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honeybee health rating by Fit Healthy Momma

Fit Healthy Momma gives a 9.8 / 10 stars rating for honeybee health.

Honeybee Health

Fit Healthy Momma Rating: 9.8/10 ⭐

It's like a traditional pharmacy without going to your traditional pharmacy. And, if you sign up for their subscription fee, you'll receive prescriptions with priority shipping.

Imagine this; you need to fill a prescription, your doctor says she sent it to the pharmacy for you. You schlep into your car (maybe with a kid or two in tow), drive to the pharmacy, wait in the inevitable line (while doing your best to keep your kids from climbing the shelving), only to reach the front and hear that your RX isn’t ready yet, “give us about 20-30 minutes.” So you wait around, keeping the kids busy and racking up an extra $50 in random purchases until you’re called back to the counter to be hit with the jaw-dropping news that your RX costs hundreds of dollars. Now you’re forced to make a decision on the spot whether to swallow the shock and pay the price, put back some items so that you can afford to cover the cost, or forgo getting the prescriptions altogether.

If this sounds familiar and causes you to start to feel that all-too-familiar irritation, that heat under your collar... then you’re in the right place.

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to Honeybee; prescription medications done better. Honeybee Health is an online pharmacy and telemedicine d2c brand and service that’s taking a direct shot at big pharma, health insurance, and the traditional hassles we face with getting the medications we need.

This is a brand that I am very excited about as their team is working hard to make sure that folks like you and me don’t have to deal with the stress, anxiety, and overwhelm that comes with complicated insurance plans and criminally high costs for prescriptions. Plus, they offer the kind of convenience that today’s world demands. Let’s take a closer look at Honeybee and determine if making the switch to an pharmacy online makes sense for you.

What is Honeybee Health?

brand logo of honeybee and pharmacists team

This team has created something that helps solves a big problem for millions of people in the US.

Honeybee Health is an online pharmacy created by a team of pharmacists on a mission to create a better pharmaceutical experience for consumers. Fed up with the bureaucracy and unnecessary nonsense found inside chain pharmacies, founders and pharmacists, Jessica and Peter, set out to create an experience that’s wildly different from that of a chain pharmacy.

Honeybee is dedicated to nixing crazy, unaffordable copays, stringent insurance requirements, low-quality medications, and hassle, bringing us instead a level of transparency that’s unheard of in the medical and pharmaceutical world. 

Jessica and Peter used to run a small, family-owned pharmacy in their hometown, Culver City, CA. While they were able to provide excellent, personalized care for their patients, it didn’t change the fact that many of them walked away from the counter without their medications because they couldn’t afford the high copays for their prescription medications. This was the catalyst for the pair to shift gears and do something about these issues instead of standing idly by.

Honeybee is a pharmacy that does not require medical  insurance, which not only eliminates a lot of red tape, but also helps reduce the cost of medications for patients. Now, customers can choose to get their generic medications directly from Honeybee, saving time, resources, and a whole lot of hassle.

Where is Honeybee Available?

US map availability for honeybee health

Here's a map that shows US states that are eligible for honeybee.

Honeybee Health is available in 44 US states. The table below illustrates what types of medications are available in which states:

Click to see available states table

State or Territory

Prescription Meds

Controlled Substances








District of Columbia
















New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota




Puerto Rico

Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota









How Does Honey Bee Health Work?

Honeybee cannot prescribe medications, you must have an RX from your doctor or provider in order to use Honeybee to receive your prescriptions. With that in mind, Honeybee works just like your regular pharmacy in that you can request that your doctor or care provider send your prescriptions to Honey Bee Health.

Your doctor’s office can send over your prescription one of three ways:

  • Electronically: Honey Bee Health in Culver City, CA
  • By Fax
  • By phone

Getting Your Prescription Ordered

track your order on honeybee dashboard

Once you have your prescription from your doctor sorted out and validated, you can begin your experience with Honeybee by searching for the drugs you need right on their site. They offer tons of prescriptions to choose from, with most offering options from differing manufacturers that offer generic prescriptions. Here’s a quick rundown of how the Honeybee process works and what to expect:

Step 1: Go to Honeybee  and enter the name of your prescription into the search box located on the home screen.

