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Obvi’s weight loss supplements contain clinically studied ingredients that may help produce weight loss results when paired with a healthy diet and active lifestyle. With delicious flavors and zero sugar, Obvi’s 3rd party tested products are a good match for women seeking health and beauty results.

‘Tis the season for weight loss goals, fat loss gimmicks, and fitness challenges. And when it comes to weight loss supplements these days, I almost always approach them with extreme skepticism. 

By now we’ve all either heard that the supplement industry is largely unregulated by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) or have had an experience that has left us with a bad taste in our mouths. This is probably why there are so many of us scouring the internet for real reviews and feedback on products and brands, because who wants to spend money on something that doesn’t work? I know I certainly don’t. 

All that to say, I also really enjoy trying new products and giving new brands a shot because every once in a while you discover something that makes your life a tad better. So when I kept seeing ads for Obvi, I finally decided to give them a try.

Most of their products are very clearly marketed for women, specifically those looking for weight loss. So we dove in to get to the bottom of it; do Obvi supplements work for weight loss?

Our team tried several of their best-selling weight loss products and analyzed the ingredients and claims to bring you our full Obvi review so you can decide if Obvi will work for you and your weight loss goals.

Obvi Weight Loss Review: Quick Facts

Founded by:

Ronah Shah, Ash Melwani, Ankit Patel

Fun Fact:

Obvi stands for “the obvious choice” for beauty and wellness

Unique Value Proposition:

Obvi makes supplements that look and feel younger to inspire youth in those who take them.

Claim to Fame Product:

Super Collagen Protein Powder

Price Point:


Best for:

Those looking to lose weight, feel better, and experience increased youthfulness

Why I Love It:

It’s 3rd party tested which is huge for the legitimacy of supplements

Average Customer Reviews:

4.4 / 5 

FHM Rating:


What is Obvi?

obvi supplements for weight loss

Obvi is a premium supplement brand that makes wellness and beauty supplements that look and feel “younger” so that those who use them can experience the same effect. The Obvi lineup of products includes its best-selling Super Collagen Protein Powder, Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, Fat Burners, Vitamins, and more. Each product was designed to not only look bright, attractive, and youthful but to provide users with the same feelings of being young and vibrant.

The founders of Obvi wanted to create a supplement brand that helped its customers achieve that youthful look and feel that we’re all looking for. With bright packaging, fun flavors that mimic some of our favorite childhood sweats, and an ingredient label that we can feel good about, Obvi is the obvious choice for women looking for a little something brighter to shake up their supplement routine.

Whether you’re looking for weight loss, hair growth, or an overall wellness boost, Obvi has products that meet the most common needs of women of all ages.


  • Clean, natural supplements that are free from fillers and binders
  • Ingredients are proven to assist with weight loss
  • Many products to choose from that complement each other well
  • Bright, fun packaging for a youthful feel
  • Tasty, kid-favorite flavors
  • Gluten-free, dairy-free, Non-GMO
  • 3rd party tested
  • Zero sugar
  • Powdered supplements mix into liquids easily


  • The fruity flavors are off-putting for some as they assume it’s “unhealthy”
  • While the products are sugar-free, they do contain sucralose which some are opposed to consuming
  • There are some negative reviews

What Kinds of Products Does Obvi Offer?

Obvi has a pretty extensive lineup of supplements, mostly geared towards women and weight loss and mostly with the inclusion of collagen. Customers can browse Obvi’s website by viewing best-sellers, and bundles, or shopping by goals.

The following categories are available:

  • Weight loss
  • Daily health
  • Immunity
  • GummiesSnacks

After looking through all available products, it’s evident to our team that weight loss is a major theme amongst the products that Obvi is offering, so we took a closer look at their best-selling weight loss products as a focus of this review.

Obvi Weight Loss Product Reviews

obvi weight loss supplements

After polling our audience to see what they would most be interested in when it comes to Obvi, it was obvi(ous) that weight loss with the big one, which is great because Obvi most certainly caters to those of us who are seeking weight loss.

