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Fit Healthy Momma Rating: 9.5/10

The Echelon Stride-5S is a premium treadmill with industry-leading features and safety measures. With high top speed and incline availability and a giant 24” screen, complete with a full library of live and on-demand workouts, the Stride-5S has everything you need and more.

Access to a treadmill can be so valuable on your fitness journey. Whether you’re a serious runner or someone who values getting in your daily steps, indoor treadmills are so convenient.

I have personally had a treadmill in my home for years. Even though the weather is almost always conducive for outdoor walks and jogs, I still find having a treadmill to be a great advantage.

Up until recently, I had always purchased cheap treadmills from Amazon. While they got the job done (mostly), they also never impressed or wowed me and I always had trouble with them. The truth was that the thought of dropping a few thousand dollars on a treadmill seemed silly to me, an expense that wasn’t a necessity. However, when you add up the money I’ve spent over the years purchasing several treadmills and trying to maintain them, I’ve spent far more than that.

I finally stuck my foot in the ground and got myself a high-quality, luxury treadmill from a reputable brand, the Echelon Stride-5s Smart Treadmill. Now that I’ve had my new tread for a while, I’m ready to share my review and, of course, whether or not it’s worth it. So, if you're like me and have been hesitant to pull the trigger on a pricey fitness machine, this article might help you change your mind.

Quick Summary of Echelon Stride-5s Smart Treadmill Review


Stride 5s Smart Treadmill



Key Features:

24" swivel touchscreen, variety of workouts, easy speed and incline adjustability, hear rate sensors, large belt, and more!



DURO 50 Suspension (super powerful, which makes it quiet)


Starting at $2,499.99

Membership cost:

$34.99 per month

Amount of users per membership:

5 Users

App Compatibility:

Sync with Strava, ZSwift, Apple Health and FitBit

Full body workouts:


Avg. User Rating:

New product

FHM Rating:

9.5/10 ⭐

review summary of echelon stride 5s treadmill

Introducing the Echelon Stride-5s Smart Treadmill

showing the echelon stride 5s treadmill

The Stride 5-S Smart Treadmill is Echelon’s highest-end option they offer, which means it includes all the bells and whistles you could want.

The Stride 5-S is perfect for runners, walkers, and joggers of all experience levels and with any goal in mind. There are literally no limitations with this treadmill, it’s made to support every fitness goal and journey.

From a supportive suspension and large running deck to easy-to-adjust speed and incline levels, you won’t find that this machine is lacking much. Furthermore, the giant 24” HD touchscreen and Echelon’s content take the experience to a whole new level. Train live or on-demand with Echelon’s world-class instructors as you hit new PRs and reach new heights in your fitness journey.


  • 24” HD touchscreen
  • 90-degree screen rotation for easy, off-tread cross-training
  • Speed levels up to 12.5mph
  • Incline levels up to 16
  • Duro50 Cushioned Support Deck for a smooth, non-jarring experience
  • Easy incline and speed buttons on the handlebars
  • Two accommodating cup holders
  • Hundreds of live and on-demand classes to choose from
  • Integrated HR sensor
  • Built-in cooling fan


  • It’s a large treadmill and it doesn’t fold, so make sure you have ample space
  • It would be nice if Echelon would unlock the screen to allow for access to other apps like Netflix and Hulu
  • The price point is higher than some other (less premium) options

Key Features

features of echelon stride 5s treadmill

Choosing a treadmill can feel daunting, especially if this is your first time purchasing one. It’s important to define what you want out of your treadmill and then choose based on what’s most important to you and your fitness goals. Below are some of the key, standout features of the Echelon Stride-5S treadmill.

24” Touchscreen Display

If you have never taken a fitness class on a piece of machinery that includes an attached screen, you’re missing out on some immersive fun. While watching a class from your phone screen isn’t horrible, it’s definitely sub-par when compared to playing the class on a big screen affixed right in front of your face.

The 24” HD touchscreen on the Stride-5s is beautiful and functional. It’s large, easy to use, and seamlessly connected with the treadmill. Plus, it rotates so that you can easily transition from a class on the belt to one on the floor without needing to strain your neck or get in an awkward position to view the screen.

Speed and Incline

For runners especially, the speed and incline levels available on the Stride 5-s are going to be very impressive. Speed-wise, the belt can go up to 12.5 mph, which is comparable to the Peloton Tread and plenty fast enough for even the most seasoned runners. Sprinting is a non-issue on the Stride 5-s.

When it comes to incline, this machine has an impressive 16 levels of resistance to choose from. For those who like to mix up their workouts with a wide range of terrains and inclines, you will love the adjustability and challenge that the Stride 5-s offers.

Duro50 Cushioned Suspension Deck

large belt duro50 suspension echelon stride 5s

Anyone who has ever had the experience of walking/jogging/running on a treadmill that lacks in the suspension department can tell you that their body feels it. I have crushed the joints in my lower body by pounding away on cheap treadmills and it’s definitely not worth the toll it takes. 

The Stride 5-s features the Duro50 Cushioned Suspension Deck which helps absorb some of the force and shock, preventing your joints from taking a beating. It’s comfortable, quiet, and easy on the joints, which makes it safer and more comfortable for long-term use.

Handlebar Speed and Incline Controls

When you’re running at a quick pace, it can be dangerous to bend down and try to hit numbers on a center console. Echelon eliminated this issue by placing convenient speed and incline controls right on the handlebars for quick, easy, and safe adjustment. 

