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Fit Healthy Momma Rating: 9/10

Silvessa is a comprehensive, three-part solution to address hair and skin issues related to menopause. In clinical studies, 92% of menopausal women noticed improved hair volume and 83% of women were more satisfied with how healthy their skin looked.

Menopause isn’t referred to as “the change” for nothing. During this special time of a woman’s life, there are certainly a lot of changes - some welcomed and others, not so much!

One change that can be particularly tough to handle is in relation to your hair and skin, linked to the rapidly declining levels of estrogen that accompany menopause. For some women, admitting that they care about the look and feel of their skin and hair as they age feels shameful, however, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with desiring to maintain the healthy, youthful skin and hair that you’ve enjoyed thus far.

But what can we do about it? While we certainly can’t stop menopause or the declination of estrogen, we can equip ourselves with the right tools to help combat and reverse the signs and symptoms.

Silvessa by Bonafide was designed to restore and protect hair and skin that’s been impacted by a natural decline in estrogen. In this article, we’re reviewing Silvessa, covering all of the details you need to know to make an informed decision as to whether or not this product aligns with your personal goals and needs relating to your peri or post-menopausal hair and skin.

Quick Summary of Bonafide Silvessa Review


Products included:

Hair serum, Daily Skin Serum, Daily Nourishment Capsules for hair and skin

Why it works:

Silvessa works so well because it's formulated with hyaluronic acid which helps improve skin texture, reduce wrinkles and fine lines

How long to see results:

For best results, you'll need to follow the Silvessa routine every day for at least 6 months


$165 for a single box, includes 3 products, 1-month plan: $97.50 monthly, 3-month plan: $87.75 monthly

Where to buy:

Avg. User Rating:


FHM Rating:


What is Silvessa?

silvessa by bonafide products

Silvessa by Bonafide is the first ever comprehensive system designed to restore and protect hair and skin affected by the natural decline in estrogen that occurs as we age and reach menopausal age. Bonafide’s Silvessa offers three-way support with a daily capsule, hair serum, and skin serum, covering your needs from the inside out. With the help of this innovative system, users experience healthier-looking hair and skin no matter what stage of life they are in.

Bonafide is a highly renowned, doctor-recommended women’s health brand that helps women discover naturally powerful remedies for the naturally occurring symptoms that so many of us experience throughout our lives. The mission at Bonafide is to provide women with the essentials they need to feel great without compromise.


  • Three-part system to nourish your hair and skin from the inside out
  • Reduced fine lines and wrinkles
  • Promotes fuller, thicker, and healthier hair
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Hormone-free
  • Restores collagen and key nutrients
  • Visibly improves skin texture and hydration
  • Protect hair and skin from future damage
  • An amazing female-forward brand with many menopause and women’s health supplements
  • Results are validated by science
  • Made specifically for women in menopause
  • Results apparent within 1 month of use


  • It’s a newer product so there aren’t a ton of user reviews yet
  • The three-part system might feel cumbersome for some women

How it Works

applying silvessa on hair

Silvessa is a daily routine for your hair and skin that’s formulated to restore the collagen and nutrients that are naturally impacted by declining estrogen levels. Together, these three products help to improve the appearance of your hair and skin, protecting them against future damage.

Let’s take a look at how each of the steps in this skin and hair care routine work:

Nourishing Daily Capsules

holding nourishing daily capsules silvessa

These daily oral capsules contain Bonafide’s exclusive strengthening formulation which is made with Biotin, Silicon, and Phycocyanin. Together, these three ingredients help to restore the losses in collagen associated with declining estrogen.

Capsules are taken once per day with a glass of water.

Strengthening Hair Serum

holding hair serum silvessa

This serum is applied directly to the scalp and is formulated with Bonafide’s exclusive strengthening formulation that contains Silicon and Biotin, both of which visibly increase hair volume, thickness, and growth while also promoting shine and strength. 

To use, you will apply two droppers of hair serum directly to your scalp and massage for 20 seconds into damp or dry hair, no need to rinse.

Hydrating Skin Serum

holding hydrating skin serum silvessa

This serum is massaged directly into the skin and contains a powerful blend of hyaluronic acid and essential vitamins that promote deep hydration and the visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, this unique serum also helps to promote the appearance of smoother, firmer, and more youthful skin.

