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Fit Healthy Momma Rating: 9.5/10 ⭐

The Thorne Weight Management Test is an at-home blood and saliva test that provides insights by measuring key biomarkers related with weight management to help people find out what's holding them back from losing weight.

Most of us know that eating better and smart exercising are two of the most important steps to take when trying to lose weight.

However, for many, it’s not always that simple. If you’ve been working to lose weight and are feeling unsuccessful in your attempts, it’s a good idea to have a look at your health overall to assess whether or not something else is going on.

For example, if your thyroid hormones are not functioning optimally, weight loss can become much more challenging, but most of us do not know our thyroid levels unless we test them. Knowledge is power and by knowing your own biomarkers, you’ll be empowered to take steps in order to improve your health and wellness and reach your goals.

This is where a home-testing kit could become useful, though it’s important to note that these tests should not replace the guidance of a physician. 

The Thorne weight management test is a testing kit that can be done at home, on your own time. It provides 9 different biomarkers that can indicate areas of concern when it comes to weight management.

Quick Summary of Thorne Weight Management Test Review


Weight Management Test (at-home)




In 1984, Al Czap founded Thorne, then sold the company. Paul Jacobson is now the CEO.


Best for:

Anyone who wants to learn what's holding them back from losing weight.



Required Age:

Test taker must be 18 years or older

Avg. User Rating:

5/5 ⭐ (Small sample size, newer product)

FHM Rating:

9.5/10 ⭐

thorne weight management test summary review

Introducing the Thorne Weight Management Test

The Thorne weight management test is an at-home test kit that uses saliva and blood samples to test health data in order to provide personalized recommendations for weight management.

The kit tests 9 biomarkers that can help individuals determine if certain areas may be holding them back from losing weight.

thorne's weight management test and kit

The Brand Behind The Test

Thorne Research is a health and wellness company that emphasizes a personalized approach to improving health. According to the website, “we believe personalized, scientific wellness can extend the duration of one’s health span and create happier and healthier lives.”

thorne brand logo

The supplements produced and sold by Thorne are third-party tested and most are NSF Certified for Sport, meaning they do not contain banned substances and you can trust the quality of the ingredients.

In addition to supplements, Thorne offers home testing kits that test various health indicators, like gut health, sleep, stress, and more. One of the popular test kits is the weight management home test. Let’s take a look at how this test works and what you can expect if you decide to take the test yourself.


  • Easy to take samples
  • Excellent data on hormones and diet
  • A great option if you have a hard time losing weight
  • Thorne continues to pump money into research
  • Provides actionable (and realistic) steps
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Incredibly accurate


  • Can be pricey for some
  • You still have to put in the effort after you get the results back (this isn't a weight-loss magic button)

How The Test Works

The weight management test ships with everything you’ll need to perform the test at home. 

When you receive the kit, you can go onto the Thorne website to activate the test and create your health profile.

thorne weigh management test how it works

Next, you’ll get ready to take your samples by following the instructions included with the kit. The weight management test includes saliva and blood samples, both of which can be done by yourself at home. This is nice, because oftentimes, blood tests require a trip to the lab. This particular test includes 2 safety lancets, alcohol prep pads, gauze pads, and bandaids so that you can perform a finger prick at home.

Once you take your samples, you’ll pack them up in the pre-paid shipper and mail it back to Thorne. Your results are then reviewed by a board-certified physician and you will see them, along with personalized recommendations, about 8-10 business days later.

Who Should Take It?

struggling to lose weight

This test may be a good fit for someone who is struggling to lose weight, despite their best efforts. If you have been consistent with dieting and exercising and continuing to struggle with weight, having the information the Thorne weight management test provides may lead to more successful weight loss.

This test may also be useful for individuals who are not interested in losing weight, but find that they are feeling fatigued often and having trouble sleeping, or experiencing exercise intolerance.

Symptoms of Weight Management Issues

Sometimes there can be something happening in the background making weight management incredibly difficult. 

You may be experiencing weight management issues if you are not seeing weight loss despite consistent efforts. Additionally, you may experience weight gain, increases in belly fat, excessive cravings, or poor tolerance for physical activity.

Who Can't Take It

You should always consult with your doctor before making any changes with your health. That said, there are rules and regulations with Thorne's health tests.

Test taker must be 18 and reside in the United States.

Health tests are not permitted for use in:

  • Armed Forces Americas
  • Armed Forces Europe
  • Armed Forces Pacific
  • American Samoa
  • Maryland
  • Northerns Mariana Islands
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Rhode Island
  • United Stated Minor Outlying Islands

What You’ll Discover

discover insights thorne weight management test

After performing your home test kit, you’ll receive your results along with recommendations based on the numbers. Below is a deeper explanation of each of the biomarkers measured by the Thorne weight management test.

What Thorne Measures

With saliva and blood samples, the Thorne weight management test measures the following biomarkers:

Reproductive hormones

  • Estradiol
  • Progesterone
  • Testosterone

Adrenal hormones

  • Cortisol
  • DHEA

Blood sugar metabolism

  • Insulin
  • HbA1c

Thyroid hormones

  • TSH

Reproductive Hormones

Your saliva sample will be analyzed in order to measure the reproductive hormones estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone. Keeping these hormones in balance is crucial for weight management, as both low levels and high levels may cause weight gain.

