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This is inside the delivery box - dry ice and my yummy-looking seafood.

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Sizzlefish is a wild caught seafood delivery brand that's gaining crazy popularity with customers absolutley loving their seafood subscription boxes, featured seafood recipes, wild caught fish and their seafood market. I ordered mine... is the Sizzlefish hype for real? My honest thoughts coming up!

I’ve spent all of my thirty-some years asserting that I do not like fish despite the fact that I’ve barely tried any. Isn’t it funny how we tell ourselves something when there’s actually no evidence to support it?

Over the last year, I’ve gotten more into my health and wellness, really paying attention to the foods I’m eating and the nutritional aspects of them. One thing that I kept coming back to was the undeniable fact that seafood has immense nutritional value and can add some key micronutrients to your diet.

So as someone who’s committed to her health and optimizing my overall wellness, I knew I needed to start giving seafood a real shot. Personally, I have a hard time with buying meat and seafood from the local grocery store because you just don’t know for sure where it comes from most of the time.

I’d much rather consume wild caught fish from a sustainable seafood source any day of the week, so when I found Sizzlefish, I knew I needed to give it a try. Sizzlefish is a fresh seafood delivery service that’s taking the seafood industry by storm with its commitment to fresh, wild caught fish.

In this article, I’m reviewing Sizzlefish, telling you all the important information you’ll want to understand before deciding if this is a smart choice for you. Plus, I’ll give you a review of my personal experience with Sizzlefish. Am I now a seafood lover? Let’s find out!

Sizzlefish Review: What is Sizzlefish?

Sizzlefish is an online fresh seafood delivery service that brings sustainably sourced seafood right to your door. Sizzlefish fish is always:

my sizzlefish order and delivery review

This is my entire order on my kitchen counter.

Premium quality

Selected from the finest selection of natural and wild caught seafood available.

Sustainably sourced

Sizzlefish world closely with its suppliers to source only the best of the best sustainably sourced seafood.

Portioned perfectly

Each box you receive will contain 14 perfectly sized cuts, each vacuum-sealed to lock in freshness and taste.

The brand was founded by a brand that had already been supplying fish and seafood to top natural and premium grocery stores throughout the U.S. for 30 years. Suffice to say that they knew fish and their years of experience sourcing, preparing, and packaging gave them a unique market advantage.

While out on a triathlon training run one day, Rob, the company’s founder, had the idea to make their fresh seafood available to more people by creating a food delivery service. Sizzlefish Seafood was born out of a desire to help others enhance their health and fitness goals.

Sizzlefish has a true desire to help you eat well and live better. They deliver on their mission by offering fresh, healthy meal options and seafood directly to your door. With a fresh taste guarantee and dozens of Sizzlefish products to choose from, Sizzlefish delivers some of the best seafood on the market.

Where is Sizzlefish Located?

Sizzlefish is headquartered in Ayden, North Carolina, a small town in the Greenville metropolitan area which is widely known for excellent fishing (and hunting)!

Wild Caught Seafood vs Farm-Raised: Does it Make a Difference?

Yes, there’s a difference between wild-caught and farmed seafood, but there’s also a big disparity between the way the fish is handled that can cause differences in taste and quality. Sizzlefish fish is mostly wild-caught, but some of their seafood selections are farm-raised.

With over 120 years of experience between the leaders of Sizzlefish, they know a thing or two about both wild caught fish and farm-raised and they are committed to delivering the best fish with the best health benefits regardless of where it was sourced from.

The bottom line is that, if you’re getting farm-raised fish from Sizzlefish, you can guarantee that it won’t be poorly handled, have added water, or any other modifications that can ruin the taste and integrity of the fish.

How Does Sizzlefish Work?

Sizzlefish offers sustainable seafood via their Sizzlefish Prime Subscription which includes free shipping and a new, fresh fish and shellfish to your door each month. Or, you can choose to place a one-time order to try out Sizzlefish first and see if your favorite seafood tastes better from an online company.

Here’s what the Sizzledfish seafood ordering process looks like:



Step 1

Step 2

Choose which 14 selections of fish you’d like delivered in your recyclable cooler.

Step 3

Enjoy fast, free shipping that gets your box to your door right on time thanks to FedEx Express.

Step 4

Enjoy your favorite fish selections and cheers to your good health.

Step 5

Manage your Prime plus subscription, pausing, canceling, or skipping a month anytime.

What Kind of Wild Caught Seafood Does Sizzlefish Offer?

Ok, onto the good stuff! Sizzlefish has one of the largest selections of seafood out there. If there are certain seafood recipes that you enjoy, there’s a great chance that you’ll be able to find the fish you need here! Sizzlefish has all your wild seafood favorites and then some.

All of the fish delivered from Sizzlefish is flash frozen to preserve freshness and taste. Your Prime Sizzlefish subscription will get you access to the following types of seafood:

Click to see seafood types

  • Wild Alaska Coho Salmon
  • Wils Alaska Sockeye Salmon
  • Wild Chilean Sea Bass
  • Wild Gulf Shrimp
  • Wild Atlantic Cod
  • Atlantic Salmon
  • Cedar Key Clams
  • Wild Atlantic Haddock
  • NC Jumbo Shell-On Shrimp
  • Copper River King Salmon
  • Chesapeake Soft Shell Crabs
  • Sablefish (Black Cod)
  • Yellowfin Tuna
  • Maryland Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes
  • Wild Pacific Mahi-Mahi
  • Gluten-free Maryland Crab Cakes
  • Wild Caught Colossal Shrimp
  • Wild Caught Walleye
  • Wild Alaskan King Crab Legs
  • Wild Atlantic Rockfish
  • Wild Red Grouper
  • Alaska Halibut Cheeks
  • Chesapeake Style Crab Cakes
  • Calamari
  • Black Sea Bass
  • American Red Snapper
  • Catfish
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Korean BBQ Salmon
  • Smoked Fish Smorgasbord
  • Thai Curry Salmon
  • Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon
  • Spruce Point Gravlax Style and Pastrami Style
  • Muscles
  • Sea Scallops
  • Wild Salmon

Specialized Seafood Boxes

In addition to Sizzlefish’s regular prime subscription boxes where they allow you to choose your selections, they also offer curated seafood boxes that cater to specific needs and preferences, including:

  • Healthy Eating
  • High-protein 
  • Omega-3
  • Paleo-friendly
  • Grilling favorites
  • Wild Fish Favorites Box

These specialized options allow you to choose the fish that best suits your tastes and dietary preferences, especially for those who aren’t super familiar with types of fish and their nutritional content.

