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I’m always on the lookout for new home workouts, so when I came across p.volve, I was instantly intrigued. From their unique approach to women’s fitness to their innovative equipment, I knew this was a D2C fitness brand that I needed to get acquainted with.

After trying out p.volve for myself and digging into their brand, method, and techniques, I am here to bring you a full p.volve review so that you can decide if this workout program is a good fit for you, your lifestyle, and your goals.

Introducing p.volve fitness: My Detailed Review!

p.volve fitness introduction

P.Volve was founded by husband/wife duo, Rachel Katzman and Stephen Pasterino. It’s a resistance-based, high-intensity, low-impact fitness program that’s designed to strengthen and sculpt the entire body. The main focus of the workouts is to activate the core and open the hips, all while creating a long, lean, and toned body.

They take pride in being incredibly accessible for all types of women, from Victoria’s Secret models prepping for their next show to stay-at-home moms who are looking to get in shape at home. Users can either stream the workouts from their device or can attend live classes at one of their increasing studio locations.

The P.volve method works to allow you to master precise movements and activate hard-to-reach muscles, which will give you the best possible results. It strengthens and energizes your entire body, all while pushing through your barriers and allowing you to reach new fitness levels. Most importantly, according to Rachel, is that is works for your body, not against it.

P.Volve's Workouts Guiding Principles

Here are the cornerstones of the P.Volve method:

  1. Train Functionally - The professional instructors will teach you how your body is meant to move. Using form-focused movement, they will deliver real results that are natural to your body and avoid imbalances and injuries.
  2. Engage Consciously - By learning how to consciously engage, you can stimulate muscles through controlled reps and strengthen and tone your entire body. You’ll learn how to build up, not break down, your glutes, thighs, arms, and abs through each and every movement.
  3. Move Diversely - With diverse movements, you can increase the way your muscles respond to movement, which applies to your workouts as well as in your everyday life.
  4. Rotate Effectively - By articulating your pelvis, the center of your body, you can learn to properly tilt and engage your pelvis and to turn on the surrounding muscles which will improve your balance and posture.
  5. Exercise Progressively - Increase your intensity and avoid hitting a plateau with progressive exercises. They structure workouts in blocks that build upon each other in a way that also for proper introduction of new movement and new equipment.
  6. Connect Mindfully - Make the deeper connection between your brain and your body with every movement. They will teach you how to exercise more thoughtfully, bringing more awareness to even the smallest, simplest of movements.

Who is this online fitness platform for?

Personally, my workout of choice for the last year or so has been strength training, but I also love to mix things up to keep my body guessing. I’ve always mixed in Pilates and barre classes with my routine for some lower impact workouts and fine-toning.

The p.volve method is great for anyone that’s looking for a safe, effective, low-impact workout that’s grounded in science and functional movement. These workouts are not only effective in class, but they also help you move through your daily life better by teaching you how to move and how to do so without injury.

Their specific exercise equipment

If you’ve seen these workouts advertised, then you likely noticed some interesting equipment being used. That’s because P.Volve has its own line of patented, innovative fitness equipment that’s designed to give you a whole-body toning experience.

Their current equipment lineup includes the following:

  • P.ball* (see product here)
  • P.band*
  • P.3 trainer
  • Precision mat
  • Gliders
  • P.volve slant board
  • Hand weights
  • Ankle weights
  • Ankle bands

*The p.ball and p.band are the most frequently used pieces of equipment and the ones that are most recommended for you to invest in if you decide to start this program.

*For full information on each piece of equipment and pricing, go to their equipment page here to learn more.

Do You Need their Equipment For The Workouts?

I’ll admit, when I see a workout program like P.Volve that requires me to purchase additional equipment on top of the equipment I already have, I’m not super excited. However, with P.Volve, it’s different.

Why? Because their equipment is unlike anything else on the market. It’s designed specifically to work muscles that you’re almost certainly missing with your other workouts and equipment.

So, do you need to buy their products in order to do their workouts? No, not necessarily, but it’s helpful so that you can get the most out of your workout and be able to progress through their programming. Many of the workouts use only minimal equipment, most of which you probably already have - ankle weights, light dumbbells, and a band.

If you are just starting out and want to get a feel for the platform first before investing in equipment, you can definitely do that by choosing workouts that require minimal equipment. You can also complete all of the video without any equipment at all! Or, you can purchase your own equipment from their website and have everything you need to crush it at home and get the results you’re looking for.