Estradiol is a form of estrogen that is naturally produced by the body and is responsible for developing and maintaining a healthy reproductive system, but it also plays a role in metabolism and body weight. 

Low levels of estradiol, as typically seen in menopause, have been associated with weight gain and insulin resistance, a condition that leads to high blood sugars and increases the risk of diabetes. To make things more difficult, chronically high levels of estradiol can cause weight gain as well.

Progesterone is a steroid hormone that also plays an important role in the reproductive system and metabolism. Low levels of progesterone don’t directly contribute to weight gain. However, when levels become low, it allows estrogen to become dominant (progesterone and estrogen are no longer in balance), which can cause weight gain.

Testosterone is the male sex hormone, but it’s present in both men and women. Just like estradiol and progesterone, it also plays a role in body weight and low levels have been associated with weight gain.

Adrenal Hormones

The adrenal hormones, Cortisol and DHEA, are also measured with saliva samples. When these hormones are not in balance, they can affect the reproductive hormones and cause weight gain.

Cortisol is most commonly known as the “stress hormone”, which makes it sound like a bad thing, but this is not always the case. In certain situations, the release of cortisol is useful and important, but when levels become chronically high, health issues can arise such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and others.

DHEA, or dehydroepiandrosterone, is responsible for producing other hormones, including some of the sex hormones that are associated with weight gain. DHEA levels decrease naturally as we age and lower levels may cause estrogen and testosterone to become out of balance, which may affect body weight.

Blood Sugar Metabolism

Blood sugar metabolism is measured with a blood sample that tests insulin and HbA1c.

Insulin is a storage hormone that is important for helping the body to absorb glucose after meals. Insulin resistance, a fairly common condition, happens when the body becomes less sensitive to insulin and less effective at storing glucose. Over time, this can lead to high blood sugars and weight gain.

With the body less sensitive to insulin, the pancreas makes more of it in an attempt to fix the problem, but this results in both high blood sugar and high insulin levels. Unfortunately, high insulin levels can also lead to weight gain, further perpetuating the problem.

Glycated Hemoglobin (HbA1c) is the average blood sugar levels over time. This test is done to determine how regulated your blood sugars have been lately, rather than just at one point in time. This is important in this particular test because chronically high blood sugar can cause weight gain.

Vitamin D

The blood sample will also be used to determine vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D plays a number of roles in the body, but it has also been linked to obesity and weight-related complications. Many individuals are deficient in vitamin D without realizing it, so it’s a good idea to have your vitamin D levels checked regardless of your weight goals.

Thyroid Hormones

The last result you’ll receive in this test is TSH, or thyroid stimulating hormone, that is measured with the blood sample.

TSH is responsible for stimulating the thyroid to produce thyroid hormones, T3 and T4. The thyroid hormones are incredibly important for a healthy metabolism and weight management. When levels become low, we often see weight gain along with other symptoms like depression, fatigue, and more.

Alternatively, high levels can lead to increased heart rate, anxiety, and weight loss. So, keeping these hormones in balance is crucial for weight management.

Cost and Places to Purchase

The weight management test can be ordered directly from the Thorne website for $315. You can also purchase the test on third party websites, such as Healthy Beings ($327) and Lucky Vitamin ($349.45). We never recommend to buy products away from the official website because of third-party customer service and shipping issues, but you do have the option if you want it.

thorne weight management test box

Honest Customer Reviews

Thorne's weight management test kit is so new that it only has one review. I researched everywhere this test is sold and that's all that's out there at the time I'm writing this.

That customer review rated the product a 5/5 star and raved about how much information she received from Thorne's lab. She struggled with losing weight, didn't want to talk to her doctor about it, found Thorne's new weight management test and went for it. Sometimes, you just have to take the leap of faith - she did and it paid off. Here's the screen shot of her review so you can get more context:

honest customer review thorne weight management test

Alternatives Compared to Thorne's Weight Management Test

The Thorne weight management test is not the only one on the market. Other companies, like Everlywell and Verisana also offer home test kits that measure different hormone levels.

Everlywell tests are more individualized, meaning you can choose one specific to women’s or men’s health, or choose specific tests like just thyroid, or just vitamin D.

Verisana offers a less expensive test, but does not measure as many biomarkers as Thorne's weight management test and does not offer personalized recommendations along with the results.

Worth It? A Dietitian’s Recommendation

I believe that knowledge is power, especially when it comes to our health. If you have truly been working to lose weight and staying consistent with your efforts, but not seeing the results, this test may be worth it.

It provides an accessible way to discover aspects of your health that may need attention. Additionally, your results are reviewed by a board-certified physician and you’ll receive personalized recommendations to help you not only understand your results, but also get started with making improvements.

However, a test like this one should never replace the care of a healthcare professional. If you are concerned that any of your biomarkers may be out of balance, it’s important to work with your doctor to get them back on track.

value of thorne weight management test

Tips for Success From The RD (If You Take The Thorne Weight Management Test)

If you decide to take the Thorne weight management test, remember that receiving the results is only the beginning.

Be sure to take advantage of the personalized recommendations that are included with your results so that you can take control of your health. It’s also a good idea to share your results with your doctor, especially if any are particularly far out of range.

Lastly, after implementing some of your recommendations, try re-testing again after several months so you can see what changes you’ve made! 

Verified Review

holding phone with thorne weight management test results
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