To use, you will ass two pumps of skin serum directly to your face after cleansing and before using a moisturizer.

Claimed Benefits

benefits bonafide silvessa

Silvessa doesn’t just look and sound great on paper, there are scientific claims and evidence that demonstrate how this simple, three-part formula is improving the lives of women everywhere who are dealing with lackluster hair and skin as a result of declining estrogen as they age and enter into menopause.

In a 6-month clinical study on the ingredients in Silvessa, 76% of women said that they would continue taking Silvessa and 76% said that they would recommend Silvessa to other women. Below are some additional claims from the study:

Hair Claims

  • 92% of women saw improvement in hair volume
  • 86% of women saw improvement in hair shine
  • 71% of women saw improvement in hair thickness
  • 71% of women saw improvement in hair softness
  • 64% of women saw improvement in scalp coverage

Skin Claims

  • 100% of women were satisfied with how healthy their facial skin looked
  • 93% of women were less bothered by how noticeable the lines on their faces were

Benefits Timeline: When Will You Start to Notice Results from Silvessa?

results from silvessa

As with any supplement or skincare routine, results will vary from person to person, however, based on the studies on Silvassa's ingredients, you can expect the following timeline:

1 month in

You should start to see more volume in your hair and a healthier-looking complexion thanks to the key ingredients in Silvessa that work quickly to begin restoring and protecting your hair and skin from the inside out.

3 months in

At this point, the naturally powerful ingredients in Silvessa have built up to deeply nourish your hair and skin and reveal noticeable improvement in their overall health and appearance, specifically, shiner hair and smoother skin.

6 months in

With continued use, Silvessa improves your hair and skin from within, not only helping to repair the damage but also protecting your hair and skin from future damage. In studies, 100% of women who consistently used Silvessa were satisfied with how their facial skin looked, and 92% saw improved hair volume - stick with it!

Who Is Silvessa For?

Silvessa is formulated specifically for women who are peri-menopausal or postmenopausal that are experiencing related hair and skin issues related to the natural decline in estrogen. For women experiencing hair and skin issues such as dryness, fine lines, wrinkles, and thinning, dry, or rough hair, Silvessa’s three-part approach was made for you.

Cost and Where to Buy

Silvessa costs $165 for a single box, a one-time purchase, or $97.50 per month with the monthly subscription option. Bonafide also extends an even deeper discount when you opt-in for the 3-month plan where you’ll pay $265.25 quarterly ($87.75 per month).

image of silvessa products

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions and answers that will help you to gain a better understanding of Silvessa and if it might be a good fit for you.

Does Silvessa contain hormones?

No, Silvessa is 100% hormone-free.

Are there any side effects?

Based on the clinical studies, no. Women taking the ingredients in Silvessa did not report any side effects or adverse events. Of course, if you have any healthcare concerns, you should clear them with your doctor before starting to use Silvessa.

Can I take Silvessa along with other skincare products?

To date, there have been no reported or suspected negative interactions with other cosmetic products. Silvessa was designed to be easily integrated into your current hair and skincare routine. Again, if you have any specific concerns, please get in touch with your healthcare provider.

What’s included in my subscription?

Your monthly subscription for Silvessa includes a 30-day supply of all three components of your hair and skincare routine. Each month, you will receive one bottle of Nourishing Daily Capsules, one bottle of Strengthening Hair Serum, and one bottle of Hydrating Skin Serum. Additionally, you will receive a reusable drawstring bag to help keep your routine in one place for easy and convenient daily use.

Real User Reviews and Customer Testimonials

Overall, reviews of Silvessa are very positive. The majority of reviews talk about how the products have helped hair growth for women who are struggling with hair loss. So far, it sounds like a proven system (as long as you use it for the recommended amount of time) for healthy hair and skin.

women reviews of bonafide silvessa

Final Thoughts: Is Silvessa Worth it?

Yes, Silvessa is 100% worth trying for those who are experiencing the impact of declining estrogen levels related to aging. Silvessa is more than just skin deep, it provides three-way support formulated to improve the health of your hair and skin from both a structural and a nutritional level.

From thicker-looking hair to smoother-looking skin, Silvessa is designed to help women look and feel their best throughout all seasons of their lives. Plus, the stats, testimonials, and clinical results speak for themselves, Silvessa works for real women.

silvessa products together
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