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You want to make sure your kids are getting the nutrients that they need, and you’re questioning whether their diet is cutting the mustard, so to speak. So, you’ve decided to purchase a high-quality kids multivitamin to supplement their diet and make sure they get what they need, and you’ve narrowed it down to Hiya vitamins or Smarty Pants.

First, I want to say that you really can’t go wrong with either brand because they are both great options. Second, I will say that there is a clear difference between the two and a clear winner for being the overall best. Ready to find out?

Here it is, a head-to-head comparison - Hiya Vitamins Vs. Smarty Pants. I have done all the research for you (because I already went down this road on my quest for the best kids vitamins) and put it together so that you can make the most informed decision for your family. I’ll also tell you which one I chose for mine!

What to Look For in Kids Vitamins

Whether this is your first rodeo with multivitamins for kids or you’re simply looking to get a better product, it’s important that you know what you’re looking for when you’re considering a brand. Here are some important considerations:

1. What’s on the ingredients list?

We all know that less is generally better when it comes to ingredients labels. And the more items we can pronounce and understand, the better. Unfortunately, there are tons of kids' multivitamins that are filled with excess junk. Things like fillers, preservatives, and added sugars. This means that we’re often potentially doing more harm than good for our kid’s diets, which is not the goal at all.

2. How much sugar do they contain?

This is a big one and one that should be taken seriously when purchasing vitamins for your kids. While we want the vitamin to be tasty enough to entice them to eat it, we don’t want them to be riddled with sugar, especially when their diets likely contain plenty of it in the first place (no judgment! That’s just the world we live in). In fact, the sugar epidemic is so bad right now that toddlers in America are consuming, on average, over 7 teaspoons of sugar per day. That’s more than the recommended amount for women, which is 6 teaspoons. And we often fuel that fire by giving our kids vitamins that are nothing more than glorified candy thanks to their high sugar content (an average of 5 grams or more per serving!).

3. How many nutrients are inside and are they necessary for children?

Did you know that many vitamins on the drug store shelf are formulated based on outdated science regarding daily percentages needed for certain vitamins and minerals? If technology and healthcare have advanced so much in the last few decades, why are we still using outdated information to create vitamins that we’re giving to our children? When choosing a vitamin to give your kids, take a look at what vitamins are in them as well as the percentage of the daily value to make sure they’re getting what they need and nothing more.

4. The consumption method

Here’s an unpopular truth: gummies are bad for your teeth. There, I said it, but don’t shoot the messenger. I’ve been hearing this for years from my kid’s dentist and I’ve read plenty of articles on why gummy vitamins are unhealthy. I’ll be honest, I have given my kids gummy vitamins in the past. Heck, I’ve consumed them myself! They’re tasty and kids (and adults) love them, but unfortunately, they aren’t great for their teeth. To add insult to injury, many gummy options are coated in sugar to be even more enticing, and even worse for their teeth and health. While a small amount of sugar may seem innocuous enough, it adds up over time and create bad habits and negative health consequences in the future.

Smarty Pants Vs. Hiya Vitamins: The Showdown

In the table below, I compare all the most important aspects of each vitamin brand.


Smarty Pants



Sugar content



Artificial Sweeteners?



Number of Essential Nutrients





$18.85 per month

$15 for the first month (50% off promo)

Approved Ages

Toddler formula 2-3

Kids formula 4+

3+ (talk to your doctor about kids under 3)

Sustainable Packaging?

✅ Yes - Initial order comes in fun, decoratable jar and refills come in recyclable packets

Serving Suggestion

2 gummies per day

1 Chewable Tablet

Buy now

The verdict is in: Which multivitamin is best?

I’m not going to sugar coat it (no pun intended), there is a clear winner in the battle between Hiya Vs. Smarty Pants is Hiya. I saw this for a number of reasons, beginning with the fact that Hiya is made completely from organic fruits, veggies, and 15 essential nutrients that are proven crucial to child's development.

There are no fillers, artificial ingredients, and ZERO sugar. This is one of the only kids’ brands I have found that isn’t laced with sugar. Even better, Hiya’s vitamins come in a chewable tablet form. No more worries of sugary gummies rotting your children’s teeth, and the next time their dentist asks you “does your child eat gummies?” you can confidently say no (I usually tell a little white lie when confronted with that question). Full disclosure, of course my kids consume gummies occasionally, but I make sure they are the treat kind and that they aren’t making a connection with vitamins to treats, although Hiya certainly tastes great!

Now, this isn’t meant to completely dog Smarty Pants, because they really are a great brand, too. However, with 5g of sugar per serving and the fact that the serving is two gummies per day, they simply are not as healthy as Hiya.

If you haven’t guessed, Hiya is the brand I chose for my kiddos (read our hiya vitamins reviews here). They love them, especially when the first bottle came and they got to decorate and personalize it with their names and stickers. I love that I never have to worry about running out of them, they come delivered to my door each month on auto-pilot. And I have dealt with the customer service team a couple of times and they have been nothing but amazing. They are truly a brand that’s dedicated to changing the way we nourish children, and they 100% stand behind their values.

Final thought: if your child(ren) will only consume a multivitamin if it’s in gummy-form (again, no judgement, I know how picky kids can be!). The gummy that I recommend is First Day (read first day vs hiya comparison here). They offer a wonderful product that’s highly researched and backed by science and contains only 2g of sugar, which is way less than their competitors!
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