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July 26, 2021 11:00 am

Peloton vs MYX Fitness: Which Bike Makes The Most Sense For You?

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MYX vs Peloton: Budget Bike or Cycling King?

budget bike vs indoor cycling king

MYX Bike compared to Peloton Bike

In a recent study published in the NY Post, 64% of people surveyed stated that they are more interested in home fitness options than they were before the quarantine. Which makes complete sense, considering gyms were closed and many still are. Of those polled, a quarter of them stated that they purchased an exercise bike to help them get through the tough times and maintain/improve upon their fitness.

So, if you’re thinking of jumping on the home fitness trend, you’re in good company! And if you’re looking to make an investment into an interactive bike for home, congrats! You’re going to love having the ability to crush a workout from the comfort of your own home at any time.

We all know that Peloton has been the reigning king of home exercise bikes for a few years, and the standard by which competitors are striving to beat. But are they still the best spin bike on the market? Or has the insurgence of new brands brought some serious competition?

Today, I’m comparing two popular interaction home exercise bikes: MYX vs. Peloton, putting them head-to-head so you can decide which one is the best option for you, your goals, your budget, and your personal style.

If you’re comparing these two D2C (direct to consumer) home fitness equipment brands, then the price is likely a major factor. Considering this, I’ll be comparing the MYX bike with the classic Peloton Bike which now stickers at $1895.

MYX Bike vs Peloton: A Head-to-Head Table Comparison




Starting Price:



Weights Included?

✅ Yes, with MYX Plus


Live Classes?

Coming soon


Heart Rate Monitoring?



Monthly membership cost:



Screen size:



Access to other class types?




SPD and Cage

SPD only (purchase separate clips)

Interactive Leaderboard?




The Key Differences Between Peloton and MYX Fitness Bike

bike design differences

Design of Each Cycling Bike

When it comes to design, both bikes are very similar. However, MYX has the ability to adjust the handlebars for a more ergonomic fit, which makes it more customizable and therefore more comfortable.

working out off the myx and peloton bikes

Swiveling Touch Screen

The screens on both bikes are the same size, but MYX’s screen swivels to achieve optimal viewing for off-bike classes (you can see an HD image of it on their website). Peloton recently released the same feature but only put it on their Bike+ which costs more than double the MYX.

cycling resistance differences

Resistance: Friction, Magnetic or Fan?

MYX uses friction resistance and Peloton uses magnetic. You’ll only notice the difference when you’re at high resistance levels and when you’re out of the saddle, but you will note a difference. Magnetic resistance is preferred. That said, beginner or recreational riders likely won’t see the friction resistance as a shortcoming as the bike is incredibly smooth thanks to the heavy, 41-pound flywheel. MYX uses a control knob like the Bowflex C6, while Peloton's auto follow resistance does not require one.

Peloton focuses on specific resistance levels and cadence during the workouts and for feedback and MYX focuses on heart rate.

cycling experience differences

Indoor Cycling Experience

Peloton promotes competition via their live classes and leaderboard. MYX is more focused on personal competition, striving to reach your own personal goals, records, and outcomes. Peloton's programming and coaching set the tone early, while MYX aims to set the bar high with elite level instructors that they call MYX coaches, providing a wide range of training styles.

price differences

Sticker Price With These Two Bikes

The classic Peloton Bike costs $1895 and the MYX costs $1199 (with an additional $50 off with my code FITHEALTHY50), a significant price difference. Not to mention MYX has free shipping right now and costs $10 less per month to maintain their membership. Overall, the MYX fitness bike is a much lower price.

differences in workouts

Workout and Fitness Classes

Regardless of your fitness level, both apps are similar to use, offering a similar library of workout choices, styles, lengths, etc. Peloton is going to be competitive, like mentioned above, while MYX is all about their heart rate monitor and zone training. You'll get to wear the included Polar OH1 armband during workouts to track your progress.

When choosing between MYX vs peloton, both bikes offer scenic rides that make it feel like you're on a road bike. If you choose the MYX Plus, you'll be able to get intense cross training in with on-bike spin classes and off-bike workout classes. For someone who wants a Peloton, but can't afford it, MYX is your best peloton alternative. On the other hand, Peloton classes will have a studio-style atmosphere. If you upgrade to their plus, you'll be able to also cross-train with cycling classes and off-bike workouts.

Another major difference between the bikes is MYX media, where you can ride and watch the news, mat chats, coach diaries and even more. That said, some people don't have 45 minutes to workout, and MYX Media allows you to watch tv while cycling.

music for both bikes

The Music - Peloton Ran Into Problems, But What About MYX?

MYX allows you to adjust your music and the voice of the instructor independently, Peloton does not. So if you’re into jamming out to the music while riding, you’ll still have to deal with hearing the instructor at that same level with Peloton.

Back in February of 2020, music publishers filed a huge lawsuit vs peloton. Both parties settled, but it was a big deal. Now, peloton uses their own music, which many long-time users aren't very happy about.

