One of the most important minerals found in the body is calcium. It contributes to healthy bones and teeth; calcium allows our muscles to function properly and hormone secretion can only be balanced with the presence of calcium.

We source our calcium from the foods that we eat, but we can also ensure that we’re getting enough each day by using a calcium supplement. Children need adequate amounts of calcium each day so they can grow big and strong.

You may be thinking that organic multivitamins for toddlers could help, but not all multivitamins have calcium in them, and, some kids eat and drink better than others to get the calcium they need in their diet.

If your child is a peaky eater, or you’re concerned that they might not be getting enough calcium, children’s calcium supplements are available. I'm going to show you my top-rated choices as a mom and nutritionist.

Quick Table of the Top Calcium Supplements for Children

top rated calcium supplements for kids

Kids Calcium Supplement

Vitamin D3


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4.6/5 (684 reviews)


4.6/5 (2,066 reviews)

Does Your Child Need a Calcium Supplement?

children need calcium supplement

It is recommended that children consume two to three servings of dairy products or fortified foods each day in order to meet calcium requirements for their age group. Fortified products can include orange juice, cereal and milk products. Many children don’t meet these requirements, and that’s when a supplement is beneficial. It’s important to note that vitamin D is often paired with a calcium supplement. Adequate levels of vitamin D must be present in order for calcium to be properly absorbed.

Benefits of Calcium Supplements for Kids

A child’s body changes quite a bit when they’re in the process of growing. Nourishment is needed for this growth, but it’s pretty difficult to fit all of the essential vitamins and minerals into your child’s meals for the day. Supplementing with calcium may be something worth considering. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of calcium supplements for kids.

Build Strong Bones and Teeth

Children begin storing calcium in their body as soon as they’re born. Calcium is used by the body to develop strong bones and teeth. Our body doesn’t produce calcium naturally, so it’s important that we’re sourcing enough from foods and supplements. Otherwise, a child’s body will start to pull calcium from their bones to meet other requirements. Calcium is used by the body to strengthen the teeth as well, preventing tooth decay and disease.

Calcium Plays a Strong Role in Muscle Function

Calcium is a necessary part of normal muscle contractions. It helps facilitate signals being sent through the nerves of the body. When calcium levels are low and your children are active, they may experience painful muscle cramps.

May Help Release Healthy Hormones and Enzymes

Hormones can be released by the body in adequate amounts when there is a healthy level of calcium in the body. These hormones (along with other beneficial enzymes) affect nearly all of the functions in the body.

What to Look For in a Kids Calcium Supplement

choosing calcium supplement for children

It’s really important to make sure that your kids are getting enough calcium from a very young age. This will promote healthy growth throughout their childhood and young adulthood. We know that not all supplements are made using high quality ingredients and transparency in mind. That’s why I want to talk about what you should look for in a kids calcium supplement.

Reputable Brand

A reputable supplement brand that manufactures calcium for kids may have a series of accreditations and qualifications that they boast on their products and website. This is something to look for when you’re shopping for a calcium supplement as it usually means you’re getting high quality ingredients, third party testing and the lack of artificial fillers and ingredients with that product.

You can ask around to see if any of your friends or family members has a brand of supplements that they trust. You can do some of your own research to see if those brands make kids calcium supplements.

Transparent Ingredients

A calcium supplement brand should always be very honest about what’s inside of their products. The ingredient list should be very inclusive, and there should be plenty of information on the packaging that explains the product. You can check the company’s website to find out more about where their ingredients are sourced, whether or not they’re organic, what other ingredients are used and what manufacturing processes are in practice.

The Five Best Calcium Supplements for Kids

Now that you know a little more about the importance of kids' calcium supplements and what you should be looking for in a high quality product, let’s take a look at my highly recommended five best calcium supplements for kids.

1. 1st Phorm Calci-Yummies (Best Calcium Gummy Supplement for Kids)

calcium supplement for kids calcie-yummies 1st phorm

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Milk is a healthy source of calcium, but a lot of kids have a milk allergy or milk intolerance which inhibits their ability to consume enough calcium. Calci-Yummies by 1st Phorm Kiddos was designed to provide kids with this vital nutrient that they may be deficient in. This product can be used to help your child develop strong bones and teeth, experience healthy muscle function and nerve function while managing hormone production.

