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Ladies, how many of you have ever had a UTI? I’m pretty sure the majority of us just raised our hands. How am I so sure?

Because, according to the Urology Care Foundation, UTIs are the second most common type of infection in the body. AND they are the impetus for more than 8 million visits to the doctor each year. Studies show that about 10 in 25 women will have UTI symptoms at some point during their lifetime.

Wow, right? UTIs are a bigger deal than we’re giving them credit for. I know I have personally experienced many UTI's throughout my adult life. Most notably, after I gave birth to my second child.

It’s embarrassing, painful, and strips you of your ability to feel like yourself.

But there are people out there that are making a big impact on UTI care and I for one couldn’t be more excited about that. It’s time to stop hiding behind the shame, embarrassment, and discomfort of having a urinary tract infection and start getting the relief we deserve.

Today, I am introducing you to Uqora for UTI prevention, a women's vaginal health D2C brand that’s revolutionizing the way we treat these all-too-common infections. This is my in-depth look at Uqora that’s based both on my research of the company and my personal experience with their brand and products.

I purchased these products myself, did not gift them to me.

Introducing Uqora: A detailed review!

It’s a 3-part preventative system that’s designed to prevent the occurrence of UTIs. These products combined cover you from all angles and have been extensively researched and tested to maximize your urinary health.

Is Uqora legit?

Uqora is a 100% legit website with over 6,000 5-star reviews to back it up. This brand uses high-quality, lab-tested, and proven ingredients only. All of the ingredients used are generally recognized as safe by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Before this company was created, the only treatment option for a UTI is antibiotics. In addition, prevention options are extremely limited, even though it is very common to get this infection and can have serious side effects for patients.

That's where Uqora comes in and why they offer several products designed to help women and men reduce UTI outbreaks. Uqora's products focus on preventing UTI's rather than treating them. Keep reading to learn all about their company, our evaluation on them and their products.

The Story Behind The Brand

Jenna Ryan, Co-founder of Uqora, is just like you and me. She suffered from recurring infections for years. As she struggled to understand why this was happening and if there was any way to prevent them, she grew increasingly frustrated with the lack of support out there.

She was put on antibiotics after antibiotics, only to continue to experience the uncomfortable side effects. When she confronted her doctor, she was told there simply was no other way to deal with UTIs.

She disagreed and it became her mission to find a better, healthier, more proactive way to ward off urinary tract infections.

So, with the help of her partner, Spencer Gordon, she took matters into her own hands and began researching how to change the way the world treats these infections. From this, the brand was born.

Stopping urinary tract infections is what we're here for, but we have to dig in deep and get the cold hard facts.

Will these products stop UTIs forever?

Recent studies have shown that Uqora's products (mainly Target and Control) can prevent and reduce instances of UTI's by up to 5x. However, they will not stop all UTI's because everybody's body is different. These products focus on prevention. While shopping on their website, it can be tempting to purchase the entire "Prevention System," but may not be needed for most customers

The Uqora system can be broken down by their three main products:

Product Line for vaginal health care

"Flush Your Urniary Tract"

"Cleanse biofilm"

"Balance your vaginal microbiome"

Together, they pack a powerful punch that’s scientifically engineered to flush out your urinary tract and promote a healthy, balanced, UTI-free body. I’ll run through each of their products next.

They have a quiz on their website that I highly recommend taking before you jump into a product so that you can be sure you’re getting the best solution for your unique needs.


The ingredients in Target work to gently flush out your urinary tract quickly. At the same time, it promotes immune support directly to your urinary system.

This product comes in powder form, in a fun little, single-serve packet that you mix into a glass of water. This product is designed to be consumed after intimacy, exercising, traveling, etc. The makers actually recommend that you take this at least every three days to maintain your urinary health and keep it clean and flushed.

I have personally tried this product and found it to be super easy to take. It mixes right into your water, giving it a light pink hue, and the taste is slightly sweet but not overpowering.

I do not currently suffer from UTIs (thanks to vaginal probiotics!) but I am sexually active and find that drinking Target after intercourse helps me to feel cleaner and more refreshed.

this is a picture of myself drinking the product target by Uqora
picture of target by uqora


Next up, is Control, a dietary supplement that’s designed to cleanse biofilm. What the heck is biofilm you ask? It’s a slimy film of bacteria that builds up in your urinary tract and can threaten your urinary health. Um, ick.