If you do want to make the most of the p.volve experience, I highly recommend purchasing one of their curated kits which will save you money and time, choosing between the following options:

How it Works: Subscribing to P.volve’s Streaming Service

First, if you’re interested in trying out the workouts before you commit to a subscription, you can try 3 workouts for free! Just sign up for the free trial and choose any 3 workouts to try first! Then, you can choose from the following three plans:

3 plans & pricing

  • 1-year plan: $7.99/month
  • 1-month plan: $19.99/month
All of the plans include:
  • Full access to all online workout programs (200+ videos with varying lengths, focuses, and more)
  • Weekly news,tips, and motivation delivered right to your inbox
  • The ability to stream via your desktop or from the p.volve app on any device

With your subscription, P.volve will send you a curated list each week of suggested workouts based on your personal fitness goals. The workouts range in length from 19 minutes to 60, and they focus on different muscle groups to give you an all over toning experience.

You have the ability to navigate and search through the library of workouts to find ones that are specific to a muscle group, style, length, etc. Additionally, they have a series of programs that you can choose to participate in. There’s the “30-Day Evolution” or the “21-Day Butt Lift,” for example.

Within the app, you can set your goals, track your progress, and find plenty of nutrition tips and recipe guides to help you on the nutritional end of things. Speaking of which, P.volve also offers health coaching for those who want to take their diet and lifestyle to the next level and really feel the full effects of this workout platform.

P.volve Fitness Customer Reviews Summary

After reviewing dozens of online reviews, I discovered that the vast majority of p.volve users absolutely love the app and the results they are getting. However, there are a few reviewers who have mentioned that they dislike that they need to buy specific equipment for the workouts.

No matter what kind of workout program you choose, there is a good chance that some equipment will be required. In p.volve’s case, part of their innovative system is using their advanced toning equipment to achieve your desired results. The great news is that you only have to buy the equipment once and you have it forever. So if p.volve is a good fit for your workout style and lifestyle, the investment is well worth it.

Next we'll take a look at why this type of functional training can be good or not so good for you. Let's begin by looking at the pros and cons below:

Pros and Cons of p.volve

We heavily researched everything about this company and their online fitness platform. This is an amazing operation to say the least, but let's really dive in and take a look at everything you should know before you purchase.


  • Low-impact, effective workouts
  • Functional training principals that are based on science
  • Over 200 workouts available and climbing
  • All workouts can be done from home
  • Streaming from your PC or the P.volve app
  • Nutrition and recipes included with your subscription
  • Workouts that target your butt, legs, and arms
  • Designed to give you an all over slimming/toning effect, not bulk
  • Great for all fitness and experience levels


  • The music in the videos can be on the loud side
  • You won’t get the full effect of the workouts unless you purchase the equipment
  • Not intended for those who want high-impact, high-intensity workouts

As you can see, the pros heavily outweigh the cons when it comes to pvolve. In fact, the cons are mostly for those who won't benefit from low-impact exercises. Overall, the team at pvolve can get you in shape, help you lose weight and make fitness fun. What more can you ask for?

Bottom Line: Is p.volve fitness for you?

P.volve offers something different in the world of online home fitness programming, which is refreshing and exciting to many, especially those who wish to have a slim, dancer’s physique and who don’t want to perform high-impact exercises.

I love that they offer a free trial, allowing potential customers to try the workouts for themselves before committing to them fully. As someone who loves both high-impact and low-impact workouts, this is definitely the kind of workout that I would use on my lower impact days in place of my traditional Pilates or barre classes streamed through Obe fitness (see full review of obe here).

Overall, I think p.volve is doing an amazing job at bringing something new to the fitness world that seems to be oversaturated with the same thing over and over again, just done on different platforms. If you want to challenge yourself in new ways and watch your body slim and tone over time, p.volve is a great option and one that I highly recommend, especially for those who want a low-impact way to challenge and change their body.

Have you tried P.volve? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

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Tami Smith, CPT, Nutritionist

Tami Smith is a certified Nutritionist and an ACE certified fitness trainer, specializing in pre and post-natal fitness. She studied business and earned her bachelor's degree in Business Economics. Tami is a mom of two and women's health advocate. Her passion is to help people live a fit, healthy life through proper nutrition and exercise!

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