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Tami, from Fit Healthy Momma, provides a great rating of Paloma Health, which is also backed up by real customer reviews as they continue to be the pioneer of thyroid testing at-home.

Fit Healthy Momma Rating: 9.7/10 ⭐

If you're feeling run down, it could be your thyroid. The only way to find out is through testing methods traditionally. But, Paloma Health now provides this service online. It's what they specialize in and they're gaining massive popularity for those who can utilize their thyroid testing kit - all from home. A+ in our book, and this review backs it up.

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Get this, nearly 5 out of every 100 Americans over the age of 12 have hypothyroidism. That’s a significant number, however, many of those people are unaware that they have a problem because their symptoms are mild or not obvious.

While having mild or unnoticeable symptoms relating to your thyroid function sounds like a good thing, the problem is that there’s a good chance that your quality of life could improve if you understood your hypothyroidism and how to treat it. And don’t we all want to be feeling our best these days?

I was recently introduced to Paloma Health, a thyroid health-specific telemedicine brand, and decided to dive in headfirst to see if this online hypothyroidism treatment is legit and to help you decide if checking your thyroid function and seeking help from specialized thyroid doctors is a good path for you.

In this Paloma Health review, I’ll cover everything you need to know about the brand, who it helps, how it helps, and then give you some personal insight into what my experience was when I tested my thyroid health.

Thyroid Health: Why Should We Care?

Your thyroid is a small organ located in the front of your neck that looks similar to a butterfly. This crucial gland is responsible for the creation of key hormones that play various roles throughout your body. Hormones are responsible for regulating your bodily functions and keeping you healthy and working like a well-oiled machine.

thyroid gland infographic

This infographic shows where the thyroid gland is, along with the Larynx, Trachea, and Isthmus.

When your thyroid fails to function properly, your entire body can be impacted. Thyroid disease occurs when your body either makes too little or too much of the hormones that your body needs to regulate. When it comes to thyroid hormone production, the most common problem is the gland producing too few thyroid hormones, which is called hypothyroidism.

What is Hypothyroidism and How Does It Affect Thyroid Function?

Hypothyroidism is also known as an underactive thyroid. This occurs when the thyroid gland fails to make enough of the hormones that your body needs to function properly. The hormones that your thyroid gland produces are responsible for controlling the way your body uses energy, affecting nearly every function of your body. When there is a lack of thyroid hormones, your body’s functions slow down. Hypothyroidism is one of the most common thyroid disorders across people of all ages.

Hypothyroidism thyroid function

So, What Are Hypothyroid Symptoms?

Symptoms of an underactive thyroid can vary from person to person, however, the most common symptoms of hypothyroidism include the following:

  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain or difficulty with weight management
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Feeling cold/difficultly regulating body temperature
  • Dry skin and hair
  • Irregular menstrual cycles and/or fertility issues
  • Decreased heart rate
  • Depression
  • Brain fog
  • Low energy production
Hypothyroid Symptoms

Unfortunately, hypothyroidism develops slowly over time, so many people are unaware of their symptoms for months, even years. Because many of the symptoms are common, like weight gain and fatigue, people often credit them to other life factors and circumstances.

Luckily, this is where Paloma Health is stepping in to fill this gap and help people with these common symptoms to determine if their symptoms are related to thyroid function or something else.

Who’s At Risk For a Thyroid Condition Like Hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism, as we already addressed is a very common condition. It can affect people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities. The one group that’s at a higher risk of developing a decline in thyroid-stimulating hormone is women over the age of 60, particularly those who are postmenopausal.

taking hypothyroidism test for at risk person

In addition, the following people also have a higher risk of developing hypothyroidism:

  • Those with a family history of thyroid function disorders
  • Those with a medical condition like lupus, type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, Turner Syndrome
  • Those who take medications that are high in iodine
  • Those who have a history of thyroid treatment for a condition like cancer

Is Hypothyroidism An Autoimmune Disease?

