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September 22, 2021 3:25 pm

MYX II Review: Is the Beachbody Bike & BODi Worth It?

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Just when you think MYX, Peloton’s fiercest competition, couldn’t get any hotter, they go ahead and announce that they’re partnering with Beachbody, the mega-brand that reaches millions of people every year. MYX compared to Peloton has been a hot topic, but the MYX II provides more fuel to the fire than ever before.

With the merger announcement coming from the MYX and Beachbody teams, they’ve also announced that there will be a MYX II Bike available starting in September 2021 (or perhaps earlier?). EDIT** MYX announced the release of their MYX II on 7/27/21 in conjunction with their MYX+Openfit platform which will take their programming to the next level. The excitement around the MYX and Beachbody community is palpable, especially since we’ve recently learned that the MYX II will feature an upgraded experience and access to Beachbody’s brand new digital fitness platform, BODi. It appears that the BODi integration with live Beachbody workouts is still slated to be released in September 2021.

In this article, I’m reviewing the MYX II. As more information rolls out and the bike is released, I will update my MYX II review to reflect that. And you better believe I’ll be trying it out for myself and reporting my personal findings back to you here! My bike has been ordered and I cannot wait to try it out and give you all the need-to-know details.

What’s the MYX II Bike/Beachbody Bike?

riding new myx II bike

Beachbody and MYX merged a brand new "MYX II" exercise bike.

The MYX II is a smart indoor cycle that offers a premium cycling experience, complete with live, interactive digital programming from Beachbody and Openfit. Sporting a 21.5” touchscreen with a 360 degree swivel, 20W speakers, and an 8-megapixel camera, this spin bike was made to support immersive, community-based workouts at home.

Additionally, the MYX II now supports a greater range of rider weight and height, making them one of the most inclusive bikes on the market when compared to the competition. MYX Fitness bikes can support riders up to 350 lbs and 6'8" tall. Furthermore, the fore/aft handlebar adjustability and optimized Q-factor (the distance between the pedal cranks) allows for a truly personalized ride that conforms to each unique rider's body, naturally aligning with your ankles, knees, and hips.

MYX burst onto the fitness scene early in 2020 and hasn’t slowed down yet. I have covered the MYX Fitness bike extensively (read about it here) throughout my content, sharing my personal experiences and reviews. With the announcement of their newest model, I’m eager to see what upgrades the team has assembled as well as what Beachbody’s newest streaming content will look like.

Is it Different Than the Original MYX Bike: MYX vs MYX II

There are a few key differences between the MYX and MYX II (the upgraded model). Most notably, the inclusion of an upgraded sensor for more precise workout tracking and an 8-megapixel camera for live, virtual classes that allow users to get in on the action and join the community. Additionally, they upgraded the sound quality with 20W speakers to give an even better experience to MYX + Beachbody users.

The state-of-the-art sensor on the MYX II is 10% more accurate than the standard magnetic resistance-based sensors that you find on competing bikes. Plus, MYX upgraded their tablet's firmware to now allow users to connect their Apple Watch for use as a heart rate monitor during workouts.

7/27/21 update: MYX launched their MYX II as expected but also announced their MYX + Openfit integration which will include all MYX classes from the instructors that you may already know and love plus Openfit's wealth of classes that will take you both on and off the bike.

For those of us who already have a MYX Bike, MYX has assured us that all our favorite trainers, heart-rate based workouts, and data will continue to follow us as we move to the new MYX+Openfit experience. Additionally, they are offering the state-of-the-art tracking upgrade with the Wahoo cadence sensor for just $39.99 which will allow you to upgrade your current bike to match the MYX II's new standards.

The original MYX bike set itself apart from the crowd by tracking solely based on heart rate zones. The MYX II will include an upgraded, state-of-the-art sensor that allows riders to also track their speed, cadence, and distance, too. Personally, I’m excited to see this addition as this was one component of the MYX Fitness system that I felt was lacking.

Of course, the other component that was missing was live classes, as that’s their biggest competition’s claim to fame. It only makes sense that live workouts, in addition to their on-demand selection, will now be available on the MYX II bike thanks to their partnership with the famed Beachbody franchise. For those who love the feel of community, competition, and accountability, the live class feature is going to be a game changer.

What’s The Difference Between the MYX II and the MYX II Plus?

MYX Fitness has always offered two different packages for the bike: the MYX and the MYX Plus. The same appears to be ringing true for the MYX II bike.

Similarly to the original MYX Plus bike, the MYX II Plus includes additional equipment that will help make sure you have a fully stocked home gym system. The MYX II Plus will include three pairs of dumbbells, a kettlebell, two exercise mats (one to stabilize your bike and the other for floor workouts), foam roller, and a resistance band. Take a look at the table below to see a complete list of how the MYX II and the MYX II Plus compare and what’s included in each.

Features Compared



Star Trac stationary bike



Polar OH1 heart rate monitor



Up-leveled, 21.5” rotating touchscreen tablet



High-tech sensor for speed, cadence and distance



Apple Watch Connection



Workout equipment included



Shop Page

How Much Does the MYX II Cost?

