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URO Urinary Health Capsules are a daily, antibiotic-free supplement designed to tagret the bacterial buildup that causes UTIs. This clinically studied product contains Pacra, a cranberry product that’s been tested and shown to promote optimal urinary tract health and comfort.

Fun fact: Women get UTIs up to 30x more often than men. To add insult to injury, as many as 4 in 10 women who get a UTI will experience at least one more within 6 months. Whoa.

If you’ve ever had a UTI, then you’re likely already all too familiar with what comes along with it. The pain, the burning, the discomfort…it’s not fun, to say the least. And so many of us feel like we’re plagued with them. It’s as though our bodies just re-create these infections over and over again, causing us to make countless trips to the doctor’s office and take antibiotics nearly year-round.

So what’s a gal to do? Well, OPositiv just launched a new supplement designed to stop this endless cycle of UTIs; URO is a daily supplement designed to promote urinary tract health and comfort. But can this product truly eradicate UTIs? Is it effective for urinary tract health?

Let’s dig into URO by OPositv, analyzing the ingredients, and usage, and helping you to decide if this is a productive supplement to add to your wellness routine.

Quick Summary of OPositiv URO Review



O Positiv

Key Ingredients:

Clinically-tested Pacran Complete Cranberry (helps promote optimal urinary tract health), D-Mannose, Vitamin C

Key Benefits:

Promotes urinary tract health and comfort

Best for:

Those who are prone to urinary tract irritation, those who want to have stress-free sex, those who want to protect their urinary tract health


$31.99, or subscribe and save ($26.99 with subscription)

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What is URO?

opositiv URO for urinary health

URO by OPositiv is a daily, antibiotic-free capsule that’s formulated to promote optimal urinary tract health and comfort. This unique supplement for urinary tract health contains a special blend of key ingredients clinically proven to boost your urinary tract health. 

For those who are prone to urinary tract irritation or UTIs, URO can provide you with the relief and peace of mind you’re looking for without the need for endless doctor’s appointments and harmful antibiotics. As with all OPositiv products, URO is non-GMO, 100% vegan, and gluten-free.


  • Antibiotic-free urinary tract health care supplement
  • Contains clinically tested ingredient Pacran
  • Helps to stop bacterial buildup in the urethra
  • Supports normal urinary frequency
  • Helps those who are prone to UTIs
  • Promotes stress-free sex
  • Works to protect your urinary tract health, even if you don’t get UTIs
  • Starts working right away
  • Vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO
  • Great female-forward brand
  • Affordable monthly cost


  • URO is not considered a UTI treatment, but more of a preventative supplement
  • You will need to take consistently for 2 months to experience the full effects

Key Ingredients Analysis

URO contains just three ingredients, making it a simple, straightforward, yet highly effective supplement for urinary tract health. Let’s take a look at all three key ingredients to get a better understanding of how they directly affect your urinary tract:

Pacran Complete Cranberry

We’ve all heard that cranberry juice is effective for urinary tract infections, but clinically-studied Pacran takes cranberry to the next level. Pacran refers to the cranberry product that contains special proanthocyanidins (PACs) that help keep harmful bacteria from sticking to your urethra, which is the main cause of urinary tract infections. 

Pacran is supported by eight efficacy and safety studies. A daily dose of 500 mg of Pacran has been clinically indicated to reduce the rate of recurrent UTIs and reduce E.coli, which is the bacterial responsible for 65-85% of all UTIs. 


D-Mannose has been traditionally used to stop bacterial buildup in the urethra by forming a film over the urinary tract lining cells, thereby protecting it from the buildup of infection-causing bacteria. This ingredient has also been clinically tested to support the prolonging of time between UTIs for those who deal with recurrent infections.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C was added to URO for its ability to promote urinary tract health and comfort by acidifying your urine to create an inhospitable (un-liveable) environment for harmful bacteria. 

How Does URO Work?

Studies have shown that the combination of Pacran, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), and d-mannose work together to prevent bacterial adhesion to your urinary tract cells within just 1-2 days of use. However, URO is most effective when taken daily for up to 8 weeks to allow the ingredients to build up in your system.

How to Take

URO, just like all other OPositv products, it’s very easy to implement into your daily routine. Here’s how to get started with URO:

  • Step 1: Take 2 URO capsules once per day with a glass of water.
  • Step 2: URO will start providing protection to your urinary tract within 2 days.
  • Step 3: Continue to take URO for at least 2 months to realize the full benefits.

Who Is URO For?

URO was designed for those who are prone to urinary tract irritation, specifically, those who experience frequent or recurring UTIs. This specialized supplement also helps those who are sexually active feel more comfortable and confident during intercourse.

Furthermore, anyone who has a desire to protect and nurture their urinary tract health will find benefit from taking URO consistently for urinary tract maintenance and optimization. URO is designed for women who want to boost their urinary tract health without the use of antibiotics, helping them to maintain their normal urinary flow without sabotaging their levels of healthy, good bacteria in the meantime.

URO is safe for adults ages 18 and older. If you are pregnant or nursing, you should consult with your physician before starting URO.

Real URO Reviews and Product Rating

OPositiv URO has a 4.6 stars out of 5 star rating and women are loving the product, especially those who unfortunately deal with UTIs. It's a newer product so there isn't a large sample size. However, there are a few reviews on URO's product page and the majority of women are extremely happy about the benefits they are seeing from URO.

One woman wrote a verified review of Opositiv URO saying,

"I’m constantly stressing about getting one. Cranberry helped a little bit, but I liked that URO had something more legit… I’ve been UTI-free for over 6 months now and, and counting!"

customer testimonials opositiv URO

Be sure to read more reviews of URO here.

Alternatives Compared to OPositiv URO

If you’re looking for better urinary tract health, URO is a great option, however, it’s certainly not right for everyone. Below are a couple of alternatives that are worth exploring as you find the product that’s best aligned with your personal goals and needs:

Uqora Target is a powdered drink mix that’s designed to quickly, yet gently flush your urinary tract. With specialized ingredients like d-mannose and citric acid, Target delivers urinary tract support along with immune support and increases urinary flow thanks to a gentle diuretic. This product is excellent for those who would prefer a supplement mix as opposed to daily capsules.

Another worthy option is VeeTract Urinary Tract Support from VeeFresh. This supplement is designed to maintain, flush, and clear any urine impurities that might lead to a UTI or other urinary tract irritation. VeeTract is fast-acting and promotes a healthy urinary tract with ingredients like D-Mannose and Hibiscus.

Final Thoughts: Is URO by OPositiv Worth It for Urinary Tract Health?

Upon inspection, it appears that URO is not only effective for urinary tract health but also well worth trying as the clinically studied ingredients speak for themselves. For women who are suffering from frequent UTIs, a supplement like URO can be a complete life changer, improving their confidence, and comfort, and allowing them to feel like themselves at all times.

OPositiv is a phenomenal female-focused brand that continues to create incredible products that are improving the lives of women everywhere. From their flagship product, FLO, to DISCO, their daily women’s multivitamins, it’s obvious that the OPositiv team cares about women’s health and is making it their mission to improve it.

holding URO capsule
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