No, hypothyroidism is not an autoimmune disease, however, it is caused by a number of factors, including autoimmune disease. The most common cause of hypothyroidism is Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune disorder that occurs when your immune system produces antibodies that attack its own tissues.

What is Paloma Health?

paloma health brand logo

Paloma Health is the first telemedicine (online medicine) service that’s focused solely on the diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism. With Paloma Health, you have access to the best, most specialized hypothyroid care and prescriptions, with or without insurance. Care from Paloma Health includes top-level endocrinologists and wellness experts who are dedicated to helping you fix and control your thyroid dysfunction so that you can experience the benefits of having normal thyroid function.

In a Nut Shell...

Paloma Health offers a complete diagnostic and treatment service for hypothyroid patients, beginning with their simple, at-home thyroid testing kit that they use to diagnose any thyroid disorders you may have.

Once the care team at Paloma Health has your lab results from your thyroid test, they synthesize your symptoms and create a care plan that helps you to live a healthier, happier life. Because they focus on just one thing, hypothyroidism, Paloma Health’s board-certified thyroid specialists are able to explore all treatment avenues based on your symptoms and history and then recommend a treatment plan that best suits your unique needs to get your thyroid functioning optimally.

Paloma Health Thyroid Test

thyroid test by paloma health

A complete thyroid test by Paloma Health.

Paloma Health offers a complete thyroid blood test that allows their team of specialists to take a look at your thyroid markers and function to determine a personalized treatment plan to improve your hypothyroidism and/or Hashimoto’s.

The Paloma Health thyroid test kit costs $99 and includes the following biomarkers:

  • TSH
  • Free T4
  • Free T3
  • TPO

At checkout, you can also add on the following thyroid markers:

  • Vitamin D
  • Reverse T3

Most labs tests focus solely on your Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, which is certainly important, but it’s not the whole picture. To really zero in on your thyroid health, Paloma tests additional markers that help their experts truly understand your thyroid metabolic activity and then move forward with a treatment plan from there.

How Does Thyroid Testing Through Paloma Work?

complete thyroid test (at-home) by Paloma Health

Honestly, testing your thyroid function through Paloma is so simple with their home thyroid test. I don’t know about you, but I am not a huge fan of going to the doctor’s office, getting a blood draw, and then waiting for the results of my blood test. Worse yet, I dislike the way most doctors require you to return for another appointment just to discuss the results of your lab work. It’s a lot of wasted time and energy, in my opinion.

Paloma Health eliminates all of those issues by allowing you to do your test at home on your own time. Here’s a peek at what the process looks like:

Step 1: Complete the blood test

completing paloma health blood test

A thyroid at-home test kit will be delivered to your door. There are no needles involved, it’s a simple finger prick test that only takes a few minutes to complete.

Step 2: Receive your results

palomoa health digital lab results

You receive your lab results via Paloma's digital platform, which you'll have access to.

Within days of sending your home thyroid test back to Paloma Health, you’ll receive comprehensive results. Your blood work will be analyzed by CLIA certified labs and reviewed by real, US physicians.

Step 3: Personalized guidance and ongoing care

Based on your test results, you’ll be given an initial diagnosis and plan for treating hypothyroidism. Your thyroid test results will include levels of each marker tested, giving you insight into where your thyroid levels are at compared to normal ranges. If it’s determined that you have hypothyroidism, you will be set up with follow-up thyroid test kits to check in on how your thyroid is functioning based on your treatment to see if your thyroid disorders are improving.

For more information, here's a video their team put together to get a better visual of how it all works:

What Treatments Does Paloma Health Offer?

After you’ve received your thyroid test kit and a specialized thyroid doctor reviews the results of your at-home thyroid test, it’s time to start talking about what your thyroid management treatment options are.

