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After trying dozens of different protein powders over the years, I have learned that you need to be very picky about which options you choose to invest your money in. Especially now that it seems like there’s a new supplement brand popping up every single day.

If you’re looking specifically for a whey protein isolate powder, this list will cover the best options out there right now. I’ll talk about what you should look for and then give you my recommendations so that you can find the option that’s most in alignment with your needs.

Quick Table of the Top Whey Protein Isolate Powders

Whey Protein Isolate


Average Rating

Where to buy

1. 1st Phorm Phormula-1



at 1st Phorm (free shipping with our link)

2. Transparent Labs Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate



3. Thorne Whey Protein Isolate



4. Klean Athlete Whey Protein Isolate Powder



5. MyProtein Whey Protein Isolate



6. Bulk Supplements Whey Protein Isolate 90%



7. NOW Sports Nutrition Whey Protein Isolate



8. Dymatize ISO 100



What is Whey Protein Isolate?

whey protein isolate

Whey protein isolate is a highly filtered form of whey protein. The fine filtration used to create whey protein isolate leaves the protein with virtually no lactose content. Furthermore, whey isolate contains less fat, cholesterol, carbs, and calories than a whey protein concentrate.

Whey protein isolate is an ideal choice for those who are lactose intolerant as well as for those who are looking to minimize carbohydrate and calorie intake, making this a great option for anyone who wants to build and maintain muscle while also shedding body fat. 

The best whey protein isolates on the market contain at least 90% protein, which is significantly higher than what you get with a whey concentrate powder.


Protein is very beneficial for women and in general, but there are several notable benefits of choosing whey protein isolate, including the following:

  • It’s easily digestible
  • It’s low in fat and calories
  • It contains all of the essential amino acids
  • It’s ideal for building and maintaining muscle mass
  • It can help improve athletic performance
  • It can prevent muscle wasting post-workout

Whey Protein vs Whey Protein Isolate: Which is Better?

When it comes to whey protein concentrate vs whey protein isolate, the differences lie mainly in the processing of the protein. 

First, it’s important to understand how whey is gathered. It’s actually the by-product of cheese or yogurt production and it undergoes several processing steps to increase its protein content. Once sufficient protein concentration has been achieved, the resulting liquid is then dried to form whey concentrate powder, which can consist of up to 80% protein by weight. The remainder is a concentrated whey powder is carbs and fats.

Whey isolate powder, on the other hand, uses different processing steps to reduce the amount of fat and carbs present in the whey. Most isolate powders contain 90% or more protein by weight.

Otherwise, the amino acid profiles of both forms of whey protein powder are identical because they are derived from the same protein sources. So, in general, the biggest difference between the two is in the carbohydrate and fat content of the protein.

Buying Guide: Here’s What to Look For

scooping a whey protein isolate

Don’t just grab the first whey protein isolate powder you find. Take a few minutes to do your research and make sure that the option you’re getting is a good choice for your goals. Here are a few key considerations you should keep in mind when searching for an isolate powder:


The quality of the protein you choose can be quickly determined by the quality of the ingredients. Are they clean? Transparent? Understandable?

Take a close look at the ingredients label and make sure that what’s inside is not only disclosed but that the ingredients are ones that you’re comfortable with. Supplements are not regulated by the FDA, so be on the lookout for proprietary mixtures and other ingredient verbiage that isn’t clear.

Lastly, the true mark of a good supplement brand is one that uses 3rd party testing to ensure that the ingredients on the label are accurate, true, and valid.

Protein Content

You’re looking for a protein supplement because you want to fortify your diet with protein, so be sure that you choose one that has an appropriate amount of protein in it so that you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

I like to choose protein powders that contain at least 20g per serving. Anything less than that and I start to question why they weren’t able to fit that amount in, especially when it’s an isolate.


The days of gagging down a terrible, chalky protein should be long gone. There are some seriously delicious protein powders out there today that are crave-worthy, so make sure you’re taking taste into consideration when choosing one.

Whey protein isolates are excellent for post-workout nutrition, and when you have one that tastes amazing, it’s like a tasty reward for all your hard work. Overall, it's a great post-workout drink for weight loss and muscle gain.

Texture and Mixability

Along the same lines as taste are the texture and mixability. If your protein powder isn’t mixing into your liquid or it’s gritty and chunky, it’s time to find something better. A good whey isolate should be smooth, creamy, and 100% mixable in any kind of liquid.

Brand Reputation

This is a bigger deal than you might think. Today, more than ever, the brands that we choose to invest our hard-earned money into mean something. There are so many companies out there who are simply looking to make a buck. They don’t truly care about their customers, their product integrity, or their results.

However, there are also some incredible brands out there that consistently go the extra mile to ensure that their products are top-notch and their customers are beyond satisfied with them.

The 8 Best Whey Protein Isolate Powders

Now that you know what a whey isolate powder is and you know what to look for, let’s get onto the main event: my top choices for the best whey protein isolates.

