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TruHeight is a Nutritional supplement designed to help those between the ages of 5-24 experience more optimized bone growth and development in a safe, natural, and effective way. The ingredients are clean, safe, and clinically shown to be effective for increased height.

I have always believed that a person’s height is determined mainly by genetics. I mean, you look at a family and can usually note that a tall set of parents typically results in taller children, and vice versa. However, I recently discovered that while genetics plays a majority role in how tall a person will be, nutrition is also part of the equation.

As a certified Nutritionist, I love digging into all the ways that nutrition manifests itself in our lives, and to be honest, height wasn’t something that was on my radar. But as a parent of young children, I was fascinated to find out that the foods they eat, or don’t eat, can play a role in their height development.

According to research, genetics simply give you a range of how tall you might be, but your nutrition will determine where you fall within that range. Therefore, proper nutrition for children during their developmental years is absolutely essential for them to reach their full potential.

During my research, I discovered a product that claims to support bone growth and knew that I needed to take a closer look at it and how it works. In this article, I’m reviewing TruHeight, an all-natural supplement to support natural bone growth and development so that people between the ages of 5-21 can reach their maximum height potential.

Does it really work? Let’s inspect the ingredients and find out!

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TruHeight Vitamins

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Bone growth



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Collagen, Nanometer Calcium, Vitamin D, Ashwagandha

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What is TruHeight?

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TruHeight is a multivitamin supplement made from natural ingredients that are proven to help children and young adults get the nutrition they need to reach their maximum height potential by stimulating bone growth and development. This supplement was designed to be effective for people between the ages of 5-24 who would like to grow taller.

TruHeight offers two different consumption methods; capsules and gummies. The gummies are a great option for younger children who aren’t capable of swallowing capsules or for folks who are uncomfortable with capsules. TruHeight users should expect to use the product for a minimum of six months to start to see results.


  • Supports natural height growth
  • Stimulates bone growth and development
  • Helps to reduce stress and improve sleep quality
  • Approved for ages 5-24
  • Comes in capsules or gummies
  • Clinically proven ingredients
  • 97% of users reported growth after taking TruHeight 
  • 55% reported improved self-confidence
  • 100% organic ingredients
  • Third-party tested for efficacy
  • No artificial flavors or fillers
  • Big savings when you buy multiple bottles


  • Some users reported no change after taking
  • Results may take up to 6 months

How Does It Work?

TruHeight bottle and product

TruHeight works by supplying your body with the right amount of scientifically proven ingredients shown to help you reach your maximum height potential. There are a handful of key ingredients shown to be essential for bone growth, and studies show that 70% of adolescents in the US are lacking in those essential nutrients. TruHeight is designed to complement a healthy diet by ensuring any nutritional gaps in these certain nutrients are filled.

Next, let’s take a look at what exactly the key ingredients are in this product so that we can get a clearer picture of how they work inside your body to support height growth.

Key Ingredients Analysis

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The key to TruHeight’s success is the fact that it’s packed with ingredients that are proven to help stimulate bone growth. Let’s take a look at exactly what those ingredients are and how they accomplish this next.

Nanometer Calcium

Most of us have heard that Calcium is an essential part of a healthy diet and that it’s important for bone growth and density. TruHeight takes Calcium to the next level by using their proprietary ingredient, Nanometer Calcium, which has a greater absorption capacity than regular Calcium, thereby increasing the speed of bone growth. We mentioned this in our top calcium supplements for kids article.


Collagen is a protein that makes up more than 90% of the bones in your body, making it one of the most important nutrients we consume. Collagen’s benefits for women and men are far-reaching, with particular benefits relating to helping connective tissue and bones, and facilitating the process of growing taller.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for building strong bones and muscles. It’s crucial in your body’s ability to absorb calcium, which is one of the driving factors for bone growth and development.


Ashwagandha is an ancient, medicinal herb that has been used for centuries for a variety of ailments and health purposes. One way that Ashwagandha proves to be beneficial is regarding sleep quality and stress reduction. With proper sleep and minimal stress, the body can place more energy into growing in a healthy and natural way.

Is It Safe?

Yes, all TruHeight was formulated by nutritionists, chemists, and doctors to ensure that the blend of ingredients is not only safe but that it’s also effective for increasing height. All ingredients inside TruHeight have been shown to be safe in research studies. Plus, all TruHeight products are manufactured here in the USA. 

What About Side Effects?

There are no reported side effects with taking TruHeight. 

How to Take

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Users between the ages of 5-24 who would like to experience accelerated growth are encouraged to take one gummy with the last meal of the day, chewing thoroughly before swallowing. For those who opt for the capsules, you are directed to take one capsule in the morning after a meal and another one before going to bed.

Who Should Try TruHeight?

TruHeight was formulated for those between the ages of 5-24, both male and female, who would like to grow taller. For anyone who feels frustrated or concerned about their lack of height, adding TruHeight to your supplement routine might be a safe and effective plan.

It’s important to keep in mind that results will typically show after 3-6 months of continued use, they are not immediate. Additionally, TruHeight is most effective when paired with a healthy diet and lifestyle that’s conducive to healthy growth and development.

Cost and Where to Buy

TruHeight costs $39.95 for a one-month supply. However, you can purchase multiple bottles at once and save significantly. A 3-month supply costs $23.97 per bottle and a 6-month supply costs $19.97 per bottle.

The best place to get your hands on TruHeight is right on the brand’s official website where you will have the option to purchase the capsules or gummies. Plus, they also offer a nighttime sleep gummy for a more restful night of sleep that would complement your healthy lifestyle.

TruHeight product on table


If you’re unsure if TruHeight is a good fit for you or your child, it’s worth noting that there are some other options available. One option that is highly recommended by many pediatricians is Healthy Height. Healthy Heights’ powdered nutritional mixes have been scientifically shown to help support the growth and development of children and to fill in any nutritional gaps missing in their diet.

Another worthy consideration is NuBest Tall by NuBest. This supplement was formulated for children ages 10+ to help them develop bone strength and length. This formula is packed with an herbal blend of ingredients shown to help promote increased height.

Lastly, if adding a supplement to coax bones into growing doesn’t feel in alignment right now, you can always work to optimize your or your child’s diet and lifestyle habits to create an environment that’s conducive to optimal growth. For example, eating a healthy, nutrient-dense diet that’s filled with both macro and micronutrients and prioritizing sleep will go a long way in the development of young people.

Final Thoughts: Does TruHeight Work?

Yes, in theory, TruHeight should work to increase and optimize height in those that are lacking specific nutrients in their diet. The ingredients in TruHeight are simple, safe, and proven effective for bone health and bone-related growth and strength.

For anyone who is concerned about the height or growth of their child, adding a supplement like TruHeight can help give you peace of mind that they’re getting the nutritional components necessary for growth, the rest will fall into the category of genetics. Plus, the fact that over half of users report feeling an increased sense of confidence makes this product well worth a shot.

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