  • Iron
  • L-Carnitine
  • L-Glutamine
  • Magnesium
  • Marine Collagen + Vit C
  • Melatonin
  • Milk Thistle
  • Mushroom Brain Support
  • Mushroom Immune Blend
  • NAC
  • Omega-3
  • Probiotics
  • Resveratrol Blend
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc

Safety and Side Effects

Autumn DNA uses clean, whole, naturally-sourced, and efficaciously dosed vitamins and supplements, making their vitamin packs safe for general usage. Furthermore, each customer receives vitamins and supplements that are carefully and scientifically selected for their individual needs based on their own DNA.

The occurrence of adverse side effects is rare given the specificity of which these vitamin packs are prescribed. However, as with any new supplement routine, you should always consult with your MD to ensure safety.

personal vitamin pack safe at autumn dna

Trust Ratings and Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

The general consensus of customers who have experienced and subscribed to autumn DNA vitamins is that the DNA testing results are super detailed and spot on. Many reviewers state they are very happy to have real results, based on DNA and not a deep lifestyle assessment.

From what I can read, customer support is top-notch, which is always great to hear, but it's not the end-all be-all - the product must do what it says in order for us to recommend it.

That said, nearly every customer review I've read through was very positive and users are loving their personalized vitamin packs with many saying how they feel a whole lot better than using vitamin packs from other (similar) providers.

Below, let's take a look at a few other reviews from verified buyers so you can see for yourself:

autumn dna customer reviews

Verified Review

autumn dna verified review (holding vitamins)

Alternatives Compared to Autumn DNA

There's a big buzz around DNA nutrition testing, and although Autumn DNA is an excellent choice, it still may not be the best choice for you. Therefore, I really wanted to provide some other, very similar options so you can make a great decision either way. Overall, there isn't much of a difference between the top brands and the services they provide, but the table below will show you the main differences and similarities.

autumn dna alternatives

Kids Vitamin

DNA Test


Third Party Tested

Secure your data

Autumn DNA




















care / of










Worth It? A Dietitian’s Recommendation

Autumn DNA’s highly individualized vitamin packs are based on your nutrigenetics are 100% worth it for those seeking to optimize their health, wellness, and nutrition. Of course, our profession always advocates for a food-first approach to diet and nutrition, however, for most people it’s very difficult to get all that they need from food alone. In this case, I highly recommend certain vitamins and supplements to help fill your nutritional gaps and keep your body feeling as youthful and energetic as it should.

As a practicing dietitian, I am always looking for ways to help my patients get more from their food and their supplements. Autumn allows members to get vitamins and minerals that their body truly needs and nothing that it doesn’t, which feels like a breath of fresh air in a sea of overcrowded supplement aisles and shady proprietary blends.

I love that Autumn is not only offering some of the most customized vitamin packs available but that they are making the process of testing your DNA simple and pain-free, too. The only drawback that I can see is that Autumn DNA will cost more monthly than a regular multivitamin that you can grab at your local grocery store, making it less accessible to some members of the population. However, if you have the means to try Autumn, I highly recommend doing so.

Tips for Success from the RD

Since Autumn vitamin packs are based on your DNA and the results of your test, it’s imperative that you follow the instructions on your Autumn DNA box closely to make sure that your sample isn’t compromised.

When filling out the lifestyle questionnaire, do yourself a favor and be 100% honest. This is going to give you the best results possible. We’re all on a journey to better health, so make sure you’re upfront about where you’re starting.

I recommend going back and retaking the lifestyle quiz every few months or so or as your body and goals change. Keeping this fresh and up to date will ensure that you’re always taking only the supplements that are of the highest importance and will have the most impact on your body.

Put your roll of pill packs somewhere where you can see them ready so that you don’t miss a pack. You will be taking your vitamins twice per day, so it’s important that you get into the habit and routine of taking them.

About the Author
Courtney D'Angelo

Courtney D'Angelo is a Registered Dietician Nutritionist at Morrison Healthcare. She earned her Masters Degree in Foods and Nutrition at the University of Georgia. Her passion is to spend time with her 3 children, cook healthy meals and help other women and moms live a happier, healthier life.

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