Before we dive into the weight loss supplements offered by Obvi, we want to be extremely clear that we do not promote weight loss via supplements alone. In fact, as a Nutritionist, I am a huge advocate of getting your diet and lifestyle in check before adding supplements to your routine. No supplement regardless of the ingredients or claims will be a magic fix for weight loss, you must implement healthy dietary and lifestyle habits to accompany it. 

Collagenic Fat Burner Capsules

These are the world’s first and only thermogenic fat burners with collagen, meaning you can get the benefits of weight loss and beauty in one easy-to-take capsule supplement. The claimed benefits of this product include:

  • Maximized weight loss
  • Burning of stubborn belly fat
  • All day energy
  • Healthy nails
  • Longer hair
  • Stronger joints
  • Improved gut health
  • Elimination of cellulite
  • Youthful skin
  • Healthy metabolism support

Key Ingredients include 5 different types of collagen for enhanced hair, skin, nails, and joints. Plus CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), green tea extract, and cayenne pepper fruit extract for weight loss and metabolism benefits.

Do Obvi Collagenic Fat Burner Capsules Work for Weight Loss?

According to the science, yes, Obvi’s Collegenic Fat Burner Capsules might be able to assist with weight loss efforts. CLA has been shown in clinical trials to produce a modest body fat loss in humans. Furthermore, Green tea extract has been clinically shown to productive weight loss, reduced waist circumference, and a consistent decrease in total cholesterol.

Lastly, the fact that Obvi’s fat burner capsules also contain five types of collagen might increase satiety and your feelings of fullness, therefore, causing you to consume less food throughout the day which can lead to weight loss.

Collagenic Burn Caffeine-Free Collagen Infused Fat Burner (Powder)

obvi collagenic burn

Obvi has created the world’s first stimulant-free collagen-infused fat burner, which I covered in my honest obvi collagenic burn review after trying it myself to see if it was worth it or not.

This powered drink mix contains 8 grams of hydrolyzed bovine collagen per serving along with several patented ingredients shown to promote weight loss, making it a reliable solution for weight loss and fat burning. The key benefits of Colagenic Burn include:

  • Reduction of visible wrinkles
  • Reduction of cellulite
  • Weight loss
  • Help with stubborn belly fat
  • Appetite reduction
  • Toxin flush
  • Clean energy

This product comes in several different fruity flavors that customers seem to really enjoy drinking.

Does Obvi Collagenic Burn Work For Fat Loss?
mixing obvi collagenic burn

Based on the analysis of the key ingredients, yes, there is a possibility that Obvi Collagen Burn will help some individuals with their weight loss goals. The fat-burning ingredients in Obvi’s Burn formula include the following clinically tested ingredients:

Fibress - this ingredient has been proven to support healthy gut microbiota, weight management, and prevent bloating.

Teacrine - this is a stimulant-free, patented compound that provides mental clarity, improved motivation, and elevated moods, all without jitters or crashes.

Yuth - this ingredient supports autophagy which is the protection of the living cells of the skin against stress factors.

Plus, the inclusion of two different types of collagen can help to boost your gut health and make maintaining your weight easier as well.

DETOX Complete 30-day Gut Cleanse

obvi detox

Obvi Detox is a 30-day extra-strength detox cleanse that’s designed to flush toxins and support weight loss all while promoting healthy digestion and a stronger immune system. This product was engineered to help you beat the bloat that threatens to ruin your day while leaving your tummy feeling calm.

Obvi Detox helps to fight and remove the toxins that are the root cause of bloating. The following are claimed benefits of Obvi DETOX:

  • Prevents farting
  • Reduces and eliminates bloating
  • A deep flush of toxins and impurities
  • Supports your liver health
  • Prevents diarrhea
  • Contains highly effective antioxidants
  • Prevents nausea
  • Soothes and calms stomach pains

DETOX is a once-daily capsule that you will need to take consistently for a whole 30-day period in order to see the maximum benefit.

