As a certified personal trainer, I can’t tell you how important walking is as part of my daily fitness and wellness routine. Walking is such a simple and universal physical activity that anyone can participate in. It promotes cardiovascular health, keeps your hormones balanced, balances your blood sugar levels, makes you feel energized and can improve your mood. Walking takes very little effort, but the benefits are impressive.

Not everybody is interested in developing a running regimen or lifting weights. Body weight workouts can be pretty intense, leaving you feeling sore and uncomfortable for days afterward. Swimming, pilates and yoga might not be an option if you don’t have access to a gym. If you’re looking to lose weight and get into better shape but want to keep it simple, I recommend incorporating a walk into every single one of your activity days. To make it easier to use walking as a primary form of exercise, I want to talk to you about the use of the app. This app helps develop your own personalized walking plan, you can track your progress and there is even a breathing guide that takes your walks to the next level.

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Can Walking Really Help You Lose Weight?

Participating in any kind of physical activity can help you burn calories, drop fat and lose weight. However, walking is absolutely an important part of weight control. Just going for a walk for 30 minutes each day can help you burn about 150 calories, depending on how briskly you walk and how high your heart rate gets. The further you walk, the faster you go and taking into account any kind of incline will increase your chances of losing weight. Walking can really get your weight loss journey started.

Walking helps you lose weight in different areas of the body, so don’t assume it’s simply for toning your legs. It’s an excellent activity if you want to lose belly fat, and it can tone all different areas of the body including your thighs, glutes and buttocks. Boost your walks by adding in a pair of ankle weights or getting your arms moving briskly as you walk.


The Benefits of Walking

Walking your way to a healthier lifestyle can benefit your body in a number of ways. Something as simple as incorporating a 30-minute walk into your lunch break at work can assist with heart health, mental health and so much more. It’s a misconception that physical activity has to be complex and overexerting. You don’t have to burn yourself out and work in rest days just to keep up.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

While walking isn’t the only thing that can contribute to optimal heart health, it can have a profound impact on your body’s ability to avoid something like a heart attack or stroke. Your heart is a muscle, so exercising it will make it stronger. You should calculate what your target heart rate is when walking to determine how intense your walks should be. Your maximum heart rate is 220 minus your age, but this is a lot higher than a lot of people need to reach when walking in order to reap cardiovascular benefits. You really only need to hit about 50 to 80 percent of your maximum heart rate to see results.

When your heart is strong and healthy, this will lower your overall resting heart rate. It also helps you maintain healthy blood pressure without the need for prescription medications or major lifestyle changes. Of course, eating healthy, getting enough sleep and avoiding excessive alcohol use are always good ideas as well when it comes to heart health.

Decreases Stress Levels

When you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed, you may want to take a break from whatever you’re doing and head outside for a walk. If weather doesn’t permit it, taking a brisk walk on a treadmill will suffice as well. By getting your body moving and increasing your heart rate, you will release a number of brain chemicals (also known as endorphins) which will stimulate relaxation while also improving your mood. You can take your walk to the next level by meditating while you’re walking. You obviously don’t want to close your eyes and envision yourself on a sunny beach somewhere, but you can practice some simple diaphragmatic breathing techniques while in motion. A simple process is to breathe in for a count of six seconds, hold that breath for four seconds and then exhale for eight full seconds (or longer).

Strengthens Your Muscles

When you walk, this tones the different muscles that are located in your legs and abdominal muscles. You can also work your arm muscles if you’re pumping them as you move. Over time, your walking routine can increase your range of motion, and help you shift pressure and weight away from your joints, so you use more of your muscles.

Improves Overall Quality of Sleep

If you’re interested in walking to improve the quality of sleep that you get at night, try going for a walk outside during the morning or afternoon. Exposing yourself to natural light can help you develop a strong circadian rhythm, which in turn will promote healthy and restful sleep. By utilizing walking to reduce your stress levels, this can also help you sleep better at night.

Improves Cognitive Health

Walking regularly increases the flow of blood to the brain, which also releases endorphins and neurotransmitters. Both of these things boost our mental health, our focus and our ability to problem solve. Walking is recommended as we get older to help prevent things like dementia and a general cognitive decline.

Overview of the App

Walking.Diet is an app that provides information on different walking exercises along with options for healthier dietary habits. Once you sign up, this app makes it really easy for you to incorporate regular physical fitness into your daily life. By getting in better shape, you’ll look better, you’ll feel better, and your body will function in a healthier manner.

