July 23


Chewing & Reviewing Neurogum: Does it Help Your Productivity?

By Tami Smith

July 23, 2020

More energy, focus, and clarity without dangerous stimulants or an IV of coffee? Where do I sign up?

I was recently introduced to Neurogum and it has changed the way I am handling my afternoon slump. You know the one where you’re exhausted from a full morning of momming, working, and taking care of the 10,000 to-dos on your list?

I’ve been using this product for a little over a month now and am obsessed, so of course, I had to share it with all of you. Here’s my complete Neurogum review.

What is Neurogum?

It’s the world’s first nootropic caffeine gum that contains a powerful mix of stimulants and vitamins that are engineered to increase your energy, focus, clarity, and also reduce stress. Oh, and it’s sugar and aspartame-free (no gas and bloating!).

It comes in a foil pack just like the regular gum you pop from the grocery store and it has that same refreshing, minty flavor that keeps your breath smelling fresh and feeling clean. The difference is that this gum packs a powerful punch of energy that may be just what you need to push through the rest of your day.

What Are the Benefits?

Here are the top three benefits I’ve discovered so far when chewing this gum:

a picture of what neuro gum does - It gives you energy, clarity, focus
  • It gives me an instant energy boost
    The makers of this product designed it so that all of the ingredients are absorbed faster through the act of chewing. This means that you’ll feel an increase of energy within minutes of popping one of these tabs in. In my experience, that boost of energy and focused clarity lasts for about an hour to an hour and a half.
  • It helps me to concentrate
    The combination of caffeine and L-theanine increases our ability to focus in on the task at hand and to reduce distraction aka mindless social media scrolling when we’re supposed to be working.
  • It helps me curb cravings for sweets
    We all have our tricks for curbing cravings, whether it be to drink more water, brush your teeth, chew gum, drink tea, etc. I love the chewing gum trick, however, traditional sugar-free gum gives me an upset stomach thanks to the aspartame. Neurogum does not contain any which means no stomach ache and I’m much less likely to run to the snack cupboard and look for something to munch on when I’m already happily chewing a piece of minty gum.


How does it taste?

I’ll be honest, my initial thought was that it would probably not taste great. I was wrong. In my opinion, it takes just like a regular piece of mint-flavored gum. And I actually think that the taste lasts longer than most gums you buy at the grocery store.

How strong is it?

I find it to have about the same effect as a cup of coffee, with the energy boost being delivered much faster. When I drink a cup of coffee, I usually feel its effects only after I have nearly gotten through the whole cup. With this product, I feel the effects within a minute or two of chewing.

What’s In It?

There are four main ingredients, they are as follows:

  • Natural caffeine
  • L-theanine (the primary amino acid found in green tea)
  • Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12

Do you crash?

I have never experienced any kind of crash after using this product. In fact, I usually get a jolt of energy and focus for about an hour, and then I go back to feeling normal.

Who’s it For?

Honestly, I think anyone who enjoys a good caffeine kick every once and a while can benefit from this gum. I love using it when I start to feel lethargic and low on energy, but I also like popping one in and chewing on it right before a hard workout. It gives me the energy and attention span I need to power through anything.

What are the side effects?

I personally do not experience any side effects other than a natural energy boost and more focus. And since all of the ingredients are naturally occurring, there really are no known side effects. I even dug through some Neurogum reviews to see if I could find anything negative, and the only thing I found was that some complain that they don’t like the taste.

Is caffeine gum bad?

Anything in large amounts can be “bad” but if you’re someone who already uses caffeine throughout the day, there is no hard in chewing a piece or two of this gum. It certainly isn’t going to put you over the edge or anything. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, proceed with caution and perhaps speak with your doctor first.

How long does NeuroGum last?

In my experience, it lasts anywhere from one to two hours, even if you don’t keep chewing the gum the whole time.

Want to Kick Your Afternoon Slump to the Curb?

I know all you mommas feel me when I talk about the lull we get in the afternoon when we feel like we’ve already experienced an entire day, but it’s only noon. I’m not a big coffee in the afternoon drinker, so I find this caffeinated gum to be the perfect solution for my lack of energy.

Give this gum a try, I’m pretty sure you’re going to love it! It’s so easy, convenient, and travel-friendly. And, you can save yourself some money by cutting out your daily afternoon Starbucks fix!

Ready for Energy, Clarity & Focus?

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