Sprinly: All About This Organic, Plant-Based Meal Delivery

By Tami Smith

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A recent study was released stating that there are 7.3 million Americans who follow a vegan or plant-based diet and lifestyle - which is higher than it’s ever been! But let’s face it,  eating a plant-based diet can be hard. It requires more planning, creativity, specified ingredients, and preparation. Combine that with our ultra-busy lifestyles and it becomes tricky to adhere to such a lifestyle.

But 75% of Americans who call themselves vegans eat that way for health-related reasons. After all, eating a plant-based diet has been shown to improve the health of your gut so that you’re better able to absorb the nutrients from the food that supports your immune system functioning and reduce inflammation in your body.

Whether you’ve lived a plant-based lifestyle for some time now or whether you’re just dipping your toe in, you’re likely already familiar with the limitations that have historically accompanied such a diet. Luckily, there are so many more options out there now that cater to plant-based eaters that it’s amazing! Just stroll down the meat aisle at your local grocery store and I’ll bet you see plenty of meat-free “meats.”

Veganism is mainstream now, and with the help of DTC nutrition companies that help you live healthy like Sprinly and Veestro, you can get chef-inspired, fresh, organic meals delivered right to your doorstep, taking all the hassle and guesswork out of living a plant-based lifestyle.

Today, I am so excited to share with you my complete review of Spinly, a new plant-based meal subscription service that’s bringing flavor, convenience, and adventure to your meal plan. I’ll be talking about what Sprinly offers, the pros and cons of their service, and everything else you need to make an informed decision as to whether or not this meal service is right for you.

Why Choose Ready-to-Eat Meals?

You’ve likely noticed the surge in the meal delivery industry over the past few years and the skyrocketing of them during the pandemic when people simply didn’t want to leave their homes, let alone walk into a crowded grocery store. But there’s been a major shift recently from meal delivery kits to fully prepared meals, with more people opting for the fully prepared meals.

A recent feature on medium.com states that “fully prepared meals are going to be infinitely more popular than meal kits”. Why? Because a recent study showed that 45% of people don’t like cooking with another 45% stating they feel “lukewarm” about it, aka not overly enthusiastic about cooking every day. I can’t blame them!

Meal delivery kits were designed to address that problem, but they don’t quite hit the mark. Consumers still have to prepare and cook the meals, they simply have easier, more convenient access to the recipes and ingredients. It still takes precious time to prepare the food. We want convenience and that means that we want our meals delivered ready-to-eat.

I saw another article recently that stated that by buying ready-to-eat meals, you could save yourself at least 20 hours per week. Wow! What could you do with that extra 20 hours? I can think of plenty.

What Is Sprinly?

Sprinly is an organic, plant-based meal delivery service that provides ready-to-eat meals right to your door. They pride themselves on meals that are honestly nutritious, which is why they work with a team of nutrition experts who approve each and every meal before they serve it.

They have a strong focus on providing meals made with the highest quality ingredients that are nutrient-dense, organic, gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian. And if that wasn’t nutritious enough, they also prepare meals that are low in sodium, free of refined sugars, artificial ingredients, and preservatives. The founders, Mary McCann and Ray Lui started Spinly with the intention of building a healthier country, changing people’s minds about the way they think about plant-based foods (hint: they don’t have to be bland and boring!).

Since its inception in 2016, Sprinly has gained massive attention and popularity. Excitingly, they were recently named the #113 fastest-growing private companies across all industries in the U.S. over the last three years by Inc. And they were named the #2 fastest growing food company, which is absolutely incredible and extremely telling of the level of service they’re bringing to the market.

Spinly’s Meal Plans: What Do They Offer and How Does it Work?

Sprinly makes it so easy to get started with vegan meal delivery and to customize it for your preferences and lifestyle. They have three different options to choose from 6, 12, or 18 meals per week. 

Here’s how the process works:

step 1

Choose your plan (how many meals per week you’d like).

step 2

Choose your meals. Every week there is a fresh, new menu of meals to choose from.

step 3

Sprinly fully prepares and cooks your meals for you and delivers them right to your door each week with FREE shipping. Meals are delivered fresh, never frozen and are kept in a refrigerated box to keep them fresh.

step 4

You heat your meal up in three minutes or less and enjoy the comfort of a delicious, hand-crafted, nutritious meal from anywhere.

Sprinly does not require you to subscribe for a certain amount of time - there are no commitments! You can choose which weeks you want meals and which weeks you don’t. No pressure, no hassle.

What Are The Meals Like?

Sprinly takes pride in crafting meals that are inspired by flavor and perfected with nutrition. Basically, they focus on both delicious meals and ones that are nutrient-dense, which makes eating healthy so simple and so tasty.

One look at their menu and the first thing you’ll notice is the bright, vibrant colors and gorgeous variety. If you thought eating plant-based was boring or without options, Sprinly will make you think again.

The menu varies each week with 6 dishes available to choose from, so you get the opportunity to try a wide variety of dishes. They will repeat some meals, but usually only every couple of months and they often repeat the ones that their customers rave about. 

Each meal will have an extensive listing of all the ingredients on their website for you to review before you select them. And they aim to keep each meal in the calorie range of 300-650 per dish, which is both satisfying and in line with living a healthy lifestyle and even weight loss for some people.

You aren’t able to customize each meal if there are ingredients that you don’t like, so be sure to pay attention to the label to make sure you’re making an informed decision on your selection. If for some reason you come across a menu for the week that doesn’t contain anything you think you’ll like, you can always skip that week! Sprinly makes their plan so flexible and easy-to-use.