You receive warm up exercises, weight loss plan information, tips for making the most of your walks, meal planning ideas, body positioning tips, breathing exercises and more. This app is suitable for people of all ages. You can track your walks to monitor your progress.

What I like

There are a number of components of the app that I really like compared to some of the other fitness apps that I’ve tried in the past. As a certified personal trainer, I know how important some of these different types of technology are when trying to accomplish your fitness goals. offers you a walking training plan that helps you through warmups, cool downs and everything in between. More than just a walking app, also provides you with a lot of information regarding food, nutrition and specialty diets like Keto.

What I don’t like

There are some features included in the design of the app that require you to pay an additional fee to access them. However, the basic app is still usable on its own. Results will vary based on your physical activity level, how often you walk, your diet, etc. There are a lot of factors that can impact how walking helps you.

What could be improved?

I would like to see all of the features offered as part of the app included for one fee. I’m not a big fan of companies and fitness programs that are affordable to start out with, but then you have to invest more money to use everything that they have available.

How It Works

Regardless of your age, state of health and fitness level, you can utilize to lose weight and get in better shape. It’s designed to help you meet your individual needs, regardless of what they are. You’ll be asked to complete a 60-second quiz in order to get started and to customize your plan. This quiz asks for your gender, age, weight, height and fitness level. Once you’ve completed the quiz, you’ll receive a personalized summary that details the amount of weight you can lose in a specific amount of time as well as other positive health changes that can be accomplished. You’ll be able to log things like your daily calorie intake, track how many calories you burn, BMI and use different training timers during your walks.

Features of the App

Let’s take a look at a more detailed breakdown of what is included in the app.

Personalized walking plan

Your personalized walking plan comes directly from licensed professionals and nutritionists that work with This plan takes into account any of your personal strengths and weaknesses.

Posture and breathing guide

Ensuring that your body is positioned properly while you’re walking can prevent injuries but also maximize your walks. A breathing guide helps invigorate your body and mind while you’re in motion.

Meal plans

To support the physical activity that you’re participating in, customized meal plans will ensure that you’re getting all of the nutrients needed to keep up with your walks and support weight loss. Most of the meals on the app are super easy to make and only take about 20 minutes or so to get on the table.

Science-backed tips

All of the information and tips that you receive through are based on scientific research. You’re going to be able to achieve impressive results thanks to techniques that have been proven to work.

Extras / Add-Ons Inside the App

If you really fall in love with the app, there are some other extras and add-on features that you may want to consider using.

Keto Dessert Cookbook

Eating healthy and staying physically active doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy yourself once in a while. There is a keto diet dessert cookbook offered that provides you with tasty treats with minimal calories.

Private Consultation

There are certified trainers and licensed nutritionists available to help you achieve your goals. This is a great option if you feel like you need to tweak your use of the app just a bit to maximize results.


Walking doesn’t have to be the only activity that you participate in to get healthy. There are other workouts available through the app for a small fee.

How Much Does the Walking Diet Cost?

As a certified personal trainer, I’ve seen all kinds of fitness apps and programs. Many of them are very expensive. The cost of is currently $5.50 per month with some of the additional add-on features costing a bit more. There are often a number of discounts offered, depending on when you’re going to sign up.

Below, you'll see the pricing plant that they offered me. These prices could change, so don't hold them to it. But, if you click any link on this page that goes to their website, it should give you those prices once you go through the quiz.


Can you lose weight just by walking?

Walking on its own can help you burn calories and fat, but there are other methods that you can use as well to increase your chance of meeting your goal weight. This includes a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Is the app legit?

The app is a legitimate resource to help you lose weight, get healthy, improve your mood and transform your lifestyle. It’s beneficial for people of all ages.

How long should I walk per day?

You should be walking approximately five miles per day, which is about 10,000 steps. All of this walking doesn’t have to be done as part of a workout. You can get your steps in on the stairs at work, running errands or moving around your yard at home.

Conclusion: Should You Try the app?

My job as a personal trainer, nutritionist and women’s health advocate has provided me with a great deal of knowledge regarding different ways to lose weight, improve cardiovascular health, balance your hormones and improve your mood. Walking is something that I recommend to everyone, whether you’re an experienced athlete or you’re just going to be starting out with getting in better shape. I highly recommend the app if you’re ready to take matters into your own hands and feel better than you ever have in your life.

Try Walking.Diet

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