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Ellie's activewear not only looks great, but feels great during workouts.

Even on the days when I start the day off with the best of intentions aka wearing a pair of jeans, I always end up in leggings and something cozy. I’m finally ready to admit that I live in activewear.

As a busy mom with a preschooler and a toddler at home, an affinity for working out, and a bustling business to tend to, I’m all about comfort and convenience. But that doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice looking cute and put together!

I feel like activewear and athleisure have really evolved over the last few years. So whether you wear it only to the gym or you make it part of your daily style, there are so many high-quality, trendy styles to choose from that it’s easy to see why women like you and me are turning to this style of dressing more and more.

So, you better believe that I  am forever on the hunt for more brands to check out. Of course, I have my tried and trues that I will always stick with, but I also love exploring new brands. Recently I found POPFLEX Active, which reminds me a lot of the brand I'm about to review.

I recently saw some buzz around Ellie Activewear on Instagram, a subscription-based activewear brand, and decided to check it out for myself so that I could bring you my complete review, allowing you to decide if this fitness subscription box service is worth it to you!

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What is Ellie Activewear?

Ellie is a women’s apparel brand that creates unique, stylish pieces made for every occasion from working out to a night out on the town, and sends them directly to you each month through their subscription service. Customers have the choice between receiving 2, 3, or 5 items each month.

hand and head stand yoga moves

Unlike other subscription services, Ellie gives you options. You get to choose which curated style you like best and Ellie will do the rest. The motive behind their business is to help women save time, money, and hassle by pre-styling cute, trendy outfits and accessories and delivering them right to your door each month.

While that’s what they do, they are also big believers in their WHY.

How it Works

I love how simple Ellie Activewear makes it to have a brand new outfit delivered to your door each month. Honestly, the hardest part is choosing which one! Here’s how the process works:

Step 1: Choose your style

Browse their selection of current outfits to choose from. They release new collections every month! Each option is a complete outfit (top, bottoms, and sports bra). Each month you can expect about 15 different outfits to choose from and the collections will be announced on the first of each new month.

Step 2: Choose your subscription

Next, you’ll have the option to choose which subscription type you want; 2 (top & bottom), 3 (top, bottom, and sports bra), or 5 pieces (top, bottom, sports bra, and 2 fitness accessories/equipment items) per month.

Step 3: Receive your new outfit right at your door each month!

You’ll receive your Ellie Activewear box right at your doorstep every month beginning with the first month that you sign up for the subscription. Shipping is always FREE!

Keep in mind that once you sign up, you’ll be automatically enrolled in a subscription, so your card will be charged each month. But you can skip a month, adjust your sizing preferences, and cancel your subscription at any time! There’s never any obligation to buy! Ellie keeps things very simple and straightforward.

The pricing is been their lowest in months, so if you're serious, jump on it now!

What’s Their Clothing Quality Like?

We all know that there’s a big disparity between athleticwear, that’s why we’re always looking for the ones that are made from fabrics that pass the squat test and avoid VPL (visible panty line). I know that for me personally, I have experience with both the really high-quality pieces and the low-quality.

When it comes to Ellie Activewear, I’m happy to say that the clothes are very well made. The fabrics they use are thick, but not too thick, making them perfect for the gym and for everyday wear. They are using sweat-wicking fabric to help keep you cool and dry, which is essential if you’re going to be wearing these for working out.

flexibility activewear

I find that the pieces are very on par with most of the quality athleisure you can find for around the same price point. I would liken it to the clothing you can buy at Target from some of their newer, higher-end athleisure lines. It’s durable, holds up well through washes, and keeps its shape.

Why Choose Ellie Activewear?

If this will be your first time experiencing a fitness apparel subscription box, Ellie Activewear is one of the best, in my opinion. I love how they come out with new outfits at the top of each month and that they allow you to choose which one you want to choose. In contrast, some subscription services choose your outfit for you.

