The Stryde Bike is a premium bike with luxury features that’s giving Peloton a run for its money thanks to its versatility and ability to stream other app-based workouts and entertainment apps.

I received my Stryde Bike a couple of months ago and have been riding it ever since. This high-end exercise bike fits right in with my routine, giving me a new challenge and change-up to my home workout routine.

With an affordable price tag, an optional Stryde streaming membership, and the ability to download and stream nearly any app I want, it’s easy to see why this bike is poised to become the next best thing to hit the home cycling market.

In this article, I’m reviewing and sharing everything you need to know about the Stryde Bike so that you can make an informed buying decision and ensure that you’re getting the right bike for your unique and specific needs. My hope is that you find this article helpful as you decide if Strdye has the best stationary bikes available and if it’s the right fit for you.


9.8 / 10

Fit Healthy Momma rating stryde

Living the Fit Healthy Momma life!

Stryde Bike Specs

specs of stryde

Required Floor Space

24” x 50”

Bike Weight

125 lbs.

Weight Capacity

350 lbs (a higher weight capacity than Peloton)


30.5 lbs


0-100 levels of magnetic resistance (exactly the same as Peloton's resistance)


22” HD Stryde Tablet (Android)


Seat & Handlebars


Dual-sided (SPD & toe cages)

Rotating Screen

❌ No

Class Styles Available

Cycling, floor workouts

Foam Covered Handlebars

✔ Yes

App Allows for Other Riders

✔ Yes

Water Bottle Holder

✔ Yes, 2


Features Of The Stryde Bike

main features of Stryde's bike

It's beautiful looking and can go in any room (this is my garage gym).

The Stryde Bike comes equipped with some pretty competitive features that help it to stand apart from its competition and really offer some amazing value. Let’s take a look at some of the standout features that help Stryde shine in the indoor cycling bike industry.

100 Levels of Magnetic Resistance

knob resistance on stryde

Literally just like Peloton's resistance with the 0-100 levels and all you have to do is turn the knob.

If 100 levels of near silent magnetic resistance rings a bell, it’s because Stryde has the exact same resistance system as the Peloton Bike. While some Peloton competitors use alternate forms of resistance, like MYX Fitness, who uses friction, Stryde took a page out of Peloton’s book and went with the premium resistance that so many have come to know and love with their competition.

Using the resistance knob located directly in front of you when you’re on the bike, you can adjust your resistance from 0-100 levels with the simple turn of the knob. A turn to the right will make your ride harder and one to the left will make your ride easier. You’ll know exactly where you’re at when it comes to resistance because it will be displayed for you right on the screen thanks to the Stryde app tracking integration. If you need to stop your bike at any time, all you need to do is press down on the resistance knob and the flywheel will come to a complete stop.

22” HD Touchscreen Stryde Tablet

stryde's 22" HD touchscreen tablet

The 22" screen goes a long way in making you feel like you're part of the spin class.

Stryde Bike offers a 22” HD touchscreen tablet. If you haven’t taken a ride on a bike that has an attached screen yet, you’re in for a treat - spin workouts are taken up a notch when you’re able to immerse yourself into class. WIth a screen streaming front and center, you’re getting an experience that closely resembles that of your favorite indoor cycling clubs.

As opposed to most other connected smart fitness devices, Stryde doesn’t just have a screen, it’s actually a tablet. As soon as you fire up the screen, you’ll recognize that it looks just like any other tablet screen with various apps available for use, including a browser.

Such placement of the screen offers a front row seat to not only on demand cycling classes, but to so many other apps at your disposal as you ride with Stryde.

Near Silent Belt Drive

Stryde's magnetic resistance and belt drive

The magnetic resistance and belt drive make it a silent ride.

The Stryde Bike, when in operation, is near silent thanks to the magnetic resistance and the belt drive system. The resistance and belt drive used on Stryde are premium, high-end quality, and on a stationary bike it’s considered to be the smoothest, quietest ride. And after trying several bikes with different resistance types, I can definitely attest to magnetic resistance being the best option as far as ease of use and quietness.

