Thryve Vaginal Health Test Review: Pros, Cons, and How It Works

By Tami Smith

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Welcome to my thryve vaginal health test review, where I show you how it works, pros, cons and if it's worth it.

rating thryve vaginal health test

Fit Healthy Momma Rating: 9.6/10 ⭐

The Thryve Vaginal Health Test is making getting proper vaginal health screening and care simple and pain-free by allowing women to order their tests and seek treatment for their common vaginal problems 100% online.

Vaginal health; it’s so important, but no one wants to talk about it. The truth is that it’s estimated that 75% of women will get at least one yeast infection in their lifetime - that’s more than half of us, ladies!

The vaginal microbiome is a real thing, just like your gut microbiome, and if it’s not balanced, things can happen, to say the least.  The frustrating thing is that it often feels embarrassing or shameful to go to the Dr. and discuss issues going on “down there,” so unfortunately, many women suffer in silence.

However, there are options. For those who suffer from symptoms ranging from a burning sensation and pain during intercourse to discharge and an unpleasant odor, there are ways to test your vaginal microbiome and get yourself back to feeling your best, most confident self. And the best part is that you aren’t required to go to the Dr.’s office and pharmacy to get what you need.

That’s where Thryve’s Vaginal Health Test comes into play, and today I want to tell you everything you need to know about it so that you can confidently decide if this is the right direction to take for your vaginal health. I’ll discuss the pros, cons, how it works, and whether or not I think Thryve’s vaginal test is worth it.

Background on the Vaginal Microbiome: What is it and Why is it Important?

Every woman’s vaginal microbiome varies, just like every person’s gut microbiome varies. For many women, the vaginal microbiome is dominated by Lactobacillus bacteria, but your unique makeup will depend on things like ethnicity.

It’s your female hormones (estrogen and progesterone) that power the growth of your vaginal bacteria. When it’s in balance, the vaginal microbiome helps ward off diseases like yeast infections, BV (bacterial vaginosis), and UTIs (urinary tract infections) by keeping your vaginal pH low and producing hydrogen peroxide and lactic acid which kill off the pathogens that cause infection.

As we age, our hormones change, as do our vaginal microbiomes. With shifting and changing hormones comes the increased risk of developing vaginal infections like bacterial vaginosis due to an overgrowth of bacteria.

What Are the Benefits of a Healthy Vaginal Microbiome?

First, knowledge is power. The simple act of testing your vaginal health can provide you with so many insights into your overall health in general. Even if you don’t have any current issues, it’s always beneficial to understand your body and know what to look for.

When it comes to the vaginal microbiome, here are a few of the benefits to understanding yours:

benefits of healthy vaginal microbiome

1. Say goodbye to frequent and/or recurring UTIs

A healthy vaginal ecosystem will help prevent the pathogenic growth that contributes to UTI symptoms like pain during intercourse, odor, frequent urination, itching, discharge, and more.

2. Decreased risk of infection

With strain-specific probiotic bacteria, you can manipulate your vaginal pH levels to lower your risk of contracting STIs like gonorrhea, HPV, and chlamydia.

3. Fertility support

With a healthy vaginal microbiome that’s full of protective bacteria like Lactobacillus, you’re less likely to develop vaginal dysbiosis and BV, both of which have been shown to contribute to infertility and preterm labor.

Quick Summary of Thryve Vaginal Health Test Review


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quick review summary of thryve vaginal health test

Jus a heads up: the vaginal health test is kind of hard to find on their website, so you'll have to navigate around it. Here's a link that shortens the process + best price:

What is the Thryve Vaginal Health Test?

Thryve’s vaginal health test tests and analyzes the vaginal ecosystem to detect and combat common vaginal dysbiosis (imbalance of bacteria) which can result in bacterial vaginosis and pathogenic overgrowth which increases the risk of STIs, HPV, UTIs, and fertility issues. Understanding your vaginal microbiome is a vital piece of women’s preventative health that often gets overlooked and shooed under the rug.

vaginal health test by thryve

Thryve, who also makes a targeted gut health testing kit, makes the process of testing your vaginal microbiome simple, discreet, and efficient. Plus, they not only offer you test results, but they also provide you with a customized solution for getting your vaginal health back on track with their targeted probiotics which are available with your Thryve subscription.

How Does It Work?

Getting started with Thryve is simple, secure, and only takes a few minutes. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to optimized vaginal health, you can get started with these easy steps:

how thryve vaginal health testing works

1. Purchase Your Kit

Add a vaginal health testing kit to your cart and hit checkout.

