I’ll admit, I was really nervous to jump on the natural deodorant train. I’ve been devoted to my Degree stick since I was a teenager.

Now that I’m a mom, I need reliable sweat and odor protection more than ever.

Do any other mommas feel like they sweat way more post-kids than they did pre-kids? I doubt I’m alone on this one.

I tried a very popular natural deodorant a few months back and it didn’t make the cut. I won’t mention the brand, but I’m sure it’s one you’ve seen, maybe even used. Anyway, it wasn’t for me.

So when I heard about Myro, I was equal parts intrigued and dubious. What if I wasted my money again on another product that would end up at the back of my shelf, dusty, and unused?

I ended up throwing all caution to the wind and giving it a try, I mean countless positive reviews of Myro deodorant can’t lie, right?

Here are my honest thoughts about this natural deodorant.

What is Myro?

Let’s start with the basics in case this brand is new to you.

Myro is a plant-based, natural deodorant brand that’s on a mission to bring quality, functional deodorant to the world while reducing waste and supporting the environment.

One of the biggest differences between this brand and any other kind of deodorant is they utilize a refillable case. This means that you get to reduce your waste while supporting the environment and smelling good - a win win!

an image of the big dipper natural deodorant by Myro


Scent & Smell



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Convenient Subscription


Myro Deodorant

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Similar Deodorants

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Reviews of Myro's Deodorant: What Are Customers Saying Online About Myro?

According to their website, customers reviews for Mryo deodorant have an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars (693 reviews), while only a few are negative.

After reading all complaints, I found that they all had to do with people having a hard time getting in contact with Myro's company. However, their support was quick to respond and rectify all issues. This shows a strong sign of excellent customer service. You can tell they really care about their customers.

Overall, this brand is highly trusted by consumers. Many men and women would agree that this product is something we all have been waiting for. Natural deodorant works and Myro's team has done an outstanding job of fulfilling that need.

Let's take a look at some of the testimonials by real customers that purchased online:

“I always stunk, regardless of what i used. Now, using Myro, I smell f***ing fabulous! And, better yet, it is actually made from good stuff!!! Amazing! Totally sold and recommending to anyone who will listen...or smell ;o)”


“I've tried MANY natural deodorants and Myro is the only one I legitimately love and will continue to use. I love the way it glides on so smoothly and doesn't leave any kind of residue!! My favorite scent is Chill Wave.”


“Not only is the deodorant great,it works well all day. The response from customer service is prompt and helpful. I try to recommend Myro to anyone who will listen.”


How Does it Work?

Curious how this works? I was, too. Here’s what I found out.

First, you’re going to choose your case color. The case is a simple, stylish container that adds a sleek aesthetic to your bathroom. It’s refillable, so this will be a staple on your shelf for awhile. Your options include the following color:

  • Deco
  • Punch
  • Blush
  • Moss
  • Royal
  • Slate
  • Flame

I chose blush! There’s an option to add text to your case, too. I didn’t opt for this but i can see how it would be helpful if you had more than one person in your home who has the same color case to be able to tell them apart. It would also make a really cute personalized gift idea!

Choosing Your Scent

Next, you’ll choose your scent. There are currently 6 scents to choose from:

  • Solar Flare (orange, juniper, and sunflower)
  • Big Dipper (bergamot, lavender, and vetiver)
  • Chill Wave (cucumber, jasmine, spearmint)
  • Pillow Talk (violet leaf, ylang-ylang, wild Amyris)
  • Cabin No. 5 (vetiver, patchouli, geranium)
  • Open Air (unscented)

For my first order, I chose Big Dipper, but let’s be honest, they all sound delightful so it was a hard call to make.

Choosing Your Plan

Next, you’ll choose your plan. Here are the two options:

  • One-time purchase for $15 + $5 for shipping
  • Subscribe and Save $10 + free shipping
Here are the details for the subscribe and save plan:
  • You save $15 right off the bat ($10 off your starter pack and free shipping)
  • You get refills every 3,4, or 6 months
  • You can change up your scents, skip a shipment, or cancel at anytime
  • You always enjoy free shipping

I chose to do the one-time purchase at first (remember, I was dubious). But looking back, the obvious choice would have been to go with the subscribe and save from the get-go because even if I didn’t end up liking it, I could have canceled anytime. Live and learn.

