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January 22, 2021 1:09 pm

Fight Sugar Cravings With Sweet Defeat: My Results

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I’ll be the first to admit that I have a major sweet tooth. In fact, when it comes to living a healthy, active lifestyle, sugar is most definitely my downfall, and I know I am not alone on this.

Sugar addiction is a real thing, with over 75% of Americans consuming excessive amounts of sugar, many of them could be classified as having a sugar addiction.

Eating sugar triggers our brain’s reward system, releasing opioids and dopamine into our bodies. These intense feelings of reward can become addicting quickly, similar to the way a hard-core drug like cocaine would.

So how do we break our addiction to sugar? Is going cold-turkey our only option?

Today I’m bringing you my complete review of Sweet Defeat, a clinically proven, natural solution that stops sugar cravings instantly. But do these products really do what they say they will? Are they worth your investment or are they simply another gimmick?

Let’s dive in and find out more about this brand and the sugar busting products they offer!

What is Sweet Defeat?

Sweet Defeat is a brand that makes plant-based gum, lozenges, and sprays that are designed to stop your sugar cravings dead in their tracks.

They employ a clinically proven, patented formula that relies on a plant called Gymnema Sylvestre which can suppress sugar cravings and promote a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. With Sweet Defeat’s formula, you can dramatically reduce your intake of refined, addictive sugars and finally break your sweet habits that keep you from reaching your goals.

How it Works: The Situation, The Problem, And The Solution

Sweet Defeat is based on science and rooted in a deep understanding of sugar and its effects on the body. In order to define how it works, we’ll first look at the situation we’re facing, the problem with it, and then talk about how Sweet Defeat is providing a solution.

The Situation:

Sugar is found in over 90% of the foods Americans consume. We eat over 150 pounds of sugar each year, which is over 10 times the recommended amount. And as we all know, the more we eat it, the more we crave it.

The Problem:

This may seem obvious, but the problem is that, as humans, we crave sugar. Scientists have linked our innate sugar craving back to the early days of civilization when sugar was hard to come by.

The Solution:

Sweet Defeat’s proven, functional ingredients which include Gymnema Extract, Zinc, and Chromium. There are three different formulas available to help you stop sugar craving by actually turning off your taste receptors. After consuming Sweet Defeat, sugar loses its appeal because it loses its taste. In fact, when consuming Sweet Defeat, studies show that sugar consumption is reduced by 50% and sugar cravings are reduced by 30%.

What is Gymnema Extract and How Does it Work?

Gymnema is a woody vine that grows in tropical climates of India, Africa, and Australia. It’s been long used in Ayurvedic medicine for its medicinal properties. Among its many health benefits is its ability to block your taste buds and destroy sugar.

Here’s how it works: every time you consume a lozenge, chew a piece of gum, or dispense the spray into your mouth, the Gymnema gets to work blocking your taste buds for long enough to let your craving for sugar pass. This is possible because Gymnema produces gymnemic acids that bind taste receptors on your tongue.

Essentially, after consuming Sweet Defeat, sugar loses its appeal because it won’t taste good after taking it.

My Experience and Evaluation

I’ll be honest, when I first heard of this product, I was skeptical. I am not a believer in quick fixes or magical pills when it comes to healthy living, diets, and weight loss.

That said, I loved that this was an all-natural, clinically proven supplement with only ingredients I felt good about, so it was definitely worth my try.

I used the lozenge first, letting it dissolve on my tongue. The first thing I tasted was peppermint, which wore off pretty quickly, being replaced by a more bitter taste. The taste was bitter, but not gross or unbreakable.

The lozenge took about 3-5 minutes to dissolve fully. Once fully gone, I tried to eat my favorite gummy candy and it has lost all its appeal. It wasn’t sweet and satisfying, it tasted tacky and there was no sweetness.

So, you can still eat sweets after using this product, but there’s no satisfaction in doing so. By the time the bitter taste wears off and your taste receptors are working again, the craving will have likely passed.

P.S., don’t worry about having a bad taste in your mouth or losing your ability to taste for very long. Sweet Defeat lasts only a short period of time before you’re able to fully taste again.

Sweet Defeat Reviews: What Are Customers Saying Online About This Sugar Craving Gum?

According to Amazon.com, there are over 500 reviews of Sweet Defeat, with 75% being positive and only a handful of negative reviews. 

After reading through the negative reviews, the only complaint customers had with the product was that the effects wore off quickly, sometimes before a sugar craving passed. However, Sweet Defeat does not claim to cure all sugar cravings, the consumer must also be willing to put in the work to avoid sweets as well.

In summary, the vast majority of Sweet Defeat users are absolutely thrilled with its ability to curb their cravings and help them avoid sweets and treats that can lead to excess calorie intake and weight gain.

Should You Try Sweet Defeat?

If you’d like to cut back on your sugar intake but are having difficulty saying no, then a product like Sweet Defeat may prove to be a welcomed ally in the fight against sugar.

I often crave candy and sweets in the afternoons or after dinner. Now that I discovered Sweet Defeat, I will pop a lozenge in or spritz a pump of the spray into my mouth and give it a few minutes. To be honest, just the act of doing that is usually enough for me to leave the kitchen adn find something else to do.

Plus, I know if I treat to eat that treat after using Sweet Defeat, it won’t taste as good or be nearly as satisfying so I would rather wait until I am good and ready to fully enjoy an indulgence.

The bottom line is this: if you struggle with sugar cravings, you owe it to yourself to at least try Sweet Defeat. They recommend using their products 2-3 times per day, but that can get pricey, so I use mine once per day or a few times per week usually and I still have great results! Every skipped cookie or bowl of ice cream adds up!

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