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As far as their material goes, POPFLEX active allows you to stretch anyway you please - it's high quality and deserves an A+ rating. Their styles are unmatched, plus it's like a one-stop fitness activewear shop. In this article, I'll cover exactly why I recommend POPFLEX.

I’ve been a fan of Blogilates and Cassey Ho for years. As one of the biggest fitness Youtubers, Cassey has built an empire of loyal, adoring fans. Her workouts are notorious for being short, low-impact, and effective.

After dominating the online pilates space, Cassey has branched out into a new business venture, POPFLEX Active, an activewear and fitness product line that offers consumers a fresh, fun, and functional way to get into their workouts. It reminds me of BoldBody Active, and it's just as nice as Wantable activewear - two leading activewear brands that have stellar customer reviews.

As soon as I heard about Cassey and the Blogilates fashion line, I knew I needed to try it out for myself and review it for you here. So let’s dive in and see if POPFLEX active is a legit athletic wear brand that will be a good fit for you.

What is POPFLEX Active?

ladies in popflex active brand clothing

POPFLEX Active is an activewear brand created by Blogilates founder, Cassey Ho. POPFLEX Active offers high quality fabrics, cutting edge designs, and a functional fit, all at a price point that women can afford.

Ho began the journey to launching POPFLEX a few years back when she realized that there was a major need for top notch athletic gear that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. She spent years researching, studying, and sourcing every single thread, trim, and piece of fabric. The result is workout wear that’s on par with the top brands, but at half the price. Plus, the designs are beautiful, unique, and made to fit the bodies of real women.

As someone who practically lives in workout clothes, the fact that POPFLEX is committed to helping women get their hands on cute, functional athletic wear that we can actually afford, is a breath of fresh air. I like LuluLemon just like the rest of the world, but filling my closet with it just isn’t logical right now. It’s nice to know that I can find other quality brands out there that will allow my dollar to go so much further without ever sacrificing on quality.

What Products Does POPFLEX Offer?

Because I was already familiar with POPFLEX, having seen Cassey wear it and talk about it in her videos for years, I knew that the line carried more than just workout clothes. Currently, the POPFLEX Active lineup includes:

products offered by popflex
  • Clothing
    • Tops: Bras, tanks, rompers, and outerwear
    • Bottoms: Leggings, shoe
  • Yoga Mats
  • Bottles
  • Stationary
  • Accessories
  • Bags
  • Booty bands and blocks
  • Scrunchies and hats
  • Socks

POPFLEX Collections

One of the most exciting features of the POPFLEX brand is that they frequently release special collections of carefully curated pieces. The POPFLEX collections tend to be on trend with what’s popular at the moment and usually match the season that they’re released in. 

popflex collections - retro rainbow

For example, the latest collection, Tropicana, was just released this summer and contains bright, colorful fabrics that pop like the rain forest. I love the collections because they keep things fresh and always in alignment with the current season, which is a great way to update your wardrobe throughout the year.

Here’s a look at the current available collections:

  • Tropicana
  • Marble
  • Safari
  • Sugar Plum
  • Retro Rainbow
  • Terrain

POPFLEX Active Leggings Review

popflex active leggings review

Stating the obvious here, but, women love leggings. I’m aging myself here, but I can definitely remember a time when wearing leggings was controversial (remember the “leggings aren’t pants” debate?!). Thankfully, today, leggings are almost universally accepted as pants that are not only comfortable, but that go with just about anything we want to wear.

Here’s the thing, not all leggings are made equal, so it’s crucial that you get yourself some that look good, feel good, and fit good. Most of us have had the unfortunate experience of wearing poor quality leggings and dealing with the consequences i.e. them being seen through, ripping mid squat, sagging in the crotch... the list goes on. To say the quality and fit of your leggings is important would be a gross understatement.

Luckily, Cassey and the POPFLEX Active team understand that leggings need to have certain characteristics in order to make them great. POPFLEX uses buttery-soft material that’s compressive (holds you in), but never restrictive. In general, you can expect that POPFLEX leggings will hold you in comfortably and allow you to move in any way you wish.

