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veri cgm rating

Fit Healthy Momma Rating: 9.5/10 ⭐

Veri is helping those with a desire to optimize their health adn nutrition gather the data and insights they need to make smart, effective lifestyle changes. Using a continuous glucose monitor and an innovative app, users can learn how their blood glucose plays a role in their health.

I recently read a study that concluded that only 12% of American adults are metabolically healthy. Yikes! Interestingly, these numbers include those that are of normal weight.

Metabolic health, by the way, is defined as having optimal levels of the following five factors: blood glucose, triglycerides, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, blood pressure, and waist circumference, without being on medications to control them. 

Poor metabolic health leaves people much more vulnerable to developing serious health conditions like Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and more. This is perhaps the biggest health pandemic we are facing today.

The FHM team is passionate about finding ways to live fitter, healthier, and more metabolically stable lives. The use of CGMs for the general population is quickly becoming a hot trend - and for good reason! CGMs provide us with invaluable data and insights into our metabolic health.

We reviewed Veri, a metabolic health-focused company that uses CGMs and science to help people with all kinds of health goals to optimize their nutrition and better understand their bodies. Read on for our complete analysis and recommendation regarding Veri and how it can potentially help you optimize your metabolic health.

Quick Summary of Veri CGM Review





Anttoni Aniebonam (linkedin profile), Verneri Jaamuru (linkedin profile)


Best for:

Those who want to track their metabolic health by knowing what foods are best for their body.


$199 per month, or $169 per month (depending on the number of sensors) - cancel any time

Glucose monitoring:

14 days per sensor

Available on Apple app store:


Available on Android app store:

❌, not at the moment, but working on it.

Avg. User Rating:

4.9/5 ⭐ (40 reviews)

FHM Rating:

9.5/10 ⭐ (Excellent)

veri cgm summary review

What is Veri CGM?

Veri is a metabolic health optimization system that includes tools that allow you to gain insights from your body on diet, sleep, and performance. Using a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) and companion app (Veri App), users can see how their bodies respond to different foofds, stabilize their blood sugar, manage their weight, and feel more energized throughout the day. 

veri cgm metabolic health tracker

The key component to Veri is their use of a CGM for tracking your blood glucose throughout the day. With your monitor in place, it will automatically send data to your Veri app where it will be recorded, analyzed, and then simplified so that you can take the guesswork out of your diet. Users will begin to understand how the foods they eat, their exercise, and their sleep are affecting their bodies and then gain insights into how to make small lifestyle changes that will make a lasting impact on their lives.

Brand Story and Values

The Veri team is passionate about human betterment and the use of technology to leverage real, sustainable results. By creating tools that allow users to make informed decisions about their unique health situations, we can better understand our bodies and how to care for them optimally.

The Veri team dreams of a world where we’re all aware and in tune with our bodies so that long-term metabolic health problems are no longer such an epidemic.

Their mission is simple: “We want to help more people feel better in their bodies through the power of what they put into them every day.”


  • 100% personalized health solutions
  • Access to a CGM to track data
  • Veri App provides insights and recommendations unique to you
  • Prescription for CGM covered with your subscription
  • Gain invaluable insights into how your body processes foods


  • As a newer brand, there aren’t many user reviews yet
  • The cost can be a lot if used in the long-term
  • Not yet available for Android users in the US

How Does Veri Work?

how veri cgm works

Veri’s system is powered by a continuous glucose monitor or CGM. This minimally invasive sensor measures your blood glucose levels through a small flexible filament that sits just below your skin’s surface.

To get started, you will simply apply the sensor on the backside of your arm (the area with the most fat). The Veri app is very helpful in guiding you through how to do this. And just in case you’re wondering, there is no pain associated with the application! Veri uses the Abbott FreeStyle Libre, with each sensor lasting for a total of 14 days before needing to be swapped out for a new one.

Once your sensor is in place, you will continue to follow the instructions within the Veri app to activate your new sensor. Once initializing your sensor is complete, the one-hour calibration process will begin after which you can then begin to monitor your glucose with Veri.

