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I’m going to go ahead and assume that my husband isn’t the only guy that wasn’t too keen on going to the clinic to get his sperm tested. Back when we were in the thoroughs of our infertility struggle, it came to the point where they needed to test my husband, too.

Although he went along with it, I know it wasn’t comfortable, to say the least. So you can imagine the way my ears perked up when I was introduced to the Yo Sperm Test. An at-home sperm analysis? Is that really a thing?

It turns out that yes, it is indeed a thing and an effective one at that. With the COVID-19 crisis in full swing, one of the lessor mentioned side effects is that those trying to conceive are being forced to put their plans on hold. And we all know how detrimental this can feel on a journey that is already taking far longer than we ever imagined.

I am thrilled to introduce my readers to the Yo Sperm Test today. This is my complete review.

What is the YO Sperm Test?

Yo is a unique, new technology that allows you to test your sperm from the comfort of your own home with with your phone or computer. Basically, it allows you to turn your phone into a semen analyzer that offers you lab level accuracy.

This technology is FDA approved and boasts results with 97% accuracy. It allows you to test your motile sperm count, sperm quality ranking, and you even get a video of your sperm in action. This is a tool designed to be used by couples who are trying to conceive and want to understand his sperm quality without the hassle of going into the clinic to give a sample and spending hundreds of dollars.

How Does it Work?

This was my first question, too! First, YO ensures your privacy which I love. As they state, “it’s a private test for a private subject.” You don’t need to worry about a flashy box showing up at your door with the words YO Sperm Test on it. Instead, they use discreet, nondescript packaging to send you your kit.

Included with your kit are the following items:

  • Collection cups
  • Testing slides
  • Liquifying powder
  • Plastic pipette
  • YO Clip

Here’s how the process works:

step 1

Collect your sperm sample in the included collection cup and download the YO App on your phone or computer.

step 2

Add one vial of liquifying powder to the sample and mix gently for 10-15 seconds (your sample will turn pink).

step 3

Let your sample rest for about 10 minutes.

step 4

Slide the YO Clip over the top of your phone.

step 5

Withdraw some of your sample from the collection cup into the pipette.

step 6

Add your sample to the slide by placing the tip on the red dot and squeezing some out gently as your sample fills the slide triangle.

step 7

Insert the slide into the YO Clip all the way, following the directions on the app. No sperm ever touches your phone! Click Start Testing on the app once the slide is in place.

step 8

Within 2-3 minutes, you’ll see a captured video of your sperm as well as an analysis of your fertility.

step 9

Your test results are stored safely in the YO archive until you delete them. They will not be saved on your phone!

step 10

Clean your phone and the YO Clip with the included cleansing towelettes and store the clip in the included storage bag. Throw out the collection cup, vile, and pipette.

Why Test Your Sperm?

Whether you’ve been trying to conceive for some time now and have come to the point of needing additional testing or you’re just starting to think about conceiving in the future and want to know your sperm status, there is a ton of value in knowing what’s going on with your sperm.

Sperm quality is actually a good indicator of overall health. So, if you or your partner’s sperm is unhealthy, it can be a sign of poor overall health. The good news is that sperm quality can be improved in many cases! So understanding where you’re at can help get you to where you need to be to conceive.

You can track how certain health and/or lifestyle changes affect your YO Score and overall fertility. It’s an important piece to the fertility puzzle that often gets ignored or downplayed. Thanks so companies like YO, more men are feeling comfortable testing their sperm and understanding their health because they can do it discreetly and from their own home.

Frequently Asked Questions

As with any product relating to your health, body, and fertility, you should always do your research before purchasing a product. To help you decide if this product is right for you, I put together a list of FAQs below.

Does YO Sperm Test work?

It’s >97% accurate and has been extensively tested. Most inaccuracies are caused by failure to follow the step by step instructions. For example, failure to fill the slide on the red dot could cause an inaccurate reading.

If I get a LOW result, does that indicate that I’m infertile?

Not necessarily. Your sperm count and motility can change over time. YO recommends that you perform the test again a week or two after the first to see if your results are still coming back LOW. If you are performing the test with the goal of conceiving and your results are continually low, it’s recommended that you seek medical advice from your doctor and present them with your YO video and results.

Why is only motile sperm tested?

If you are trying to conceive the old fashioned way, or through vaginal intercourse, then the sperm needs to move in order to reach the egg. By knowing if you have a normal or low number of moving sperm, you can give you more insight into your fertility and what you need to do in order to successfully conceive with your partner.

How soon after the sample is collected should it be tested?

As soon as possible. It’s important that you begin the test immediately after collection as your sperm motility will decline within one hour. Also, avoid placing your sample anywhere where it could get too hot or cold. Do not put your sample in your refrigerator.

Can I use a condom for collection?

It’s not recommended because most condoms contain spermicides that can affect the sperm and the results.

How should a sample be collected for the test?

For the most accurate results, a sample should be collected through masturbation directly into the sample cup provided.

Final Thoughts

The YO Sperm Test is changing the way we analyze sperm and making it more accessible to men and couples everywhere. Especially during the time of COVID-19, it’s more important thatn ever that we have options available for testing so that we don’t need to put our future on hold any longer than we have to.

I am thoroughly impressed with this kit and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to gain insight into their sperm and how motile it is. I think this technology is a great addition to the fertility and reproductive health world and that so many will find value in it.

No more dodged sperm analysis appointments or the embarrassment and hassle that comes along with them. Now you can get reliable sperm tests delivered discreetly to your door for a fraction of what you might have to pay in the office - and it’s all done from the comfort of your own home!

Start Your Pregnancy Journey Today!

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