#1. 1st Phorm Phormula-1

phormula-1 whey protein isolate

FREE Shipping with link below:

There’s no question that 1st Phorm Phormula-1 whey isolate protein deserves the top spot on this list. Anyone that has ever tried Phormula-1 can attest to the fact that it’s the best when it comes to a whey isolate powder for post-workout supplementation. Combine Phormula-1 with Ignition, and you have yourself the best post workout supplement stack on the market.

Phormula-1 is a premium-sourced whey isolate protein and it is by far the best tasting, best mixing isolated protein supplement on the market. The key to this product lies in the Phormula-1 matrix which utilizes the highest quality hydrolyzed and predigested whey protein fractions. Plus, it’s low-temperature processed and cross-flow micro-filtrated to help promote faster assimilation speeds and amino acid retention.

Phormula-1 provides a bioavailable, rapid-assimilation protein that’s ideal when used for pre or post-workout supplementation as it has the ability to get right to work on your muscle tissues.


  • Amazing flavors
  • 100 calories and 20g of protein
  • Incredibly smooth and pleasant to consume
  • Easily mixed
  • Works best when paired with Ignition, a fast-digesting carbohydrate
  • Highest quality protein and ingredients
  • 110% money-back guarantee
  • 3rd party tested
  • Incredible brand to support


  • It’s not the cheapest option
  • It’s hard to choose a flavor because they’re all so good

FREE Shipping with link below:

#2. Transparent Labs Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate

transparent labs whey protein isolate

Transparent Labs offers a 100% grass-fed whey protein isolate that’s sourced from American cows. With the industry’s highest protein-by-weight ratios at 88%, this is a very high-quality option.

Transparent Labs is committed to transparency with its ingredients, so you can expect that this whey protein isolate formula will be free of any artificial sweeteners, food dyes, gluten, and preservatives. 

This clean protein blend is designed to be used to hit your protein goals, particularly in a post-workout situation. Transparent Labs recommends this protein powder for those who want to build muscle and lose weight.


  • Made with 100% grass-fed whey protein
  • Clean, transparent ingredients
  • Multiple flavor options to choose from
  • 28g of protein per scoop (industry-leading)
  • Mixes well


  • Some customers complained that the flavors taste like artificial sweetener (although, they use Stevia)
  • Has a tendency to bubble a bit after mixing, so you’ll need to give it a minute to settle

#3. Thorne Whey Protein Isolate

thorne whey protein isolate

Thorne Health, a leader in high-quality, science-backed supplements, offers a whey protein isolate that provides 21g of protein per serving from an easily assimilated, non-denatured whey source. With a balanced and complete amino acid profile, this protein powder is ideal for anyone who is looking to add more protein to their diet without any extra junk or fillers.

Thorne’s Whey Protein Isolate is ideal for everyone from athletes to those just looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s low in sugar, calories, and fat and is easy to digest. The sweeteners and flavorings are derived from all-natural sources and it’s soy-free. Thorne’s blend can be mixed easily with water, milk, or any liquid of your choice, and it also works well in shakes and smoothies.


  • Premium quality ingredients
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • 3rd party tested and NSF Certified for Sport
  • Low calorie (100 cals per scoop)
  • Smooth and easy to drink


  • There are only two simple flavor options (which might be just what you’re looking for)
  • Comes in a giant tub that’s only half full  (could reduce plastic waste)

#4. Klean Athlete Whey Protein Isolate Powder

klean athlete whey protein isolate

Klean Athlete offers an isolate powder that’s free of any artificial sweeteners or flavors. This blend is designed to help you increase your protein and amino acid intake so that you can build muscle, lose weight, and reach your health and fitness goals.

With 20g of high-quality whey protein isolate and a complete amino acid profile, Klean Athlete offers a great option for those seeking a whey isolate powder that works. They offer an unflavored, unsweetened powder that’s easy to add to all kinds of things, from beverages and smoothies to baked goods and oatmeal. 


  • Clean, premium ingredients
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Super low calorie (85kcal per scoop)
  • Complete amino acid profile
  • Comes in unflavored


  • The only flavor currently is unflavored
  • I couldn’t find any customer reviews

#5. MyProtein Whey Protein Isolate

myprotein whey isolate

MyProtein offers a great whey protein isolate that includes 22g of whey protein per serving and just 90 calories. The whey is sourced from the same cows that you trust for your milk and cheese and is simply filtered and spray-dried to produce all-natural Nutritionals. 

MyProtein has been certified as one of the best protein supplements for quality and value by Labdoor, an independent supplement testing company. Plus, it contains 90% protein per serving, which is the highest available.