Personally, I really value not only the smooth ride that this bike offers but the fact that it’s just about silent. I often workout when my kids are still sleeping in the morning or are taking a nap in the afternoon. It’s a real bummer when you’re forced to choose between making sure your family stays asleep and whether or not you’re able to get your workout in. I’ve had my Stryde Bike in my living room and have never had an issue with excess noise.

Dual Sided Pedals

dual sided pedals

I wear athletic sneakers and use the toe cages, but you could wear cycling shoes with the SPD clips.

This is a big benefit for so many people - the ability to choose cycling shoes or athletic shoes for your cycling workouts. With both SPD pedals and toe cages at your disposal, all your fitness needs are met. I love that I didn’t have to purchase a special pair of cycling shoes to use my bike as I really didn’t want to spend the extra money. Plus, as someone who is just getting into cycling, I wanted to keep the barrier to entry low.

Premier Studio Classes

unique studio classes

They offer some excellent studio spin classes and the instructors make it fun.

One of Stryde’s unique value propositions is the fact that they do their programming on their own app a little differently than everyone else on the scene. Styrde contracts with premier cycling studios across the country like City Cycle, Ride Cycle in Denver, Ride House, Vibe Ride, High Ride Cycle, and more, to fill their app with a full selection of on demand classes and global workouts. Instead of using the same studio and the same instructors, Stryde mixes it up by bringing its users workout videos filmed in various studios around the country, all displayed in the large LCD monitor.

Free Ride Option

Free ride feature on stryde

You don't even need a membership to use the free ride. You can also go PIP mode and watch netflix as you do a free ride.

With Stryde’s free ride option, you can download and use any app you want, including the Peloton apps, and still be able to track your resistance, cadence, and output. This is hands-down one of the best, most unique features of the Stryde Bike that help it to take leaps and bounds ahead of its competition.

using peloton app and free ride

Peloton app and free ride PIP, this is a cool feature (almost like split screen).

Stryde does not lock you into any specific programming. In fact, you get to choose whether or not you even want to pay for a monthly membership fee. You can just as easily pull up the ride app on the screen, minimize it to the corner of your screen and cycle away while watching Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, and more. 

watching netflix on stryde and riding free ride

Watching netflix and riding the stryde! See the Free ride on the bottom right?

The best way to think about this, in my opinion, is to understand that you’re investing in a piece of home gym equipment and that you might not always want to pay for a cycling workout membership. Plus, your preferences and workout style are bound to change over the years that you own your bike. Spin workouts that excite and motivate you now may not be what excites and motivates you 1, 5, or 10 years from now. Consider the bigger picture when making these purchasing decisions and determine if having flexibility to choose your own membership (or lack thereof) is important to you.

Integration With Other Apps (Internet Browser)

integration of other apps

Use pretty much any app you'd like.

This feature piggybacks off my last point about the free ride option. Because you have the option to track your workouts at any time and you have the option to download and use other apps on your built-in display, you can seamlessly use your bike in any manner that you wish.

From choosing a cycling app that offers live classes like Peloton to having the ability to check your email while you work on your health and adopt healthy habits, Stryde is helping you to not only improve your physical health through cycling, but to improve your mental health, too. I know for me, taking a break in my day to move my body is such a positive way to improve my mood and wellbeing. Since Stryde is so flexible with their tablet options, you have the ability to choose what you want to do every time you hop on your bike. Not many other indoor bikes can say the same.

Bluetooth Connectivity

connect headphones via bluetooth

It was simple to connect my airpods to the bluetooth feature.

Although Stryde boasts built in speakers, it also allows for bluetooth connectivity and easy headphone pairing. I always pair my Apple Airpods with my Stryde Bike so that I can make sure I’m not disturbing the peace in my home while I ride (no guarantee that I won’t belt out a tune though!).

Sleek Design and Easy Storage

sleek design and easy to wheel

Wheelin' the bike to anywhere I want - it's pretty easy.