All of the styles are incredibly trendy and stylish and they completely eliminate the need for you to put together your own outfits. Basically, they make looking cute and trendy, whether at the gym or on the go, super simple. And the best part is that you can mix and match your outfits as you get them each month, making it really easy to have a whole wardrobe of clothing to choose from.

stylish blue leggings

Wearing that 2 piece for spring and summer.

I also love how they have three different package levels. Personally, I love the 3 piece option as it gives me a top, bottom, and sports bra (typically) each month. But if you also want to enjoy some other fitness related goodies, the 5 piece option gives you a couple of extra fun fitness finds each month, which can be exciting! I’ve seen everything from booty bands to protein bars in there.

Lastly, the customer service is great. You can pause, skip, or cancel your subscription at any time without any hassle. And if you receive your package and the fit is off or you don’t like the style, they’ll replace it for you, no questions asked. They truly want you to be thrilled with your monthly outfit, so they do what it takes to make sure you’re happy and well-dressed.


Q: When will I be charged every month?

A: You’ll be charged on the same day of every month that you originally signed up on. For customers whose first purchase was on the 1st-4th of the month, they will be moved to a date between the 5th-8th of the month for all future months, that way you have plenty of time to review each new month’s collections and to make any updates to your account before your shipment.

Q: Can I buy just one box?

A: No, they don’t allow you to purchase just one box. However, you can start your subscription and then cancel after one month, if you choose. But keep in mind that Ellie is able to deliver the look you love based on their membership model which includes special, curated styles made just for you and with that model they’re able to deliver quality pieces at a fraction of the cost and with more convenience than going to the store to pick them out for yourself.

Q: Can I return or exchange subscription items?

A: The content of each month’s subscription is carefully curated by Ellie, therefore they do not allow for any substitution of items that come as part of their collections. If you do want to make a return, you must return the whole collection and it must be in original condition with all the tags attached. Return within 30 days of the order date. 

Q: Does the clothing run TTS?

A: Yes, the clothing runs true to size, you should be able to order your normal size, but check their sizing guide for more information on the fit of each article.

Q: Are Ellie Leggings squat proof?

squat and lunge proof with ellie leggings

If you're a gym rat, you'll be able to hit the squat rack with these high quality leggings.

A: The leggings that are delivered in the Ellie subscription box are thick, durable fabric that aren't see-though. Their leggings are absolutely squat proof.

Q: How much does Ellie cost?

A: Here’s a breakdown of their current pricing:

Pieces Per Month










Ellie Activewear Reviews: What are customers saying online about this women’s activewear subscription?

According to, there are 16,803 reviews of Ellie, with an average star rating of 4.5 out of 5. The vast majority of reviewers are thrilled with their Ellie subscription, stating they look forward to their box every month. They’re also impressed with the style, fit, and quality of all the clothing they receive and enjoy the convenience of perfectly curated outfits for a fraction of the cost of shopping for them on their own.

I found only a couple of critiques of the brand, some customers stated that the clothing either fit bigger or smaller than they anticipated. However, it’s important to keep in mind that every woman has a different body shape, and therefore, the clothing will fit each of us differently. Ellie offers free exchanges for clothing that doesn’t fit properly, which shows their dedication to customer service and to making sure that their customers are completely satisfied with (and comfortable in!) their clothing.

Final Thoughts: Is an Ellie Activewear Subscription Right For You?

If you love athleticwear but hate going through the hassle of trying to put together outfits on your own, then you’re going to love Ellie. Additionally, if you want to continue to add new pieces to your lineup and keep yourself amped up and excited about working out, then this fitness subscription is perfect for you.

There’s just something so exciting about knowing that you have a cute, comfortable workout outfit to wear that brings us so much more motivation to hit the gym or head out for a run. With Ellie, you get to experience that excitement each and every month, and for the price, it’s really a no-brainer. Where else can you get a perfectly curated outfit for less than $40?

If you’re an athleisure/athleticwear fan like me, whether you work out in it or just wear it for momming and running errands, you owe it to yourself to at least try Ellie for a month and see if you like it!


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