Does Obvi DETOX Work for Weight Loss?

According to the nutrition label on Obvi’s Detox supplement, there is a “detox blend” of clinically shown ingredients to help rid your body of toxins. When inspected individually, each ingredient appears to have some clinical connection to potential weight loss benefits, however, I would caution anyone to be careful with blends like these. Be sure to check with your doctor before starting any kind of detox supplement to be sure it’s safe for you and your body.

Guilt-Free Carb Blocker

Carb-Blocker from Obvi was formulated to help block the conversion of carbs to glucose, thereby decreasing the effects of an indulgent meal on your weight loss goals. This dietary supplement proposes that it can help with:

  • Weight loss
  • Reduced blood sugar levels
  • Appetite suppression
  • Improved heart function

Obvi Carb-Blocker focuses on blocking the absorption of carbs while curbing your appetite and reducing your blood sugar levels through the use of the following ingredients:

  • White kidney bean extract
  • Gymnema Sylvestre
  • LipoSan Ultra

Obvi Collagen Whey Protein

holding obvi collagen protein

A delicious blend of both whey protein and super collagen protein, Obvi’s Collagen Whey Protein is a great way to stay on track with your weight loss goals and give your body the nutrients it needs to perform at its best. Protein has many benefits in relation to weight loss, including the satiety factor, which means that protein fills you up and keeps you fuller for longer.

Obvi’s protein powder contains 20g of whey protein and 5g of type I and type III collagen protein and just 120 calories per scoop. Plus, Obvi included a couple of additional patented ingredients to its formula like DIGESB and AstraGIN to help better gut health. 

Protein powder is one of my favorite hacks for weight loss and for staying on track with one’s weight loss goals, and Obvi certainly makes a unique and compelling version that might be in alignment with your personal fitness and weight loss goals.

obvi protein

How to Use Obvi For Weight Loss

Using Obvi supplements for weight loss should be in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise routine as well as some other healthy lifestyle habits. That said, Obvi’s weight loss products might be able to help you enhance and support your weight loss goals when taken as directed. 

Considering there are multiple weight loss products offered by Obvi, it’s best to do your own research into which one is the best fit for you and follow the recommended serving on the nutrition label.

To use Obvi supplements for weight loss and get results, pair your Obvi supplements with a healthy diet that’s rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein sources and make movement a part of your daily routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding Obvi products that might help you decide if these products will work for you.

Do Obvi products contain any sweeteners?

Yes, Obvi uses small amounts of sucralose to sweeten its products.

What Do You Mix Obvi Collagen With?

There are many ways to enjoy Obvi Collagen products. You can mix it with liquid of your choice, mix it in with your foods, or bake with it. Most Obvi users add a scoop to a glass of water or milk and drink by itself, however, you can also add it to your smoothies, pancakes, oatmeal, cakes, cookies, etc. Feel free to get creative!

Does Obvi Have Sugar In It?

No, all Obvi products are free of sugar! Obvi is sweetened with sucralose.

Does Obvi Have Caffeine?

Obvi’s Collagenic Fat Burner Capsules contain a small amount of caffeine in the form of Green Tea Extract. The Collagenic Burn powders are stim-free, meaning they are free of caffeine.

How Long Before You Start Seeing Results From Obvi Collagen?

Collagen products are most effective when used regularly and consistently as part of your daily supplementation routine. That said, many Obvi users report seeing and feeling weight loss results from Obvi within 2 weeks of consistent use.

Who Should Try Obvi Products?

Obvi is a good match for those who are seeking weight loss supplements that contain clean, natural, and 3rd party tested ingredients. The ingredients inside Obvi’s formulas are clinically shown to produce weight loss benefits, therefore, there is a chance that they could help complement your weight loss efforts, however, individual results are not guaranteed.

For women who enjoy powdered drink mixes that they can mix with water and sip on, Obvi’s Collagen is a great match as it tastes great and contains both weight loss and beauty benefits. If you’re looking for a supplement that takes on both weight loss and beauty, Obvi has managed to combine the two into one easy-to-take supplement.

