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Plum Deluxe Teas is a legit loose-leaf tea company, providing tea products that could help promote calmness, improve cholesterol levels, promote better gut health, improve focus and optimize gut health.

Tea is a refreshing beverage that can provide you with health benefits, boost your energy first thing in the morning and warm you. However, making the switch to a loose-leaf variety has many benefits. It’s more flavorful, but it also helps boost your immune system, protects your heart and can relax you after a long and stressful day. If you’ve ever tried loose tea, then you know what I’m talking about. Why not make the switch permanently with the help of a brand like Plum Deluxe Tea?

In this article I’m going to be giving you an overview of the Plum Deluxe Tea company. I’ll cover some of the information about the brand, the products that they cover, what sets them apart from other brands and the different health benefits that you can achieve with their items. I’ll even provide you with information on some of the alternatives that also offer loose leaf tea.

What Is Loose Leaf Tea?

Loose leaf tea is tea that doesn’t come packaged or processed in a bag that is placed into hot water for brewing purposes. Rather, you get a package of the whole leaves or large pieces that are used in an infuser of some sort. By not crushing the tea into something that can be placed in a bag, the tea is able to retain its flavor and aroma.

Loose leaf tea comes in a number of varieties. It can even be processed into a decaffeinated product. You can use different tools to brew your loose-leaf tea, including a steeping ball, infuser, French press or tea bottle with a strainer. You need less tea leaves than would be included in a bag, so a small amount of tea leaves go a long way with this method of brewing.

Is drinking loose leaf tea good for you?

Loose tea has a number of health benefits thanks to higher antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Tea in general has a lot of benefits, but it must be correctly grown, harvested, manufactured and brewed. A lot of the cheaper tea bags that you can buy in the grocery store for just a few dollars have often been made with the pieces leftover from packaging loose tea leaves. Bulk tea bags also have less of an opportunity to stay fresh as loose tea typically comes in an airtight container and in smaller amounts. Some specialty tea stores even allow you to purchase small amounts of bulk tea leaves so you can sample different varieties, and no

Quick Summary Review of Plum Deluxe Tea


Loose-Leaf Teas


Plum Deluxe Tea

Types of teas offered:

Black teas, Chai, Decaf, Green teas, Herbal teas, Oolong teas, Puerh teas

Where to buy online:

Freshness of tea:

Plum Deluxe sources excellent ingredients while blending them to perfection, which allows the product to be shipped to you fresh.


Multiple flavors to choose from, including summer, fall, winter and spring flavors.

Membership option and perks:

Yes, your membership includes seasonal teas, free samples, supportive community.

Avg. User Rating:

4.8/5 on average with each product (Over 1,000 reviews respectively)

FHM Rating:


Introducing Plum Deluxe Loose-Leaf Teas

plum deluxe loose leaf teas

Plum Deluxe Loose-Leaf Teas are designed to take what you know about tea and elevate it to the next level. Flavor, exceptional variety and freshness are just some of the things that you’ll get from one of their varieties of tea. Whether you’re a tea enthusiast or just starting out with your love of tea, Plum Deluxe Loose-Leaf Teas has thousands of happy customers that you can follow in the footsteps of.

This brand finds it incredibly important to serve their client base with loose teas that contribute to a special moment, provide a source of comfort or give a reason for two friends to sit down and spend time together. This united community of tea lovers inspires you to slow down and enjoy a lovely cup of delicious tea.

Behind the Brand

Plum Deluxe Tea began when founder and creator, Andy Hayes, traveled to Europe and learned in greater detail the importance and benefits of tea in general. Not only was tea about staying warm, but it was important in regard to flavor and blends as well. Hayes started to document his travels through a blog and a magazine. After his mother passed away, he found inspiration and new perspective. This led him to create Plum Deluxe Tea.

The brand soon became about embracing a tea culture that is internationally based. Savoring life, living your life to the fullest and partaking in a sense of community is what Plum Deluxe hopes to instill in others through their exceptional products.