Vitamin D3 is included in this Calci-YuMMies product to help boost absorption. Vitamin D3 is another vitamin that kids are often deficient in, especially in areas of the country where warm sunshine isn’t prevalent year-round. Vitamin D3 can help boost your child’s immune system.


  • This is a non-GMO supplement
  • Contains vitamin D3 to aid in absorption
  • Flavored naturally
  • One dose is one gummy, and there are 60 gummies in each bottle. This saves you a little bit of time not having to reorder every month
  • Calci-Yummies by the 1st Phorm brand have a very soft consistency compared to other gummy vitamins that your child may have tried


  • Sweetened with three grams of sugar in each dose

2. Mary Ruth’s K2 + D3 Calcium Gummies for Kids

calcium supplement for kids mary ruths calcium gummies

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Mary Ruth’s family supplements are becoming wildly popular. Their K2 + D3 Calcium Gummies are specially formulated to maintain a proper balance between vitamin K2 and calcium in the body. Naturally flavored with peach, mango and apricot, your child can benefit from this calcium supplement derived from vegan lichen and natto (a fermented soybean and the soy is removed). A lot of the vitamin D3 supplements that you see are made using D3 sourced from lanolin. This is a common allergen. Lichen grows off fungi or algae and is much safer.

It’s nice that this product contains K2, which is an important component of absorbing D3. Vitamin K2 also helps with the absorption of calcium. This specific formulation is something that a lot of brands overlook. While you might be looking for a calcium supplement for your kids, you have to choose something that’s going to be absorbed by the body. Otherwise, there’s no real point in using the product.


  • Mary Ruth’s K2 + D3 Calcium Gummies for kids do not contain gelatin, nuts, dairy, gluten, soy or corn
  • Made with organic cane sugar
  • Non-GMO
  • You can save money with their subscription service
  • Contains only one gram of sugar per dose


  • While vitamins D3 and K2 are important for absorption, you might not be interested in a product that contains them at this point in time.

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3. L'il Critters Kids Calcium Gummy Bears with Vitamin D3

calcium supplement for kids little critters calcium gummies

L'il Critters Kids Calcium Gummy Bears with Vitamin D3 provide a superior source of calcium in each tasty dose. You get the same amount of calcium in one gummy as you do from one five ounce glass of milk. The flavors are naturally sourced from blueberries and carrots.

L’il Critters Calcium Gummies include vitamin D3 as well as calcium to aid in absorption rate.


  • Contains less than the daily value of calcium and D3. This is actually preferred. Vitamins that megadose certain vitamins and minerals aren’t recommended, especially for children.
  • Contains phosphorus, which aids in the absorption of calcium. If you’re not getting enough phosphorus in relation to calcium, this could lead to bone loss.
  • Widely available online, in grocery stores, retail stores and health food stores.


  • These gummies have a slightly harder texture than other kid’s gummies.
  • Not everyone will prefer the taste.

4. NaturesPlus Animal Parade Calcium for Children Chewable Tablets

calcium supplement for kids naturesplus animal parade

NaturesPlus Animal Parade Calcium for Children are chewable tablets that contain 250 milligrams of calcium in each serving along with magnesium, which is beneficial for brain and muscle development. The best part is that this product is made from whole food ingredients like spinach and broccoli.

The Natures Plus brand is a very reputable and transparent company that sources all of their ingredients in a very safe and pure way. You can trust this calcium supplement for your kid’s health and development. It’s also very affordable, and you can find it online and in many different retail stores.


  • Comes in a delicious vanilla sundae flavor that your children will love
  • Animal shaped vitamins that your child will find exciting
  • A vegan, gluten free product that is also free from artificial colors, preservatives, and all of the major allergens


  • Chewable tablets don’t have as smooth of a consistency as a gummy product and may not be preferred by everyone

5. ChildLife Essentials Liquid Calcium with Magnesium for Toddlers

calcium supplement for kids childlife essentials

A liquid calcium supplement is a great option if you have children that don’t like to take a gummy vitamin product. In addition to calcium, this product contains liquid magnesium, D3 and zinc. ChildLife Essentials Liquid Calcium with Magnesium for Toddlers should take one to two teaspoons of product daily, depending on their age. It’s an excellent option to round out any of those nutritional gaps that your children may have.

ChildLife Essentials Liquid Calcium with Magnesium for Toddlers comes in a 474 milliliter bottle and is naturally orange flavored. It will last quite long and is relatively affordable.