Control is jam-packed with ingredients that are destined to clean that icky biofilm out of your body. It helps to keep your bladder clean.

For those who suffer from UTIs with little to no explanation as to why they’re happening or what’s causing them, this supplement may be the key to controlling them.

This product comes with a 30-day supply of vegan capsules and you are instructed to take two capsules per day with a glass of water.


The third product is Promote, a highly specialized vaginal probiotic that’s engineered to maintain and promote a healthy vaginal microbiome. We’ve all heard that probiotics are good for us, but did you know that there’s such a thing as a vaginal probiotic?

I didn’t until about a year and a half ago, and now it’s part of my daily supplement routine. After having a baby in late 2018, my vaginal bacteria seemed to be all over the place and I was experiencing all kinds of issues, from UTIs to odor and discomfort.

I credit using a vaginal probiotic with helping me to get my vaginal and urinary tract health back on track. In full transparency, Promote was not the first vaginal probiotic I started taking. I’m not sure it was even available back then?

But you can read my full review on HUM’s Private Party vaginal probiotic here for my thoughts on that product and a little more information about vaginal probiotics in general.

I find that Private Party and Promote are very similar - they have many of the same, all-natural ingredients. I have since tried Promote and experienced basically the same effects that I did with HUM’s Private Party.

The only reason I would choose Promote over HUM would be because Promote offers a complete urinary tract infection prevention system. So for those with recurring UTIs, use Target and Control. Those will benefit you best.

Which Products Do You Need?

Like any good brand, Uqora offers its products in a handy bundle that you can purchase together and save money. You can get all three products for about $25 less than if you were to purchase all three separately.

Do you need all three? Well, that depends. This is why it’s a great idea to take their quiz. It’ll ask you things like if you’re sexually active, if you need urinary support (aka you have UTIs), and if you’re taking a probiotic or not. Then, they’ll recommend products for you based on your needs.

What Comes With The Complete System?

  • One Month Supply of Control, which you take daily
  • One Month Supply of Promote, also take daily
  • Choose 10, 20, or 30 packets of Target, which is based on your needs. To find out your needs, take their quiz here.

Save money by getting the complete system and using our exclusive Uqora discount code, which they provided for Fit Healthy Momma readers!

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At a minimum, I would highly recommend women who are sexually active to use Target. It’s such a great product for keeping your system clean and making sure that bacteria don’t have the opportunity to stick around and wreak havoc.

Target alone has been proven to reduce the occurrence of UTI’s by up to four times.

But, If you’re currently struggling with recurring urinary tract infections, add Control to your regime. Many reviewers swear by the combination of Target and Control.

And of course, I am a huge proponent of probiotics for vaginal care. They really have changed my body and confidence level. This company provides the solution - Promote, and it should be part of every woman’s daily supplement regime.

Why choose this brand over other UTI prevention brands?

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed as I’ve started to delve deeper into my own vaginal and reproductive health over the last few years is that there are so many new companies coming out that are doing an amazing job at bringing awareness to common women’s health issues that have historically been swept under the rug.

Who hasn’t felt the shame and embarrassment of going back to the doctor for yet another UTI or other vaginal issue? And who’s not sick and tired of the antibiotic regimes that seem to do more harm to our bodies than good?

When I found this brand, I immediately connected with the founder’s story. I’ve been where she was, but instead of accepting her diagnosis for what it was, she took action. I love that.

Below, you can watch a short video of the founder, Jenna Ryan, share her experience with recurring UTI's:

I also love that this brand uses intensively researched ingredients to make products that are proven effective. And they aren’t stopping there, they have several clinical trials in the works that will no-doubt unveil new findings, products, and treatments.

Let's take a closer look at the Pros, Cons and what women are saying online about their products and customer service:


  • Unlike other vaginal health companies we review, Uqora focuses solely on one condition: UTIs.
  • All Uqora products come with a no-questions-asked 100% money-back guarantee. You can easily get a refund if the product doesn't work for you.
  • Uqora has a legit online chat support system, which is a life saver in helping you get your questions answered promptly.
  • FREE shipping on all orders, no minimum
  • Save 15% off retail prices if you choose to purchase a subscription to any Uqora product.
  • Their products are backed by real medical doctors and professionals
  • Uqora is currently offering our readers 10% off your total order, use discount code: FITMOMMA at checkout.


