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Your breasts can start to sag because of age, but some women are simply built in a way that results in the look of saggy breasts. This problem can become worse when you’re not wearing the right bra. Finding a sports bra is a challenge when you have saggy breasts because they can be very restrictive and uncomfortable. You may spend hundreds of dollars on different bras that just don’t do the job, never really finding something that looks good on you.

To eliminate some of the pressures of finding the right sports bra for saggy breasts, I’m going to talk to you about what to look for in a bra and some of the best brands / products. When it comes time for you to pick out your own sports bra, you’ll know more about some of the different features that you should be taking into consideration so your breasts don’t look saggy or feel uncomfortable. It’s really important for you to look and feel your best at all times, regardless of what shape your breasts are.

Quick Summary of the Top Saggy Breasts Sports Bras

saggy breasts sports bras

Product Name

Premium Support

Multiple Colors






4.9/5 (25 reviews)




4.5/5 (Over 4,200 reviews)




4.9/5 (200 reviews)




4.9/5 (80 reviews)




5/5 (3 reviews)

Can A Quality Sports Bra Help with Saggy Breasts?

While your sports bra can’t necessarily prevent sagging if it’s destined to occur, choosing a quality sports bra can help with saggy breasts so they’re not uncomfortable and don’t look saggy. Over time, ligaments in the breasts will loosen, causing the breast itself to hang lower and lower. Sports bras are designed very differently than your average bra. They provide one of three levels of support; low, medium or high. The amount of support that you need will depend on your breast shape and size. Also, the degree of sagging that you experience will affect the type of sports bra that you choose. Select more support if you have large breasts that have substantial sagging.

Let’s go over some of the different features that you should be looking for when you go sports bra shopping. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with all of the various selections. There may seem to be a lot of different products out there, but you can usually eliminate a lot of them by taking a quick look at their design and weeding out what isn’t going to work for you.

What to Look For

what to look for saggy boobs sports bras

It’s not easy choosing any product out there without knowing exactly what to look for. However, after working with many apparel brands over the years, I know which brands are legit, and which ones to steer clear. Here’s my tips on what to look for in a sports bra, pertaining to those who have saggy breasts.

A Sports Bra That Has High Support

Support is incredibly important when you have breasts that sag. A sports bra is designed to keep your breasts in place when you’re doing some form of physical activity. When you’re in motion, they won’t be moving around, causing you discomfort or distraction. A sports bra that has high support will form a capsule around the breasts, preventing much movement. This high support will allow your breasts to move along with the rest of your body. If you don’t use a sports bra when you’re working out and you don’t have enough support, this can cause the structural integrity of the breast tissue to break down and stretch. This worsens the issue of sagging.

Quality Material

Pay close attention to the material that a sports bra is made out of. It should be strong and durable so it doesn’t stretch out and compromise support over time. You also want fabric that will wick away moisture, allow air movement to go through it and will prevent the growth of bacteria on your skin. The fabric should be comfortable to the touch so you don’t experience any chafing or rubbing when you’re moving.

Brand Trust

Stay far away from no-name sports bras from a local retail store that are very cheap. There’s a reason they’re priced so low and aren’t featured on a variety of websites or through different stores. You need to be able to trust that the bra company you go with is producing high quality products that are going to provide you with a bra that has support, comfort and other excellent features. I’m going to be going over a few very reputable brands that you can use to start your search for the best sports bra for saggy breasts.

Product Rating and Verified Customer Reviews

Try to find reviews online for the specific product that you’re interested in. While your body is unique and different from other women’s, it helps to know what other people experienced when they used a certain sports bra. Look at the overall product rating, and read through the verified customer reviews that are included. People’s personal stories will often give you some insight that will predict what your own experience will be if you go with that item.

The Five Best Sports Bras for Saggy Breasts

Now it’s time to look at what I think are the five best sports bras for saggy breasts. These are products that come from very reputable brands, but feel free to look for your own garments as well.

#1: 1st Phorm Power Seamless Sports Bra

1st phorm power seamless sports bra

The Power Seamless Sports Bra from 1st Phorm is a seamless bra design that is attractive and provides a lot of function. It features a design with very high support, which is ideal for saggy breasts. It also has a compression fit, keeping everything in place and supported. Removable padding allows you to alter the look and feel. On the back of the bra, a racerback design shows off your shoulders that you’ve worked so hard to perfect. The branding is located on the front as well as the back.

You can choose between black and ultraviolet, both of which come in an acid wash look. The bra fits very low on the stomach, so it looks great with a pair of high waist workout leggings. The Power Seamless Sports Bra is made from ninety percent nylon and ten percent spandex. 1st Phorm started out as a supplement company, but has now emerged as one of the premier apparel and athletic-lifestyle brands, competing with Nike, Under Armour and more.

Learn more about 1st Phorm to get a good feel of this USA-based company.