  • Made with high-quality ingredients
  • Comes in seasonal flavors
  • The products you receive are fresh
  • A Tea of the Month Club is available
  • Decaf varieties are available
  • Affordably priced


  • Loose tea is more expensive than traditional tea bags, but you’re getting a higher quality product

Best Selling Plum Deluxe Leaf Teas

There are many different flavors and varieties of tea available through the Plum Deluxe website (located at https://www.plumdeluxe.com/). Let’s take a look at some of the specific ones that I find very pleasant.

best selling teas from plum deluxe

Black Teas

Black tea is a very basic variety that can vary in taste based on its quality. Plum Deluxe uses black tea as the base for a number of their blends, including Regeneration Blend Black Tea, which is a strawberry and shortbread blend. Vanilla Toddy Black Tea and Maple Pecan Black/Oolong Tea both have very warm flavors to them. There is even a World’s Greatest Dad Blend Black Tea with lemon and cream. Many different decaf black teas are available.


Chai tea provides a spicy alternative to your average cup of tea. Plum Deluxe has a number of unique varieties, including Coco-Lavender Herbal Chai, Stargazer Caramel Maté Chai, Portland Rose City Chai with blackberry and rose and you can even select Blender’s Choice if you want to be sent a random loose tea to try out.


Decaf tea is a preference for many people who like to drink tea in the evenings but don’t want to be kept up all night by caffeine. Unfortunately, there tends to be a shortage of unique decaf flavors to choose from, especially when it comes to loose tea leaves. Plum Deluxe has changed that thanks to varieties such as Pomegranate Punch Decaf Black Tea with citrus and orange, Wonder-Full Pomegranate Decaf Black Tea, Comfort Blend Decaf Black Tea with orange and cinnamon and Oregon Breakfast Decaf Tea just to name a few.

Green Teas

Green tea tastes amazing but it also packs a punch when it comes to nutritional content. Plum Deluxe has some of the best tasting green teas on the market. The brand insists that their passion fruit green tea is their best variety but try some for yourself before deciding. Some alternatives include Pineapple Oops Green Tea with citrus and pineapple, Full Body Reset Green Tea with lemon and ginger, Mango/Apricot Green Tea and Hope Blend Green Tea with jasmine.

Herbal Teas

In addition to decaffeinated teas, Plum Deluxe also offers herbal teas that are naturally caffeine free. You can go for something with a bit of a bite to it like the apricot flavor, or there are warmer options like the sugar cookie tea. Other flavors include Independence Blend Herbal Tea with beets and berries, Candy Cane Herbal Tea with vanilla and peppermint, Wild Berry Refresher Herbal Tea with berries and lavender and Sweet Summer Butterfly Herbal Tea with butterfly pea flower, peach, kiwi and blueberry.

Oolong Teas

Oolong tea is made from the Camellia sinensis plant and utilizes a unique process of withering the plant before curling and twisting the leaves. It promotes mental alertness, increases your energy levels and protects bone and heart health. Plum Deluxe has blends using Oolong, including Maple Pecan Black/Oolong Tea, Strawberry Passionfruit Oolong Tea, Chocolate Mint ‘Like-The-Cookie’ Oolong Tea and Toasted Nut Brulee Oolong Tea.

Puerh Teas

Puerh teas are fermented products that taste wonderful but also benefit your gut and overall health. It has a very rich flavor, so varieties are included from Plum Deluxe such as ‘Red Velvet’ Chocolate Puerh Dessert Tea, Vanilla Rose Dark Tea Hearts and Rainy Day Puerh which is sweet and spicy.

Claimed Health Benefits of Loose-Leaf Teas

There are a number of health benefits that you can achieve with the regular use of loose tea. Even an occasional cup can provide you with a transformation like no other beverage. Let’s take a look.

health benefits plum deluxe teas

May Help Promote Calmness

The action of sitting down and drinking a cup of loose tea promotes a sense of calmness in and of itself. However, there are certain compounds in tea that can also promote that serene mindfulness that we can all benefit from. L-theanine is a chemical compound in tea that reduces stress and feelings of anxiety by stimulating calming alpha waves in the brain. If you’re drinking a variety that contains both caffeine and l-theanine, it can promote clarity and focus. Teas that contain herbal ingredients like chamomile, kava and Tulsi are all very calming and medicinal in nature.