  • I don't like how the products' subscription option is initially selected assuming you want to subscribe. This is misleading and can result in a subscription purchase if you aren't paying attention.
  • According to medical studies, Uqora's Target can reduce UTI instances by up to 5x, but they won't stop all UTIs.
  • The entire Prevention System is pricey, and although you may want all the products, it may not be needed for the majority of customers.

Main Takeaway

If you're struggling like many women out there with UTIs and have tried all the prevention strategies such as urinating after sex or taking cranberry extract (which isn't medically or scientifically proven to work) and you still can't get rid of UTIs, then I can genuinely recommend giving Uqora products a shot. It wouldn't be a shot in the dark though, since most of our readers swear by them. After reading this article, you'll understand that Uqora doesn't guarantee to prevent all UTIs, but are based and backed by sound science and could provide the results you're looking for.

User Reviews of Uqora and What Women Say Online:

4.8 / 5 Stars

According to their own website, 92% of the reviews for Uqora (or from women customers are excellent, while only a handful are negative. There are currently over 6,500 ratings on their website.

Many of the positive reviews talk about how their UTI prevention product called Target works so effectively. These testimonials are coming from women ranging from 21-70 years old, so it works with a variety of age groups.

The complaints were mostly women who tried it for about a month and had little to no success preventing UTI's. There were also a few shipping problems and some minor subscription hiccups. However, Uqora's customer support quickly responds and also follows up by email to make things right for the customer. This is a very strong sign of outstanding customer support.

Overall, this company represents excellent customer satisfaction with only a few people not liking the products, which is to be expected with any brand. The majority of women who bought the products have publicly communicated their overall satisfaction.

For many women suffering from a painful UTI, this company allows them easy, quick and affordable access to a professional service and prevention, which is a big life saver to say the least. Check out what a few other happy customers are saying:


Before you take any medication or supplements, you should always do your research and consult with your doctor. Here are some frequently asked questions about this company and their products that may help guide you through their brand and to determine if their products are right for you.

Is Uqora FDA approved?

All of the ingredients in Uqora products are Generally Recognized as Safe by the FDA. These products are safe for people of all ages, including children. Although, you should always speak to your doctor or your child’s pediatrician before using it.

Are there any side effects?

These products have been tested extensively, and there are no known side effects of the ingredients at the concentrations found in the products. One thing to note, though, is that D-Mannose, an active ingredient, can cause some gastrointestinal issues (upset stomach, loose stool).

Does Uqora really work?

In studies, researchers found that it reduces the occurrence of UTIs by up to 4x, but they cannot guarantee the prevention of all UTIs. That said, there are over 5,000 positive Uqora reviews on their website that will attest to the fact that it indeed works, and it works well. Most women who try these products become loyal users.

What is Uqora made of?

Here are the ingredients in Uqora's products as stated on their website:

Target: D-Mannose, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Citrate, Citric Acid, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Natural Lemon Flavor, Organic Stevia, Beet Juice Extract, Silicon Dioxide.

Control: Green Tea Extract (95% polyphenols), Curcumin, D-Mannose, Black Pepper Powder.

Promote Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Lactobacillus Reuteri, Prebiotic.

How often can you take Uqora?

Since these products are completely safe and natural, you can take them as needed. Customers often question how often they can consume Target. The company recommends taking it at least every three days, but you can safely take it up to four times in one day.

Final Thoughts

I am very impressed thus far with this brand. I know how skeptical it can make you feel to try something new that seems to promise the impossible, but I truly think they may have hit the nail on the head here.

Anyone who has ever dealt with the embarrassment and discomfort of a UTI knows that you’ll do just about anything to get relief. And while you may have tried some gimmicky products or old wives tail-style tricks in the past and been disappointed, I think you may be pleasantly surprised by these products and their ability to work.

You deserve to feel like yourself! Let me know if you try these products out, I’d love to hear your feedback.

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