  • This is a liquid supplement, which is beneficial for children with sensory issues or development delays that make it difficult to administer vitamins in gummy form
  • Free from gluten, soy and casein
  • Also includes magnesium, D3 and zinc


  • The consistency isn’t by everyone. Some kids prefer a gummy or chewable vitamin.
  • You may find it difficult to dose this product to your child. Some of the liquid can get left behind in the cup and it can be easily spilled.

Frequently Asked Questions on Calcium for Kids

It can be stressful to choose a calcium product that you’re going to be giving your child on a daily basis. Parents pay close attention to the development of their children and what is being put into their bodies is important. If you’re still contemplating a calcium supplement, let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the need for a product of this type.

What Happens if a Child Doesn’t Get Enough Calcium?

When children don’t have enough calcium in the body, this can lead to the development of a condition called ‘rickets’. The bones become soft and weak, sometimes leading to issues like bowed legs and a curvature of the spine. Your child may experience bone pain and delayed growth if they’re low on calcium.

What Are Symptoms of Lack of Calcium for Kids?

Rickets is a worse case scenario when a child isn’t consuming enough calcium in their diet over a longer period of time, but there are other milder symptoms to watch out for. Your child may complain of numbness in their hands and legs. They may feel nervous, experience leg cramps, sweat excessively or act irritable. Tooth decay is another symptom of low calcium that can develop over time.

Best Ways for Kids to Get Calcium

Avoiding a supplement is the best case scenario, and there are plenty of healthy sources of calcium in the foods that your child may be able to eat. Of course, allergies, food intolerances or food aversions may affect how much calcium your child is consuming. Here are some of the best food sources of calcium:

  • Milk
  • Yogurt
  • Cheese
  • Tofu
  • Blackstrap molasses
  • Collard greens
  • Whole grain bread
  • Spinach
  • Fortified cereal

Try to incorporate different sources of calcium into your child’s diet rather than always feeding them the same thing. This will provide your child with calcium sources even on the days they’re not interested in the foods that they normally enjoy eating. Let your child help you choose some of their meals. Even from a young age, you can show your child a few different options and let them pick what looks tempting to them.

Can I Give My Baby Calcium Supplements?

If your baby is drinking the recommended amount of breast milk or infant formula over a 24-hour period, then there is no need for them to take a calcium supplement. However, it is usually recommended that your child takes a vitamin D3 supplement to help with the absorption of the calcium they’re consuming. By the time your child has reached the age of nine months, they can start to eat foods like yogurt and cheese, which are high in calcium.

The Bottom Line

Children ages one to eight shouldn’t be consuming more than 2,500 milligrams of calcium over the course of 24 hours. That’s about the equivalent of eight glasses of milk.

If you’re confident that your child is consuming close to this amount, then you don’t have to worry about supplementation. However, calcium supplements can be beneficial if your child isn’t making it close to this milestone.

If you’re concerned with your child getting too much calcium, speak to your pediatrician. They can discuss the potential need for a supplement, as well as educate you on the risk of too much calcium. An increased risk of kidney stones can be an issue if your child is getting too much calcium.

Our Top-Rated Calcium Supplements for Children

recommended calcium supplements for children - calci-yummies 1st phorm

1st Rated

1st Phorm Calci-Yummies

There's not much to say besides 1st Phorm creates the best supplements because of the high quality ingredients that are sourced from their own farms. It's a cut above, and their Calci-Yummies are easily number one on this list and our top recommended choice.

recommended calcium supplements for kids - mary ruths

2nd Rated

Mary Ruth's

Mary Ruth's family calcium gummies are perfect for the kids, they taste good, have all the necessary ingredients - and they're a reputable brand. You can feel good going with this company's supplements.

Tips for Success from a Mom and Nutritionist

It can be challenging as a parent to get your child to eat healthy. Some kids do really well with eating a rainbow of foods each day, but even the best eaters will have days when they’re feeling a bit picky. Here are some of my tips for raising a healthy eater.

Provide Options

At a young age, let your child try a variety of foods so they can see what they do and do not like. Let them dictate what they would like to eat, as long as it’s healthy.


Teaching a very little toddler about nutrition can be a challenge but educate your children as they get older so they know what foods are good for their body. This will help them to make good choices as they get older that are going to benefit their body and development.

Set an Example

Your child will often look to you for guidance. If they see you eating healthy, they’ll likely copy that behavior. If you’re constantly eating unhealthy foods but are expecting your child to make healthy choices, this is going to be a challenging scenario.

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