  • Seamless design
  • Attractive acid washed look
  • Comes in two different colors
  • Provides ample support and holds you in place


  • The logo is a little large, and it’s featured on both the front and the back of the sports bra

#2: Knix Catalyst Sports Bra

knix catalyst sports bra

If you’re looking for maximum support, check out the Knix Catalyst Sports Bra. It provides some of the best features in terms of keeping your breasts in place and minimizing movement. This specific product by Knix outperformed 800 other bras that it was tested against. Your breasts are held up and in place using performance molded cups that also separate the breasts to reduce rubbing or movement. It has a snug fit, but this is the intention. You’ll eventually get used to the fit, but make sure that you purchase your normal bra size. Don’t go up or down.

The Knix Catalyst Sports Bra comes in sizes up to 42F, and upgraded straps have been added to the design for the 2022 version. It is made out of 59 percent nylon and 41 percent spandex. High grade plastic has been used to construct durable and adjustable shoulder straps.


  • Offers maximum support
  • Made from a breathable fabric
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Machine washable with cold water and mild detergent


  • You must let the Knix Catalyst Sports Bra line dry to prevent shrinkage

#3: PopFlex Active Corset Sports Bra

popflex active corset sports bra

PopFlex Active has a Corset Bra that is perfect for saggy breasts. It comes in crimson and ice water, available in extra small all the way up to 3X. This bra has a unique square neckline that provides support while looking really attractive. There is fake boning in the front interior that takes the look and function to the next level. It very much resembles a corset, though you’ll feel much more comfortable than if you were wearing one of those original designs. The fabric is very stretchy, it hugs your body perfectly and keeps you in place through all of your movements.

You can remove the padding in this bra, which is a nice feature. A lot of sports bras that don’t have removable padding can end up wearing out prematurely as the padding shifts or breaks down. It’s nice to be able to remove the pads when you’re washing the bra, but you can also move them to fit your body shape. The straps in the back have a crisscross design, which adds to the attractiveness of this product as well as its functionality.


  • Provides unique support with its corset design, featuring boning in the front breast area
  • Perfect for any breast size
  • Squared neckline shows off your chest while keeping everything in place
  • Buttery-soft fabric minimizes chafing and discomfort


  • Suitable for low to medium impact activity

#4: Maven Thread Power Sports Bra

maven thread power sports bra

I love this Maven Thread Power Sports Bra. It’s such a simple design, but the prints are really fun and it has some unique features that sets it apart from other sports bras. With a 73 percent polyester and 27 percent spandex composition, this bra is designed to provide support for medium to high impact. The material is very lightweight and breathable. It has a four-way stretch and can wick away moisture, keeping you dry all day long. There’s even a small back pocket just below the neck that you can use for your smartphone.

Maven Thread has gone to great lengths to make sure that their product is one of the softest around. It has thick straps, adding to the support. There is a cute little cutout in the back that increases air flow and adds to the aesthetics of the bra. The padding on the inside of the cups are removable, so you can choose whether or not you want that added shape.


  • Machine washable and you can dry the bra on a low setting
  • Stays true to your regular bra size
  • Incredibly soft
  • Comes in a variety of cute prints
  • Removable bra padding


  • The style is a little simple on the front of the bra; resembling a lot of other products

#5: Astoria Activewear Luxe Blossom Sports Bra

astoria activewear luxe blossom sports bra

The Astoria Activewear Luxe Blossom Sports Bra provides ample support whether you’re at the gym or going about your daily activities. Padding is removable, and there is an open neck design in the front and back. Two simple shoulder straps are designed to increase breathability and support.


  • A very simple bra that has a cami-type look
  • Cute design features a white background with small blossoms on it
  • A few other matching items are available, including workout pants and bicycle shorts


  • While the bra boasts plenty of support, it’s a very simple design. It’s questionable if this will provide enough support for women with big chests.
  • Only comes in small, medium or large

The Bottom Line

You don’t have to stress out about finding the best sports bra for saggy breasts. Now that you know a little bit more about the construction of a sports bra and what you should be looking for when you’re shopping, you can spend some time contemplating your different options. A lot of women find a specific brand that works well for them, and they can stick with that line for all of their sports bra needs. Some brands just might not work for your shape and size. Keep trying until you find that perfect sports bra that reduces the look of sagging and keeps you comfortable.

Tips for Success

Not only do you want a sports bra to look good on your body, but you want it to function well. A sports bra is designed to be snug, providing you with ample support. Here are some of the other features you should closely look at when you’re shopping for a sports bra for saggy breasts.

The Size of the Cup

Try on a sports bra that is labeled with your current cup size. However, don’t assume that it’s going to fit you perfectly. You may be wearing the wrong size, the brand may fit differently or it might not be the bra for you. You shouldn’t see any gaps or bulges at the very top of the cup. This would mean that the bra cup is too small or you’re wearing the straps too tightly.

The Bra Band

The band of the bra goes all the way around the body, acting as an anchor for the cup of the bra and any underwire that’s present. It should be snug, but not so tight that you feel constricted. Make sure that the band isn’t riding up your chest or back. Make sure there isn’t excess space underneath the band. This would mean that you’ve chosen a bra that’s too large.

Bra Straps To Help Saggy Breasts

It’s perfectly normal for bra straps to not fit perfectly the first time you try something on. When you properly adjust the straps, you should be able to fit two fingers comfortably underneath. Anything more is too loose. Anything that’s digging into your skin and leaving an indentation is too tight.

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