2. Create Your Thryve Account

It only takes a few minutes and their process is simple and hassle-free.

3. Create Your Health Profile

Inside your account, you’ll add your personal information that will help the Thryve team-best understand you and your vaginal health needs.

4. Receive Your Kit and Activate

Once you get your kit in the mail, head back to Thryve’s website, log in, and activate your test kit. Each kit comes with a unique kit ID # that you’ll use to get started.

5. Send Back Your Sample

All instructions on sample collection and return mailing will be included in your kit, so all you need to do is take action and send it back in.

6. Receive Your Results!

Within 2-4 weeks of sending your sample back, you will receive your results right inside your account or within the Thryve app. Within your results, you will be guided on how to create and maintain a healthy vaginal microbiome along with any supplement recommendations.

What’s The Science Behind Thryve and Their Methodology?

Thryve takes pride in offering science-backed testing and solutions for those dealing with gut or vaginal microbiome issues. Here are the cornerstones of their testing (AKA the nerdy stuff):

science behind thryve vaginal health testing kit

Highest Accuracy Testing

Thryve utilities its proprietary liquid buffer that holds the bacterial cells in stasis. This results in an incredibly precise representation of the vaginal bacteria community.

16S RNA Sequencing

This will provide you with a vaginal microbiome health report with bacteria description, health benefits, imbalances, diseases, risks, and actionable insights.

Ongoing Research

The Thryve team is always researching ways to improve the health of the vagina microbiome. They have clinically studied and peer-reviewed vaginal probiotics that have been proven to correct imbalances within the vaginal microbiome and provide additional health benefits on top.

Thryve’s Vaginal Health App

Who thought that your private parts could have their own app? Well, now they do.

vaginal health app thryve

A Private App for Private Parts

Thryve offers their comprehensive vaginal tracking app in addition to their testing service to allow you to easily and efficiently view your lab results, gain insights into what’s causing your vaginal imbalance, and optimize your health with custom-matched probiotics. Additionally, you’ll get actionable steps or feeling better and healing with things like expert food recommendations.

thryve vaginal health app

Who Should Try Thryve’s Vaginal Health Test?

Any female that’s dealing with down-there issues like odor, itching, burning, and painful intercourse is well advised to use Thryve’s test to help get a better picture of what’s going on down there. All of these not-so-pleasant symptoms are very common side effects of an imbalance in your vaginal microbiome, which is extremely finicky sometimes, by the way!

trying thryve vaginal health test

Whether you feel embarrassed or ashamed to go to the doctor or you’ve gone down that road one too many times without a proper solution given to you, then you owe it to yourself to check out Thryve’s test and vaginal probiotics so that you can start feeling like yourself again. Sometimes, it takes feeling well to really understand how much time you spent feeling unwell.

Let’s run down a few pros and cons before wrapping up.


  • Vaginal microbiome-specific
  • Easy and discreet testing
  • Results are simple to access within the app or online account
  • Science-backed testing and guidance
  • Dedicated probiotics that are proven to address specific vaginal health-related issues
  • Thryve also has gut health testing kits, too


  • There isn’t a lot of customer reviews yet as this particular test is fairly new
  • Test results can take 2-4 weeks to process

Concluding Thoughts: Is The Thryve Vaginal Health Test Worth It?

When I first started Fit Healthy Momma, I was in a post-partum phase and was very familiar with the changes that can occur when hormones are out of whack, so I wrote about it openly and freely here so that others could find and receive the help and information they need. In fact, my article about postpartum vaginal odor has consistently been one of my most-read and most-loved articles to date. 

vaginal health test by thryve worth it

All that said, I am incredibly grateful to get the opportunity to work with brands that understand women’s health and are committed to the betterment of it. Today’s world is full of possibilities that weren’t available to our moms, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers. Instead of going with the old “grin and bear it” mentality, we have the opportunity to improve and optimize our health so that we feel well all the time. Isn’t that something?

The Thryve vaginal health test is 100% worth using if you’re experiencing any kind of vaginal health issues that you’d like to understand. Thryve doesn’t just give you a blanket, one-size-fits-all recommendation, they actually test and analyze your sample so that they can give you personalized insights and recommendations for healing. Plus, they’re the first vaginal microbiome company to offer highly specified probiotics in addition to their tests, which closes the gap between testing and treatment.

Overall, I am really impressed with Thryve and would recommend any of my friends, family, and followers get started with Thryve for themselves if they are dealing with vaginal health issues. Ladies, you’re worth it!

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