Ergatta vs Peloton? More than just cycling VS. rowing

By Tami Smith

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The fitness industry has morphed drastically over the last few years, and the pandemic served to only accelerate these changes. There has been a massive shift from folks working out exclusively in the gym to taking their workouts home.

This is possible because fitness technology and equipment have made major leaps recently. The most common reasons why people used to choose exercising at the gym vs. home include factors like access to classes, accountability, and gym equipment availability. However, with the innovation of smart, connected home gym equipment, you can get all that and then some right at home.

The home gym equipment market is experiencing wild growth right now, with revenue expected to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 9% during the period from 2019-2025. So it suffices to say that if you’re looking to invest in a piece of smart home gym equipment, you’re not alone.

That brings us to the topic of this article; Ergatta Vs. Peloton. These are two of the biggest players in the connected gym industry right now, but the similarities stop there. Both brands offer an exceptional and altogether unique experience. My goal in this article is to break them both down for you so that you can make an informed decision based on your unique goals, preferences, and personality.

Want the video version? Check out my Ergatta versus Peloton 3 Main Differences YouTube Video:

Stats and Features: A head-to-head comparison of Peloton vs. Ergatta

peloton bike vs ergatta rower

Can Ergatta compete vs Peloton? Find out in this head-to-head matchup table chart.




Starting Price:

$1895 original bike, $2495 Bike+


Monthly membership cost:




21.5” HD

17.3” HD


59” x 53” x 23”

86“ x 23” x 40“

Machine weight:

135 lbs.

103 lbs. (76.5 lbs. without water)

Max user height and weight:

6’4”, 297 lbs.

6’ 8”, 500 lbs


Welded steel, ED & powder coated frame

Handmade from American cherry wood

Ease of storage and maneuverability:

Wheels included, not foldable

Wheels included, folds vertically for convenient storage

Workout style:

Instructor-led cycling

Gaming-inspired rowing


12-month limited on most original components, 5-years on the frame

5-year structural frame, 3-year parts, 1-year tablet


Spotlighting Features: Stacking Up Ergatta and Peloton

Now that you’ve seen the quick hit stats, let’s take a closer look at the features of each of these machines before dissecting the experiences of each.

Sleek, furniture-inspired design

Ergatta is designed for your home. It’s sleek, elegant, and it belongs in your living room. This rower is hand-crafted from American cherry wood in Rhode Island. Traditional fitness equipment is bulky, cumbersome, and downright ugly. Ergatta exudes elegance from every angle.

Foldable and convenient to store

With many people working out from home with limited space, it’s crucial to have a piece of equipment that fits in seamlessly without making an intrusion into your living space. Ergatta folds up and stores vertically when not in use, collapsing to the size of an end table. Furthermore, there are wheels attached at the bottom that allow for easy maneuvering when needed.

In a sea of bulky, static fitness equipment, Ergatta certainly stands out from the crowd by offering an easy way to make fitness fit into any room in your home.

Immersive HD touchscreen and experience

If you’ve tried any piece of connected fitness equipment with an included screen, then you know the value that they bring to the experience. Rather than squinting as you stream your workout from your phone or dealing with the nuisance of streaming it from your TV, you get an up-close and personal view of your workout. HD screens 

Soothing water resistance

Whether you’re an experienced on-the-water rower or not, we can all appreciate the calm and serenity that comes with the sound of whooshing water. Furthermore, the inclusion of water resistance provides a much more realistic feel when you’re on the machine rowing. Ergatta partnered with Water Rower, one of the most renowned brands in the industry to design their transformative rowing machine.

Smooth, magnetic resistance

Peloton uses magnetic resistance on their bikes to power the flywheel. Their original bike features mechanical resistance adjustment and their Bike+ uses an innovative new digital adjustment that includes Auto Follow technology where the instructor can adjust the bike for you as you ride.

One of the best parts about the magnetic resistance system, though, is the fact that it allows the machine to be nearly silent throughout your ride. This means you can ride at all hours of the day or night and not worry about waking up everyone else in the house, a big win for those of us who have little ones in the home. It also allows for a very smooth, enjoyable ride.

Best in class in-studio feeling

If there’s one thing that Peloton is most famous for, it’s their ability to make you feel like you’re sitting front and center in a real, live spin class. Even before COVID-19 shutdown fitness studios, Peloton recognized that folks would find a lot of value in the ability to work out from home, on their own schedule. With a 21.5” or 23.8” HD touchscreen positioned right on the front of the bike, you always have the best seat for the best action during your workouts.

If you upgrade to the Bike+ model, you’ll also benefit from the 360-degree rotating touchscreen which allows for optimal class viewing both on and off the bike.

