For whatever reason, mushroom supplements and nootropics have been mostly marketed to the male population, leaving us women in the dust. To be completely transparent as a woman, white pills and capsules don't really sound appealing to me.

But the landscape of supplements, including nootropics, has changed drastically over the years, and trust me I know because I have been covering supplements for women for a few years now.

What's Out?

Capsules: Boring and hard to take consistently, especially depending on the size of the capsule.

What's In?

Gummies! And now we have mushroom and nootropic gummies. I can speak for many women, including myself, because in our Fit Healthy Community, thousands of women have told me they prefer gummy supplements over capsules any day of the week.

What are we reviewing today?

Troomy mushroom gummies (Find your "True Me" or troomy as in mushroomy).... clever, isn't it?

find your "true me" troomy

I'm going to cover what the brand is about, what type of mushroom gummy supplements they offer and share my experience in how I have been trying troomy gummies.

I think supplements are a huge debate right now and it's important to be realistic when choosing any supplement. The truth is that not all supplements work for everyone. And, I'm certainly not going to praise any brand or product. However, what I really want to do is provide women an honest look into how my experience has been with troomy, and then you can make an educated decision for yourself to go with troomy or not.

The cool thing about what troomy is doing is they offer only mushroom gummies that are designed to solve certain problems, i.e.: sleep, calm, boost energy, boost focus (this is their nootropic), and a daily. They use functional mushrooms as the main ingredients and provide specific products for what those ingredients have been clinically studied to do. That doesn't necessarily mean they all work as advertise, but that's what we're going to talk about today!

About the Troomy Brand

It shouldn’t be difficult to feel your best every single day. Troomy has made this process natural and easy, using some of the best ingredients grown right here in the U.S. Infusing them into a series of gummies, your Troomy nootropics can help you find the “True-Me” that you’ve missed for so long. Troomy utilizes centuries-proven ingredients, while still bringing something new to the world of nootropic health and wellness.

Some of the functional mushrooms that Troomy uses for their gummies include:

Lion’s Mane

This is one of nature’s most powerful nootropics. Lion’s Mane can help boost your mental clarity, balance your digestive system and improve your cognition. This is the go-to functional mushroom when you want to make sure your work is on point.

Red Reishi

Reishi mushrooms are excellent in regard to supporting the body’s circulatory system. They also help your body maintain a normal immune response, liver function and can detox the body in a way that improves your natural response to stress.


Cordyceps is a nootropic that boosts endurance and energy, while also supporting cardiovascular health. Ideal for athletes, this functional mushroom is also beneficial for long days at work or home. It doesn’t make you feel jittery, however.


Well known for its ability to strengthen the body’s natural immune response, Chaga is a nootropic that contains the beneficial components beta-glucans and triterpenes.

Troomy Mushroom Gummies - They Really Do Have Something for Everyone!

There are five main nootropic gummies that are offered as part of the Troomy lineup. You can use them interchangeably, or just stick to the one variety that offers you the benefits that you’re looking for. Let’s look more closely at Troomy Daily, Focus, Boost, Calm and Sleep.


troomy daily gummies

Troomy Daily completely transform that routine that you’re so used to, but really isn’t serving you well. This product contains 2000 milligrams of a functional mushroom blend. Fourteen different varieties are included, such as Reishi, Cordyceps, Chaga, and Lion's Mane. Your Daily nootropic gummy can help you support your mind and body. This product is strawberry-mango flavored, containing 60 square-shaped gummies.


troomy focus gummies (nootropic)

To naturally improve your efficiency on a daily basis, Focus from Troomy is loaded with 400 milligrams of Lion’s Mane functional mushrooms. This product can help you become more focused and productive. They have a delicious passion fruit flavor.


troomy boost gummies

Each Boost gummy from Troomy contains 400 milligrams of cordyceps mushrooms Made with only all-natural ingredients to help properly support even the most active lifestyle, Boost helps you develop laser focus no matter what you’re working on. Sixty electric-lime gummies are in each container of Boost.


troomy calm gummies

Troomy’s Calm pineapple peach gummies consist of 400 milligrams of Reishi mushrooms, handcrafted to help you feel more relaxed and stress-free regardless of whether you’re at home or at work.


troomy sleep gummies

Experience a deeper and more rejuvenating night of sleep with Troomy’s Sleep gummy. Formulated with 400 milligrams of Reishi along with 2.5 milligrams of melatonin, these black raspberry gummies will help you get to sleep fast.

What I Love About Troomy

I’ve tried different nootropic supplements and products made with functional mushrooms, but never really found that their flavors were pleasant. Instead of tolerating that earthy flavor, Troomy has provided me with a tasty way of getting a daily nootropic dose. Their flavors aren’t overly sweet or artificial either. My favorite is the black raspberry SLEEP gummy. It’s perfect for those nights where my mind is racing from everything that happened that day, and I just can’t seem to get to sleep.

What Could Be Improved

I would like to see a picture on the Troomy website, for each of their products. While the company explains what’s in each of their products, I really like when I can view the exact doses, ingredients, dosing information, etc.

There is a section on the Troomy website that outlines the different functional mushrooms that the brand likes to use in their product formulations, but I noticed that there aren’t lengthy descriptions with each product listing. You have to go looking for the benefits and purposes of what’s included. Also, there are more nootropic ingredients included in the product than what is listed on the brand’s functional mushroom description page.

