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WW weight loss has been very successful over the years, helping people change their bodies for the better. WW Reimagined is something different that focuses on personalized weight loss and wellness based on scientifically proven data. 

About six years ago, someone very close to me tried WW and successfully lost nearly 100 pounds and kept it off. While losing a significant amount of weight is certainly impressive and something to be incredibly proud of, keeping it off is an even bigger feat and one that not too many people can accomplish.

Weight Watchers has been given a lot of flack over the last few years by those who have called out their methods as being unsustainable and unhealthy. Even though I personally know someone who saw great success using this program, it’s still not one that I would have tried for myself for these very reasons.

Thankfully, the WW team listened, innovated, and came up with a new way to help people lose weight and keep it off for good, in a healthy, sustainable way. WW Reimagined is the new Weight Watchers program and it’s getting a lot of attention these days - in a very positive way!

So when the WW Reimagined team reached out to our team and told us how WW Weight Watchers has completely rebranded to shift away from primarily focusing on weight loss to more of overall wellness, we jumped in, tried it, and are now bringing you our review of the new WW App and program so you can decide if you want to join WW to reach your goals.

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9.5/10 ⭐

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What is WW Reimagined?

WW Reimagined is a scientifically proven weight loss program that includes a holistic approach to overall wellness and wellbeing. WW offers digital, in-person, and virtual workshops and coaching that have helped millions of people lose weight over the past 55+ years.

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By introducing a more holistic approach to losing weight, WW takes a birds-eye view of your personal needs when it comes to weight loss. The WW program focuses on everything from the food you eat and how you sleep to how you think, using a similar approach to Noom, another weight loss app that uses cognitive-behavioral techniques to help you reach your goals.

WW Reimagined is incredibly personalized because science has shown time and again that there’s so much more to losing weight than what we eat and how we move. There are greater factors at play like genetics, weight history, hormones, and more.

How is it Different From WW?

WW Reimaged is different from Weight Watchers in that the team behind the program took a look at the science and data that supports weight loss being a multifaceted endeavor that’s highly personalized and needs to be approached that way.

scientific data difference ww reimagined

Where classic Weight Watchers assigned WW members an arbitrary number of “points” to be consumed each day without regard to the development of healthy habits and a healthy mindset, WW Reimagined, shifted to include these things into one comprehensive platform.

There’s no question that science, data, and trends have changed over the last 50+ years, so kudos to WW for innovating, keeping up with the latest research, and always striving to genuinely help those in need of coaching.

How Do You Lose Weight With Their Program?

Getting started with WW is quite simple and pain-free and it all starts with their myWW+ personal assessment. Weight Watchers added this scientifically proven formula to the WW app to allow you to get a completely customized plan that’s designed to give you the results you need.

How It Works

Step 1: Download the WW app

Download the WW app or visit the official WW website and take the personal assessment. This won’t take any more than a few minutes of your time and it will ask you questions about yourself, your diet history, and more.

Step 2: Scientific food plan match

You’ll be scientifically matched with a food plan that will serve as your guide towards foods that align well with your personal preferences. Not all WW members are on the same plan.

Step 3: Follow your personalized plan

Your Weight Watchers app will be personalized to be your all-in-one tool. Inside the app, you’ll have personalized trackers, FitPoints, tips, tricks, recipes, and other tools that will help make the weight loss process easier.

Step 4: Commit to the plan

You commit to the plan, start using the tools within the app, and connect with your coach in your preferred method (in-person, online, or within groups).

How Much Weight Loss Can You Expect and in What Timeframe?

According to WW, members can expect to lose between 1-2 pounds per week while following their plan. However, I think it’s important to note that everyone’s weight loss journey will look different and that not every week will be the same. Some WW members lose weight steadily by eating healthy foods, tracking their food intake, and using the digital plan, while other WW members do the same but take a bit longer to reach their goal weight. It’s all about finding what works best for you and moving forward from there.

Digging Into the WW App and What it Offers

The Weight Watchers app is very advanced, creating a digitally seamless experience for the user. A more cumbersome app can be time consuming to deal with, which can result in a lack of adherence to the plan.

Luckily, the new and greatly improved app and algorithm from Weight Watchers is very intuitive, easy to use, and full of helpful tools and content that will help keep you motivated and on track all from your smartphone.

Since WW Reimagined is multifaceted, let’s break down some of the main things you can expect from this program next.

Food Plans: What Do They Look Like?

As a new member joining WW for the first time, you’ll be matched with one of their three food plans based on your goals: Green, Blue, or Purple. You’ll also be sent a list of ZeroPoint foods, which are foods that you don’t have to weigh or count. ZeroPoint foods typically include things like fruits, veggies, chicken, salmon, potatoes, etc.)