Adjustments that allow for the perfect ride

One of the keys to success in a spin class is being in the correct position and having the right form. Peloton’s bike is fully adjustable, from the screen height to the seat and handlebar positioning, you’ll be able to set your machine up to match your unique size and preferences. Positioning yourself comfortably will allow you to focus your attention on your ride, keeping you consistent with your workouts and your goals.

Sleek, compact, and built to fit in

Again, something that Peloton recognized when they designed their bikes is that working out from home can be a challenge for some due to limited space, which is why they designed their bike to be compact enough to fit into any space. They even have a helpful blog post about how to fit your Peloton in a small space that should give you some inspiration!

Although it doesn’t fold up for storage like Ergatta, it is on wheels, so you can move it around fairly easily if you wish. Even if you’re forced to leave your Peloton out in your living room for all to see, it’s a sleek, good-looking machine that you likely won’t mind have on display. Plus, it usually ends up becoming a pretty fun talking piece.

Workout Experience: Peloton’s studio class vs. Ergatta’s gaming-inspired content

Here’s where the real fun unveils, and where you’re going to want to focus a lot of your attention as you’re deciding which one of these machines will be the best fit for you.

Peloton: Instructor-led, studio-style workouts

Peloton’s approach to workouts is the exact reason why they’ve become a cultural phenomenon. They found a way to give you the most realistic in-studio cycling experience and bring it to your home. If you love the feel and energy you get from being inside a studio with an instructor leading you through your entire workout, then you’re going to love the Peloton experience.

Live classes

Within the Peloton App, there’s a full lineup of live classes every day in addition to their library of hundreds of on-demand choices. When riding in a live workout, you’ll be riding with hundreds, possibly thousands, of other Peloton users at the same time. Since there is an interactive leaderboard, you’ll also be able to see where you stand and push yourself to reach PRs and the top of that leaderboard.

While the leaderboard will certainly incite some competition, it also allows you to build community and cheer others on. You can “high-five” fellow riders, use hashtags, and more to immerse yourself in the community.

On-demand classes

All live classes are recorded and published as on-demand classes shortly after they’re completed. So, if you missed the live-action or you loved a particular ride, you can take it on your time any time you want right from the app. You can filter your selection by using the various options available like time, instructor, ride type, etc. Even though you won’t be riding live with the instructor, you’ll still have that feeling of being live, and chances are there will still be others riding alongside you on the replay, so you’re never left feeling like you’re working out alone.

Real-time data

Peloton instructors use cadence and resistance callouts to dictate where you should be within your workout and your efforts will be displayed for you in real-time on your screen. You’ll have access to all your metrics, which will give you insight into your effort and work within each workout you participate in.

More than just cycling

One thing that I love about Peloton is that they don’t just include cycling workouts in their app. They encourage you to expand your workouts, including a variety of movement patterns and modalities to get a well-rounded workout experience and a healthy body. Peloton’s lineup of workouts includes running, strength training, yoga, Pilates, barre, and cardio.

Fun challenges to keep you motivated and engaged

Let’s be honest, cycling, or any workout for that matter, can get stale rather quickly. Peloton keeps things fun, fresh, and engaging by frequently featuring challenges and special programs. Participating in these allows you to commit to a goal, have fun, and be rewarded with badges at the end.

Ergatta: Gamified content for a transformative experience

What happens when gaming meets rowing? You get an experience unlike any other. I’ll admit, I never considered rowing to be a fun workout. However, when I got the Ergatta, my mind was completely changed. Ergatta, much like Aviron, takes a completely different approach to rowing and to connected fitness than any other smart fitness machine on the market - and it’s a very refreshing, welcomed change!

experience fitness and gaming with ergatta

It's an incredible gaming experience with the Ergatta, not to mention you can get a killer workout in!

For those who feel uninspired by studio-style, instructor-led workouts, you’re going to love Ergatta’s gaming-inspired workouts. Instead of having an instructor lead you through your workouts, you’re experiencing the thrill and competition that you get from playing a sport or game. For anyone who’s ever played competitive sports, you’ll immediately recognize that competitive drive to compete to be your best self, but also to compete with others and, most importantly, WIN!

Using AI technology, Ergatta incorporates real-time feedback in all your workouts, all of which is calibrated to your unique fitness profile. There are several different options within the interface for workouts and programming, and the team is constantly releasing new content for the community to keep them engaged, entertained, and always striving to improve and be the best they can be. 

Ergatta wants their community to feel motivated and engaged for the long-term. This is fitness that’s designed to make people want to do it. If competition and benchmarks are your motivational style, you’re going to be massively impressed with Ergatta’s unique programming.

