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Alright, parents, this Fabkids review is for you. If you’re like me, you probably never considered a kid's clothing subscription box. I mean, who even knew that existed?

I was pursuing the Fabletics website one pay, looking for new workout gear for myself when I happened to go down a rabbit hole and noticed that they have a sister brand, Fabkids. Being that I’m a mom and I’m always looking to outfit my kiddos (especially my fashion-forward daughter), in fun, trendy clothing, I was instantly intrigued.

There’s nothing easier or more convenient than subscription services, IMO. It’s the thing of today and it’s making all our lives easier. With malls nearly obsolete, what’s left? Trudging through stores with your kids or trying to navigate multiple retailer’s websites in search of what you want? In this case, I’ll take the easy button and the easy button is Fabkids.

As soon as I saw this brand, I took to Google like any good consumer doing their due diligence would and started looking for Fabkids reviews. To my dismay, there really weren't any. This meant that I needed to take it upon myself to be a guinea pig so that I could share my thoughts on Fabkids here with you so that you can decide if a Fabkids VIP membership is a smooth 

fabkids for kids clothing subscription membership

What Is Fabkids? (Reviewing The Brand)

Fabkids is an affordable kid’s clothing membership that offers cute, trendy clothing and shoes for kids. With a VIP membership, you can save a ton of money on monthly outfits for your children.

With a giant selection of boys' and girls' clothing, you have access to tons of adorable outfits for your kids. Clothing sizes range from toddler and preschool to middle and high school (2T-XL). In addition to the clothing selection, there’s also a complete library of shoes to choose from.

The best part about shopping with Fabkids is the fact that the clothing is as unique as it is trendy. I don’t know about you, but I have shown up to play dates multiple times with my son or daughter wearing the same outfit as another kid. And while there is nothing wrong with that certainly, it’s fun to have fab kids purchases that are unlikely to be the same as everyone else.

How Does Fabkids Work?

Fabkids is a clothing subscription service, however, customers are always welcome to make purchases without being VIP members.

When you sign up to be a VIP member, you get access to all their new, limited-edition collections that are released each month. You can choose to shop, skip, or save your membership contribution each month for a later date. The beauty of this subscription is that it’s very flexible. If you don’t want a new outfit for one month, you’re welcome to skip a month or put your membership fee towards the next month’s shopping - the choice is yours!

fabkids member profile

VIP Membership Details

As a fab kids VIP subscriber, you’ll get up to 40% off all day, every day on your purchases. I would compare the prices and quality of the clothing at fab kids to that of some of my other favorite children’s retailers like Target and Old Navy.

Some great introductory offers really entice parents. For example, there’s a stellar offer that allows you to choose two pairs of shoes for just $9.95 and two outfits for just $19.95!

Here’s how the process works for VIP members:

  1. 1
    Create your account.
    And enter your child(ren)’s sex, age, size, and style preferences
  2. 2
    Shop, skip a month or save.
    As a monthly member, you have the option to shop for a new outfit, skip a month, or save your credit to spend at a later date. If you don’t shop or skip by the 5th of every month, fabkids will charge your credit card for the monthly subscription cost of $39.95 on the 6th. That charge will remain in your account until you’re ready to use it.
  3. 3
    Receive your new clothes!
    Put those new clothes to the test, from the classroom to the playground, if they don’t hold up to your standards, you can send them back within 30 days for a refund or exchange. No questions asked (a $5.95 restocking fee may apply).
  4. 4
    Continue your membership for as long as you’d like.
    When you’re ready to cancel your membership, you can give the Fabkids team a call at any time and they will help you discontinue.

Does Fabkids Charge Monthly?

For VIP membership, the monthly cost is $39.95. This amount will be charged to the credit card that you have on file on the 6th of the month, regardless of whether or not you choose an outfit that month or not. Don’t worry, your membership credit will be saved in your account, so you won’t lose it!

Is There Free Shipping With Fabkids?

Yes, fabkids shipping is always free with your VIP membership!

Who Owns Fabkids?

Fabkids is owned by TechStyle Fashion Group, an innovative fashion and style brand that specializes in flexible memberships. Their companies include:

  • JustFab
  • ShoeDazzle
  • Savage X Fenty
  • Fabletics 
  • FabKids
I have personally used Fabletics and JustFab and have been nothing but impressed with the quality they offer as well as the shopping experience.