It’s important to note that just because you were assigned a plan doesn’t mean that you are stuck in it. If you find that the meal plan you’re on isn’t matching your goals, you can always switch it up!

Let’s breakdown the three plan options next:


Green offers a smaller list of foods that form the basis of healthy eating habits. There’s also a decent SmartPoints bank that you can spend on the other foods you love. With this plan, you’ll build your meals and snacks around 100+ ZeroPoint foods, and then track all other foods that are assigned SmartPoints values.


Blue is the next step up from Green, which allows for a little more flexibility and freedom with your food choices. This plan has a moderate SmartPoints budget that you can use to eat the foods that you love, hopefully, that doesn’t include too many unhealthy foods. Plus, you’ll get 200+ ZeroPoint foods to work with.


Purple plan allows for the largest SmartPoints budget and includes the most ZeroPoint foods at 300+. This plan is for those who don’t have a lot of weight to lose and don’t need to be as script or restrictive with their calorie intake.

Are There Off Limits Foods?

One thing that sticks out to me about WW that I applaud them for is the fact that they don’t designate any foods as off-limits. When you start to go down the path of good and bad foods, you’re setting yourself up for failure and a constant cycle of binge and restrict eating.

So while there are no food that are deemed to be bad and off-limits, they do designate certain foods as basically free foods, this is where ZeroPoint foods come into play. ZeroPoint foods have zero SmartPoints, so you can eat them freely without weighing, measuring, or tracking them. This is meant to allow for simplicity and flexibility within your SmartPoints budget.

WW chooses their ZeroPoint foods based on the World Health Organization’s guidelines which recommend eating these specific foods more frequently than others. Weight Watcher’s perspective is that it’s tough to overeat healthy foods, which I think depends on the context. They do mention that the ZeroPoint list is there to help signal you on how often to eat and not necessarily how much. Basically, this isn’t a green light to go have a free-for-all. Even healthy foods can be overdone.

Which Food Plan Works Best For Weight Loss?

Although Weight Watchers recommends a certain plan for you based on your intake questionnaire, you are always welcome to switch to another plan if you feel like it might make more sense for your personal needs. However, Weight Watchers does recommend that you give the plan you’re on a fair shake before jumping ship, so at least two weeks of consistency to really get an idea of whether or not it’s working.

That said, all three food plan options are designed to help you reach your goals, and your WW coach will help you make sure it’s working for you. For example, some people find that the plan with more of the ZeroPoint foods available works best for them, whole other members of the WW community would prefer to have more SmartPoints to spend. As you get started with personal coaching and tracking your progress and results, you’ll tune into what feels best for you.

I Want to Join WW: What Are My Options?

Joining Weight Watchers is not only easy, but you have some options, too. There are three different levels you can choose for app access; Digital, Digital 360, or Unlimited Workshops + Digital. Below is a breakdown of all three options:


This level of access pushes you to eat well, move more, and lose weight with a personalized action plan, progress charts, simple tracking reviews, and 24/7 Coach Chat via online chat. This option is perfect for those who want a self-guided experience.

Digital 360

Everything you get with the Digital plan, plus extra support from coaches and live access to on-demand wellness experiences like recipes and workouts. This option is great for those who are looking for a little bit of guided support, but done on your own schedule.

Unlimited Workshops + Digital

Access to in-person meetings and virtual weight loss support from your coach and group support whenever you’re in need. Plus, you get all the Digital access, too. This plan is perfect for those who need that face-to-face accountability and support that you get from in-person meetings.

Enhanced App Features

Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll have access to WW enhanced app features that are specifically designed for making tracking your progress and reaching your goals simple. Here are a few key features that you should be aware of:

Food Tracking: Inside the WW app, you have access to an intuitive meal planner and tracker that will help you keep track of your meals and snacks with ease. With 10,500+ recipes, a restaurant finder, and a barcode scanner, adhering to your plan is cinchy.

Movement: There’s an advanced activity dashboard that keeps track of your movement and pushes you to hit your targets. WW teamed up with Obe Fitness, Fiton App, and Aaptiv to bring you full guided workouts and meditations so that you have the tools you need to move your body right in the palm of your hand!

Mental Strengthening: Inside the app you have 24/7 access to a WW coach via chat, 5-minute coaching sessions for when you need a little extra support, and constant access to the coach and member community. You’re never alone on your journey!

How Much Does WW Reimagined Cost?

Weight Watchers currently offers three plans; Digital $20 per month, Digital 360 $30 per month, and Unlimted Workshop + Digital $45 per month. Plan pricing varies based on the level of support you need for your journey.

weight watchers reimagined cost 3 plans

Here's a pricing sheet, first created by Fit Healthy Momma's creative team, that shows ww reimagined costs on their 3 plans.

My Personal Review and Experience

For the purpose of this review, I went ahead and signed up for the WW app so that I could get a clear understanding of what WW Reimagined is and why millions of people, Doctors included, rave about it.

