Connected fitness is changing the fitness industry, there’s no doubt about that. The fitness industry is growing by leaps and bounds with no signs of slowing down anytime soon, especially when it comes to the home fitness industry.

Thanks so COVID-19, most gym-goers have found themselves at home, unable to participate in their normal fitness routine. While this may be a major bummer for many, there’s also a silver lining. Folks have realized that they can get in just as good as a workout, sometimes an even better one, from the comfort of their own homes by investing in smart fitness equipment that allows them to access customized workouts, community, and so much more.

Today, I’m excited to share with you a brand new direct-to-consumer piece of fitness equipment, the Ergatta Smart Rower. This gaming-inspired rowing machine is bringing customized, full-body workouts right to your living room. Similar to Aviron's indoor rowing machines, Ergatta takes rowing to a whole new level.

Is this rower worth the investment? I’m breaking down this machine as well as giving you a peek behind the brand so that you can decide if this is a good addition to your home gym.

Ergatta Rating Summary

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What is Ergatta Fitness? A Look Behind the Brand

logo of the Ergatta Fitness Brand

This logo really does represent racing and gaming - pretty cool!

Whether you’re an experienced rower who’s looking to take your sport indoors or you’ve simply heard about the great workout and high-calorie burn that a rowing workout can provide, there’s no question that a smart rower like Ergatta is going to provide you with the best experience.

You see, indoor rowing can be a very effective workout, but it can traditionally be quite boring and monotonous. The solution? Smart rowers that provide an interactive, fun take on working out.

Company Headquarters

Ergatta is a Brooklyn-based fitness startup that combines the power of technology and sleek design to create a machine that’s not only effective but fun to operate and that looks great inside your home. This isn’t the type of machine that you’ll want to hide in the basement - the Ergatta features a  beautiful, modern, luxurious feel that you’ll be proud to display anywhere in your home.

Store Ergatta Rower Anywhere In Home or Apartment

Check out how the Ergatta looks in the NYC apartment - blends right in.

And that’s the extract look that co-founders Alessandra Gotbaum and Tom Aulet were going for when they designed this innovative machine. They knew that rowing was one of the best forms of exercise on the planet, recruiting 86% of the body’s muscles in a single workout, so their mission became to create a product that is accessible to everyone and that provides genuine stimulation.

In short, they want to make fitness fun so that more people are compelled to participate and take care of their bodies. To accomplish this, they blend the rush of a video game with the vigor of a rowing workout to create a full-body experience that’s both fun and effective.

build muscle with Ergatta rower

This water based resistance rower helps build muscle as it provides a full-body workout.

The Ergatta Gaming Inspired Smart Rowing Machine: A detailed review!

racing and gaming with ergatta's smart rower

Race vs other rowing competitors - it's so connected and fun.

Below, we'll dive into everything about this smart rower, including special features, the workout experience, full body workout choices, cool things to look forward to, and the sleek design that will seriously excite you! Let's begin!

Features of Ergatta's Smart Rower

Ergatta is not the only smart rowing machine on the market, so why choose them over another option? Below are some of the top features of this machine.

It’s made to be a beautiful addition to your home

This rower is elegantly designed and it’s built to fit into any home workout space, whether that be your living room or a dedicated home gym. 

It’s compact and portable

Unlike most rowing machines that are bulky and obtrusive, the Ergatta takes up the same amount of space as a barstool once folded up. Additionally, it comes on wheels, which means you can easily move it anywhere in your home.

It’s built to last

Each machine is crafted from American cherry wood and made in Rhode Island. These machines are built to last far longer than their 5-year warranty.

It’s fully digital and connected -

Ergatta's 17.3" HD Touchscreen

The machine includes a 17.3” HD touchscreen that allows for a fully immersive, interactive experience.

It uses real water for smooth resistance

Real water is included with the machine, giving you a realistic look and feel as you row. Water allows the machine to naturally scale with your effort while protecting your back. The water is also incredibly quiet and soothing - you can use this machine anywhere in your home without fear of waking anyone or being a nuisance.

It’s perfect for everyone

Ergatta supports both men and women and has a max weight capacity of 500 pounds and a height capacity of 6’8”, making it one of the most inclusive machines on the market.

Next, I’ll talk about the Ergatta workout experience and what you can expect from their content.

Ergatta's Workout Experience Reviewed

The first thing to know about Ergatta is that they deliver an experience that’s completely unique by mixing gaming-inspired content with expert training. Fun + Fitness = a regime that you’ll stick with and ENJOY!

The biggest mistake people make when contemplating a fitness routine is choosing workouts that they don’t enjoy. Often, people choose to perform a certain workout because of the calorie burn potential or because that’s what their friends do.

ergatta rower workout experience

Working out with Ergatta is very unique compared to other rowers - it's racing, gaming, and challenging.

