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Your Complete Senita Athletics Review

If you haven’t heard of Senita Athletics yet, you certainly will soon. This new fitness brand hit the scene in 2015 but has steadily grown and gained new exposure over the last couple of years.

Senita Athletics was started by two moms who were tired of trying to find workout clothes that performed well but didn’t break the bank (we’re looking at you, Lululemon). The team here at Fit Healthy Momma had started hearing a lot about Senita and decided to take a closer look to see if this fitness apparel is the real deal or not.

This is our complete, unbiased Senita Athletics review based on our extensive research and experience with the brand and the apparel itself. We also analyzed dozens of reviews to make sure we were getting the full scoop.

Is Senita Athletics Right For You?

If you’re a woman who loves working out, hates giant price tags, lives for being comfortable, and loves to support women-owned companies—Senita Athletics may be a great option for you.

Let’s face it, even if you don’t like working out, you probably still love wearing athletic gear because it’s just so darn comfortable. Before you take the plunge and buy a garment or two from Senita, take a look at our review of Senita Athletics.

Senita Athletics: When Quality Meets Affordability

First, I want to say that I loved the look and feel of the Senita brand before I even began taking a look at their clothing. They feature real women of all shapes and sizes in their branding and I think that’s something we can all get behind.

I was pretty surprised by how affordable all their pieces were, they’re comparable to Target and Old Navy activewear prices which was nice to see as that’s the price range I usually find myself purchasing in.

According to their website: “Senita Athletics was launched … with the goal to provide durable, fashionable, and functional products at a fraction of the price of our competitors. We are committed to providing an affordable product without compromising quality.”

I will say, though, I was a bit dubious about the quality. How could a small business afford to provide high-quality materials and cutting edge designs without charging an arm and a leg? However, as soon as I started scouring the reviews and really digging into the brand’s mission, I quickly changed my mind.

Type of Clothing Offered By Senita

Senita Athletics offers a nice variety of
athletic apparel, including:

  • Outerwear
  • Maternity Wear
  • Socks
  • Headbands
  • Scarves
  • Hats
  • Resistance Bands

I was so excited to see that this brand offers a whole line of maternity apparel. As a mom who’s been through two pregnancies so far, I can tell you that finding quality, comfortable maternity leggings was high on my priority list but proved difficult to find.

Senita Leggings

The first thing you’ll notice about all of the Senita leggings is that they have pockets. Let me be the first to say, I am 100% here for leggings with pockets. It’s the perfect place to stash your phone whether you’re at the gym or just hanging around the house.

I will say though, that leggings without pockets aren’t a total deal-breaker for me. I scooped up this running fanny pack last year and it’s been amazing. Say what you will about fanny packs, but this one is lightweight and slim, making it almost feel like it’s part of your leggings.

All Senita leggings, capris, and shorts are made from a strong blend of nylon/spandex or polyester/Spandex making them durable, long-lasting, and stretchable without being see-through (they pass the squat test!). Additionally, they feature a high, thick waistband that keeps you on-trend and sucked in.

Senita offers several different legging options, here’s what their customers have to say about their leggings:

These pants are perfect. I was skeptical about the color but they don’t show underwear or anything. I wore these the first time in a hot yoga class and they did not become seethrough at all. Like how is that possible??? Please add these to your wardrobe.

Obsessed. Very slimming. Super comfortable. I want 10 more pairs.

Senita Sports Bras

Senita leggings aren’t the only piece of activewear that have pockets—some of the Senita sports bras do, too! I’ll admit, when I first saw that their sports bras had a pocket in the back, between the shoulder blades, I was a bit skeptical. However, after I thought about it I realized that it’s rather genius.

We all need a place to hold our phones so why not in our sports bras? Especially if the pocket is large and compressive enough to keep it in place.

Here’s what one customer had to say about Senita sports bras with pockets:

“comfy, supportive, and best of all has a pocket!”

Other Senita sports bra options don’t have the pocket. Each one of their sports bras is super on-trend with their designs—they mix in fun patterns, styles, and colors.

Senita Maternity

Senita was founded by two moms, so they really took the needs of pregnant and breastfeeding moms into consideration when they designed their Senita maternity line.

They offer nursing bras, maternity tanks, maternity shorts, and maternity leggings. The workout leggings have a belly band that goes all the way up and over your bump, which is hard to find!

I was super excited to see all their maternity options and even more excited when I read glowing reviews from fellow mommas:

It’s so hard to fit your pregnant body to stay active and comfortable. These were exactly what I needed and I loved them so much that I bought two more pairs. They are comfortable, squat proof, and I love the pockets. I have kind of been living in them this summer from the gym to hiking to the beach! They are great and just the right length!

So incredibly comfortable, truly an amazing brand!

What Makes Senita Athletics Different From Other Athletic Brands?

Senita was founded by two moms, so they really took the needs of pregnant and breastfeeding moms into consideration when they designed their Senita maternity line.

They offer nursing bras, maternity tanks, maternity shorts, and maternity leggings. The workout leggings have a belly band that goes all the way up and over your bump, which is hard to find!