Could Improve Cholesterol

Both black and green tea are extremely beneficial if you’re trying to lower your cholesterol numbers without the use of prescription medication. While we don’t know precisely how tea can lower cholesterol, it is suspected that the compound catechin is the cause. This is a flavonoid that can increase LDL receptor activity in the liver, prevent the absorption of cholesterol, lower LDL cholesterol, raise HDL cholesterol and decrease your overall cholesterol reading.

May Promote Better Gut Health

Tea has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which is beneficial for gut health. It can diminish some of that bloating, gas and pain that you may experience on occasion. It’s soothing if you’ve recently eaten something that causes you discomfort, but tea also promotes a more diverse microbiome. This equates to a much more balanced gut.

Could Help with Weight Loss

Green tea has the potential to reduce your appetite, which is a big part of losing weight. Starting your day with a cup of loose green tea will provide you with energy for a long day ahead that consists of a workout. You can also consume green tea to increase your fat burning activity. Matcha is a very concentrated form of green tea that is often used in pre-workout supplements.

May Help Improve Focus

Theophylline, theobromine, and l-theanine are three components in loose tea leaves that can increase your ability to focus. Caffeine can combine with these ingredients to increase focus even more. If you’re looking to skip the caffeine, herbal peppermint tea can produce a sense of calm and clarity that increases your ability to focus. Ginger tea is another option that produces the same results.

Real Plum Deluxe Tea Reviews and Average Rating

All of the products listed on the Plum Deluxe website have an average rating listed as well as customer reviews. While you’re doing your shopping online, you can get a good idea of how pleasant or beneficial a product is. Some of the most popular varieties are the Gratitude Blend which is flavored with strawberry and earl grey tea. It has a five out of five-star rating with more than 170 reviews. People love its unique flavor that is practical enough to drink daily. Porch Sippin’ Pecan Black Tea is another popular product from the Plum Deluxe lineup. It has a five out of five-star rating with more than 200 positive reviews. It actually contains small pieces of pecan and has a very warm and nutty flavor.

customer testimonials plum deluxe tea

Read more reviews here.

Alternatives Compared to Plum Deluxe Tea

If you’re looking for other loose tea brands that offer many of the same benefits as Plum Deluxe but with different price points and ingredients, here are some of my favorites.

Rishi Tea

Organic loose tea leaves are just one option from Rishi Tea. Their loose varieties are made using ingredients that are sourced from all over the world. Their Bancha variety is very popular and is a mild green tea. Bao Zhong is made using lilac and orchid for a spring-like fresh loose tea. Rishi is an independently owned, direct trade importer of tea products.

Stash Tea

You have probably seen Stash tea on the shelves of your local grocery store, and they carry loose tea leaves that contain ingredients that are sourced from all over the world and then blended in Oregon using a very intricate process. They have basic flavors like chamomile and sweet cinnamon black tea. There are more unique flavors such as Dragon Phoenix Pearl Jasmine and Breakfast in Paris black tea.

The Bottom Line: Is Plum Deluxe Tea Legit?

legit loose leaf tea plum deluxe

Plum Deluxe Tea is a 100% legit online loose-leaf tea brand, offering a plethora of teas made from high-quality ingredients.

Drinking a cup of tea should be an experience as well as something that benefits your body. There are so many beneficial compounds and ingredients in tea, it’s something you really should consider working into your daily routine.

I consider tea to be a lot like health supplements. It makes sense to me to invest in a high-quality product so that you’re getting the most benefits possible. I love the variety that Plum Deluxe offers, but the quality is unlike anything else you’ll find. Take a look for yourself and try a shipment of Plum Deluxe teas to see how amazing they taste.

Tips for Success from the Nutritionist

Looking for ways to take your tea game to the next level? Here are some of my tips for success.

  • Tea leaves are better if they’ve aged a little bit during the manufacturing process. Leaves that are at least one month old contain beneficial components, but some of the caffeine content and active alkaloids goes down. That decreases your chance of stomach upset, which some people experience when they drink loose tea.
  • When you brew your tea the water you use is probably quite hot. However, drink your tea when it is warm. Too hot of liquid can cause irritation of your mouth, throat, esophagus and stomach.
  • Pay attention to the expiration date of your tea. Also, store them properly to keep them fresh. Contrary to popular belief, tea shouldn’t sit in your pantry for years on end. Old tea can grow mold and decrease in quality over time.
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