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Veestro weight loss meal plan is designed for those looking to lose weight while eating a plant-based diet.

Meal delivery services like Veestro are super convenient and helpful for a variety of reasons. Not only do the meals come already prepared, but they can help introduce you to new flavors, cuisines, and Veestro will definitely help increase your vegetable intake.

Using a meal delivery service can help cut down on trips through the fast-food drive-through and can help mix up the same old dinner time routine.

If you’ve ever thought about trying out a plant-based diet, but you don’t know how to start, a meal delivery kit like Veestro is a simple place to start. This meal plan can make it easy to slowly switch your eating habits, whether your goal is full-time vegan or just to include more plant-based options, there is something for everyone.

Quick Summary of Veestro Weight Loss Review


Weight Loss Meal Plan




Mark Fachler, Monica Klausner (brother and sister)


Best for:

Plant-based meals designed for weight loss


5 Day Plan (15 meals) or 7 Day Plan (21 meals) at $11.93 per meal


Up to 35% off here (first time customers)

Subscription Option:


Avg. User Rating:

4.7/5 ⭐ (Thousands of reviews on individual meals via their official website)

FHM Rating:

9.5/10 ⭐ (Excellent)

veestro weight loss summary review

What Is The Veestro Weight Loss Meal Plan?

Veestro Weight Loss Meal Plan is a plant-based meal service that delivers fully prepared meals geared toward overall health and wellness.

veestro weight loss meals

Users can choose the frequency and quantity of weekly meals to fit their unique needs and there are options to filter through meals that meet unique dietary needs.

The meals are delivered fully cooked and frozen; all you have to do is heat them up according to instructions. 


Skip meals

A nice feature of this meal plan is that you can skip, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time without penalty. So, if you have a week when you may be out of town or have time to cook more, you can pause your subscription and get back in the kitchen. You also have the option of purchasing meals “a la carte” if something like a weekly plan is not suitable for you.


The weight loss plan includes meals with calories that are already calculated. This makes it easy and convenient to add to your weight loss plan.

Customizable for unique dietary need

There are options to select meals that fit into many different dietary patterns: gluten-free, nut-free, kosher, soy-free, high protein, and others. These meals are great for a wide variety of dietary needs.  

Easy way to increase vegetables

The emphasis on plant-based options makes it easy for anyone to get more veggies into their diet without too much effort.

benefits veestro weight loss plan


Not a lot of breakfast items

While there are a few breakfast choices, there are not many to choose from at this time.

Might be lower in protein compared to other meal plans

Because the meals are plant-based, they are going to be naturally lower in protein than some other animal-based protein meal plans out there. That is not to say that there isn’t adequate protein in these meals, but total protein may be a little lower than others.

More costly than some plans

Although the cost might be somewhat higher than some other meal plans on the market, the benefits could potentially outweigh the negatives; all of the food is organic and fair trade.

What Types of Meals Are In The Weight Loss Meal Plan?

All meals from Veestro are plant-based and organic. The types of fully prepared dishes they offer are free from all animal products and focus on nourishing the body with whole, healthy ingredients that come from a wide variety of plant sources.

Not just for people following a vegan diet, the meals from Veestro are designed to include more plants while still being delicious and full of flavor.

veestro weight loss plan meals variety

A few examples of foods to choose from are:

  • Jackfruit Jambalaya
  • Latin Stew
  • Mushroom Stroganoff
  • Carrot Osso Bucco
  • They also have options for breakfast

Another notable feature is the ability to filter by meal type if you are avoiding certain nutrients such as soy-free, nut-free, or gluten-free.

Plan Size, Costs and Where to Buy

A la carte meals are offered in 10, 20, and 30 meal packages, and users can choose individual meals. Pricing depends on how many meals you want to include in a box; 10 meals come out to $12.82 per meal, 20 meals are $11.93 per meal, and 30 meals are $11.03 per meal. So, you can save a little bit with a larger purchase.

