I have searched far and wide across the internet and retail stores, and I finally found the best liquid multivitamins for toddlers and kids!

If you're like most parents, you're having an epic battle at the dinner table every night over finishing up veggies, fruits, and other healthy foods. That's why having a premium kids multivitamin is important for filling in nutritional gaps that could threaten healthy growth and development. Even "great eaters" can use the extra support of a high-quality multivitamin.

I've covered the best organic multivitamins for toddlers and the most safe multivitamins for 2 year olds because the truth is that it's impossible to get 100% of everything a kid needs packed into breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week. As a nutritionist and mom of 2 toddlers, I consider a good multivitamin the ultimate parenting hack!

What Makes a Great Liquid Vitamin for Kids?

I always tell my Wellness for Womenhood community that the best vitamin is a vitamin a kid will actually take! Luckily, liquid vitamins today have great tastes that don't turn kids off the way that those hard, chalky vitamins from my childhood did.

My criteria for a great kids liquid vitamin would be completeness in formula, natural ingredients, and appealing taste. I like to see all of the essentials packed into a vitamin. Ideally, you'll only need to give your kid a single product instead of trying to cobble together the perfect daily supplement using multiple forms of vitamins and minerals.

Liquid Vitamins vs Gummies vs Chewables: Which Works Better for Kids?

Liquid vitamins are becoming preferred over chewable vitamins simply because we're learning more about the way that liquid vitamins (liposomal) are able to be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. That means that liquid vitamins provide better bioavailability that leads to better absorption. What's more, liquid vitamins are able to contain more nutrients than other forms of vitamins. Another bonus is that liquid vitamins can be mixed into drinks for fussy kids! Finally, many parents prefer liquid vitamins because they simply like the added safety of giving their kids a liquid dose instead of chewables like hiya kids vitamins or gummies like first day kids vitamins that could present choking hazards for young toddlers, or could get stuck in their teeth and cause dental problems later in life.

The Best Liquid Vitamins for Toddlers

Are you wondering how to find a good liquid vitamin for your toddler? I'm so passionate about helping parents to give their kids a healthy start because I've seen the way that vitamins and supplements have helped my adult clients to totally turn around their energy levels, food sensitivities, moods, and more. The stakes are even higher with a kids vitamin because a good vitamin can be essential for helping to grow a healthy brain and body. After devoting myself to some deep research, I've come away with a list of the seven best liquid vitamins to give your child!

#1. Manna Liposomal Multivitamin for Kids (Best Tasting Liquid Vitamins for Toddlers)

manna liposomal multivitamin for kids

Even the pickiest of kids will like this flavor. Parents are going to like that Liposomal Multivitamin for Kids provides foundational nutrition for little ones without adding any sugar, junk, or filler. This made-in-USA kids vitamin is free of sugar, gluten, hexane, and GMO ingredients.

Best for ages 2 and up.

The Formula

Liposomal Multivitamin for Kids contains 13 key vitamins and minerals. Vitamins C, A, and E are fantastic for boosting the immune system. I also like that this vitamin has zinc to help prevent colds. It's also nice to have brain-boosting choline and omega-9 on the ingredient list.

The big claim to fame with this formula is that it contains liposomes. My understanding is that many traditional vitamins only deliver roughly 10% of the nutrients they contain simply because of the way that the body breaks down the nutrients. That means that the stomach actually turns about 80% of the vitamin you're paying for into waste. Liposomes act like "life jackets" that allow vitamins and nutrients to get where they need to go.

What I Like

I love the mix of completeness and simplicity delivered with this vitamin. I also appreciate that the completeness of the formula doesn't go to waste due to the way this vitamin is formulated to maximize absorption. Finally, this is my top pick for flavor!

What I Don't Like

I'm having a hard time finding things not to like about this vitamin. The only issue I can foresee is that the thick texture of this liquid vitamin might not be appealing enough for some kids to take it straight.

Cost and Where to Buy

This liquid vitamin costs $29.95 per bottle when you buy it directly from the Manna website. You can bring the price down to just $25 per bottle when you subscribe for monthly deliveries.

mary ruths liposomal vitamins for kids

Mary Ruth's does an incredible job of creating a complete formula with this liquid liposomal vitamin for kids. It's best for ages 4-12 years old.

Use code FITHEALTHY for some extra savings!

The Formula

In addition to hitting all the right notes on A, B, C, D, E, zinc, and other core vitamins, this formula also includes omega-9 for brainpower. Mary Ruth's also encapsulates this liquid formula in liposomes to boost delivery to the stomach without leaving any waste behind.