POPFLEX leggings are:

  • Super soft with a brushed texture
  • Tight and compressive so things stay in place
  • Sweat-wicking
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • 4-way stretch
  • Made from 70% nylon and 30% spandex
  • Designed with the latest styles in mind
  • Made for real women of all shapes and sizes

POPFLEX Yoga Mat Review

review of popflex yoga mats

POPFLEX has some of the best yoga mats available. They are thick, yet lightweight, colorful, anti-slip, and made from luxury vegan suede. If you workout on the floor, then you understand the importance of having a premium yoga mat underneath you to perform movements on. And it’s not just about the comfort, it’s about the functionality, too. There’s nothing worse than a mat that falls apart on you or that doesn’t absorb sweat and causes you to slide all over. 

Cassey Ho has been teaching Pilates, a mat-based workout for decades, so she understands a thing or two about what we need from a yoga mat, which is why she designed the POPFLEX yoga mats to be:

  • Ultra absorbent thanks to the micro-suede top layer
  • Super durable
  • Extra thick to provide comfort and stability for your joints
  • Lightweight thanks to the TPE bottom layer
  • Portable with a complimentary carrying strap included
  • Beautiful!

Is the Blogilates Yoga Mat Good?

blogilates yoga mat best seller

Yes, the Blogilates Yoga Mat is one of the best yoga mats available. With premium features that are designed to keep you comfortable, safe, and always feeling you’re best, the POPFLEX yoga mat (Blogilates yoga mat) is well worth it.

Is Popflex Ethical?

Yes, Popflex supports ethical and sustainable business practices. POPFLEX’s yoga mats are made from vegan suede. 

popflex active - an ethical brand

How Much Does POPFLEX Active Cost?

POPFLEX Active pricing falls in between the higher end, higher cost brands like LuluLemon and the lower end brands like Old Navy and Target. Here’s a look at the price ranges for each product:







Yoga Mats:


Water Bottles:


Booty Bands:


Yoga Block:


cost of popflex active

POPFLEX Shipping Info

POPFLEX offers free shipping on orders over $100 inside the US. The table below shows the current shipping rates for POPFLEX Active:

Order Range


Outside US













Real POPFLEX Active Reviews: What are customers saying online?

customer reviews for popflex active

While putting together my POPFLEX Active review, I read through dozens of real POPFLEX reviews from customers all over the world. The general consensus is that POPFLEX is a premium activewear brand that’s bringing affordable, fashion-forward products to the women’s workout ware market.

The majority of the reviews discuss the fact that the fit of the items, specifically the leggings, and the quality of the material are top notch. Women of all shapes and sizes feel supported and comfortable wearing POPFLEX’s styles. Also many reviewers commented on the collections and state that they enjoy the fresh new looks every few months.

Of course, I did see a few negative comments. Most of the negative reviews revolved around the sizing and fit of certain articles of clothing. As inclusive as the brand tries to be, there are always going to be articles that don’t fit a certain body in a way that feels comfortable to the wearer. The great news is that POPFLEX has awesome customer service, so if you have any problems, you can always email [email protected] and they will help you resolve it and make it right.

Is POPFLEX Active Worth It?

Yes, POPFLEX Active is 100% worth it for those who are looking for high-quality, cute workout clothes without the high price tag that you get with other top yoga wear retailers. The clothes fit most body types really well, with sizes ranging from XS to 3X. Plus, they’re designed from premium materials that keep you cool, comfortable, and supported during all types of workouts.

high quality material popflex active worth it

I have personally tried several different pieces from the POPFLEX line and have enjoyed them all. I especially like the High Waist Biker Shorts with Pockets. Living in FL, I find myself in shorts far more than leggings, and these biker shorts are amazing. The high waist hits at just the right spot, the fabric is buttery soft, and the compression is the perfect mix of control and comfort. These shorts are amongst my go-tos for strength training and HIIT workouts.

Final Thoughts: Is POPFLEX Legit For Women’s Workout Clothes?

popflex active legit activewear brand

POPFLEX Active is not only a legit women’s activewear brand, but it’s a top alternative for more expensive brands out there. Cassey Ho has managed to strike the perfect balance between quality, affordability, and style.

One thing that makes POPFLEX Active so appealing is the fact that the designs don’t look identical to every other brand on the market. This brand works hard to put their own spin on current trends and make them appealing to a larger audience of women and I am here for it!

Verified Review

wearing popflex active and yoga
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