I was super excited to see all their maternity options and even more excited when I read glowing reviews from fellow mommas:

  • Included phone pocket in their leggings/capris/shorts, and the back of their sports bras
  • Maternity workout leggings
  • Nursing bras
  • Running shorts that include spandex undershorts
  • High-quality fabrics at a low cost
  • Trendy styles and fit
  • Bold colors and designs

Senita Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs that may help further your understanding of the brand and decide if Senita Athletics is worth giving a try.

What’s the Price Point?

How do they Look and Feel?

Do They Hold Up During Intense Workouts and Through Washing?

Where Can I Buy Them?

Do They Fit True to Size?

Where Can I Find a Senita Athletics Coupon Code?

What Are Some Alternatives to Senita Athletics?

While we certainly think Senita is a great brand with a great mission, it’s hard to get past the fact that their shipping can take up to 21 days! If you’re looking for high-quality workout clothing that you can get within a day or two, check out these awesome Amazon choices:

Related Products

Colorfulkoala Women's High Waisted Yoga Pants

This pair of leggings is a great alternative to Senita and they’re starting to gain a huge following. I personally have seen several of my favorite bloggers promote these leggings, so much so that my first pair in on their way to me.

There’s a ton of colors to choose from, including camo options which are huge right now. They’re high-waisted, provide great compression and have pockets! The best part is they’re available on Prime so you can have these at your house within a day or two!

9.5 of 10 Stars
BALEAF Women's 8" /5" /2" High Waist Workout Yoga Running Compression Shorts Tummy Control Side Pockets

These high-waisted compression workout shorts very closely rival the ones from Senita Athletics. They come in a ton of color options and you have the choice of an 8”, 5”, or 2” inseam which I love! Personally, I prefer a mid-length workout short so they 5” is perfect for me.

These have the coveted side pockets and feature a high, compression rise that helps smooth you out and that won’t slip up or down while working out or running.

9 of 10 Stars
Helisopus Womens One Shoulder Sports Bra

Here’s a great Amazon Prime sports bra with a back pocket if you love that feature from Senita’s line. This bra is very affordable, available for Prime shipping and comes in a bunch of color options.

There are a ton of positive reviews for this sports bra, it appears it fits great and is amazing quality. Check out what one buyer said:

“One of the most amazing sports bras I have ever owned and probably the least expensive, as well. I was mind blown by the quality of this bra! I workout hard at the gym & am always doing different types of lifts/HIIT workouts. This keeps everything in place while also providing the padding that I need. I got both the black and the white! I ordered a small in one and a medium in the other. I'm normally a small in sports bras and although the overall fit was great, my boobs were somewhat sliding out underneath. I'm a 32C for reference. The medium fits perfectly well too with a little more room.”

9 of 10 Stars
CLOYA Women's Maternity Active Yoga Pant - 3/4 Capri/Full Length

If you’re searching for maternity leggings that are quality, affordable, and comfortable as your belly expands, these are a great option. These maternity pants closely rival Senita Athletics maternity leggings, but you can get them much quicker through Amazon and they have quite a few more reviews like this one:

“These are AWESOME! I was hesitant to order because of reviewers commenting on the “thickness” of the material. To me, they rival that of Lululemon or Gap/Athleta in thickness. The maternity stomach section is thicker than normal but that means it actually stays over your stomach. I’ve had no issues with it slipping or sliding down. Also has a unique fit - the front half is high to cover a big belly and it’s cut lower in the back. They also have an attractive seam down the back of the legs. I’m super impressed and wish I had found these sooner. Great for running errands and lounging around but they also hold up great while working out. I didn’t have to tug the middle section up and over my belly once while exercising!! 6’, 200lbs, 3rd tri - ordered a large and the fit is perfect. I’m going to recommend these to all my mom friends.”

9.5 of 10 Stars
LWJ 1982 Maternity Workout Tank Tops

We’re loving this maternity workout tank top available on Amazon! It’s got great length, super stretchy and features a great lightweight, sweat-wicking fabric. Here’s what one pregnant mom had to say about this workout tank:

“I LOVE this tank! I have it in the pink and purple and wish it came in more colors. I’ve worn it early in my pregnancy to now (28 weeks) and know it will stretch to fit through my final days. I’m normally a small/medium and the medium fits a little large but fine for Pregnancy with room to grow. It provides nice coverage and smoothness and comes over the rear and crotch which is nice. The material is thick and smooth.”

9.5 of 10 Stars

Final Thoughts: Should You Check Out Senita Athletics?

After all our research and time spent scouring Senita Athletics reviews, we’ve come to the conclusion that, yes, this brand is definitely worth checking out.

If you’re looking for cute, functional, and quality workout clothes that don’t require you to blow your entire budget on just one garment, then Senita is a great option. It’s also a great choice for women who like supporting smaller brands and women-owned businesses.

Aside from the small business, women-owned vibes, there’s nothing exceptionally unique about their workout clothes. You can get very similar styles on Amazon and you can get them faster.

The biggest reason why I would purchase from this amazing brand would be to support a brand that has a mission that I feel good about. We hope our Senita Athletics reviews help you to learn more about this new brand and decide if their workout clothes are right for you.

Happy shopping, friends!