What Diets Does Sizzlefish Cater to?

Sizzlefish offers fresh, healthy seafood that can fit well into any healthy diet plan. However, here are a handful of the specific diets that Sizzlefish pairs well with:

  • Whole30 Diet
  • Paleo
  • High Protein
  • Light Eating (Low Calorie)
  • Keto

Where Does Sizzlefish Deliver? And Other Delivery Information

Sizzlefish delivers to the entire United States with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska. Shipping is free on all orders. Sizzlefish uses FedEx Express for 2-3day transit. Once shipped, your package will take 1-3 days to arrive at your home.

Your prime subscription box will arrive with your seafood completely frozen thanks to the efficient packaging which includes dry ice. Don’t worry, your seafood is flash frozen at the height of freshness, so there will be no freezer birn and no flavor loss. Keep in mind that you will need to handle and dispose of the dry ice properly to avoid injury (directions will be inside your box!).

How Expensive is Sizzlefish: Breaking Down the Cost

A Sizzlefish Prime subscription is priced very competitively, especially when compared to what you would pay at the grocery store for less quality seafood. Below is a price breakdown of what your can expect to pay to get fish and seafood from Sizzlefish:

Sizzlefish Prime Box

  • 14 portions: $125.86 per shipment
  • 28 portions $223.72 per shipment

4.8 of 5 stars

Wild Seafood Favorites Box

  • 10-14 portions per box: $119.95 per shipment

4.8 of 5 stars

Sizzlefish Prime Plus Box

14 portions: $139.86
28 portions: $251.72

4.7 of 5 stars

Is Sizzlefish Reputable? Analyzing Real Customer Reviews

While pulling together information for this Sizzlefish review, I noted that there were dozens are positive reviews of Sizzlefish out there. There are many moving parts when it comes to delivering food across the country, so often we see a lot of complaints about packaging and the quality of the food upon delivery. A lot of these issues are out of the hands of the brand itself.

When it comes to Sizzlefish, the reviews of the company are almost all positive. In general, people absolutely love the quality of the fish and the freshness of the seafood. Many reviewers compare the taste and quality to that of fish caught by a local fisherman and served up right away.

sizzlefish legit seafood delivery brand

Thousands of customers are loving sizzlefish, including myself - they're very reputable (legit) and the seafood is excellent.

Of course, I did come across a couple of negative reviews, but to my delight, they were all addressed and handled by the Sizzlefish team almost immediately. It’s evident that Sizzlefish truly care about their customers and their reputation.

In summary, those who subscribe to this seafood delivery service are highly satisfied with the service and products they receive from Sizzlefish and would (and do) recommend them to their families and friends.

Read all reviews

Here’s What Happened When I Got Fresh Seafood Delivered From Sizzlefish

sizzlefish delivery box

I was lucky enough to try Sizzlefish for myself. As I mentioned, I was adamant that fish wasn’t my thing, but also willing to give some different selections a try due to the health benefits.

I ordered the Paleo Sampler which included 2 sockeyes, 4 cohos, 2 shrimp, and 2 halibut. I thought that this would be a great place to start as I had never tried any of these seafood options before.

First, I want to mention that the ordering process was smooth and easy. I received an email confirmation once my order was processed and a shipping email with FedEx tracking just one day later. My box shipped on a Wednesday and I received it that Friday afternoon - so fast shipping was definitely a plus here!

I am always a little leery of buying meal delivery here in FL for fear of it being melted and compromised by the time it gets to me. Luckily, when I received my Sizzlefish box, everything inside was perfectly packaged and still frozen! Inside, I found directions for thawing or freezing my fish and disposing of the box and the dry ice it was packed with.

Now for the good stuff...

How did it taste? Did I like it?

Yes, I sure did! Honestly, this is some of the best fish I’ve ever had. I felt 100% confident that the seafood I was eating was fresh and of the highest quality. There is a huge disparity between Sizzlefish fish and the fish that I’ve gotten from the grocery store, let me tell you!

The portions were perfectly sized and the taste was phenomenal. I am definitely starting to change my mind about fish and seafood and I cannot wait to explore more of what Sizzlefish has to offer.

Final Thoughts: Is Sizzlefish Worth it?

Yes, Sizzlefish is 100% worth trying if you’re looking for fresh, sustainable seafood that’s delivered right to your door. No more going to the grocery store and pursuing the fish section for what looks good or heading to the local fish market (if you have one nearby!) and spending copious amounts of time and money trying to get your hands on fresh, healthy fish.

Sizzlefish is making getting delicious, top-quality seafood simple and pain-free. Plus, they have such an expansive selection that you can find just about anything you want. Even try new seafood options that you’ve never had access to before! For example, living on the East coast, there are so many varieties of seafood that are found on the West coast that I’ve never heard of. This is the perfect opportunity to try it all and to feel good about your decision to do so.

Verified Review

plate of cooked sizzlefish was worth it

Currently, there's a 10% off sale going on if your purchase is greater than $199.

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