Although I don’t have a significant amount of weight to lose, I am on a mission to stop my needless snacking and really hone in on my goals, so I wanted to see what kind of plan of attack I would be given by going through WW’s assessment.

Based on my input, I was placed in the Green Plan for food intake which gave me 30 SmartPoints to work with each day. I was also given a goal of earning 53 FitPoints each week, which relates to the amount of movement I’m to strive for each week. Both of these goals felt reasonable for me.

Simple Tracking Goes a Long Way:

I’ve been using apps to track movement and food for a couple of years now, so I have a good idea of what’s good and what’s not. For me, it’s all about ease of use. If it’s a pain in the rear to track things, you can almost guarantee that I’ll falter and give up. No one wants to spend copious amounts of time every day trying to track things in a cumbersome way.

This is probably my favorite thing about the WW Reimagined app, it’s so easy to use and comprehensive. They really set you up for success by showing you exactly how to use the app, what features are available, and what tips and tricks you can use to save time. 

Aside from that, I felt like the meal and movement plans they mapped out for me was done well. I had enough of a calorie budget to where I could eat enough to not feel hungry all day. The only thing for me is that there’s a learning curve for the SmartPoints coming from a macro-tracking background. That said, I imagine if I stuck with using the WW app and the guidelines outlined for me, I would certainly see results.

Ratings and Real User Reviews

According to the Apple App Store, there are 1.7M reviews of WW Reimagined with an average star rating of 4.8/5, which is honestly absolutely incredible. This is hands down one of the highest-rated apps or programs I have reviewed to date.

After taking a look at the feedback from customers, it’s very evident that folks absolutely love the functionality of the app and how it allows you to customize your plan and make it your own. One of the biggest reasons why traditional diets fail is because they are too difficult to figure out and adhere to, but this is not the case with WW. They really put a lot of time, effort, and attention into this app to make it one that’s easy to use by users of all kinds and experience levels.

In regards to reviews of the program itself, users are equally as excited about the results they’re getting as they are about the app. Most WW uses report seeing positive progress towards their goals quickly, but without feeling restricted or strained by a fad diet. In fact, there are countless WW members who report reaching their goal weight with WW and staying with the program for the long-term as the information adn support allow them to stay on track and maintain their body weight.

Pros and Cons


  • Promotes balance and flexibility to reach goals
  • Helps teach life-long healthy skills and habits
  • Weight loss is slow, steady, and sustainable
  • Plenty of options for support and varying levels available
  • Completely customized for your unique needs and situation
  • The app is excellent and simple to use
  • A holistic approach to losing weight (mind, body, soul)


  • Point counting can feel tedious
  • Can potentially cause unhealthy dieting (overeating on healthy foods and/or saving up points for unhealthy foods, for example)

Final Verdict: Is WW Reimagined Worth It?

WW Reimagined is worth it for those who need to lose weight but find that trying to navigate it on their own is too difficult. With Weight Watchers, you get a completely customed plan for reaching your goals, and they make it about so much more than losing weight. It’s about how you feel and building your confidence to show up authentically, which is something that I personally adore about this plan.

Having watched someone close to me be incredibly successful with WW and now researching and reviewing how they have morphed to fit the needs members today, I can honestly say that I am very impressed with WW and would recommend it to anyone who needs accountability, support, and an easy-to-understand system for weight loss.

Additionally, I love that WW doesn’t promote a quick fix or magic pill. Reaching your goals takes time, dedication, and a major commitment to yourself. So kudos to WW Reimagined for creating a plan that includes all the aspects of a fit, healthy life, not just the number on the scale.

Verified Review

going through the app verified review

A Message From Our RD + Tips for Success

Hi, my name is Courtney D'Angelo, MS, RD and Tami wanted me to write a few words about Weight Watchers Reimagined to give my unique and professional perspective as a Registered Dietician.

The truth is, I cannot sit here and promise you results if you decide to purchase this weight loss program. That wouldn't be ethical on my end and it wouldn't be fair to you... better yet... it's just not the truth.

What is the truth, however, is weight loss programs like these give you all the tools and resources you need to get started on your weight loss journey. Make no mistake about it, you will have to follow through on every step - from eating healthy (like being detailed and counting macros for results) to exercising consistently (even if you're a female beginner at weight lifting, for example).

If Weight Watchers Reimagined is something you're going to sign up for and commit to, here's some tips for success that I highly recommend:

  • Develop a Fit, Healthy Mind (have the right mindset)
  • Eat healthy (be detailed and take pride in what you put into your body)
  • Stay committed (don't stop, keep going, even when times are hard)
  • Join their facebook groups for community support (Join ours here)
  • Exercise daily (make it a habit)
  • Win the day
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