So you want the Peloton experience without the Peloton price tag? I hear ya. Who knew buying a home exercise bike and getting access to some workouts would put such a strain on your budget?

Here’s the thing; it doesn’t have to! Sure, Peloton is undoubtedly the King of home spin bikes and the experience they offer is nothing short of stellar, so if you have the means to go for it, I absolutely recommend that you do. However, if you’re ballin’ on a budget, you can 100% get the Peloton experience (or close to it) with a best budget peloton bike alternative. You’ll even save on the monthly membership fee!

I’ve seen plenty of Peloton alternatives and DIY Peloton posts and I’ve done enough research of my own to know what’s worth your investment and what’s not. So when I was introduced to the Joroto Bike and I got to know it, I knew I needed to line this baby up next to the almighty Peloton and give you my thoughts on the Joroto bike vs Peloton showdown.

Can a budget bike really beat the experience of having a Peloton? Or will Peloton always come out on top as the winner? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

Joroto vs Peloton: Breaking Down the Basics




Starting Price:



Monthly Fee:

$39 / mo

NA ($12.99 per month for Peloton Digital)


4’ x 2’

4’ x 2’

Resistance Type:



Screen Size:

21.5” HD touchscreen


Foot Pedal Style:

SPD clips

Toe Cages

Average Customer Reviews:

2.3 / 5 (shocking, right?)

4.5 / 5

Official Website:

is Peloton's price worth the money?

Is the Peloton Bike Worth It?

Peloton is an innovative fitness brand that’s been on the cutting edge of home fitness since its inception. One can argue that Peloton was the first company to popularize home spinning and to do so in a way that almost causes an addiction. For Peloton riders, it’s about so much more than the bike. It’s about the classes, the instructors, and how they’re able to build a strong community of like-minded folks from all across the world.

like-minded cyclers riding the peloton bike

The community is the lifeblood of Peloton.

Riding with Peloton allows people to feel like they’re a part of something bigger than themselves, which is a very uniting and empowering feeling. But is the Peloton bike that much better than any other bike on the market? Again, the answer to this question will depend on who you ask. But for most people, the thing that makes the Peloton Bike worth it is the programming. Yes, the bike is high-quality, compact, and features industry-leading technology, but it’s the classes and instructors that keep people coming back for me.

2 bike models from Peloton

Choose between the Peloton Bike (left) or Peloton Bike+ (right)

Peloton now has two different bike packages, the original Peloton Bike and their new Peloton Bike+. Both bikes boast some amazing features, but the Bike+ takes things to the next level by adding in things like a larger HD touchscreen that rotates, additional speakers, and auto-follow resistance. 

improve cycling experience with HD touchscreen

This HD touchscreen is pretty big and really goes a long way in making you feel like you're part of the cycling class.

One thing that I have noticed that makes a big difference in the quality of the cycling experience is the inclusion of a screen on the bike, which Peloton has. Riding with a screen directly in front of you gives you the feeling of being live inside a cycling studio, which can be hard to imitate at home. It’s a fully immersive experience that allows you to get the most out of your workout.

quiet magnetic resistance levels on peloton bike

You can basically ride right next to your partner while he/she is reading a really serious book.

Adding to the Peloton experience is 100 levels of magnetic resistance, a quiet flywheel, full adjustability for personalized settings, and cadence and resistance tracking that allows you to reach your goals and hit PRs. On top of all that, the Peloton app and paid monthly subscription get you access to a myriad of workouts that cover all your cross-training needs.

expensive peloton bike for high class

It's a big money commitment to get this bike, but how much exactly?

How Much Does the Peloton Bike Cost?

The original Peloton Bike starts at $1,895 and the Peloton+ starts at $2,495. In addition to the cost of the bike, you’ll need to pay for the Peloton App which currently costs $39.95. Furthermore, you’ll likely want to upgrade your bike to get the Bike Essentials package which includes the cycling shoes that you will need to ride. The Bike Essentials package costs an additional $150 and also includes light weights and a set of headphones. You can choose to purchase your own SPD cycling shoes, but most cost at least $100.

is the Joroto Bike's price worth the money?

Is the Joroto Bike Worth It?

Joroto is not as seasoned of a brand as Peloton nor does it share the notoriety that Peloton does, however, it’s been quietly helping folks spin from home without all the expense. Joroto has quickly racked up some impressive reviews on Amazon and grown a stellar reputation not just for the quality of their bike but for the attentiveness of their customer service.

riding Joroto bike while baby sleeps

The magnetic resistance is top notch... just look at this image - the baby is still sleeping.

In all honesty, the Joroto bike makes quite a statement, especially when you consider that the price is so affordable. Similar to Peloton, the Joroto Bike features magnetic resistance, which is said to be the smoothest and quietest resistance type you can have.

Joroto's bike with tablet holder

There's no screen with this indoor bike, but there's a tablet / phone holder so you can still use Peloton's app (or any app of your choosing).

The biggest difference between Joroto and Peloton is the fact that Joroto’s bike does not include a screen. Instead, there’s a place for you to put your phone or tablet and be able to stream workouts that way. Depending on your preferences, this may or may not be a big deal. Personally, I have used both types of setups and can tell you that while the experience of having a screen is far superior, it’s not a deal-breaker. Streaming from your phone can be just as effective, if only slightly less realistic. The great thing about buying a bike that doesn’t have a screen like the Joroto is that you get to save a great deal of money, which is important for those on a budget.

features on Joroto bike

Source: Joroto's Website

Other than that, Joroto brings us an exceptionally well put together bike that has most of the same features as popular bikes like Peloton. It’s approved for users up to 300 lbs and is fully adjustable so that you can ensure you’re achieving a comfortable, safe ride. Lastly, looks-wise, it’s very sleek and similar in color and design to Peloton.

DIY peloton bike budget option is Joroto

A budget-friendly option makes this bike the DIY peloton solution.

How Much Does the Joroto Bike Cost?

The Joroto Bike costs just $399.99, which feels like an absolute steal, especially when you compare it to the competition. Since there is no designated app or programming that goes with this bike, there is no subscription fee, but you’ll likely want to pay for Peloton digital ($12.99 per month) or Zwift ($14.99 per month) so that you have access to spinning workouts.

Of course, the low price of this bike might lead you to question how it can be priced so low in comparison to competitors like Peloton. And to that, I would say that because it doesn’t bear the name of a big brand, you get to pay a lot less for it. Do I think it’s a better system than Peloton? No, but it’s a lot cheaper and you can customize it to fit your needs. Not everyone has the budget to spend $2,000+ on a home exercise bike, and for those of you that don’t, Joroto is a very legit alternative.

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Which Home Spin Bike Is Right For You? Joroto Bike vs Peloton

Ok, we’ve made it to the final chapter of this comparison between Peloton and Joroto. And by now you’re likely leaning in one direction or the other. Frankly, what it comes down to is whether or not you’re willing to spend the extra money to get the Peloton or if you’d like to keep your budget in check and stick with the cheaper option. Both choices provide great value!

If you care about live rides, cycling with your friends, and having a touchscreen, go for the Peloton. If you simply want to be able to spin from home and would like to do so in a money-efficient way while still maintaining quality and functionality, go for the Joroto. The biggest sacrifice you’re making is on the screen, so if you don’t care about that, you’re going to love the value you get with the more budget-friendly option of Joroto - nearly 4,000 positive Amazon reviews don’t lie!

The Budget Bike Wins!

Joroto Bike with fit healthy momma green color background


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