What I Like

This is a tasty liquid vitamin with an agreeable consistency. I like that the formulation is complete and thorough enough for daily use without the fear that you're missing something essential. It's also nice to shop with such a well-known brand. In fact, Mary Ruth's huge lineup of vitamins, supplements, and wellness aids for the whole family makes it easy to bundle your orders to take care of everyone's vitamin needs at once.

What I Don't Like

While this is a non-GMO, vegan-friendly kids vitamin, it is not free from sugar, gluten, dairy, or soy. Just make sure you're taking any known allergies into account before making your choice!

Cost and Where to Buy

The cost for this liquid vitamin is $32.95 per bottle. While that's a little higher than some other vitamins, you do have the option to subscribe to pay only $29.66 when you order directly from Mary Ruth's website.

best nest daily bird liquid multivitamin for toddlers

I actually became aware of these vitamins after one of my colleagues discovered that this was the only vitamin her kid would take! It turns out he was a big fan of the tropical flavor. Of course, his nutritionist mom had no problem with this non-GMO formula.

The Formula

This vegan, Non-GMO multivitamin from Best Nest stands out for its mix of superfoods, live enzymes, prebiotics, and methylated vitamins and minerals. I wasn't able to find another formula that even came close in terms of combining prebiotics and enzymes with all of the standard "vitamin" ingredients. This multivitamin checks all of the boxes for A, B, C, D, E, zinc, and other essentials. It also goes the extra mile by adding in methylfolate for healthy neuro-development, methylcobalamin for energy and serotonin production, and pyridoxal-5-phosphate (vitamin B6) for supporting neurotransmitters tied to sleep, mood, and appetite.

What I Like

I am so impressed by the sophistication of this formula! Very few wellness brands cover the need for brain and digestive health the way this vitamin does. I think it should move to the top of your list if you're struggling with a kid with either pickiness or digestive issues. The enzymes, probiotics, and neurotransmitter-friendly ingredients in this formula could help to balance things out to get rid of some of the stomach woes your child seems to experience.

What I Don't Like

You might be able to get away with a "cheaper" vitamin if your kid already eats tons of foods that are rich in probiotics. Storing this vitamin can be a little trickier due to the "live" components. Putting it in the fridge should stop fermentation.

Cost and Where to Buy

At $40 per bottle, this vitamin may not be in everyone's price range. However, I will stay that you can actually save money by using this vitamin instead of using a separate daily vitamin and probiotic if you're seeking to support your child's gut health. Subscribing directly on the Best Nest website brings the price down to $36.

#4. Peak Performance Kids Vitamins (Best Tasteless Liquid Kids Multivitamin)

peak performance kids tasteless liquid vitamins

This vitamin makes my list for two reasons. First, it has a no-taste formula. Next, it's actually one of my budget picks because it's nearly half the cost of some of the premium kids liquid vitamins on the market. The high vitamin-C concentration in this one makes a great pick if you're struggling to get your child to eat enough fruit.

The Formula

Peak Performance is a vegan formula that's free of allergens, soy, milk, eggs, shellfish, wheat, peanuts, corn, and gluten. It gives kids robust vitamins and minerals using an "earthy" formulation that contains alfalfa leaf, elderberry fruit, stinging nettle leaf, bilberry fruit, dandelion root, raspberry leaf, burdock root, marshmallow leaf, horsetail, tart cherry fruit, chamomile flower, fennel seed, orange peel, and spirulina.

What I Like

I love the long list of superfoods in this formulation. It's so rare to find supplements for kids that contain spirulina, tart cherry, and other powerhouses in one formula. The natural prebiotics can go a long way for gut health even though this isn't a prebiotic supplement.

What I Don't Like

This multivitamin goes heavy on extracts instead of providing "traditional" vitamins and minerals. It lacks some of those heavy hitters for brain and bone development that I like to see. You might consider using this as an "extra" vitamin for cold and flu season.

Cost and Where to Buy

The best part about this vitamin is that you can scoop it up on Amazon for around $16.

tropical oasis kids liquid multivitamin

This non-GMO, fructose-free, and gluten-free liquid vitamin boasts high potency delivered with a great flavor! It's something that most kids are going to enjoy.

The Formula

Tropical Oasis has done a fantastic job of putting together a classic formula that includes all the core vitamins and minerals you're looking for in a kids vitamin. Something that caught my attention is that the formula contains quercetin from Seville oranges. That immediately put this vitamin a little higher on my list for parents looking for rich, natural vitamin C to get through cold and flu season!

What I Like

Seeing bioflavonoids from oranges, quercetin, and aloe vera listed in the ingredients really impressed me because I can see how beneficial these extras can be for boosting the immune system. Overall, I am a fan of the completeness of this daily multivitamin.