To capture your glucose reading, you will press the scan button on your Veri app and place your phone next to the sensor. Your sensor can also automatically monitor your glucose levels up to 8 hours from your last reading. 

Veri recommends that users track with the CGM for 2-3 months. The more you track and measure, the more data you will have to be able to understand your body and how to optimize your wellbeing. That said, most users have plenty of data within just 2-3 days to start to implement habits and lifestyle changes that are more conducive to reaching their goals.

What Are the Metabolic Benefits of Using Veri?

There are several key reasons why using Veri and a CGM are beneficial for your health and wellbeing, so let’s break those down next.

metabolic benefits veri cgm

1. Helping you find the right foods for your body

As individuals, we all have a unique metabolism. Our genes, body types, body composition, and activity level all determine how we respond to foods. This is the reason why there is no one diet that works for everyone.

Veri addresses this by ending the trial and error and the constant wondering about what you should eat to keep your body feeling well. For example, you might notice that eating regular oatmeal at breakfast causes your blood sugar to spike. Veri might then recommend an alternative, say, steel-cut oats with an egg or two, and you might discover that your body reacts much better to the new meal combination. It’s all about finding what works best for your body, regardless of what you might have been told and have assumed.

2. Losing weight

Your body weight and your metabolism go hand in hand. A key factor in your weight is your glucose level. When levels are high, insulin is released to help shuttle glucose into your cells. When you have a situation where your insulin levels are chronically elevated, this has been linked to fat storage, weight gain, overweight, and obesity.

If uncontrolled over time, your poor diet and excessive insulin production can lead to your cells becoming more or less numb or less responsive to insulin. This is referred to as insulin resistance and it’s when your body needs more insulin circulating to move glucose into cells which leads to continual weight gain. 

With Veri’s help, you can begin to understand the power the foods that you eat have on your personal glucose levels in real-time. Veri puts the power into your hands, allowing you to track and visually see the effects certain foods or meals have on your glucose levels. With this knowledge, you can make better, more informed choices about your nutrition which will lead to weight loss.

3. Stabilize blood sugar levels

Our blood sugar levels are dynamic, which means that they are constantly changing and it’s perfectly normal for this to happen. Maintaining healthy glucose levels is essential to our health. Just like other vital measurements in our bodies, there’s an ideal range for blood glucose levels that will support your optimal health. This range is highly unique to you and is affected by factors like your metabolic rate, body composition, genetics, and your activity level.

Very allows you to illuminate your blood sugar levels so that you can become aware of your individual glucose response. With the real-time data received, you will gain a deeper understanding of how to be more in tune with what exactly your body needs to be within your healthy glucose range. Veri shows you instant glucose trends, meal scores, and follows along with weekly lifestyle reports and progress. These will allow you to make long-term positive changes on your wellness journey.

4. Energy Levels and Overall Health

It’s a well-known and well-documented fact that a poor quality diet leads to symptoms of fatigue, depression, and poor energy. Plus, a diet that’s high in sugar has been associated with a higher risk of death, cardiovascular disease, and a number of other chronic health issues. Crazy up and down glucose spikes are associated with poor blood vessel function and can cause lightheadedness, fatigue, headache, and tiredness.

Veri can help by elevating the quality of your diet based on your individual metabolic responses. With Veri, you will be taking a closer look at the foods you eat and the supplements you take to understand how they cause your body to react and respond in relation to your blood sugar. You will be guided to discover how key lifestyle factors like sleep, exercise, and socialization play a role in your body’s glucose responses.

Your Veri Journey: What to Expect

veri cgm what to expect

Days 1-14: First Sensor

In this very beginning phase, you will be getting to know your body. You will track foods and evaluate your current diet and lifestyle habits, revealing what spikes your blood sugar and beginning to understand how meal timing, exercise, and sleep affect your body.