While this exercise bike does not fold up for storage, it’s very slim and compact and it has wheels on the front which makes it very easy to store in your home. With so many people living in small spaces, it’s nice to know that you can squeeze this bike into a nook and enjoy the benefits of working out from home, even when your space is limited.

Some exercise bikes are lage, heavy, and bulky by design, making indoor cycling not very convenient at home at all. Stryde, on the other hand, offers a sleek, minimalistic design that’s both beautiful and functional, which I 100% appreciate. The exercise bike itself is a matte black finish with very minimal branding and logos. Both Peloton and Stryde offer a size that’s compatible with small spaces, but I prefer the look and feel of the Stryde over Peloton.

Inside The Stryde App: What Are Stryde Classes Like?

inside my stryde app

A cool calendar inside the app that tracks your rides.

Over the last year, Stryde has come a long way as far as their app and classes go. Currently, they do not offer live classes, but they do have hundreds of on demand cycling classes to choose from, with more added to the roster daily. Plus, the Stryde team is now adding mat workouts so that you can have a full, full-body cross-training experience just like the Peloton Bike and the MYX Fitness bike.

As a Stryde App subscriber, you can count on having tons of cycling workouts to choose from. All cycling classes are recorded by some of the most loved instructors in the game who teach at some of the most elite cycling studios in the country. These studios include High Ride Cycle, Vibe Ride,  Prime Cycle, and so many more. Although the Stryde app doesn’t have a dedicated studio to record its classes, at this point, all of the instructors are recording their rides for the app on a Stryde Bike. This allows riders to really connect with the instructors and know that when they tell you to turn up the resistance, you’re feeling exactly what they’re feeling. 

The one thing that I think is important to note about Stryde app classes and something that can be seen as a con to some is the fact that the workouts are a bit less polished than competitors like Peloton and MYX. The video quality is slightly less brilliant and the workouts are a little more raw and unfiltered. Personally, I don’t see this as a big problem as I think it adds to the realistic cycling studio class atmosphere, however, those who are used to the likes of Peloton may find the classes to be a little more gritty.

On that same note, the sound quality of the videos is a little less refined as well. Sometimes, you need to turn up the volume more than you’d like to clearly hear the instructor over the music. Perhaps Stryde will take a note out of MYX’s playbook and add a feature that allows users to adjust the volume of the music and the instructor separately.

Why Choose a Spin Bike Over a Recumbent or Upright Bike?

spin bike better than upright or recumbent

Spin bikes are HOT right now, but are they the better choice for the long run?

I get this question a lot in my Facebook group, so I wanted to address it here as many of you might be in the same predicament. There are so many stationary bikes on the market to choose from, each one having its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages.

The most popular type of stationary bike today, by far, is a spin bike. Spin classes have been made popular by cycling studios and connected home exercise bikes that have brought the experience home. Many people prefer Spin bikes over recumbent bikes and upright bikes because the calories burned tends to be higher with spin bikes.

Spin bikes are the closest experience you can get to a real road bike where users are leaning forward, which is why many cyclists tend to gravitate towards spin bikes. These types of bikes also offer the best streaming content and workouts for those who want to lose weight and have a lot of fun in the process. An upright bike is closer to a hybrid or a touring bike (where you’re in the upright position) and recumbent bikes give the experience of sitting in a recliner and just using your legs to pedal. Each bike has its own value, and this article does a great job of outlining that for you.

Verified Review

Visit my YouTube Channel to see me ride my Stryde

premium quality makes it one of the best

Here's a close-up of how nice Stryde really is. It's a premium indoor cycling bike and it's one of the best on the market.

Stryde vs The Competition: How Does The Stryde Bike Match Up to Its Competitors?

STRYDE bike alternatives

Does STRYDE'S bike hang vs the top competitors in the exercise / spin bike sector?

It’s no secret that Stryde is up against some pretty heavy competition out there, so let’s take a quick look at a few of their biggest competitors to see just how they match up and make sure you’re selecting the right bike for you.

Exercise Bike










Schwinn IC4


Use other apps

NordicTrack S22i




$1,745 $1,595

User other apps

Stryde Bike vs Peloton Bike: Which High-End Exercise Bike is Best?