Who Shouldn’t?

Women who are turned off by the young look and feel of Obvi’s products might feel better suited for a different brand. 

Summary of Obvi Weight Loss Reviews

Super Collagen Protein:

4.8/5 (Over 5,000 reviews)

Collagenic Burn:

4.7/5 (Over 2,500 reviews)

Obvi Detox:

4.8/5 (Over 380 reviews)

Guilt-Free Carb Blocker:

4.7/5 (Over 140 reviews)

Product Reviewed: Guilt-Free Carb Blocker

Christina H.

Verified Reviewer

I usually feel so weighed

"I usually feel so weighed down and bloated if I eat carbs. Taking these before eating carbs has help me digest the carbs faster and easier… with no heavy feeling. I’m trying to stay away from heavy carbs but this takes away the “Guilt” that comes along with a cheat day. Lol!"

Product Reviewed: Detox

Lilah S.

Verified Reviewer

I usually feel so weighed

"The detox is great it takes away my bloat ness. The shipping could be a little faster, it seems like it takes awhile to revive?"

Product Reviewed: Collagen Burn

Vicki K.

Verified Reviewer

I usually feel so weighed

"I am only 2 weeks into the first bottle. I feel less bloated and have been eating less sweats. I have not lost any weight as of yet."

Where to Buy Obvi

The best place to buy Obvi products is directly from the brand’s official website where you’ll enjoy free shipping on orders over $75, a money-back guarantee, and access to exclusive discounts and offers. 


Obvi is not the right choice for everyone, so let’s take a look at some alternatives that might be more up your alley.

1st Phorm - This is one of the best, most integral supplement brands on the market. I love the Collagen with Dermaval for my hair, skin, nails, and joints, and they also offer a premium women’s fat burner, 1-DB Goddess that has thousands of 5-star reviews from real women who use it.

Primal Harvest - When it comes to just straight up collagen, Primal Harvest has a very high-quality, effective option. If you’re seeking premium collagen, I highly recommend Primal Harvest Collagen Powder.

Additionally, many women are comparing obvi collagenic burn vs Vital Proteins and Skinny Fit Super Youth, mainly because those are the hottest collagen product on the market for women right now.

My Personal Feedback and Thoughts on Obvi

I’ll be honest, when I first got a glimpse of Obvi’s products, I was skeptical. I am not a big fan of overly fruity cereals and sweetened supplements, however, after doing some research, I was actually quite surprised by the ingredients and nutrition facts. Despite appearing to be sugar-filled, these supplements are actually sweetened with a dash of sucralose, which I am personally fine with ingesting in small amounts.

As far as results go, I haven’t taken Obvi products long enough to make any claims, however, I can speak to the fact that they taste great and are easy to mix. Collagen is not a supplement that will produce fast results, but it’s well worth taking if you’re seeking the benefits it can provide. 

Overall, I am impressed with the brand for the fact that they clearly put a lot of thought and research into their product formulations and utilize 3rd party testing, which is the ultimate mark of quality when it comes to supplements.

Wrapping Up: Does Obvi Work For Weight Loss?

According to our ingredients analysis, yes, there is potential for weight loss benefits when using certain Obvi products. While I cannot report a weight loss testimonial of my own, I can say that the ingredients in Obvi’s formula are clinically shown to aid in weight loss and may produce the benefits you’re seeking.

For those who are living a healthy, active lifestyle and eating in a balanced fashion, adding an Obvi collagen product or two may help to get your weight loss goals moving in the right direction.

About the Author
Tami Smith, CPT, Nutritionist

Tami Smith is a certified Nutritionist and an ACE certified fitness trainer, specializing in pre and post-natal fitness. She studied business and earned her bachelor's degree in Business Economics. Tami is a mom of two and women's health advocate. Her passion is to help people live a fit, healthy life through proper nutrition and exercise!

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