Lastly, you’ll create an account and checkout. If you did the one-time purchase, you’re all set. If you subscribed, you can expect to get an email alert before your next shipment of refills ships out. You can log into your account and change your frequency and scents whenever you want!

Evaluation: My Personal Experience With Myro

I ordered my deodorant on a Monday and received an email on Tuesday that it had shipped. I received it that Friday which I was more than impressed with.

As soon as the package came I loved the chill vibes it gave off. Myro is one of those modern, feel-good brands that are changing the way we look at and enjoy our personal care products.

I opened it up and took a sniff, just as I would do in the drug store when considering venturing outside my normal “shower fresh” scent. I loved the scent!

Big Dipper is a mix of sweet and musky. It’s like a floral arrangement was delicately spritzed with men’s cologne. It definitely has a strong lavender scent, so don’t this scent if you don’t like lavender. It just so happens that I enjoy it so it worked out wonderfully.

this is an image of the big dipper product that I chose to buy

Limited Access - ShoP Now!

I swiped some on immediately, wanting to get a feel for how it rolled on and what it felt like under my arms. It rolled on really smoothly, kind of like a mix between a solid deodorant and a gel, but I didn’t find it to feel wet or that I needed to give it time to dry or anything which was nice. I wear deodorant to not feel wet, after all.

It went on clear and I didn’t notice any white stains or those weird deodorant balls that some products produce. And it also didn’t create any kind of waxy buildup like you get with some products. You know when you take a shower and need to scrub your armpits a little harder to get them to feel like regular skin? I didn’t experience that with Myro at all.

The package advised me that my body may need a few weeks to get used to this natural deodorant so I may need to apply twice a day for some time. Let’s be honest, I was doing that already with my drugstore product. With two kids, a demanding workout routine, and July weather, sweat was already a constant in my life.

As I mentioned, I feel that I am much more prone to sweating after having kids, so I’m kind of used to that now, but what I didn’t want was to stink. There’s nothing wose than BO. Even if it’s only my kids and husband that I’m around the majority of the time, no one should be subject to that.

Here’s my honest opinion of Myro’s effectiveness vs. my drugstore product of choice:

  1. Myro smelled better.
  2. I sweated the same amount with both and never had an issue with B.O. with either.
  3. I felt better wearing Myro because it doesn’t have a laundry list of potentially harmful ingredients.


You probably have some questions, right? I know I did and I don’t want you to go into this blindly, so here are some FAQs.

How long does it last?

In my experience, my 2 oz. refill lasts about a month. Maybe less if it’s particularly hot and i’m sweating alot or taking multiple showers per day. The good news is that you can customize your plan and get your refills on your schedule. I recommended this to a friend and she said she frequently skips months because she isn’t ready for a refill yet. We all have unique needs and Myro lets you adjust accordingly.

Is Myro clean?

Yes, it’s completely free of any unnecessary chemicals like aluminum, phthalates, and talc. Instead, this product contains only plant-based ingredients.

What happens when you stop using deodorant with aluminum?

Once you stop using antiperspirants and deodorants with aluminum, your body will begin to adjust and will shed the aluminum from its sweat glands over time. I personally didn’t notice any big transformation, but I’m sure it took place.

Can men use Myro?

Yes! It’s designed for both men and women. The scents Chill Wave and Cabin No. 5 are both great scents that aren’t flowery and “girly” smelling.

Final Thoughts

Although I was dubious and thought for sure I would be reaching for my regular deodorant within a week, Myro proved me wrong: natural deodorant can be effective. I am officially a convert.

I recommend this to anyone who wants to switch to a more natural deodorant without sacrificing on protection and smell. They offer a “love it or send it back” guarantee, too! I say give it a try, what do you have to lose besides harmful products that may be doing more harm than good for your body?

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Tami Smith is a certified Nutritionist and an ACE certified fitness trainer, specializing in pre and post-natal fitness. She studied business and earned her bachelor's degree in Business Economics. Tami is a mom of two and women's health advocate. Her passion is to help people live a fit, healthy life through proper nutrition and exercise!

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