The Peloton Bike and the Stryde Bike are very similar in many respects; they both offer premium features like 100 levels of adjustable resistance, a smooth, quiet ride, and a sleek look. The biggest difference between Peloton and Stryde lies in the diversity of programming options. Stryde’s unlocked Android tablet allows users to customize their cycling experience, downloading any cycling app or entertainment app they choose, or opting to use none at all! Peloton, on the other hand locks users into their specific programming for $39 per month and denies access to the screen, and subsequently any tracking, without the paid membership.

If you want variety and options when it comes to your home cycling experience, Stryde is the best choice. If you want to get the full, authentic Peloton experience, go for the Peloton Bike. Be sure to read my full comparison on STRYDE bike vs peloton to make sure you're choosing the right one before you buy.

Stryde Bike vs MYX Fitness Bike: Which Offers The Better Experience?

MYX bike vs Stryde bike

I've had both for a long time now and here's my thoughts on which is better.

Stryde bike and MYX bike have been compared since they both hit the market around the same time in early 2020. Each stationary bike offers its own unique value proposition, but they are entirely different. MYX, similar to Peloton, has its own programming and requires users to pay for their membership to use the bike, whereas, while Stryde also has its own cycling app, users aren’t required to purchase it to use the bike and track stats.

MYX uses their science-backed heart rate technology to power their workouts, working on a more personalized basis when compared to tracking cadence and resistance in the manner that Stryde does. MYX focuses on a mind-body connection and a more one-on-one training style with Stryde taking the studio approach to their indoor cycling classes.

If you want a more personalized experience that feels less like competition and more like personal development, go with MYX. If you want a high-energy experience that pushes you to hit PRs while also enjoying flexibility in your workouts, go for Stryde.

Stryde Bike vs Schwinn IC4: Which is the Best Bike to Use With Peloton App?

Both the Schwinn IC4 and the Stryde Bike pair well with the Peloton app, so stationary bike riders who wish to take advantage of Peloton’s programming will enjoy being able to do so without the added cost of the Peloton Bike.

The biggest difference between Stryde and Schwinn IC4 lies in the fact that Stryde bikes include built in screens for streaming and the Schwinn IC4 comes equipped with a device holder or tablet holder that allows you to bring your own screen to the bike. For a fully immersive experience, go with Stryde. If you want to ride with the Peloton app and to do so in the most budget-friendly way, go with the Schwinn IC4.

Both Schwinn IC4 and Stryde made our list for the best spin bikes to use with peloton app, so be sure to check that post out if that's what you're looking for.

Which is better: NordicTrack S22i or Stryde?

NordicTrack has been a leader in home fitness equipment for years now and the Stryde bike is a newcomer, which may make some weary. Comparatively, both bikes offer a solid experience, but NordicTrack has been competing with Peloton (see NordicTrack S22i vs Peloton vs Bowflex Velocore) to give users all the bells and whistles. For around $500 more, the S22i has features like auto-incline, a swivel screen, and access to a full library of iFit workouts, including cross-training options.

When choosing which is the best option between NordicTrack and Styrde, I recommend taking into consideration what you’d like to be able to do with the bike and what kind of programming/workouts you’d like access to. If you already know and love iFit workouts and trainers, then the S22i probably makes a lot of sense for you. If you want to be able to have the freedom to choose which subscription is best for you and/or the opportunity to use entertainment apps, too, the Stryde bike is going to be your best bet and it’s considerably less expensive.

How Much Does The Stryde Bike Cost?

The Stryde Bike starts at $1,745 for the bike, the 22” touchscreen, a 12-month warranty, and free delivery to your home. If you want to opt into the optional Stryde app, which includes up to four profiles so that the whole family can ride and track their stats separately, the cost is $29 per month.

There are no additional costs associated with purchasing a Stryde Bike. Since the pedals include toe cages, you don’t need to worry about purchasing special cycling shoes like you do with some other bikes. checkout page and pricing

Normally, this bike costs $1,745, but sometimes they run promos, so be sure to check it out. The creative team at Fit Healthy Momma used their photoshop skills to put me on the checkout page. Note: delivery is FREE.