Paloma Health offers fast, effective, and proven thyroid care through an easy, online (telehealth) experience. Paloma’s thyroid doctors are there to discuss your test results and thyroid conditions with you and to then prescribe an appropriate treatment based on your individual thyroid biomarkers. Treatment includes live video visits with Paloma Health’s specialists as well as access to prescription medications like Levothyroxine, a common thyroid medication that helps ensure that your thyroid is functioning properly.

Paloma Health’s Doctor Fit Guarantee

One thing that really sticks out to me about Paloma Health’s program is the fact that they offer a doctor fit guarantee, which means that they work hard to make sure that you have the right doctor for your needs and preferences.

Paloma Health understands that having the right thyroid doctor plays a big role in your success and overall adherence to your treatment. If for some reason the thyroid doctor that you originally get matched with isn’t a good fit and you need further support, Paloma Health will allow you to schedule with another doctor in your state within the first seven days of your appointment at no additional charge.

Levothyroxine Refills

Already have a thyroid diagnosis and are taking Levothyroxine to manage it? You can get your medication refills without ever needing to step foot inside the doctor’s office again. Using Paloma Health’s website, you can get your existing levothyroxine prescription refilled online by a real, licensed US healthcare professional. No more doctor’s office visits, pharmacy wait times, or unnecessary hoops to jump through.

How Much Does Paloma Health Cost?

Paloma Health’s pricing is dependent on whether or not you sign up to become a member. As a member, the final cost is lower than if you are a non-member, but you get access to the same treatment regardless. Furthermore, access to online doctor visits is reserved for Paloma Health members only, so if you plan to take advantage of being able to talk to a real, live thyroid doctor, consider becoming a member.

membership discount pricing paloma health

The membership is $16 per month and it gives you the pricing listed on this image. Like anything, memberships have their advantages.

Paloma Health Membership Details:

The costs associated with a Paloma Health membership (subscription) are:


Perks with being a member

✔ A dedicated care manager

✔ Simple medication management

✔ Unlimited chats with your assigned thyroid doctor

✔ Private Paloma Health community access

✔ Live Q&A sessions with thyroid doctors

✔ Access to symptom tracker application

✔ Included online courses about thyroid health

✔ The ability to cancel at anytime

Membership Pricing

Cost as a Member

At Home Thyroid Test


Online Doctor Visits/Prescription Thyroid Medications


Vitamin Supplements (10 essential nutrients, Iodine free)


Non-Membership Pricing

Cost as a Non-Member

At Home Thyroid Test


Online Doctor Visits/Prescription Thyroid Medications

❌ Not available as non-member

Vitamin Supplements (10 essential nutrients, Iodine free)


*Important Note: Online doctor visits are NOT available with the pay-as-you-go model. You must be a member to take advantage of that service.

Does Paloma Health Accept Insurance?

insurance covered paloma health

Yes, Paloma Health does accept health insurance. By working with most major health insurance companies, Paloma is able to help more hypothyroid patients by giving them access to high-quality health care that’s accepted by their health insurance.

Paloma Health can run an insurance eligibility test for you prior to your consultation to determine what your health insurance coverage looks like and how much you will need to pay out of pocket. Most insurances also cover the cost of your copay if you are prescribed a thyroid function medication.

When it comes to the at-home thyroid test, your home thyroid test kit from Paloma Health is not likely to be covered under your health plan. That said, Paloma’s at-home blood test costs significantly less than going to your doctor’s office, getting your blood drawn, and waiting for the results of your blood tests and lab results.

As always, it’s a good idea to contact your insurance carrier prior to service to see if they provide coverage for testing for autoimmune diseases like hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s disease and for overall thyroid function.

Where is Paloma Health Available?

Currently, Paloma Health’s telemedicine service for thyroid conditions like Hashimoto’s disease and hypothyroidism is available in the following US states:

Paloma Health service availability US Map

This map was created by the creative team at Fit Healthy Momma and shows where Paloma Health is currently providing their services in the United States.