  • 90% protein per serving
  • Low calories
  • Certified by Labdoor as one of the best options
  • Multiple flavors to choose from
  • Tons of positive customer reviews
  • Can be purchased in multiple-sized bags


  • Not the best mixing whey protein isolate
  • Not made in the USA

#6. Bulk Supplements Whey Protein Isolate 90%

bulk supplements whey protein isolate

Bulk Supplements offers a high-quality whey protein isolate form of whey protein. It is standardized to at least 90% protein content and has a source of BCAAs. You can receive many benefits from this product, such as aiding in your muscle recovery, help you build lean muscle and much more.

Overall, customers love Bulk Supplement's Whey Protein Isolate 90%, rating it a 4.8/5 stars with over 2,800 reviews. People love how it blends smooth with no grittiness. There's also a ton of positive reviews of Bulk Supplement's customer service - top notch.


  • 90% Protein
  • Mixes great, very smooth
  • No bloating feeling
  • Source of BCAAs
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Fast shipping


  • Zipper on the bag is weak, could use stronger improvement there
  • There are no flavors to choose from (they do this so they don't add fillers or additives to their products, which is nice to know)

#7. NOW Sports Nutrition Whey Protein Isolate

now sports whey protein isolate

NOW Sports Nutrition offers an incredibly simple whey protein isolate powder. This no-frill, no-nonsense formula is unflavored and contains 25g of protein per serving, plus it includes BCAAs.

The whey protein used in this formula is high-quality, bioavailable, and easily digested. Plus, it contains no artificial sweeteners and is unflavored so it’s easy to mix into any food or drink without compromising taste. There are 25g of protein per serving and 110 calories.


  • 25g of protein per serving
  • Simple, straightforward formula
  • 81 servings per container
  • Includes BCAAs
  • Affordable price


  • Only comes in unflavored
  • Doesn’t mix that great

#8. Dymatize ISO 100

Dymatize ISO 100

Dymatize ISO is a fast-digesting hydrolyzed protein isolate that’s designed to help you increase muscle mass and strength. With 25g of protein and 5.5g of BCAAs, this is a complete protein source that’s easy and convenient to add to your diet. Plus, with zero grams of fat and less than 1g of sugar, it won’t make a big dent in your macros either.

Dymatize made its formula to be easy on the stomach, gluten-free and includes less than 0.5g of lactose per serving. Each scoop contains 110 calories, which is great considering the high protein content.


  • 25g of protein per serving
  • Low calorie, low fat, and low sugar
  • Affordable
  • Multiple flavor options
  • Contains BCAAs
  • Lots of positive reviews


  • Not the highest quality ingredients
  • Doesn't mix as well as other options

Is Whey Isolate Worth the Money?

big scoop of whey protein isolate powder

If you’re looking for a high-protein, low-carb, and low-fat powder that will help you to build muscle, recover, and potentially lose weight, then, yes, whey isolate is worth the money. While a whey concentrate will also provide you with similar results for less money, there are some unique benefits to using a whey isolate that may help you to get to your goals faster.

Due to the specificity of these powders and the processing, whey isolates tend to be priced a tad higher than a concentrate because they contain more protein.

Are There Any Side Effects Associated With Taking a Whey Isolate?

Certain people are less tolerant of whey products in general. For example, some may experience gas, bloating, and other gastrointestinal-related problems when beginning a whey protein regime. However, that’s not the case for everyone.

If you experience prolonged gastrointestinal issues using a whey protein supplement, consider switching to plant-based. Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind that the higher the quality of the protein and the processing used to make it will help reduce the instances of gas and bloating, so be sure you’re selecting a premium option.

Final Thoughts: What’s the Best Whey Protein Isolate Powder?

The best whey protein isolate powder is one that allows you to reach your goals while maintaining a smooth texture and enjoyable taste. When it comes to a whey isolate, it’s important to pay attention to the processing procedures and integrity of the ingredients used as it will dictate whether or not the powder is worthwhile.

Also, make sure you do a little research into the brand you’re buying from. Do they have high standards for their supplements? Do they utilize third-party testing? How do they treat their customers? Where you spend your money matters!

Tips and Tricks For Success

For best results, choose a whey protein isolate that’s designed to be used in a post-workout setting and pair it with a fast-digesting carbohydrate. 1st Phorm’s post-workout stack is the perfect combination for maximum benefit in a post-workout situation.

Decide if you want to enjoy a flavored option or would prefer to go with an unflavored one. Unflavored works well for baking (see our best protein powders for baking) and mixing in with things like yogurt and oatmeal. Flavored options are amazing to drink on their own and can taste like a treat.

Set up a subscription, if possible, so that you don’t need to worry about running out of your favorite protein and so that you are getting the most muscle-building and recovery benefits after every single workout. 

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Tami Smith is a certified Nutritionist and an ACE certified fitness trainer, specializing in pre and post-natal fitness. She studied business and earned her bachelor's degree in Business Economics. Tami is a mom of two and women's health advocate. Her passion is to help people live a fit, healthy life through proper nutrition and exercise!

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