Days 15-29: Second Sensor

As you begin to build your optimal diet and habit plan that fits your body’s needs, you can start to explore new meals, eating windows, post-meal walks, etc. Each day, you will see progress which will motivate you to keep going.

Days 30+: Third Sensor and Beyond

By now, you have the information and feedback you need to make healthy lifestyle choices and can continue to explore various nuances of how your metabolism functions. Each week, you will get progress reports that will keep you motivated and accountable for your lifestyle choices.

Who’s It For?

Veri was designed for everyone who has a desire to improve their wellbeing through understanding how their unique body reacts to food. Knowing that most of us have no clue how to truly eat optimally for our bodies, Veri can be an invaluable tool in helping us to gain more knowledge and insight, which will drive us to make healthier choices for ourselves.

Veri is for those who want to live an overall fitter, healthier, and more optimized lifestyle. The changes that you will be motivated to make include those related to nutrition, sleep, exercise, hydration, and more.

What’s Included?

included in veri cgm

Included with every Veri purchase is everything you need to get started measuring your blood sugar. This includes the following:

  • 14-day Abbott FreeStyle Libre CGM Sensor
  • Veri Patches (to cover your sensor)
  • Sensor applicator and instructions for use
  • Access to the Veri App

Cost and Where to Buy

You can purchase a Veri subscription for either $119 per month or $169 per month, depending on the number of sensors (and the number of days monitoring) you want per month. Below is a breakdown of the two package options:

  • The Essentials Pack: $119/month
  • 1 sensor
  • 14 days of glucose monitoring
  • The Complete Pack: $169/month
  • 2 sensors
  • 28 days of glucose monitoring

Veri subscriptions are not long-term, you can cancel at any time. 

Important note: Veri is not currently available for Android users in the United States, however, they promise that this will be coming soon. 

Access to Veri is only available through their official website.

cost veri cgm buy at website

Real Customer Reviews: How Are Users Improving Their Metabolic Health?

Since this is a newer product as I'm writing this, there aren't many honest customer reviews of Veri CGM out there. However, with the small sample size so far, you're looking at a 4.8/5 stars with just over 40 user reviews. It's a great product, the brand cares about their customers and you can feel safe purchasing from their website.

reviews of veri cgm


CGM's are gaining massive popularity, and for good reason - anyone now has access to personalized nutrition. A great Veri alternative is NutriSense CGM that focuses on the same type things as veri - being in tune with your blood glucose levels. Signos CGM is another great alternative to veri CGM, as is join Zoe nutrition, which takes a more comprehensive approach to testing.

If you aren't sure a CGM is how you want to start your testing journey, you'll want to seriously consider Lumen tracker, Inside Tracker, or the Vessel Health wellness tracker - all three are excellent wellness trackers that don't require you to wear a CGM.

Wrapping Up: Can Veri Help Improve Your Metabolic Health and Nutrition?

Veri can help users track, identify, and understand critical health data that can be used to optimize health, lose weight, and prevent disease. The insights provided by wearing a CGM are invaluable when you understand the connection between what you eat, your blood glucose levels, and your metabolism. The key to reaching our goals lies in our ability to truly be in tune with our unique bodies. Veri can help with this.

I would like to see Veri offer an option to work with a registered dietitian as I believe that would take the nutrition coaching and overall interpretation of the data to the next level, but there’s still a ton of value loaded in the Veri app. Otherwise, I think that Veri is an amazing brand that’s putting out a product that aims to help eradicate the rampant metabolic issues that so many of us face.

Knowledge is power, and Veri is helping us gain more knowledge about our body’s functionality so that we can use it to our advantage. If you’re ready to finally unlock your metabolism and stop guessing when it comes to your health and nutrition, Veri might be the perfect option.

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Tami Smith is a certified Nutritionist and an ACE certified fitness trainer, specializing in pre and post-natal fitness. She studied business and earned her bachelor's degree in Business Economics. Tami is a mom of two and women's health advocate. Her passion is to help people live a fit, healthy life through proper nutrition and exercise!

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