Those who are purchasing weight loss plans with Veestro can choose from a 5 or 7-day weekly meal plan, with 3 meals per day included in each plan. With both weight loss plans, meals come out to $11.93 per meal. 

veestro weight loss meals cost

What Makes It Great for Losing Weight?

All meals from Veestro are designed to include a wide variety of fruits and vegetables from organic plants. Three meals per day from Veestro will provide approximately 1200 calories, leading to a caloric deficit and weight loss for most people. Plus, all meals are very low in unwanted saturated fats and sugars.

There is also the option to filter meals by “high protein”; as we know, high protein meals can lead to weight loss because protein is digested slower than other nutrients, leading to reduced hunger. Plus, high protein and lower carb meals can help with sustained muscle mass. 

High Protein

veestro high protein weight loss

Many studies comparing high-protein, low-carbohydrate diets with high-carbohydrate, low-protein diets have concluded that high-protein diets are more effective when it comes to weight loss (1).

Protein is super important to keep the body running efficiently and optimally; proteins are needed for hormones, repair, maintenance of cells, and many other functions. On top of all of that, protein has been shown to keep the body fuller, for longer.

The important thing with protein is that it helps balance the hormones that regulate appetite; higher protein diets have been shown to reduce hunger several hours after a meal.

While calorie restriction is also needed for weight loss, protein-rich foods help you feel satisfied and less hungry, even with fewer calories.

Trust Ratings and Reviews

After researching countless reviews online, the overall consensus with the Veestro Weight Loss Meal Plan is that it does in fact work for weight loss and the food tastes great. Many people talk about the hefty price tag, but they do back it up by saying the quality of prepared vegan food is worth the extra money.

veestro weight loss customer reviews

Alternatives Compares to Veestro's Weight Loss Meal Plan

Still not sure if Veestro is the perfect option for you in your weight loss journey? There are comparable competitors that offer plant-based meals that help lose weight.

Without question the next best veestro weight loss alternative is Splendid Spoon. It's very comparable in price, people love it, it's plant-based, they have ready-made breakfast, lunch, dinner and a reset plan, and they also offer smoothies. The other option I would recommend is Sprinly, as they are very similar to both Splendid Spoon and Veestro.

That said, I still prefer Veestro over both of the alternatives as the quality of food is a little better and there are many more meal options to choose from.

Worth It? A Dietitian’s Recommendation

As a dietitian, I always recommend everyone get more fruits and veggies in their diets.

With Veestro, it’s easy and tasty to do with minimal effort. I would recommend their high protein options for those looking to lose weight and anyone working to get more protein into their diet.

veestro meals losing weight worth it

The dietary restrictions (soy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, etc.) are also really great options for options so I can recommend this plan to a wide variety of people. I definitely think it’s worth the cost for people who are looking to eat healthier with minimal effort.

Another reason I would recommend this meal delivery service, in particular, is the range of meal options available; there are things that are well known “comfort foods” like fajitas and eggplant casserole, to more exotic dishes like jackfruit pozole and Moroccan mélange.

This is an easy and convenient way to try new foods without a lot of prep. With this easy meal plan, there is really no excuse for not getting in your daily serving of veggies!

Verified Review

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Tips for Success With Veestro's Weight Loss Plan from the RD

  1. Select some new meals that you may have never heard of before. This is an easy way to try brand new dishes without having to do much work. If you don’t like something, simply choose a different option next time. 
  2. Select some options that are “tried and true”. When making your selections, choose some meals that you know you will enjoy. Because they come in fairly large quantities, you know there will be some reliable options that you can count on. 
  3. Use the calorie counts to your advantage. Because the meals are portioned out, there is no excuse to get off track with your calorie and macronutrient counting.
  4. Practice portion control easily. The meals are already portioned out for you, meaning that it is easy to practice portion control by simply eating the amount of food in the pre-prepared meal. This can help you stay on track with weight loss efforts.  
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