What I Don't Like

While I'm in love with all the naturally derived ingredients in this USA-made vitamin, xylitol did catch my eye. While I don't necessarily have a problem with xylitol, I do know that not all parents are into sugar substitutes.

Cost and Where to Buy

At $27.95 per bottle, this multivitamin falls right in the middle for price. The easiest way to get it is to order through Amazon.

childlife kids liquid multivitamin

This is another budget pick for my list! In addition to being an affordable kids liquid multivitamin, ChildLife Essentials Kids Liquid Multivitamin is also a potent, high-quality vitamin.

The Formula

This non-GMO, gluten-free formula contains 22 essential vitamins and minerals. While you don't find any frills, you will find all of the core vitamins and nutrients offered in all of the fancier kids multivitamins.

What I Like

I love that a vitamin that's so pure and complete can be so affordable! There's truly nothing missing from this formula. Additionally, this formula is designed to be simple enough to start at 6 months of age.

What I Don't Like

I'm not totally excited about fructose being on the ingredient list. However, some kids may find that the extra sweetness makes it easier to get this vitamin down compared to others.

Cost and Where to Buy

Are you ready for the best part? You can get this vitamin for just $14.99 on Amazon!

natures craft liquid multivitamin for kids

My pick for the cheapest kids liquid multivitamin, Nature's Craft Liquid Multivitamin for Toddlers covers all the core needs for vitamins and minerals. A simple orange flavor makes this dose of nutritional support feel like a treat!

The Formula

This formula contains 13 premium vitamins and nutrients. While that's a bit lower than many of the other picks on my list, you can be assured that you're getting what your child needs in terms of A, B, C, D, E, choline, iodine, and selenium. This formula even contains DHA for brain, eye, and muscle growth!

What I Like

I like the simplicity and cleanliness of this formula. I think it's a strong contender if your child generally eats a very complete and balanced diet. This formula is going to make sure your child is getting 100% of the things that could be slipping through the cracks on busier days when meals get put on the backburner. I also love that this vitamin is sweetened with monk fruit extract instead of sugar!

What I Don't Like

I can't deny that the list of vitamins and minerals is a little short here. However, this multivitamin is certainly going to be perfect for a kid who already eats a varied diet.

Cost and Where to Buy

I wasn't joking when I said that this is my ultimate budget-friendly pick for a high-quality liquid kids multivitamin. You can grab it on Amazon for around $11.


Let me cover some of the questions most parents have about giving their kids liquid multivitamins.

Do liquid multivitamins work better for toddlers?

As a nutritionist, my opinion is that liquid vitamins can be beneficial for most toddlers. First, liquid formulas allow for faster absorption. That means that parents aren't wasting money on vitamins that mostly turn into waste in the digestive system. In addition, liquid vitamins can be much safer for toddlers because you're not giving your child a chewable tablet or gummy product that poses choking hazards. Finally, I know many dentists today are sounding the alarm over the way that popular gummy vitamins are causing cavities. Switching to liquid vitamins can help to prevent tooth decay!

How do I get my child to take liquid vitamins?

Most kids will enjoy the flavor of liquid vitamins enough to simply take a spoonful each day. If you have a picky eater, you have the option to "bury" liquid vitamins in juice, smoothies, yogurt, and other things they like. I also share some "flavorless" liquid multivitamins in my review list above.

Is it good for kids to take vitamins everyday?

Yes, most children will benefit from taking a daily multivitamin. A multivitamin should never be considered a replacement for a balanced and complete diet. However, it can help to fill in any nutritional gaps that occur on days when children don't get their full servings of fruits, vegetables, protein, and more. Kids vitamins contain essential vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy growth and development.

When should kids start taking vitamins?

Most pediatricians recommend that kids start taking daily vitamins at some point between turning 2 years old and 4 years old. However, your child may benefit from starting earlier if they are experiencing any developmental delays.

Do pediatricians recommend vitamins for toddlers?

Yes, most pediatricians recommend daily multivitamins starting at around age 2.

My Final Thoughts on How to Choose the Best Kids Liquid Multivitamin

Let me make it clear that I am not saying that a good multivitamin can replace a healthy, complete diet. Always prioritize giving your child a varied diet over finding a good multivitamin. However, I personally recommend giving kids multivitamins daily to make sure that they aren't missing out on core nutrients that are important for growth.

The final thing I want to say is that you should spend time reading the labels on all vitamins before making your choice. While the multivitamins on my list of the best of the best are full of natural ingredients, there is always a potential for allergies when taking any kind of supplement. Make sure you know that your child can tolerate some of the more exotic extracts and fruits added to these vitamins before trying them out. This is where having a conversation with your doctor is always helpful! 

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