My Personal Experience With Fabkids: Why I Gave Them a 9.5 out of 10 Star Rating

Ok, now that you have an idea of what FabKids is and how it works, let me share with you my experience so that you can get a better feel for this brand and some real customer reviews.

fabkids.com order for Fit Healthy Momma's daughter

Opening My Fabkids Account

I opened my account after discovering FabKids while working with JustFab. As I said, I feel like kids’ clothing options are limited and we all kind of end up in the same stuff, so when I saw the selection the Fabkids had to offer I was excited, mostly because the bright, fun colors are just the type of apparel that my girly-girl 2-year-old loves!

The first step to becoming a member and creating your account is to enter your child’s name and fill out a style profile for them. They gave me a matrix of options that included different patterns and color palettes to choose from. Once I selected the options that best fit my daughter, I was taken to a page that had personalized options for her.

fabkids.com checkout page with promotion

My Fabkids Shopping Experience & Special Coupon

From there, I wanted to add my son to my account so that I could pursue the boy’s clothes, too. I will say that I wasn’t as thrilled with the boy's clothing options as I was with the girls. But that may be more to do with the style that my little guy has, which is more of a sports/athletic look. I feel like the boy’s clothes would be great for toddlers! It’s a little young-looking for my bigger kid.

I, of course, went ahead and used the promos they offered me. I ended up getting a buy one get one free deal on two pairs of shoes, 50% off on an outfit, and a $10 welcome credit that was automatically added to my account. So, in total, I was able to get $139.80 of merchandise for just $68.39, which felt like a great deal.

Overall, the user experience was great. It’s clear that the business team cares about making sure you have plenty of cute, trendy options. However, I give them 9.5/10 stars because some of the clothing felt a little too adult for my tastes and they added a free Entertainment Weekly subscription to my order and I have no interest in that.

How’s The Fabkids Clothing Quality?

Once we received the clothing, I was impressed with the quality and the details. They were bright and appealing and appeared the same as they did on the website, which is always a plus.

The items I ordered for my daughter fit true to size and exactly how I would expect them to. The shoes were awesome, she went nuts for them! My only regret was that we didn’t get another pair.

I did notice a small hole in one of the bathing suits. It was tiny, but I could see how it could potentially turn larger with a little use. I reached out to the member services team with a request to exchange and they immediately responded with a reply email telling me that the team will be contacting me within 48 hours with a solution.

Using my account information, they issued me a free return label and shipped me a replacement at no extra cost. So while I was disappointed in the small rip, I was very pleased with the promptness of their response and their dedication to making things right.

Fabkids' Pros and Cons

With most of my reviews, I like to give quick pros and cons list before wrapping up, so here it is:


  • Great shopping experience
  • Easy to navigate website
  • Awesome selection of unique clothing and shoes
  • Cheap introductory offers
  • The subscription model makes getting new clothes easy
  • The flexible subscription allows you to skip or cancel your membership at any time or save your credit for future purchases
  • Clothing is high-quality 
  • Customer service was seamless


  • They added an unwanted magazine subscription to my order
  • I wasn’t as impressed with the boys clothing and shoes as I was with the girls
  • Not a great deal for parents who don’t want to give their kid new clothes every month

Is Fabkids Worth It?



Yes, Fabkids is worth it if you want to outfit your children in cute, trendy clothing and do so without needing to go out and shop every month. There are always fresh styles and new outfits and shoes to choose from, allowing you to experience a broader range of children’s apparel than what you’d find at your local retailer.

I think the $39.95 per month offer is fair, especially when you compare that price to what it would cost other places, however, if you’re not someone who wants to give your child a new outfit every month (especially if they’re growing fast!), you may not be inclined to subscribe to their VIP membership. To be honest, you might just want to take advantage of the first order special promos and then cancel after that. You can always go back and purchase items in an a-la-carte fashion if you wish.

In conclusion, parents who want to make shopping for their little ones easy, fun, and stylish will love this kids clothing subscription. With low prices, quality pieces, and frequent updates, it’s safe to say that this is one of the best new ways to shop for your littles. 

Think Fabkids is a good fit for your family?

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