Pros and Cons

pros and cons

Lots of pros vs cons compared to others in the industry.

As I start to wrap this review of the Stryde Bike up, let’s touch on some of the biggest pros and cons that these bikes offer:


  • Top of the line specs
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Industry-leading user weight capacity
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Magnetic resistance system
  • 22” HD tablet
  • Unlocked screen for easy app download
  • Immersive studio classes from studios around the country
  • A great way to adopt healthy habits and lose weight
  • Integration with other apps like Peloton and Netflix
  • Watch Netflix, Youtube, and other apps while you ride
  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • The app is improving and expanding weekly


  • Not the most budget-friendly exercise bike on the market
  • Downloading apps take a few more steps than what meets the eye
  • There’s no adjustable fan to help cool you off when you’re riding (you’ll be sweaty, trust me!)
  • The screen doesn’t rotate
  • Stryde is a newer brand which leaves some to question longevity

So, Are Stryde Bikes Any Good?

The quality of the Stryde bike is top notch. It features a sturdy, smooth, and attractive design that’s eye-catching and sleek. This bike absolutely rivals the quality of Peloton, but at a much more affordable price. The open tablet allows for complete freedom while riding and the Stryde app classes are fun, interactive, and full of a variety of cycling and mat workouts across varying durations and difficulty levels.

Is the Stryde Bike Worth It?

After using this exercise bike for a couple of months now, I am fully convinced that the Stryde Bike is 100% worth it. Not only that, but I think that it’s one of the best exercise bikes available right now thanks to its flexibility and ability to cater to your fitness needs in the long term. When I consider purchasing a piece of fitness equipment, I like to consider how I’d like to be using it not just in the here and now but in the future, too. 

premium stryde bike worth buying

After riding the Stryde, it's defenitley worth the money especially if you want a long-term spin bike as it offers more flexibility in terms of integration with other entertainment apps (netflix) and workout apps (peloton).

Maybe you’re excited to get an exercise bike so that you can take some high energy rides at renowned studios like Ride Cycle in Denver, but perhaps a year from now, you no longer have a desire to do so. With Stryde, you can choose your programming that best suits your fitness goals and personality. Plus, you have the option to use the free spin functionality which tracks your stats and calories burned without doing it along with a class or instructor. Additionally, this means that you get to choose whether or not you want to continue to pay for a monthly membership or not. The freedom and flexibility are unmatched.

Between the luxury features found on Stryde bikes and the fact that you get to choose your own programming or none at all, it’s safe to say that the Stryde Bike is an investment into your health that’s well worth the money.

Conclusion: Is Stryde One of the Best Indoor Cycling Bikes On The Market?

premium quality makes it one of the best

Here's a close-up of how nice Stryde really is. It's a premium indoor cycling bike and it's one of the best on the market.

Navigating the stationary bike or spin bike market can feel daunting. It’s hard to know whether to go all out on the widely successful brand that has a cult following or to choose a more affordable and perhaps more practical bike that may be a better fit for the long-term.

Personally, I love the Stryde bike and all its features. Stryde is one of the only exercise bikes that I routinely recommend to my audience as I can confidently say that it has something for everyone and that you won’t ever feel trapped or limited by your workout options. Structurally and mechanically, it’s nearly identical to it’s biggest competition, but Stryde stands apart from the pack and really shines when it comes to their willingness to share their stationary bike with other apps. 

I really admire that this brand is not trying to lock you into their programming and convince you that it’s the best. They truly want you to enjoy the benefits of having a premium bike and then choose to ride it how you wish, which says a lot about this brand and about its longevity. I am convinced that if more people knew about Stryde, they would opt to go for this bike over the others!

I hope you found this article helpful as you decide if the Stryde Bike is a good match for you! If so, I’ll see ya on the leaderboard!

intense cycling classes experience stryde exercise bike

Tap into cycling studios such as Prime Cycle, which Stryde partnered with to enhance the user experience -High fives around!

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