The key to making fitness a part of your life is to find something that you love, and Ergatta makes it easy because they make it fun. Fitness shouldn’t be viewed as a chore, it should be a bright spot in your day - something that you look forward to!

While the concept of a connected home gym isn’t necessarily new, Ergatta found a way to do it a bit differently, setting themselves apart from the pack that includes the likes of Pelton, NordicTrack, and Echelon.

While the Ergatta still comes with an HD screen display that allows you to choose workouts on-demand, the classes are not led by instructors as is the case with other similar fitness equipment. Instead, the classes are video-game inspired, meaning you’re competing against the computer. But don’t worry, there’s still the opportunity to compete against other Ergatta users, if that type of competition is your thing, you can compete in simulated races if you choose.

Full body workout choices

There are tons of workouts to choose from with more added each week to keep them content fresh, exciting, and challenging. Here’s the four different types of workouts you can expect:

  • Push programs - These are goal-based training plans that feature sequential workouts that are designed to get you to a final challenge at the end.
  • Interval training - Interval or HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts that feature personalized targets and real-time feedback. 
  • Races - This is your opportunity to go head-to-head with your fellow Ergatta community members and compete.
  • Open row - These are self-led, more laid back and relaxed workouts that allow you to go for personal distance or time goals.
get full body workouts with plenty of choices (Ergatta rower)

Choose from multiple workouts to get your full body workout in!

Things to look forward to

The Ergatta team adds a minimum of 5 new workouts per week to the platform, including a Race of the Week every Sunday, a new Push Program, and a new community challenge each and every month. It’s suffice to say that you will not be bored!

Perhaps the best part, though, is the fact that they customize your workouts to fit you. Your workout instruction, racer matching, and goals are all personalized for you based on their initial test. With that test, your system will be calibrated to automatically adjust as you improve so that you can ensure you’re always progressing and always being challenged - there is no guesswork here!

On top of that, all your personal data and stats are tracked right inside your personal dashboard which allows you to see your progress and improvement over time as well as view your community rankings to see how you match up against other rowers in the community.

Lastly, the brand recognizes that your fitness equipment is just one piece of your fitness lifestyle which is why they made the Ergatta fully compatible with your other necessities like Strava, a heart rate monitor, speakers, or headphones. They make sure that you can seamless integrate their rower with the rest of your fitness ecosystem.

A Closer Look At The Design

When you think of gym equipment, you likely think of the metal and plastic combinations that you typically see around a gym. It’s not pretty or elegant, but it gets the job done. Ergatta, on the other hand, does things a bit differently.

This connected rower is made entirely of Cherrywood that’s sourced from here in the US and it’s also built here in the US, which I know is an important factor for many when choosing a piece of equipment. 

The whole piece of equipment is crafted almost entirely out of this Cherrywood, giving it an elegant, luxurious look and feel. In fact, the founders have revealed that their goal was to design the Ergatta to more resemble a piece of furniture as opposed to a workout machine. This is amazing, especially for those of us who are new to working out from home and don’t have a dedicated gym space where they can hide ugly, bulky equipment.

the elegant design of the Ergatta Smart Rower

It's a beautiful piece of fitness equipment that can go in any room or apartment.

ergatta water tank resistance

You can fill the water tank up with more water (for more resistance), which is pretty cool.

Also adding to the aesthetic of the machine is the donut-shaped tank that’s located at the bottom. Inside this tank is water that acts as the resistance and most closely resembles the feel of using real paddles in a real body of water. Water rowers are ideal for home use because they are whisper quiet and provide the right amount of resistance for users of all abilities. It’s also the smoothest type of rowing machine you can get, which creates a cohesive stroke with constant resistance.

The last thing I want to touch on again is the fact that the machine folds up easily and can be moved seamlessly thanks to the attached wheels. Again, for those with limited space, the ability to fold your machine up is priceless as it allows you to have the space to enjoy a great workout anywhere in your home, but then also allows you to fold it up when not in use so that you can enjoy freedom and space.

folding ergatta rower and rolling it with the wheels

It's simple to fold it up, roll it and store it where ever you want.

Ergatta Rower Review Conclusion: Is it worth buying?

Rowing has received a lot of attention lately thanks to its ability to give you a full-body workout in less time than most other machines. And Ergatta put a new, fun spin on the connected home fitness industry by blending in the thrill of a rowing workout with the strategy and intensity of a video game to create an immersive experience like no other.

If you’re considering a connected rowing machine for your home gym, I highly recommend the Ergatta, especially if you have limited space or plan to place it in a common room in your home like your living room or bedroom. Not only will it add a touch of style and flair to your space, but its ability to fold up vertically will make it a great addition to any room.

So if you’ve been looking for a piece of home gym equipment that will blend seamlessly into your home and will provide you with an all around amazing workout, then I highly recommend checking out the Ergatta.

Gaming INspired!

Ergatta Rower

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