To give you an idea of what some of the menu choices may look like, here’s what the menu looks like at the time that I’m writing this article:

  • Burmese Lemongrass Noodles with Jade Pearl Ramen
  • Brunch Frittata with Walnut and Strawberry Vinaigrette Salad
  • Mediterranean Baked Sweet Potato Hash with Greek Garlic Herb Sauce
  • Spicy Indian Chana Masala with Sweet Potatoes Over Herbed Brown Rice
  • Zucchini Noodle Pesto Pasta with Italian Garbanzo Bean Patties
  • Peanut Soba Noodles with Tofu and Broccoli

Why Choose Sprinly? What Are The Benefits?

If you’re looking for a plant-based meal subscription service, then you’ve likely noticed that you have a few choices these days. Each meal service is different, so finding the one that works best for you is paramount.

Four Benefits of choosing Sprinly

Here are four (4) key benefits of Sprinly to keep in mind as you decide if this is the right option for you and your nutritional needs:

  1. It saves you time - no more grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning. You get more of your time back to spend it doing the things you love with the ones you love.
  2. You get healthy, nutritionist approved meals - Sprinly uses simple, clean, nutrient-dense ingredients to prepare meals that are thoughtfully sourced and developed. It’s like having your own personal chef and nutritionist for a fraction of the cost!
  3. You’ll improve your health and help the environment - The ingredients used to make these meals have been linked to a stronger immune system, a healthier heart, and an overall happier mood and life. Additionally, eating a plant-based diet helps to reduce your carbon footprint by 40%. Every time you replace 1lb of beef with vegetables, 1,850 gallons of water are saved.
  4. You’ll be partnering with a company that’s committed to giving back and making a difference in the world - With every meal you purchase, Spinly makes a donation to Wholesome Wave, a non-profit that;s dedicated to working to increase affordable fruits and veggies for people who struggle with hunger. Additionally, they donate over 20,000 lbs of food to local food banks each year.

Who Should Use Sprinly?

Sprinly is perfect for:

  • Anyone who has a busy schedule which doesn't allow them the time they need to cook a nutritious meal everyday. 
  • Vegans working to maintain their diet.
  • Anyone trying to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle by choosing to consume plant-based meals.


Q: Where does Sprinly deliver?

A: Currently, Sprinly is available throughout the East Coast, Midwest, and South, and they are continuing to expand their service area by adding new delivery zones regularly. Check the availability in your area and if it’s not covered yet, stay tuned, because they will soon deliver to the entire country.

Q: When are the meals delivered?

A: The meals are delivered on Tuesdays or Wednesdays each week and will arrive via FedEx. You do not need to be home when your delivery is made, the meals are delivered in insulated boxes and packed with ice to keep them fresh until you’re home to put them in the refrigerator. 

Q: Is the packaging recyclable?

A: Yes, the food containers that your meals come in are 100% recyclable. They are made up of 40% recycled materials and are microwave safe, oven safe, and freezer safe! For the ice packs, Sprinly recommends donating them to local food banks, shelters, Meals on Wheels, etc. if possible. Otherwise, you can simply cut into the packs and empty the non-toxic gel into the trash, which will then evaporate, and recycle the plastic wrapping.

Q: How long will the meals stay fresh? Can I freeze them?

A: All Spinly meals are made fresh and are completely free of any preservatives, therefore it’s recommended that you consume them within 5-6 days of delivery. You can freeze your meals if you don’t think you’ll be able to consume them within the freshness timeframe, however, be aware that freezing them can impact the quality and taste.

Q: How do I heat or prepare the meals?

A: Each meal comes with heating instructions for both the microwave and the stovetop right on the meal packaging. Some meals require no heating.

Q: Are the meals gluten-free?

A: Yes! Spinly only uses gluten-free ingredients to prepare their meals.

Q: How much does Sprinly cost?

A: Here’s a breakdown of the current cost structure:

  • 6 Meals - $109 per week
  • 12 Meals - $199 per week
  • 18 Meals - $289 per week
  • Delivery is always free!

Wrapping Up: Are You Ready to Try This Vegan Prepared Meal Delivery Service?

I’ve done a lot of research into meal delivery services as of late, and I can honestly say that this is one of my favorite ones to review. From the second you land on Sprinly’s website, you’ll note that this company is dedicated to fresh, bright, vibrant meals and convenience.

Personally, I love that the meals are delivered to you fully prepared, as it truly allows you to stop the meal planning, prepping, cooking, and cleaning cycle that can take up so much of our time each day! And I love that you can choose anywhere from 6 meals per week to 18, making it the perfect choice for singles, couples, and families alike. Whether you follow a strict vegan diet or you simply want to incorporate one plant-based meal per day, you can feel great about your decision to better your health and the environment.

The subscription model makes getting your meals even easier. All you need to do is select your meals each week and you’re all set. Should you need to skip a week or wish to cancel your subscription, you can do so anytime without any hassle or hoops to jump through, which is really refreshing to see.

About the author 

Tami Smith

Tami Smith is a certified Nutritionist and an ACE certified fitness trainer, specializing in pre and post-natal fitness. She studied business and earned her bachelor's degree in Business Economics. Tami is a mom of two and women's health advocate. Her passion is to help people live a fit, healthy life through proper nutrition and exercise!

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