Heart Rate Sensors

The speed and incline buttons aren’t the only thing you’ll find on the handlebars, there are also built-in heart rate sensors that work immediately when you place your hands on the handlebars. Once activated, you’ll be able to see your HR in real-time on the screen.

Oversized Cooling Fan

My treadmill is in our home gym which is also our garage, and it gets hot in there. Thankfully, Echelon included a built-in, oversized cooling fan that can be turned on and off right in the middle of the console. Unlike most fitness equipment where the fan is basically a joke, the one on the Stride 5-s actually creates a decent amount of wind to keep you cool.

Large Belt

Too short and/or too narrow of a running belt can be a real danger, especially for runners. The belt on the Stride 5-s is plenty wide enough and long enough to not only cater to runners of all sizes but to accommodate the high speeds available on the machine.

Free Run Feature

Not interested in joining a class? Just want to hop on and walk or run at your leisure? Echelon included a free-run option that allows you to do just that while still tracking all of your important stats right on the screen. I utilize this feature all the time when I’m just looking to get some steps in.


experience echelon stride 5s

You can have a treadmill that has every feature in the world you could want, but if the programming stinks, it’s not going to be worth it. Full disclosure, prior to getting the Echelon Stride 5-s, I was a Peloton App user and loved running and walking with the app. 

My hope was that the classes I would find on the Echelon app would be similar, and they did not disappoint! In fact, I find that Echelon classes are very similar in format and structure to Peloton classes. Furthermore, the instructors are just as likable! The only note I will add, to be fair, is that the production quality with Pelton appears to be slightly better than what you get with Echelon, but when you’re pouring sweat and working hard, that’s the last thing on your mind.

Echelon offers both live and on-demand programming options, and there are classes across a wide variety of modalities. From running and walking workouts to scenic jogs and off-tread training, you’ll find everything you need to get a great workout in one easy place.


With an Echelon membership, you will have access to hundreds of studio classes, right from your own home. The support and energizing Echelon community will be there to encourage and inspire you every step of the way. From leaderboards to connections, you’ll find your groove and your community inside the app. 

The app includes:

  • 40+ daily live classes
  • 3,000+ on-demand workouts
  • 1M+ song and artist options
  • 60+ different instructors to choose from


safety of echelon stride 5s smart treadmill

All fitness equipment has the potential to be dangerous when not being used in teh proper manner or without adult supervision. However, treadmills took a huge hit last year when death and serious injuries occurred in relation to children and treadmill belts.

Echelon takes your safety and those around you very seriously, which is evident in the careful safety measures that were put in place on the Stride 5-s. There is a three-point safety system that includes a rear-frame safety bar to protect objects from being pulled under the belt, a safety stop lanyard, and an emergency stop button, all to keep you and your loved ones safe and secure.

Who Should Buy the Echelon Stride-5s?

beautiful treadmill - echelon stride 5s

The Echelon Stride-5s is a great option for anyone who has a desire to have a treadmill in their home that they can rely on and grow with. I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for, and when it comes to something as important as a treadmill, you want to get one that you feel comfortable and confident in. With Echelon, you can rest assured that the highest safety standards are being upheld while offering you a best-in-class experience that’s hard to beat.

Runners, especially, will benefit from the Stride-5s thanks to its wide range of speed and incline options. That said, I find it to be a great treadmill for walkers, too. Personally, I run very rarely these days, but find myself getting in treadmill steps often. Although I don’t use the full speed and incline functionality, I still feel the benefits of having a high-quality machine that’s supportive, safe, and interactive.

The biggest thing to keep in mind when it comes to the Stride-5s is that it is a full-size treadmill and it doesn’t fold up. So if you’re looking for something that you can tuck away when not in use, this isn’t going to be the right fit for you. Echelon does offer two smaller models of the Stride that might be more in alignment with your space needs and goals.

Real Echelon Stride-5s Treadmill Reviews

There's no question that the Stride 5s is a legitimate treadmill, and customer reviews back that claim up, not just mine. On amazon, Echelon treadmills have a 4.5/5 star rating. This is their newest model, so there isn't a huge sample size, but so far the feedback around the 5s is exactly what I thought after using it for over a month now - it's the real deal.

It's safe to say that I use the Stride 5s treadmill every day and I absolutely love it. My honest review is that it's super high quality, has plenty of workouts to choose from (including scenic runs, which I love) and it's super simple to adjust the speed and incline. Overall, this treadmill is an A+.

I always encourage my readers to research as much as you can about a big purchase product like this before buying. I summed up the reviews the best I could of what's out there, but it's best for you to see for yourself.

Final Thoughts: Is the Echelon Stride-5s Worth It?

worth the money - echelon stride 5s tread

The Echelon Stride-5S is 100% worth the investment if you’re looking for a premium treadmill with high-end features and enhanced safety measures. With full functionality and access to a full library of live and on-demand classes, you’ll find everything you could want in a treadmill and then some.

For those who have limited space and/or are only looking for a simple treadmill to assist with daily steps and movement, you might consider something a little smaller and less complex. But for anyone who is looking to make an investment into a treadmill that they can rely on for years to come, that will align with any fitness level or training period, the Stride 5-S is a great option.

Personally, I love how supportive, smooth, and quiet the belt is, and how the speed and incline can be adjustable seamlessly from the handlebars. I also enjoy the fact that I can always find a workout that fits my schedule and my needs for any particular day. The Stride 5-S is hands-down the best treadmill I have ever owned, so if you’re looking for a solid treadmill that has all the bells and whistles, you won’t be disappointed in the Stride-5S.

Verified Review

verified review of echelon stride 5s
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