Push programs

These dedicated programs are designed to give you a series of sequential workouts that build up to a final challenge at the end.

Interval workouts

Featuring personalized targets and real-time feedback, these workouts are designed to push your endurance and explosiveness.

Race workouts

These are perhaps the most popular workouts within the Ergatta community, myself included. Races allow you to line up head-to-head with others in the community and race for the finish line. If you have a competitive spirit or nature, this is the perfect outlet for you.

Open row

Sometimes, you just want to row at your own pace, enjoying the relaxing sound of the water and appreciating the movement of your body mechanics. That’s exactly what you’ll get with Ergatta’s open row option. These self-led workouts allow you to row at your own pace based on your tome or distance goals.

Comparing costs when choosing Peloton or Ergatta

Both Peloton and Ergatta are investments, and both have price tags that are highly justifiable.


Ergatta’s price starts at $2199 + the cost of the membership which is $29 per month or $290 for the year.


So while Ergatta has a higher starting price, the monthly subscription is cheaper and there are no additional pieces of equipment or requirements needed.

Rowing vs Cycling: Which is the best workout?

By now you know that these two smart fitness machines are much more than vessels for cycling and rowing workouts, they each offer unique, interactive experiences and community. However, we can’t neglect the important question of which workout style is better: rowing or cycling?

Helpful Reading: Rowing Machine vs Exercise Bike

While there is no cut and dry answer here, and each person is going to have their own unique perspective and preference, I will say that rowing is a full-body experience, engaging up to 86% of your body’s muscles while cycling is a more lower-body exclusive workout.

The decision comes down to your personal preference; which workout is more motivating, fun, and challenging for you? Consider which workout you’re going to be willing to do for the long-term, keeping you engaged and on track with your goals.

Ergatta vs Peloton Summary: Which experience is the best option for you?

Just as I’ve maintained throughout this article, both machines are amazing in their own way and you really can’t go wrong with either. As leading connected fitness brands, both Peloton and Ergatta are going to deliver an epic workout experience, there’s no question about that.

The decision that you’ll need to make will come down to your personal preferences and designed workout experience. As you read the reviews of both pieces of equipment, which one left you feeling the most excited? Which workout style will motivate you the most to stick with your fitness goals and strive for your best?

I can tell you that I chose Ergatta because I loved their new take on connected fitness programming. I can workout live with an instructor almost anywhere these days, streaming workouts from other equipment or phone an app on my phone. What I can get is the gaming-inspired content and competition that’s unique to Ergatta.

That said, we’re all different, so here are a few final things to consider as you narrow down your choice:

You should consider Peloton if you…

Enjoy cycling

If riding a bike is a fun, challenge for you, you won’t find a better option than the king of cycling, Peloton. They did it first and they do it best.

Crave studio-style instructor-led workouts

If you like to ride along with an instructor who’s telling you what to do every step of the way, go with Peloton. Their programming is as close to being inside a cycling studio as you can get.

Want an all-in-one system

If you also need access to cross-training options like strength classes, yoga, and recovery, you’ll enjoy the extensive programming available on the Peloton app.

Want to workout live and join a vibrant community

Live classes are highly motivating and engaging for many people. If that’s your jam, you’ll enjoy Peloton’s daily live class lineup. You can also ride with other friends who have a Peloton as well as find your tribe within the community fairly easily.

You should consider Ergatta if you…

Enjoy rowing

Rowing is a very effective, very engaging workout that activates nearly all your muscles at one time. If you’re interested in getting the most bang for your buck as far as your time spent working out goes, rowing wins hands-down.

Don’t like traditional instructor-led workouts

Not everyone feels motivated by a bubbly instructor calling out to you to increase your intensity or push for just a few more seconds! If you find yourself cursing this type of instructor out or rolling your eyes throughout the whole experience, then you’re the right fit for Ergatta’s gaming-inspired fitness. Instead of being incentivized to hit a mark called out by an instructor, you’ll be pushed to hit your targets and crush through your comfort zone.

Want a gorgeous piece of equipment

It looks more like furniture than a fitness machine. There’s nothing worse than a bulky, cumbersome piece of equipment sitting in your living room. Ergatta made their rowing machine to fit into your home, complimenting your style and aesthetics.

You have limited space and need to store your equipment

When Ergatta is not engaged, it can be folded up and stored vertically, taking up no more space than a barstool or end table.

About the author 

Tami Smith

Tami Smith is a certified Nutritionist and an ACE certified fitness trainer, specializing in pre and post-natal fitness. She studied business and earned her bachelor's degree in Business Economics. Tami is a mom of two and women's health advocate. Her passion is to help people live a fit, healthy life through proper nutrition and exercise!

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