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennesee
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Wisconsin

If you don’t see your state listed here, stay tuned and keep checking Paloma Health’s website as they are always working to expand their reach.

Who Should Try Paloma Health?

Paloma Health is a great fit for anyone who is suffering from hypothyroidism or is managing their thyroid care after the removal of their thyroid. Paloma is open to people age 18 and over and is only available in certain states (listed above).

trying paloma health results

Paloma Health is the ONLY online medical provider that focuses its treatment solely on the diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism. So for those looking to get the best, most specialized care with the added convenience of being done online, Paloma Health is an excellent choice.

Is Paloma Health Worth It?

Yes, Paloma Health is 100% worth it for those who are living with the symptoms of inadequate thyroid hormone production and other thyroid disorders. Paloma uses a holistic approach to testing your thyroid gland with their thyroid test kit which includes diagnostic tests that determine whether your hormones are in a normal range or not.

thyroid test worth it by paloma health

Unlike other doctors and testing companies, Paloma Health tests for more than just your thyroid-stimulating hormone. They also check your free thyroxine (T4), thyroid peroxidase antibodies (TPO antibodies), and other biomarker levels to ensure that they have a complete picture of your thyroid health so that they can prescribe the right medication and/or treatment to help you feel your best.

Paloma Health’s number one goal is to deliver expert-level, personalized treatment for hypothyroidism that’s not only effective but also comfortable and convenient for its members. From your comprehensive thyroid blood test to your perfectly matched doctor and excellent communication, Paloma Health is worth looking into and trying for yourself.

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Real Paloma Health Reviews: What Are Online Customers Saying?

In an effort to write an honest review of Paloma, I personally ordered and used a home thyroid test kit as well as read through countless reviews of Paloma Health on Facebook, Google, and on their official website.

Overall, the reviews I read were raving. Users consistently talk about how easy Paloma Health is to use, how amazing the customer support team is, and how comprehensive and easy to understand the at-home thyroid test is. Paloma users love that they can get the thyroid treatments they need from their own home, on their own schedule.

real paloma health user reviews

with a 4.8/5 star rating out of 235 verified customer reviews, Paloma Health is trusted and they follow through with their services.

Receiving the thyroid test kit is easy and submitting the thyroid blood test is simple and pain-free. Folks who have used or are using Paloma Health love that they’re able to get their at home test kit quickly and then their test results just a few days after submitting them, making thyroid management so much easier and more convenient.

The only complaints that I saw were regarding health insurance coverage or lack thereof. Paloma Health does not participate with every insurance carrier, however, they will give you a copy of their billing to submit to your insurance company for out of network billing coverage, so be sure to communicate what you need so that they can best serve you!

Final Thoughts: Is Paloma Health’s Hypothyroidism Testing and Treatment Legit?

After researching Paloma Health, its at-home thyroid test, and treatment of hypothyroidism and autoimmune conditions, I am certain that Paloma Health is 100% legit for hypothyroidism treatment.

Paloma health thyroid testing legit

Their thyroid testing is the real deal and they have a system in place to help you after testing.

When your thyroid gland is not functioning optimally, it can be the catalyst for a whole series of events that can affect your whole body. From having low energy levels to weight gain, the symptoms of hypothyroidism are far-reaching and have the potential to really derail any progress forward you’re trying to make when it comes to your health.

Paloma Health makes getting the expert diagnostics, care, and treatment you need to manage and control your thyroid disorders simple and painless. You’ll receive your thyroid test kit to your home within days of ordering and be able to get your results back just as fast.

If having a care partner on your side as you walk the road to recovery is important to you, you can rest assured that the doctors and professionals with Paloma Health will be there for you every step of the way. If you want dedicated hypothyroidism care from your own home and on your own schedule, Paloma Health is hands down the way to go!

Verified Review

paloma health verified review by fithealthymomma

$30 Off with code: FITHEALTHY

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