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Tami, from Fit Healthy Momma holds the ybell fitness equipment and provides a rating to see if it's worth it.

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9.5/10 ⭐

If you're in need of fitness equipment that can help you strength train, but don't have a lot of room, the YBell 4-in-1 fitness tool could be the perfect option for you.

A recent survey found that nine in ten Americans who exercise regularly plan to continue with at-home workouts even once their gyms reopen and they feel safe going back. Covid-19 has impacted the world in profound ways, and the fitness industry was certainly not spared.

While there were a lot of negatives that came out of the pandemic, there have also been a few silver linings, like the fact that more people had time to commit to their health and fitness and it became a priority in life. Additionally, people realized that effectively working out from home is not only possible but that it’s actually preferred over going to the gym in most cases.

Of course, working out from home comes with its pluses and minuses. It’s convenient, cost-effective, and you don’t have to deal with crowds or people. But it also means that you’ll likely have to invest in some equipment if you want to experience the same level of fitness that you could get by going to the gym.

Personally, I have invested in several new sets of dumbbells (when I could get my hands on them!) over the last few months as I’ve upped my strength training game. And let me tell you, they’re not cheap nor are they space-efficient. So when I stumbled upon YBell Fitness, I was instantly intrigued. Can the YBell really replace the need to have multiple different pieces of equipment?

I went on a mission to find out. Here’s my complete review of the YBell where I break down what this direct-to-consumer home gym equipment product is, how it works, and what kinds of benefits you can expect. 

Behind the YBELL Brand

ybell fitness brand logo on equipment

Before I introduce any new product to my audience, I like to start by taking a peek behind the curtain and talking a little bit about the brand, its inspirations, and its mission.

YBell was developed by Aaron Laurence, a personal trainer, and inventor, who’s trained thousands of people on Australia’s famous Bondi Beach. Aaron was using traditional training tools like dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls in conjunction with his training system to help his clients reach their goals. However, as his popularity and membership grew, he found it increasingly hard to incorporate multiple pieces of equipment into his workouts.

This problem sparked Aaron to seek a solution. He partnered with Michael Hoppe, a professional industrial designer to create the YBell, one piece of equipment that does it all. The result is streamlined workouts that save trainers time and space while delivering exceptional workouts for users in less time.

Introducing the YBell: The 4-in-1 piece of fitness equipment

4-in-1 fitness equipment - ybell

The YBell is one, multi-handle piece of equipment for every body. It’s an all-in-one fitness equipment solution that does the job of the following common pieces of fitness equipment:

  1. Dumbbells
  2. Kettlebell
  3. Medicine Ball
  4. Push up stands

The premise of this product is that you change your grip to switch between each of the 4  equipment types by changing the weight distribution of the YBell. Here’s how it works:

ybell grips for different workouts
  • Hang onto the center grip to use as a dumbbell.
  • Use the outer grips to use as a kettlebell.
  • Hold both outer handles with an under grip to use as a double-grip medicine ball.
  • Use the outer handles with a top grip on the ground to use as pushup stands.

Features and Benefits

benefits and featured of ybell

The YBell is:

  • Designed by fitness and industrial design experts
  • Made from non-slip, non-rust neoprene
  • Perfect for training anywhere
  • Proven to enable efficiency in your workouts
  • A replacement for four common pieces of workout equipment
  • Part of its own fitness training system that includes a dedicated app and unique YBell exercises

Sizing Options

22.5 LB (L) ybell size

While the YBell replaces the need for multiple pieces of equipment, it still comes in various sizes or weights to accommodate users of all fitness levels and abilities.

They offer sizes from XS to XL. Here’s a breakdown of each size:

  • XS 9.5 lbs. ($43.99 each)
  • S 14.3 lbs. ($47.99 each)
  • M 17.6 lbs. ($51.99 each)
  • L 22 lbs. ($55.99 each)
  • XL 26.4 lbs. ($59.99 each)

Next, I’ll talk about how you go about which sizing option is the right choice for you.

How to Decide Which YBell is Right For You

choosing ybell fitness sizing

Just like you would consider your goals, experience, and ability as you’re determining what size dumbbells or kettlebells to purchase, you’ll want to do the same when choosing which YBell is best suited for you.

If you’re brand new to working out or to using weights, you should always start small with the XS or S and work your way up as your strength increases. You don’t want to go too hard and end up with an injury or severely sore muscles. Strength training is a gradual process that happens over time, so be sure to choose your weights wisely and realistically to get the best results.

For those who are currently lifting in the gym or at home with equipment, you can consider skipping right to the M, L, or XL options, again, depending on your strength and what you’re currently able to lift.

Also, keep in mind that depending on the exercises you’ll be performing, you may want to invest in several sizes that allow you to complete various movements efficiently and effectively. The brand offers a package deal that includes 10 pieces (2 of each YBell size) that I highly recommend to anyone who wants to expand their fitness efficiently and have access to a complete set of weights that covers all your needs. They even offer storage racks!

The YBell App

ybell fitness app

You can get it on apple or android (google play).

The brand offers a completely free app that includes introductory workouts designed specifically for the YBell. Beyond that, you can choose to subscribe to YBell’s dedicated programming which includes three options; beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

The beginner program is a 4-week introduction that will help you to get used to using the YBell and to weight training in general. This program includes 4 sessions per week, 2 conditioning sessions, 1 mobility session, and 1 agility, giving you a well-rounded approach to fitness. This program is designed to help you build your strength training foundation and is considered safe for all fitness levels.

The intermediate program has the same breakdown of workouts, 4 per week, but the program runs for a total of 5 weeks. This program is designed to be the next level in your fitness journey, taking the foundations you learned in the beginner program and applying them to increase your strength, endurance, and overall fitness level.

Lastly, the advanced program is a 6-week program that’s meant to challenge and push you to new limits. This program is meant for those who have already completed the first two programs or who are accustomed to training with traditional workout equipment like dumbbells and kettlebells and are now ready to take on high-intensity training. The advanced program includes mobility and agility sessions that are designed for experienced athletes looking for a challenge.

How Much Does the App Cost?

You can get access to all three of YBell’s dedicated programming options for just $9.99 per month with your subscription to their app. However, if you only want access to the Introductory workouts, those are completely free on the app.

The Final Verdict: Is the YBell legit?

Being in the fitness industry and constantly seeking the latest products and trends, I can tell you that there’s a lot of junk and gimmicks out there. When it comes to YBell, this is not the case. After doing an in-depth analysis of the brand and the product, I can tell you that this is definitely a legitimate product that’s adding incredible value to the fitness industry.

ybell fitness equipment legit

This product is great both for training professionals and for consumers who want to minimize their equipment and streamline their efficiency. Again, purchasing multiple pieces of equipment can be very pricey, not to mention cumbersome to drag out every time you want to workout. YBell answers this common fitness pitfall by creating a high-quality, expertly designed product that does the job of 4 different pieces of equipment.

Overall, I am very impressed with YBell, its mission, and the science that went into designing this innovative fitness product. I’m excited to see these get in the hands of more people and to reveal what kind of results are possible!

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verified review of ybell fitness
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