Is MYX as good as peloton?

Although Peloton is unquestionably a high end bike with some impressive features, it also comes with a steep price tag and high monthly membership fee. MYX, on the other hand, is arguably just as impressive, delivering more bang for your buck with its stellar standard features, significantly lower cost, and more affordable monthly membership, making it an effective and budget-friendly alternative to Peloton.

myx and peloton great spin bike options

MYX comes in at a much lower price point and the same great features that Peloton has, therefore, it's a fact that MYX is just as good (if not better) than peloton.

Take a look at my full video review from my YouTube channel, where I breakdown of the peloton head-to-head against myx:

MYX Fitness Bike: A detailed look

using foam roller with myx bike

MYX Fitness is one o the newest players in the connected home exercise bike space, and it’s quickly surging in popularity. I wrote a complete MYX Fitness bike review here, which takes a close look at the brand, the bike, and all of its intricacies. For the purpose of this comparison, I’ll keep it brief and bring you the information you need to make your decision between MYX vs Peloton.

MYX is the first bike to truly bring you the Peloton Experience, without the Peloton price tag. There are plenty of bikes out there to choose from, but they typically all require you to use your own screen and find your own programming. MYX fitness delivers a built-in screen and their own proprietary streaming training, just like Peloton, but at a much more accessible price.

Top Benefits and Features of MYX

Here are some of the top features of the MYX bike that you should be aware of:

  • It’s beautifully designed and comes in two different color options (gray or white)
  • There’s an included 21.5” HD touchscreen
  • It has dual-sided pedals that come with both SPF clips and toe cages (you can use cycling shoes or your regular shoes)
  • The touchscreen swivels so that you can easily transition from bike to floor exercises
  • There are two water bottle holders
  • There’s a heavy, 41-pound flywheel
  • It’s able to hold up to 350 lbs.
  • There are separate controls for the music and the instructor on the bike MYX fitness offers
  • The MYX Plus comes with dumbbells, a kettlebell, mat, foam roller, and more (just $200 extra!)
  • There are tons of bike workouts to choose from with more being added daily, including a large selection of floor workouts
  • MYX bike comes with personalized heart rate monitoring, included is a heart rate monitor
  • The bike compact and lightweight for easy maneuvering
  • It integrates with Apple
  • The MYX Bike costs only $1199 (minus $50 with my code FITHEALTHY50)! + $29 per month for class access
  • They’re currently offering FREE delivery and setup ($250 value) with short shipping times!

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Peloton Bike: A complete breakdown

woman taking peloton's class on bike

Peloton’s biggest strength is their live workouts. They film live and pre-programmed classes, led by popular instructors right in their NYC studios, and broadcast them on their included HD screen. Peloton fans can also access this programming by subscribing to their app which gives users access to classes on any device and on any machine.

I’ll be honest, I have a subsection to the Peloton App as I use it for running, both indoors and outdoors. Like so many others, I love the instructors and the community aspect. However, I never take live classes - they just don’t jive with my schedule. But I enjoy having access to a library of pre-recorded classes. Aside from classes on the bike and tread, they, too, offer a list of other programming, like cardio, HIIT, strength, and more.

Top Features and Benefits of Peloton Bike

Here are some important attributes to keep in mind about the Peloton Bike:

  • They have Live workouts as a large part of their programming and sales strategy
  • There’s a live leaderboard that allows users to compete with other riders on live workouts
  • It includes a 21.5” HD touchscreen
  • The pedals are clip-in only, if you don’t buy cycling shoes you’ll need to buy toe cages
  • It includes dual water bottle holders
  • Their instructors are great - very motivating and easy to connect with
  • You get access to their whole library of workouts with the app
  • The classic bike now costs $1895 (they recently lowered the price to compere with the likes of MYX and Echelon) + $39 per month for access to the app
  • It features magnetic resistance
  • There is no option to control the instructor and the music independently
  • The screen is static, making it difficult to view for floor workouts (if you want their new swivel screen, you’ll need to upgrade to the Bike+ which starts at $2495
  • Shipping is currently taking anywhere from 4-9 weeks and will cost $250 for shipping

Bottom Line: Should You Choose MYX or Peloton?

Here’s the deal, if you’re an elite cyclist who’s looking to compete with others and climb your way to the top of every leaderboard, then Peloton is probably going to be the bike that brings you the most joy between the two bikes.

However, if you’re among the 90% of us out there that are simply looking to have a great option for home workouts where we can get our sweat on, make progress, and experience a variety of workout, then you’re going to love MYX Fitness. MYX comes in at nearly half the price of Peloton, but with better features (like the swivel screen and volume controls).

Although it may seem like everyone who’s anyone has a Peloton, the truth is that their appeal is waning as more and more competitors like MYX hit the market with a much better, more affordable option. So while Peloton may never be dethroned, they are certainly losing their appeal to many consumers who simply want to occasionally hit the bike from the comfort of their own home without taking out a second mortgage to do it. MYX is the better value!

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