Step 2: Take a look at the prescription choices available to you for your doctor-prescribed drugs. 

Step 3: Choose the drugs from the manufacturer that best fits your need and wallet (there are usually several choices for each prescription with varying pricing and cost models).

Step 4: Choose the form, strength (dose), and count you need per your doctor.

Step 5: Add your prescription medication to your cart and click checkout.

Step 6: Log into your Honeybee account or create a brand new one if this is your first time using Honeybee.

Step 7: Honeybee will review and verify your prescription, calling your doctors office or pharmacies to make sure your prescription is transferred properly.

Step 8: Honeybee will prepare your prescription and then ship it directly to your door in discreet packaging. Shipping and delivery is always free with Honeybee, allowing you to save even more (pricing includes just the cost of your prescription). You will also receive a tracking number that will ensure you are aware of when your prescription will arrive.

Step 9: You can save money every month with Honeybee by refilling your prescription and having it come via automatic delivery every month. If you need to change or cancel your delivery, you can do so by logging into Honeybee and making those changes.

Step 10: Enjoy the ease and convenience that comes with obtaining your prescription from an online pharmaceutical provider with a valid license and prices that are significantly lower than other pharmacies.

account creation on honeybee mobile website

Remember to create an account to get started, it's super easy.

Can You Transfer a Prescription From Local Pharmacies?

Yes, once you choose your generic drugs and/or other medications from Honeybee and create your profile, you can include the name and phone number of your current pharmacy and the team at Honeybee will contact them on your behalf and have your prescription transferred to them for processing. 

What Do You Do If You Don’t Have Prescriptions Yet?

If you don’t have a prescription, make an account with your doctor or check out an online MD service like SteadyMD to get connected with a healthcare provider who can diagnose and prescribe medications for you.

What Medical Conditions Does Honeybee Treat?

Honeybee is a company that offers generic prescriptions to treat a variety of medical conditions, including the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Hair Loss
  • Migraine & Headache
  • Pain
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Acid Reflux
  • High Cholesterol
  • High Blood Pressure
list of medical conditions honeybee treats

Treatment will depend on your unique needs, as determined by your doctor. You will have the option to choose from a variety of meds, offered by different manufacturers so that you can choose the best fit for your medical needs and your price range. Customers can search for generic medication and obtain the meds they need, many times at a fraction of the cost and with free, discreet delivery - so much more convenient than going to the store!

What Medications Can You Get From Honeybee Health?

Similar to what you would expect to be available at a brick and mortar pharmacy, Honeybee stock a wide range of medications. However, the only caveat is that Honeybee only sells generic medications as brand names are still too expensive. Also important to note is that they are unable to sell any other refrigerated medications or over the counter (OTC) medications at this current time.

generic medications offered by honeybee

You'll save lots of money going with the generic brand, if you don't mind going away from the "name brand."

The best way to get a feel for what medications are available through Honeybee is to head to their page, https://honeybeehealth.com/, and type in your medication in the search bar located right on their homepage. You will immediately see what generic medications are available and be given a list of manufacturers to choose from. This resource on their website offers an A-Z list of their top medications and their low prices.

Choosing Which Generic Medications

Not all generics are identical, contrary to popular belief. Generics have different manufacturers that are based in different places. With Honeybee, you have the choice to choose which medication is the best fit for your body and for your wallet. To give you some peace of mind, Honeybee stands by all of the drugs offered on their website. Each one is FDA-approved and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Does Honeybee Require a Prescription?

Yes, every prescription purchase through Honeybee must have a valid prescription written by a U.S. doctor with a valid license. Customers of Honeybee can search for their generic medication via the website and Honeybee will verify your prescription, taking care of transferring it for you from your current pharmacy or doctors office.

shipment of medications prescribed by DR.

Does Honeybee Take Insurance?

No, Honeybee does not accept insurance like most pharmacies do, however, the beauty lies in the fact that you will likely pay much less for your meds by using their online pharmacy. So how do you save money on your prescription? Because your copay + deductible for your meds under your medical plan often ends up adding up to more dollars than paying for your generic medication outright.

Rather than pay the price of fees associated with using a middle man like an insurance company or plan administrator, using online pharmacies can offer generic drugs at a lower price, saving you money on your prescription medications.