Texture and Taste of Troomy Gummies

The physical design of Troomy Gummies is interesting. They’re square-shaped, but they also taste awesome. Flavors like strawberry-mango, black-raspberry and pineapple-peach are super refreshing, not too sweet and don’t have any of that additional sugar sprinkled all over them. The texture is smooth, which is nice because a lot of products that contain functional mushrooms tend to be a little gritty.

troomy gummies up close

How I Use Troomy Nootropic Gummies

There are days when my mind is clear and focused, ready to focus on my next blog article or the next client that I need to help. Unfortunately, there are also days when it’s really difficult to get my work done. I’ve started taking FOCUS gummies a couple of hours before I want to get to work, and they’ve made a big difference in my work quality.

FOCUS isn’t the only product from Troomy that I use. CALM is perfect for those days when the kids come home from school, full of energy and noisy as can be. Instead of feeling over-stimulated and irritated, Troomy CALM gummies help me connect with my kids calmly.

Sleep is something that’s hard to come by in my house. There are nights when one or both of my kids just don’t want to wind down and go to bed. By the time I finally get them settled down, I feel charged up and unable to get to sleep. Troomy SLEEP gummies provide me with a natural way of winding down, so I can get some rest in preparation for the next day. Not only do they help me get to sleep easier, but I stay asleep. No more of those four A.M. wakeups where I end up staring at the ceiling for hours.

How Much Do Their Gummies Cost?

Troomy offers their nootropic gummies at a very affordable price point. One bottle of 60 gummies currently costs $34.99. The typical serving size is one gummy, so that’s two full months' worth of product in each bottle.

If you purchase from Troomy frequently, you have the option of signing up for their rewards program. Each purchase allows you to accumulate points (10 points for every one dollar that you spend). Those points can then be used for a discount of $5 off, $10 off or $20 off.

Who Should Try troomy?

Troomy has broken down their mushroom gummy supplements into their five different unique blends. You can use them all or choose to select the primary reason you’re trying this type of product out. If you’re looking for general mind and body wellness and improved cognition, the Troomy 14 Mushroom Blend is ideal. You can also address issues you’re having with SLEEP, CALM, FOCUS and BOOST.

If you’ve been diagnosed with an issue like ADHD, you may find natural relief from one of Troomy’s products. You may want to speak with your doctor prior to starting a nootropic supplement, especially if you’re currently taking a prescription medication for your condition.

Who is it not for?

Functional mushrooms and nootropics can interact with different chemicals that may be coming from another medication or product that you’re using. These interactions can increase your risk of side effects like anxiousness, fatigue, nausea, jitteriness, headache and GI upset. Discuss any potential interactions with your doctor. The most common interactions include with blood thinners, anxiety medications, medications used for bipolar disorder and antidepressants.

My best advice is always consult your doctor before taking any supplement.

What are the Customer Reviews Like?

Troomy just started shipping orders this past October, so the brand is still relatively new. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of reviews listed on their website right now. All of the products have a five out of five-star rating, but they have less than five reviews listed for each of them. People rave about the taste, fast shipping time and a variety of health benefits (depending on which product was purchased).

My Verdict

The functional mushrooms that troomy uses in their products are considered high quality. All of the ingredients that they use have been clinically studied to see if they work in improving a person’s brain health, while also improving whole-body health and function.

I love that Troomy has broken down their products into very simple categories. You can decide whether you’re looking to improve your quality of sleep, you want to boost your cognitive function or you want to calm yourself down after a long and stressful day. Very specific, pure and safe functional mushrooms will help you achieve results that you just can’t get from a healthy diet or exercise.

Functional mushrooms and nootropics have been used in everything from coffee alternatives to basic capsule supplements. You can’t beat the fun, square-shaped design of Troomy nootropic gummies, and you certainly won’t find anything that tastes better than this.

So, Should You Purchase Troomy?

Listen, that's entirely up to you!

I can tell you that these gummies taste really yummy. Here's my honest take on each mushroom gummy by troomy:

My honest take on FOCUS: Sometimes I can feel a difference, while other times I don't feel anything at all. Could it be a placebo? Isn't that what all nootropics are anyways? Even if it works for a little, it could wear off after a few months. But, I bet there aren't many mushroom nootropics out there that taste this good!

The SLEEP gummies: These work 100%, but most sleep supplements do because they contain melatonin.

The CALM gummies: I noticed a few times I felt a "chillin' out" feeling after taking them. Other times, didn't feel a thing.

The BOOST: Defenitely boosted my energy the first few times I took these gummies. But I spread out taking them, meaning I didn't take them every day (skipped a few days in between).

DAILY: I personally wouldn't take DAILY and any other troomy together because DAILY has all the functional mushroom ingredients in there. DAILY is pretty strong in my opinion. I think I need more time to see if I feel any results. Wouldn't mind to keep taking them because they taste amazing.

The other great news is that they only cost $39.99, which is priced very reasonably considering many supplements like these are much higher.

Honestly, for women, troomy really stands out because of their fresh, but funky brand vibes and the fact that they specialize in gummies. It's what women want.

If you decide to try troomy, come back in a few weeks and let me know how your experience was! You can also join our Fit Healthy Community, a fitness and nutrition for women group!

About the Author
Tami Smith, CPT, Nutritionist

Tami Smith is a certified Macro Coach, Nutritionist and an ACE certified fitness trainer, specializing in pre and post-natal fitness. She studied business and earned her bachelor's degree in Business Economics. Tami is a mom of two and women's health advocate. Her passion is to help people live a fit, healthy life through proper nutrition and exercise!

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