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You’ll rarely find me without a water bottle within arms reach. I am a water addict, always sipping on some throughout the day.

So you can imagine that I appreciate a good water bottle. I recently stumbled upon the Ice Shaker brand of shaker cups and insulated drinking tumblers and was instantly intrigued.

I know exactly what I want out of a drinking cup, and at first glance, these appeared to check all my boxes. Ice Shaker generously sent me four of their top cups so I am going to share my Ice Shaker review with you. Allow me to fill your cup, ladies.

The Story Behind The Brand

Ice Shaker was created by Chris Gronkowski, former NFL fullback. After retiring from football, Chris wanted to solve a problem. He wanted to find a better way to make a shaker bottle that avoided the many pitfalls of traditional shaker bottles i.e. warm drinks, improper mixing, smells, easy to spill, etc.

“I look everywhere but couldn’t find what I was looking for. All kinds of insulated bottles and shaker cups are on the market, but there was nothing that was both vacuum sealed and featured a convenient pop-top lid.”

With the help of his 5 brothers, he began focussing all of his time and effort into creating the perfect shaker bottle for serious athletes and gym-goers.

Ice Shaker aired on ABC’s Shark Tank in November 2018 where all five sharks put an offer on the table. Since then, the company has sold thousands of bottles and the company continues to add more products to their line.

What is Ice Shaker?

When you think of Ice Shaker, the first product that likely comes to mind if you’re familiar with the brand is their shaker bottle, which is where it all began. It’s a revolutionary new shaker bottle that eliminates the hassle, smell, and inconvenience that you experience with typical shakers.

The classic protein shaker bottle is made from plastic, is easy to spill, doesn’t mix your powder well, and starts to smell after usage. Anyone who has one these bottles can relate, I know I can. I remember one time my husband brought his home from work and I took one smell of it and tossed it in the garbage! I don’t know how he could want to drink from that.

This new design is something like you’ve never seen before. Here are some of the main features:

  • Spill-proof
  • Vacuum-insulated
  • Double insulated and rated to keep your drinks cold for over 30 hours
  • Has a removable agitator that’s simple to take out and clean and can power through even the thickest shakes
  • Agitator can be used as a powder mixer, fruit infuser, or ice strainer
  • Screw-off top that’s BPA-free
  • Features kitchen-grade stainless steel for easy cleaning and no odor absorption
  • It never sweats no matter how much ice you put in it
  • Comes in several different sizes and colors 
  • They fit in all standard size cup holders
  • It has a handle on the top for easy carrying
  • There’s a wide mouth for drinking or you can easily stick a straw in there
  • The lid closes tightly to avoid spilling

I have the 26 oz. Mermaid Shaker and it’s absolutely beautiful! I use it to shake up my pre-workout and BCAA’s every day, it’s amazing. I also pour my breakfast smoothie in there, transferring it from my sweaty, messy mixing cup that fails to keep my smoothie cold. This bottle keeps my smoothie at the perfect temperature and consistency for hours. Because let’s face it, some days it takes me a while to get through the whole thing #momlife.

Ice Shaker Tumblers

Remember how I said that I always have a water bottle handy? That’s where the Ice Shaker Tumblers come into play. They have expanded their product line to offer a ton of tumbler options. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • 26 oz. Flex Bottle
  • 20 oz. Skinny Steel Tumbler
  • 17 oz. Anchor Bottles
  • 12 oz. Skinny Mini Tumbler
  • 12 oz. Stemless Wine Tumbler
  • 6 oz. Stemless Flutes

I have the 26oz Pink/Mint Ombre w/ Flex Lid and I am obsessed with it. Not only does it keep your drink cold for 30 hours, it can also keep a drink hot for 12 hours. Hello, giant mug of morning coffee that never gets cold. Also, it’s so pretty!

It features a screw-on lid and a top that allows you to choose how you want to drink. There’s a straw hole that features a rubber stopper so that your straw always remains firmly in place and there’s a flip-top opening that’s perfect for sipping on coffee or any other drink of your choosing.

It’s spill-proof, double-wall vacuum insulated, made from kitchen-grade stainless steel, and comes with a reusable Tritan straw. 

I also have two 20 oz.skinny steel tumblers,  the Summer Escape and White Marble. I love the colors and design and use these frequently for iced coffees (keeps your drink cold for 24 hours!) and for trips to the kids. My 4-year-old loves these.

Final Thoughts

I am definitely a converter, tossing all my other drink bottles to the side. Especially my old, plastic shaker cups. These cups are comparable to others on the market price-wise, but so much better quality. 

If you’re sick of poor mixing, warm drinks, sweaty cups, and constant spills and smells, then you’re going to love Ice Shaker’s options. Although the brand gifted me these bottles for the sake of my review, the thoughts and opinions are all my own and I am sincerely impressed with these bottles and will continue to use them from here on out.

Shake It Up!

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Tami Smith, CPT, Nutritionist

Tami Smith is a certified Nutritionist and an ACE certified fitness trainer, specializing in pre and post-natal fitness. She studied business and earned her bachelor's degree in Business Economics. Tami is a mom of two and women's health advocate. Her passion is to help people live a fit, healthy life through proper nutrition and exercise!

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