What Do Online Pharmacies Mean for Insurance Companies?

While Honeybee is not likely to put big pharma or health insurance giants out of business, they are making an impact on the customer experience, driving people to a company that eliminates the hassle and excess cost associated with most insurance plans out there today. Customers are realizing that the high cost of insurance can be curtailed by using companies like Honeybee that are helping them to save some cash and still get the same quality prescription medications they need to treat their medical conditions.

How Does Honeybee Manage to Keep Pricing Low?

Prices at Honeybee, when compared to other pharmacies, are considerably lower for most customers. This is due to the fact that traditional pharmacies accept insurance, which inherently increases the pricing as most insurance plans today carry a high deductible along with a copayment. The pharmacies themselves do not play a role in the price of prescriptions for their customers, however, the unfortunate fact is that customers will typically pay more at local pharmacies than they would by using a telehealth platform like Honeybee.

Is Honeybee Health a Legit Pharmacy?

Yes, Honeybee is 100% legit. They are a real pharmaceutical retailer with board-certified pharmacists with over 40 years of experience and excellent customer reviews to back them up. Just like traditional pharmacies, they sell FDA-regulated medications bought from licensed manufacturers right here in the United States. The only difference between Honeybee and other pharmacies is that they fill your prescription meds at their Southern California headquarters and then ship them directly to your door. Plus, as a customer, you get to benefit from lower pricing and better service because you’ll get your drugs at a lower cost than going through your insurance (usually). And who doesn’t want to save a few bucks?

honeybee trusted online pharmacy

This company is doing everything right and are trusted by thousands of Americans. It's a legit operation and they're only going to keep expanding.

Are There Any Reviews to Double Check Honeybee’s Legitimacy?

It’s understandable that you might be dubious about purchasing your prescription meds online through a relatively new site. To verify that this service is legit and to give yourself peace of mind, you can check out the following places for Honeybee Health reviews, you can look them up on the following legitimate platforms:

fully accredited online pharmacy trust badges

Are There Any Customer Reviews to Back Up Honeybee?

You can also read through thousands of real customer testimonials on TrustPilot. With an average star rating of 4.8/5 and nearly 3,500 customers raving about the service they’ve received with this company, it’s obvious that this is a great service.

When reviewing brands, I always like to not only do all the research possible and test the product or service myself, but I also like to reach other customers' reviews to verify that it’s the real deal.

Overall, folks are raving about Honeybee and the ease of filling generic prescriptions online at a lower price than going in person to a prescription-filling retailer. One person states in their review that they saved over $60 on their meds when compared to the cost of going through their insurance. Another person left a glowing review of Honeybee regarding their customer experience was above and beyond. 

After reading through dozens of testimonials, it’s easy to see that Honeybee is providing tremendous value in a sector that’s seriously flawed.

reviews by customers about honeybee health

Wrapping Up: Does Making the Switch to an Online Pharmacy Make Sense For You?

Pharmacies have always been a source of frustration for me, and I’m betting that you’ve likely had at least one run in with your meds that have left a bad taste in your mouth. But what if it were easier, cheaper, and more convenient to get your meds? What if you didn’t have to jump through hoops, shell out excess funds, and deal with doctors offices and pharmacies that treat you like just another number?

This is where online medicine brands like Honeybee are coming into play in a big way. Customers are now beginning to realize that there are ways to keep the cost of your medicine down and save each month on your prescriptions. You can get your prescriptions online, from a real, licensed medication retailer for a price that makes more sense for your budget. Honeybee can help you to curtail insurance copays and deductibles that make prices skyrocket.

My hope is that this review has provided you with some value and insight into a better way of getting your medications. Between the low pricing, the ability to choose which manufacturer you’d like to buy from, and Honeybee’s dedication to serving their customers, it’s clear that this site is going to make a big impact on the way we get our prescriptions.

If you have monthly prescriptions and would like to enjoy lower prices so that you can live your life to the fullest, I highly recommend checking out Honeybee because once you do, I think you’ll find that traditional pharmacies pale in comparison.

If you’re tired of the rigamarole common to pharmacies and dealing with insurance expenses, then ask your doctor to send your prescription to Honeybee. I encourage you to go check it out first, ensuring that they have the items that you need. 

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