The MYX II will be offered at an introductory price of $1,399 and the MYX II will be offered at $1,599. These prices are in alignment with the cost of the original MYX Fitness system, however, it sounds like they may increase the prices after the initial introductory sale.

For anyone that doesn’t already have equipment at home, I highly recommend upgrading to the MYX II Plus package. Not only is the price increase only $100, but the equipment that you get with your bike is top notch. It’s high quality and looks great alongside your bike.


With the release of the MYX II bike, the brand also announced their partnership with Openfit, a Beachbody company known for it's giant library of on-demand workouts led by expert trainers across a variety of modalities. Currently, there are only on-demand class options to choose from, however, the MYX+Beachbody brand have promised that this fall we can expect to be able to attend live classes on our MYX screen using the cameras on the MYX II bike. This integration will include the ability for the user to grant the certified trainers permission to oversee their workout on a split screen, offering personalized form tips and feedback.

Openfit offers tons of variety on the platform, including HIIT, strength training, barre, Pilates, yoga, meditation, stretching, and more. Openfit memberships are available on the MYX II and the MYX II Plus for $29 per month, the same price as a traditional MYX membership.

If you're not too familiar with Openfit, read my openfit app review to see what it's all about.

openfit app and myx ii bike

Exciting times for MYX fitness, Beachbody and Openfit app integrations, as there is now way better programming when riding your MYX II bike.

What is BODi by Beachbody?

BODi (Beachbody On Demand Interactive, is a fitness platform that offers daily live and on-demand studio classes plus nutrition content and more. This state-of-the- art platform allows you to turn your living room into an interactive gym where you can access the energy and accountability of live and on-demand studio classes on your schedule. BODi will be available in September.

As a paid subscriber, you’ll have access to countless live and on-demand studio classes taught by your favorite Beachbody instructors across all genres and modalities. There are classes perfect for all fitness levels, including cycling workouts, cardio/HIIT, strength training, barre, Pilates, yoga, and so much more. With the addition of live workouts, there’s a new level of excitement for the Beachbody and MYX crowd. Plus, you can rest assured that all classes will be upbeat and interactive, including original tracks from your favorite artists.

Does Beachbody Have Cycling?

Yes, Beachbody is now offering cycling classes thanks to its merger with the mega-successful home cycling brand, MYX Fitness. Cycling classes will be taught by former Peloton instructor, Jennifer Jacobs.

Jennifer is Beachbody’s newest super trainer. She’s well-known for her no-nonsense approach to getting results quickly and efficiently. BODi and MYX 2 members will soon be able to add Jennifer’s short, effective workouts to their weekly class schedule.

How Interactive Will the Workouts Be?

beachbody programming with myx II

Since this will be the first introduction to live workouts for both MYX and Beachbody, it’s normal to question just how interactive these workouts will be. BODi lets you share your own video feed in real-time as you perform your workout. Additionally, you’ll be able to see other BODi members working out live and on your screen in real-time, giving you the experience of being together despite being in your own homes. 

This brand new, exciting feature is called BODcast. You’ll have the opportunity to join a BODcast which will allow you to see your friends and access live shout outs from trainers. This appears to be a one-up on Peloton as they do not currently have the ability to see other members during workouts.

Lastly, BODi also provides you with access to premium nutrition and support that will help you to reach your goals through Beachbody’s two nutrition programs, 2B Mindset and Portion Fix. Each month, you will have access to new recipes and meal plans, plus you’ll be able to access expert advice and community support to help you keep your nutrition and progress on track.

Do I Need the MYX II to Access BODi?

No, anyone with an active Beachbody On Demand membership can purchase a BODi membership. There will also be exclusive discounts available to new and current members once the platform is fully launched and available.

That said, buying a MYX II bike will allow you to access all BODi workouts including the cycling workouts.

How Much is a BODi Membership?

BODi will cost $19.95 per month on top of the $99 annual BOD (Beachbody On Demand) membership fee. Users will also have the option to purchase a full year of BODi access at a discounted rate of $169 per year. MYX II users will have the option to choose either Openfit, BODi, or both.

Is the MYX II and BODi Worth It?

If you’re looking for a true all-in-one home fitness solution, then the MYX II (Beachbody Bike) is 100% worth it. The upgraded MYX 2 bike includes the two biggest features missing from the original MYX bike - cadence/resistance/speed tracking and live workouts. With the inclusion of these two important features, MYX and Beachbody are poised to take down their competition and win a larger share of the home cycling market. Plus, MYX & Beachbody are catering to a larger population by making their bike able to handle a broader ranger of user height and weight.

As someone who has been an avid Beachbody user for years as well as an owner of a MYX bike, I am very excited to see these new changes take place and to get to know the new Openfit and BODi platforms and see how the live, interactive workouts look and feel.

For those of us who have the original MYX bike, MYX is offering to upgrade our bike by adding in a Wahoo cadence and resistance monitor, which I highly recommend! I will certainly keep you updated as more information is released! Be sure to join my Facebook group, Fit Home Healthy Life as that’s where I’ll post any and all updates as I get them!

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